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Feeding and training your dog are  Feeding and training your dog are only some of your responsibilities.

There are some  common problems common problems  that a lot of owners  face while dog  h house training. i i

PROBLEM: A lot of owners face  problems while problems while  obedience training  g their puppies. 

SOLUTION: Change your  method of  t i i f training from  one form to one form to  the other

PROBLEM: PROBLEM: Some puppies take  p pp a long time for  command training.

SOLUTION: Merge words  with gestures

PROBLEM: Puppies get  di distracted  d easily. easily

SOLUTION: SOLUTION: Talk in a loud  voice and give  them jolts if  they don’t listen they don’t listen  to you to you.

PROBLEM: Sometimes  f di feeding a dog is  d i a problem a problem. 

SOLUTION: SOLUTION: Change the food  Change the food products that  you have been  giving your dog i i d

PROBLEM: Your dog might not  b be ready to get into  d t ti t its crate and stay. its crate and stay.

SOLUTION: SOLUTION: Check the crate  Check the crate and see if it suits  your pet. You  may also just  l j t need to clean it.  eed o c ea

Figure out what your dog is having  problems with so you can solve it. y g g Your Guide For All Dog House Training Tips

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Solutions to Common Dog House Training Problems This article addresses common problems many dog owners face when training their puppy to use a dog house. Re...

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