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Training an old dog is similar to  Training an old dog is similar to training a new dog.

Though it may  g y take longer  because of its  previous habits previous habits  and ways it is and ways, it is  possible.

Tips for dog house training your older  Tips for dog house training your older dog and puppies as well.

House training  House training is a very difficult  stage that you  go through  th h when getting when getting  a puppy.  p ppy

Set a time  schedule for  t ki taking your  dog outside dog outside.

Teach your dog the right spot  d h h to go  potty with the use of a paper towel potty with the use of a paper towel. 

Keep up with this  schedule h d l and soon  d your dog will stick your dog will stick  with it too.

These effective  These effective ways will give you  a better smelling  house and a  house and  a

better trained  better trained dog too! y g g Your Guide For All Dog House Training Tips

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Training the dog to go the bathroom This article shows that any dog can be educated. Puppies, as well older dogs can have successful house trainin...