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CANADIAN HEALTH The Canadian health system is funded by the government and is based on five principles: it is accessible to everyone regardless of income, full-service, public management is, is universal access to citizens and permanent residents, and applied within and outside the country. The health system standards are set by the federal government and administered locally by each province and territory, who have their own health plans that meet the needs of medical services. In general, the costs of medical services are paid for by monthly premiums and / or through income taxes. The provincial and territorial governments are responsible for funding the public health system and health care. Therefore, each jurisdiction offers different services and free health insurance plans and prescription drugs, for example, differ from one province to another. Depending on the province, dental and vision services may not be covered but in many cases employers insure their employees through private insurance companies.

One of the basic principles of the Canadian health care system is that it applies everywhere. However, that's only true 100% between the provinces. When a Canadian traveling abroad, covered health services are limited, or only partially covered, so that the majority of Canadians prefer to purchase private insurance for the trip. Canada provides free health insurance for all citizens and permanent residents. The provinces of Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario and New Brunswick have a three-month wait for new permanent residents before being entitled to public health system. Most of them prefer to buy private health insurance temporarily pending their c, issued by the local office of the Ministry of Health.

Health Survey At the tenth annual survey of medical services in Canada, was Asked, "In general would you say that Canadians receive high quality services?" This is the percentage of people who said yes: The overall public - 57% Doctors - 72% Pharmacists - 76% Managers - 91%

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