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get started with the overall look, i turned to it’s a great place to idea hunt and often ill find an illustration or image that saves me a lot of time and effort. the background and decorations came from this image (right), i adjusted it’s size to fit the project and then recolored each background to complement the featured car it would backdrop.


first step was to mask the cars and separate them from the background using photoshop. because the backdrop used was a gradient, each cars outline is traced with the lasso tools. after the initial mask is set i would go back and clean up the outlines using the brush and eraser in mask mode. i wanted the neon glow underneath this Scion xB to show in the final version, but found it was easier to just recreate it using a photoshop glow effect.


are simple to set up, but can be frustrating to get right. on a three quarter view of a car like this one a simple reflection of the image creates a mirror image that does not line up on all the corners. after struggling with warping and stretching the image into place I found a tutorial that advised slicing the reflection where you have angle or perspective changes and then using the transform distort tool to line the images up. you have to experiment with it and go back and reslice to find the sweet spots. to finish up i added a black gradient to the mask to fade the reflection and created that fall off look, if that’s not enough you can also adjust the transparency to get a more faded appearance.


illustrator background has 8 distinct layers, some with multiple objects and gradient fades. in photoshop i added glows, drop shadows and more gradient fades to create additional depth and contrast. 26 layers in illustrator and photoshop made up this image.

Me I am currently the Advertising Director at Reliable

Superstore. My Responsibilities include designing the dealerships print and online advertising for Toyota, Lexus, BMW, & Scion. It is both challenging and rewarding working with some of the largest companies in the world. When I am not trying to find the end of the internet I like to ride bikes, tinker on cars and help run 1984 Arcade in downtown Springfield Missouri. Lincoln Whisler

Scion Billboards  

A look at 4 Scion billboards I designed for Reliable Scion in Springfield Missouri. I describe some of the layer work used in photoshop and...

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