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There is so much we want to tell you about Lincoln International Academy, about how the moment you arrive on campus you’ll feel at home among our students, accessible faculty, and welcoming staff; about our nationally and internationally recognized approach to academics featuring our standards based rigorous Core Program; and about the service learning opportunities, athletic teams, campus ministry and extracurricular student activities available for your children at LIA. Since 1991, LIA has built and cultured a close-knit learning community. Driven by an inclusive, service-driven, Catholic community. LIA welcomes students from many different countries and cultures and helps them discover and develop their strengths and contributions to society, preparing them for their next level and future college experience. We have highlighted these details and more in the following pages. We invite you to read them over, get acquainted, and ask us questions that come to mind. Or better yet, call to schedule a visit and experience first-hand the warmth and enthusiasm of Lincoln International Academy faculty & staff. We’ll be expecting you!

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Between 1989 and 1991, the world experienced in rapid sequence, a series of drastic events: the fall of the Berlin Wall, the reunification of the two Germanies, the internal outbreak of the Soviet Union, the end of the Warsaw Pact, the war in the former Yugoslavia and the beginning of the technological revolution in which we live today. Three people played a decisive role in the fall of the Berlin Wall. First, the then president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, who on June 12, 1987, before the Brandenburg Gate, said to Mikhail Gorbachev: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”. Then Mikhail Gorbachev became the key element that prevented the bloodshed. Finally, Saint John Paul II was the catalyst for the liberation of Poland, as well as of Eastern Europe, for his visits to his native land, where with his courage and his messages of hope, he impelled the change. Within all these events, in Nicaragua, as a result of the end of the Cold War, free elections were held in the eyes of the world and in the presence of international observers -themselves doing their work freely- transferring the Presidency to a woman: Doña Violeta Barrios de Chamorro. As a result of the political change towards a democracy, in October of 1991 Lincoln International Academy opened its doors, emphasizing academic excellence based on the principles of Catholic morality. In the year 2009, the school met the academic standards set by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), division for international accreditation of AdvancED, obtaining the corresponding international accreditation, which is renewed every five years.

Since its inception, the school has undergone an accelerated development and since 1999 operates on a campus of 14 acres in the area of Las Colinas, whose modern design integrates all areas with nature. During these years, Lincoln has made important contributions to the Nicaraguan and international community. In this generational period, the school has graduated many students, who have been accepted in the best universities around the world and successfully entered the labor market. All this is the result of an alliance between a highly qualified faculty and parents who are aware of their leading role and principal educators of their children. The vision and mission of the institution can be summarized in the words of Pope Francis, who said: You not only have to teach content, but the values and traditions of life... that is, knowledge is insufficient if it’s not accompanied of the fundamental principles of morality and in the case of LIA, Catholic morality, starting from a clear mission since its inception in 1991 and motivated by the challenge of preparing our students to assume their obligations to God, his family and the homeland for society. Today, Lincoln International Academy represents a large family made up of teachers, students, alumni and parents.

“The mission of the Catholic school is the integral formation of students, so that they may be true to their condition as Christ’s disciples and as such work effectively for the evangelization of culture and for the common good of society.” St. John Paul II

Vision & Mission

​Vision ​

Lincoln International Academy fosters Catholic faith-based learning that deeply engages all staff and students in 21st century learning opportunities. All facets of the learning system — curriculum, instruction, assessment, professional learning, accountability and resource allocation — are in support of 21st century learning. Students will be creative, critical-thinking global citizens, analysts, communicators and producers engaged in learning that is conceptual and authentic within an inquiry-based environment.

Mission Lincoln International Academy (LIA) is a Catholic, private, bilingual, co-educational, college preparatory school located in Managua, Nicaragua, serving multicultural students from preschool to 12th grade. Lincoln was founded in 1991 with a lay apostolic spirituality and the conviction that academic excellence and Catholic formation are intrinsically related. Lincoln International Academy’s faculty and staff promote a Christ-centered formation — in accordance with the Teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, within a safe environment, while fostering academic excellence, technology integration, education in virtues, democratic values and ecological awareness — where students are challenged to reach their full potential and become committed leaders within their community. Lincoln International Academy is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education.


Every student is unique and valuable, with God-given talents. We instill in them moral values to act on behalf and in light of the Gospel.


We encourage the growth of spiritual beliefs and moral choices within the context of Catholicism, while honoring each student’s spiritual autonomy.


Personal integrity, honesty, respect and tolerance are central to Lincoln’s life as a community.


Teachers, staff, administrators, parents, students and the community share the responsibility for pursuing the school’s mission and for providing a supportive and challenging learning environment within our school.


Student’s learning needs are the primary focus of all school decisions.


Students learn in different ways and should be provided with a variety of instructional approaches and assessment strategies to ensure their learning.


Our bilingual learning environment fosters self-confidence and helps students to enter society with the tools and voice necessary to transform the world.


We promote knowledge of Nicaraguan and Hispanic cultures, the command of the Spanish language, and the knowledge of the history, geography, cultural traditions and literature of Nicaragua and Latin America.


We aim to educate future citizens who manifest concern for the welfare of others and take an active part in their country’s civic life.


We believe that a well-rounded education includes experiences in athletics, arts, service learning and a variety of extra-curricular activities.

Shared Beliefs

Being a Catholic school that strives for students’ integral formation, at Lincoln, we live the faith in all the classrooms. The Theology Department is in charge of the Catholic virtue plan that takes place all year round throughout areas of the school. Virtues are taught in a specific period of class in Preschool and Elementary. In Middle School and High school, special student workshops are held to promote different virtues each quarter. The objective of virtue formation is to educate not only students with academic excellence, but students that are capable of being young Catholic leaders living with Christian values. As a Catholic Institution we venerate our Lady The Virgin Mary all year long as we pray the Angelus every day, during October praying the rosary and in May we receive the pilgrim image of our Lady of Fatima, in a very special ceremony in which

our 5th and 8th graders are promoted to Middle School and High School respectively. This is an environment that offers the proper challenges for each stage of a child’s development to look for excellence guided by a well-structured catholic curriculum. The best interest of each and every student is guarded in every aspect, this means that to take care of their integral development as human beings is paramount and pursued by fulfilling physical needs through sports, intellectual needs through academic activities, social needs through various fun community activities and constantly aiming to meet spiritual needs through the testimony of others who live their faith in a exemplary way and formal learning of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Faith Formation and Theology Classes Our students from PK2 to 9th grade receive Faith Formation classes where they are introduced to the person of Christ and basic Catechism. This Curriculum was developed based on the Faith Formation Curriculum Framework from the Diocese of Orlando and Catholic Bishops of the United States. During 3rd grade, students are prepared to receive the sacrament of the Eucharist. Starting in 10th grade, students receive Theology classes, where they are invited to celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation. Additionally, the curriculum is designed as an integral formation plan for Catholics, where students deepen their knowledge of Jesus and the Magisterium of the Church with special attention to the Theology of the Body of St. John Paul II, Social Doctrine and Christian Morality.

Service Life

LIA provides opportunities for students to participate in the missionary work of the Church and to serve the needy and vulnerable. These activities are intended to be a chance for students to develop altruistic skills while giving service to others. Students are required to accumulate 130 service learning hours by the end of their senior year as a requisite for graduation. Therefore, students have the chance to choose between 16 to 20 different service learning clubs. Some of these include: Sagrada Familia School, Altar Boys, Hogar San Antonio, (ANDL) Amigos de NiĂąos con Diabetes, Operation Smile, Aproquen, Telethon, Pink Club, LIART, Spirit Club, LIA Teaching through Movement, Pro Life, Albergue de niĂąos y adolescentes con cancer club La Mascota y Hogar Puente de Amistad. Our Elementary School students also have this opportunity with their Service Learning Club called Siguiendo Tus Pasos, and our Preschool students with Helping Little Hands.

Pastoral Life To ensure that an integral Catholic formation is given to our students, Lincoln also complements the academic formation with pastoral life which includes: an annual sharing day for students from K-5th grade, yearly retreat for Middle and High school students, retreats for our faculty and parents, daily mass, confessions on campus and talks on different topics to enrich our spiritual life. Our pastoral life is guided by 2 chaplains and the Theology Department Coordinator, who are always available to give spiritual counseling.

As part of the education of their students, LIA offers a faith-based service opportunity in which students can join, service learning clubs, through which they get to understand the different problems and needs facing our community.

Catholic Schools Week (CSW)

Once a year we organize a Bake Sale with the objective of fundraising for our Church World Sunday for the Missions (DOMUND).

Consecration To Our Lady Of Fatima

Service Learning Coordinated with all the CSW activities in the United States as a member of the NCEA (National Catholic Educational Association), once a year LIA celebrates being Catholic. This is a fun week! Our students go out to our parish to help with community needs, the entire school meets for a general mass, we have fun together in our “all school rally�, we express gratitude to our teachers and we worship the Most Holy Sacrament. This is a remarkable way we celebrate Catholic Schools Week!

Preparing for Holy Week

Catholic Mission The image of Our Lady of Fatima visits our Catholic homes during the year to encourage the meditation and prayer of the Rosary.

During Lent, every Friday students and faculty participate in The Way of the Cross to live the spirit of this liturgical season.

LIA holds all-school masses celebrating important days in the Catholic calendar. Students play a key role, singing with the choir, doing readings and acting as altar servers. We offer daily mass and confessions.

We also pray the Angelus everyday as a school. All activities stop and we all stand and pray together.


General and Daily Mass

Club de Monaguillos

The Angelus Our students are prepared and celebrate the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Confirmation, throughout their school life.

We live out our faith in a variety of ways across campus!

Accreditations & Memberships

• College Board

Our School Mascot is Abe the Hawk!

• Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Honor Society

You can become part of after school sports teams by joining:

Lincoln International Academy is accredited by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education (MINED) since 1991 and accredited by NCA CASI, NWAC, SACS CASI accrediting division of AdvancEd since 2009.

• NJHS (National Junior Honor Society)

We are members of: • NCEA (National Catholic Educational Association) • AASCA (Association of American Schools in Central America) • Tri-Association (Association of American Schools: Central America, Colombia, Caribbean and Mexico) • AAIE (Association for the Advancement of International Education) • NAESP (National Association of Elementary School Principals) • NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) • ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) • NHS (National Honor Society) • ISS (International School Services) • ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) • NASC (National Association of Student Councils)

• SNHS (Science National Honor Society)

• ENHS (English National Honor Society)

Curriculum Our curriculum’s framework is based on the U.S. Common Core State Standards for Math and English Language Arts, ISTE Standards for Technology, MINED based Standards for courses taught in Spanish and California State Standards for the rest of our academic program. The Faith Formation Curriculum was developed based on the Faith Formation Curriculum Framework from the Diocese of Orlando. LIA also offers the TOEFL, PSAT and SAT.

ESL & SSL Program

Lincoln’s main population is made up of Nicaraguan students, but the school community is a diverse gathering of cultures and nationalities representing twenty-four countries. For those students who have not been exposed to the English or Spanish language, LIA offers ESL (English as a Second Language) and SSL (Spanish as a Second Language) Program at no additional cost, which give children the opportunity to improve any of the two languages during school hours.


LIA hosts five major Athletic events on campus: LIA Track Meet, LIA Freedom Cup, Little Lincoln Hawks Sports Day, LIA Swim Meet and LIA Gymnastics Invitational.

• Soccer: U8, U10, U12 Boys, U12 Girls, U14 Boys, U18 Boys and U18 Girls • Basketball: U13 co-ed and U18 Boys • Volleyball: U13 Girls, U18 Girls and Boys • Cross Country and Track and Field: U13 and U18 Co-ed • Swimming: U13 and U18 co-ed • Gymnastics: Girls ages 4 to 12’

Extra-curricular Activities Our students are able to participate in many extra-curricular activities like Choir, Math Counts and Math Relay, Knowledge Bowl, HACIA Democracy, Harvard Model UN, AASCA Sports Tournaments, and MS and HS Leadership Conferences.

Our annual sports activities organized by the athletics department Track Meet The LIA Track Meet is a series of short distance races which take place in the school track. Three weeks prior to the meet, the athletic department sends out invitations to different schools in Managua, who organize their clubs at the different categories. Support staff for the event is made up of faculty and students.

Freedom Cup One of the main sports championships in Managua, sponsors four athletic events: soccer, basketball, gymnastics and volleyball for both girls and boys as well as for ages where teams can be co-ed. An opening ceremony is held on the first day of the championship, followed by opening games. The main site of the event is the LIA sports facilities, nevertheless; in the spirit of sharing, some games are played at other school sites.

Little Lincoln Hawks Sports Day A field day where the children rotate through a variety of engine activities and spend most of the morning outside playing and working together. The event is divided into four categories: Kindergarten, Pk2, Pk3 and PK4. At the end of the games, the team with the most points will be the winner of its category; nevertheless, all teams are granted participation medals. All teams will have parent-coaches who will be responsible for organizing, guiding and supporting the little athletes through the competitions. Games for parents and faculty are organized at the end of the children games as a well.

AASCA International Sports Championships The four athletic events that AASCA shall sponsor are volleyball, soccer, swimming and basketball. High school boys and girls teams may compete. Check AASCA Calendar at:

Intramurals All students are encouraged to participate in intramural activities to facilitate an enjoyable experience for everyone. Sports involved: soccer, track & field, basketball, volleyball, baseball. Primarily, intramurals are for everyone to have fun. To participate, students register their own teams of classmates and get the tournament rules and schedules from their PE teachers.

Gymnastics Invitational A competition designed for girls and is based on United States Gymnastics competition standards. Support staff for the event is made up of the Gymnastics Federation Judges and school staff.

Swimming Invitational A competition designed for boys and girls at the rookie level based on FINA competition standards. Support staff for the event is made up of Swimming Federation Judges of Nicaragua and LIA faculty.

Our Campus

The Safest Campus

in Nicaragua

Our school is located on a 14-acre campus in Managua, Nicaragua. All across campus, the grounds provide an opportunity for students to appreciate and learn about the beauty of God’s creation. Students are constantly around nature in our beautiful landscape. Our campus embodies four areas: Preschool, Elementary, Middle School and High School. All of the classrooms are fully air conditioned and equipped with projectors, sound system and interactive screens. Just outside the classrooms of Preschool and Elementary, children find a well-equipped play area with swing sets, playhouses, slides, and more. The wide variety of play options ensures that there is something age-appropriate for each class level. The school has a semi Olympic size swimming pool and recently the consecration of the new chapel. LIA has a fully staffed cafeteria and a food court kiosk

managed by a professional chef and cafeteria administrator. “The Station” cafeteria offers nutritional fastfood as well as daily lunch combo-meals. We also now offer a variety of healthy snacks and meals available in the food kiosk which is an extension of the cafeteria. The school also offers a full time physician at LIA Clinic, which is fully equipped to provide health care to our students in case of minor emergencies. When children are enrolled, they are provided with a school insurance for major incidents. Our LIA Clinic is equipped with an automated external defibrillator (AED) for the safety of our community. Our students can also enjoy a Science Lab, STEM makerspace lab, gymnasium, library, bookstore, copy center, multisport courts, soccer fields, volleyball courts, running tracks, tech labs, music, dance and art classrooms.

The actual campus was built in 1999 under the California, U.S. building code and has a high definition security and monitoring system that includes: perimeter wall, P.A. system, 142 surveillance cameras, and a Duval Messier lightning rod (Buildings: level 1 100% lightning strike protection; Surrounding Areas: level 2 protection). With the purpose of guaranteeing the safety of our students and overall school community while on campus, new security and access to school policies have been established.

• The latest technology. • A variety of digital tools. • 150 MB clear channel Internet access with a high speed WIFI campus network.

• 10 GB internal CISCO network with fiber-optic ring which ensures network reliability.

• Google G Suite for Education, ad-

vanced collaboration and communication tools make it easy to help students and teachers with the teaching and learning process.

• School Agreement License program between LIA and Microsoft, to keep our software updated.

• Digital - cloud based platforms and ebooks for all of our students. • Multimedia classrooms which include Mimio smart boards and Epson Interactive projectors among other technological educational resources. • Three technology labs, one for each

area in the school, one STEM/ Robotics lab and a multimedia library for the use of students and technology integration.

• Plus Portal: A web portal system for communication between parentsstudents-staff.

• Tablets technology instruction in Preschool area.

• In Middle and High School the

school reinforces a (BYOD) Bring your Own Device Program.

• Kindergarten students are also

introduced to Kid KNEX building toys.

Technology We have a strong PK to 12 technology program integrated into all curricular areas based on ISTE Standards.

Counseling For the mind and the soul.

“Catholic education aims not only to communicate facts, but also to transmit a coherent, comprehensive vision of life, in the conviction that the truths contained in that vision liberate students in the most profound meaning of human freedom.� St. John Paul II

The primary mission of Lincoln International Academy Counseling Program is to offer personal guidance and support to students in school in order to facilitate a clear understanding of their personal, emotional, social and academic needs as they mature and develop. The primary vision of the counselors is to empower students with the necessary tools to become positive, healthy, self-fulfilling and responsible members of the school community and society in general.

• Personal and Social Counseling • Academic Counseling/Learning Support • Career and College counseling

Counselors provide counseling services to all students through classroom guidance lessons, small group discussions and individual assistance. The counselors make themselves available to students, parents and school personnel to facilitate the understanding of the normal developmental stages that children go throughout their academic life, provide guidance in school affairs and personal concerns. The pivotal strands of the PK-12 Counseling program are as follow:

The counseling department assists the LIA community in any emergency or crisis situation. The counseling department does not provide formal clinical assistance that exceeds the normal responsibilities of an educational institution. Counselors make every effort to identify students who are struggling to cope with difficulties and refer them for outside assistance with mental health professionals in those cases that require clinical intervention. The counselors engage in personal and family counseling when called upon in addition to academic counseling.

The LIA Counseling Department is divided into Preschool, Elementary School, Middle School, High School and College Counseling. Altogether, 4 counselors form the LIA Counseling Department.

By focusing on all members of the LIA community, students, teachers and parents, the Counseling Department seeks to fulfill its mission and serve the community in the most responsible, professional and devoted fashion possible and ensure that all students have access to and are best possibly prepared for the development of his or her potential and to become a responsible member of society. Lincoln’s Learning Support Program was established to provide remedial help and classroom support to students with mild learning disabilities in grades PK2 through twelfth. It incorporates a multisensory approach through individualized instruction, in a variety of strategy presentations to enable a student’s development and success in specific learning areas as identified in an Individualized Education Program (I.E.P.).

The only catholic, bilingual preschool that enrolls 2 year olds. Our preschool provides the first stepping stones on the path to an outstanding private Catholic education. It is the ideal environment for the development and growth of preschool to kindergarten age children. The LIA preschool enjoys the unique benefit of residing on Lincoln’s sprawling campus, and has its own dedicated space where children enjoy the outdoors in a safe and fun setting. Children learn and play in classrooms built specifically to meet their needs. The student experience is tailored to ensure a safe and nurturing environment where the youngest members of our community can begin to discover and develop their talents.

Technology is the future! To comply with technological progress of the 21st century, PK students have 20 tablets at their disposition. They also receive their first introduction to coding with Bee-Bot and BlueBot material. Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot are exciting little robots designed for use by young children. These easy-to-operate robots are a perfect tool for teaching directionality, sequencing, estimation, problem-solving, and just having fun! Kindergarten students are also introduced to Kid K'NEX building toys which are the perfect way for children to express their imagination and creativity. These toys are developed specifically for little hands, so preschoolers may be building and creating in no time.

All across campus, the grounds provide an opportunity for students to appreciate and learn about the beauty of God’s creation. At LIA preschool students are constantly around nature and our beautiful landscape.


PK2 – PK4
 2 years to 4 years old
 From 7:00 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.

Kindergarten 5 years old
 From 7:00 a.m. to 1:40 p.m.

Afterschool Program available For PK3 and PK4
 From 11:45 a.m. to 1:40 p.m.

Curriculum LIA’s curricular program is designed to give each and every student a solid academic foundation. In addition to the academic approach, social, and emotional skills are developed. The emphasis on academic and an integral education leads to well-balanced results. Your child will be prepared, socially and emotionally adjusted to confront the challenges they will face in the elementary school years. The school has designed a stimulating and creative atmosphere full with Catholic faith based activities. Our small class size will encourage preschool children to listen, learn and interact with LIA’s skilled staff. Our Preschool services grades PK2-Kindergarten, and is home to innovative programs. Our staff is talented and specifically trained in early childhood education. Best practices are implemented as we ensure that your children receive both the social and academic curriculum. In addition to creating a welcoming and thriving community for the students, we are incorporating the California Preschool Learning Foundations, Common Core State and California State Standards to teach your children attending PK4 and Kindergarten. Those standards define what all students are expected to know and be able to do. Our staff will be focusing on ensuring that we have a climate of professional learning, as we believe that it is best practice to be life-long learners. The Preschool course description has been carefully designed to provide students with the preparation for Elementary School and beyond.

• Social / Emotional Development • Cognitive Skills Development • Language Development • Physical / Motor Development • Philosophy • Physical Environment • Parent Involvement • Technology • Faith Formation • Transition to Kindergarten Preschool students also take part in several specialized classes including:

• Physical Education • Faith Education • Technology • Art • Music • Swimming • Dance

Elementary School LIA Elementary School combines outstanding academic preparation, a culture of mutual respect and responsibility, and a Catholic worldview. Students are prepared by our outstanding faculty, most of which have been here for more than 12 years, to enter middle school and high school with an unparalleled level of academic readiness, a firm grasp of faith- based values, and a keen understanding of social justice. At LIA, we are all about tapping into our students’ eagerness to make broader connections to the world around them. We help them discover new avenues of expression and hone their critical-thinking skills. We encourage them to grow in knowledge, compassion and self-esteem. Elementary School is an exciting time in a student’s life. The major goals for students are achieving basic literacy and numeracy, as well as stablishing foundations in science, mathematics, geography, history and other social sciences. Students grow in virtues, learn to share and work to collaborate in groups, habits that will be essential for their future life. They have a homeroom teacher that provides the opportunity to build up a close relationship with them and help them develop. In the case of 1st and 2nd grade, students have a teacher assistant.

Curriculum The Elementary School forms the bridge between early learning and the increasingly demanding academic curriculum of Middle School. We want students to feel well grounded in their expanding skills and excited to take on new challenges. Our faculty seamlessly interweaves contemporary and traditional teaching methodologies establishing a diversity of approach to ensure each student is learning in the style that fits them best. Techniques include basic skill mastery, large and small group instruction, hands-on activities, cooperative learning groups, and technology integration to remediate, reinforce, and challenge. Creative and critical thinking, writing, and problem-solving skills are encouraged and developed in every class. Students enjoy access to a fully-equipped library where they participate in information

and digital literacy classes. Balancing our holistic educational approach, students have the opportunity to take art, music, physical education, spanish, and religion classes. Integrated technology is a key part of the curriculum at every level at LIA. Every classroom has a projector and they have a brand new STEM Lab or Makerspace where they experience and put all the resources of the digital world at the students’ fingertips. In addition, the majority of curriculum series include an online component and resources to aid in practicing skills and expanding content knowledge.

Middle School Middle School is a unique and exciting time in your child’s life. Also, it is a delicate time—still close to early childhood and yet not far from high school and college. During these ages, habits of mind and body can become lifelong tools. A close and nurturing relationship with the staff members help Middle School students explore their own identities, enhance relationships with peers, and come together as a group—building a stronger sense of who they are and where they fit in, in the world. Daily meetings with faculty advisors during homeroom provide emotional, social, and academic support throughout the school year. Further insight and care is available from our middle school counselor, who ensures that students have the support they need to cope with the many normative cognitive, physical, and emotional changes. Middle School students start an exciting and challenging transition into adolescence. Capable of wonder, they begin to take on greater intellectual challenges with enthusiasm and confidence; this is the result of their lively discussions with teachers who are experts in their respective fields. By the eighth grade, students are immersing themselves in academic challenges, competing in sports, participating in international activities, performing on stage, and solving quadratic equations. The spark of curiosity is alive and well in Middle School.

Curriculum Early adolescence is a crucial time not just for parents but for our students as well. Students in Middle School need to be continuously supported by their parents to help them be aware, that their education is key to achieve overall development as adolescents. LIA Middle School students are required to be consistent with fulfilling their responsabilities at school, have a positive attitude, work hard and show respect to peers, faculty and staff. In addition to the academic approach, social and emotional skills are developed in an atmosphere where Catholic faith and values are present in every aspect of the student`s education.

The Middle School course description has been carefully designed to provide students with the preparation for High School and beyond.

• Math • Pre Algebra • Algebra I • Pre-AP Algebra I • Social Studies • Pre-AP World History • World History • Geography and

History of Nicaragua

• English Language Arts • Science • Spanish • Technology • Faith Formation • Physical Education • Art / Cultural Expression

Elective Classes Middle School students have the opportunity to choose an elective course for the complete school year, which is taught once a week. Elective clases may include: Leadership, Drama, Volleyball, Soccer, Taekwondo, Drawing, Music, Dance and Debate.

High School At LIA High School, we assist our students to continually grow in the spiritual and moral values that define our Catholic faith, while providing a challenging and demanding academic curriculum that will guarantee their success in college and beyond. Our teachers utilize research-based best practices, and continuously analyze academic data, to determine each student Ě s current skill level and set goals for growth and improvement. Our faith-based activities and Service Learning Clubs motivate our students to serve their communities, seek personal spiritual growth, and assume leadership roles that will help them to become leaders who are recognized for their integrity, professionalism, and involvement in their community. In this way, we promote a better future by developing moral, positive change makers and leaders who will be ready to assume the highest responsibilities of citizenship, entrepreneurship, and leadership in the future. We believe that every student can learn and every student learns differently. Through the continuous professional development of our teachers and staff, we are continually improving our capabilities to effectively reach each and every student and provide them with the best possible learning opportunities. Our counseling and theology department play an integral role in this process.

Curriculum Our High School serves students from 9th to 12th grade through a curriculum that includes LIA`s Catholic Identity, academic excelence, service learning, and Faith Formation. Designed to provide an exceptional and challenging learning environment, our curriculum gives the students the opportunity to take advanced placement courses, honor courses and optional elective classes. To graduate from High School, students must fulfill the requirements outlined by the Nicaraguan Bachillerato and the United States High School Program. They must obtain a mínimum of 29.5 credit units and earn at least 130 Community Service Learning hours. The High School course descripion has been tailored to provide students with the skills to Excel in college and beyond.

Elective Classes Students from 9th to 11th grades have the opportunity to choose an elective course for the complete school year, which is taught once a week. Students participate in an Elective Fair the first week of school where they are exposed to all details about each elective course and get to choose one.

Advanced Placement Courses High School students have a total of 6 Honors Courses and 11 AP Courses combined available.

• English World Literature I • Biology • Pre-AP Biology • World History I • Geometry • Pre-AP Geometry • Spanish • Faith Formation • Technology • Physical Education • Electives • Calculus • Research

• World History II • Geometry II-Algebra • Algebra II • Pre-AP Algebra • English-British Literature • Communications • Astronomy • College Algebra • Morality • Personal Finance • English American Literature • Pre-AP English World Literature • Chemistry

Honors Courses: • Biology – 9th grade • Geometry – 9th grade • English-9th and 10th grade • Algebra II-10th grade • Physics-11th grade • Pre-Calculus-11th grade AP Courses: • English Language and Composition-11th grade • English Literature and Composition-12th grade • Calculus AB-12th grade • Statistics-12th grade

• English World Literature II • Physics • Pre-AP Physics • US Government • Economics • Intermediate Algebra • Advanced Algebra • Pre-Calculus • Pre-AP Pre Calculus • Marine Biology • Sociology • US History • Yearbook

• Spanish Literature and Culture-11th grade • Spanish Language and Culture-10th grade • Physics 1 : Algebra-Based-12th grade • Biology-12th grade • US History-11th and 12th grade • Microeconomics-11th and 12th grade • AP Psychology-11th and 12th grade

Guidance &

College Placement

Lincoln International Academy’s College Counselor has a certification in College Counseling from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in the United States. She is one of two school counselors in Nicaragua who hold this high certification, which allows her to deliver college counseling services professionally to our students. She has been working at LIA since 2007 and has vast experience in college admissions and financial aid. She attends yearly conferences where she receives training on new tendencies in college admissions to provide students with accurate and effective information when applying to colleges. The College Counselor works directly with students from 9th through 12th grade to help them gain admission in the most selective colleges and universities around the world, while taking into consideration their interests, preferences and needs. The College Counselor also works with students in 7th and 8th grade, in preparation for the PSAT 8/9 and college guidance.

College Counseling since 7th grade

College Counseling Services: • Prepare and deliver college admissions presentations for students in grades 9th to 12th • Prepare and deliver financial aid presentations for students in grades 11 and 12.
 • Host at least three annual United States and international college fairs on school grounds.
 • Host individual college visits on campus. • Maintain students informed about standardized test results, like the PSAT, and their school academic performance as reflected on the school transcript.
 • Organize student group sessions to provide information, guidelines, and tips about writing effective college essays, and meet individually with students to ensure that they are on the right track.
 • Organize group sessions on résumé writing from 9th grade on to turn in to colleges when applying.

• Build personalized student college lists according to needs and preferences.
 • Organize individual and group student sessions on completing college applications from start to finish through the use of our top of the line college placement program. • Organize individual and group student sessions on completing financial aid applications, like the FAFSA and the CSS Profile.
 • Help students find financial aid and scholarship opportunities to increase maximum aid. • Organize vocational talks for students to help them decide on possible college majors.
 • Organize student group sessions to complete career interest profilers to guide students on selecting a college major according to their abilities and preferences.

Since its inception, the school has graduated exceptional students, who have initiated their studies in top universities around the world, placing themselves successfully in the labor market. Amherst College, MA

Stanford University, CA

Babson College, MA

Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico

Bard College Berlín, Germany

Texas A & M University, TX

Bentley University, MA

The Pennsylvania State University, PA

Boston College, MA

The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC

Carleton University, Canada Columbia University, NY College of the Holy Cross, MA Cornell University, NY

Last Five Years (2013-2018)

Dartmouth College, NH Davidson College, NC Duke University, NC

The University of Richmond, VA Trinity University, TX Tulane University, LA Universidad de Navarra, Spain University of British Columbia University of Florida, FL

Emory University, GA

University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign, IL

Georgetown University, Washington, DC

University of Miami, FL

Georgia Institute of Technology, GA

University of Michigan, MI

Grinnell College, IA

University of Minnesota Twin Cities, MN

Harvard University, MA

U$ 35.42 Million in scholarships and Financial Aid

University of Notre Dame, IN

IE University, Spain

University of Richmond, VA

• The only two Latin American female Hesburgh-Yusko Scholars, University

Jacobs University Bremen, Germany

University of Pennsylvania, PA

Lehigh University, PA

University of Southern California, CA

Maastricht University, Netherlands

University of Texas at Austin, TX

Mass. Institute of Technology, MA New York University Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

University of Toronto, Canada

Acceptances • 20 Countries • 239 Seniors • 791 59,343 Service Learning Hours •

of Notre Dame • Ivy Leagues: Harvard, U Penn, Yale, Cornell, Columbia and Dartmouth. • KU IIE Scholarship (Full tuition scholarship, University of Kansas). • Annika Rodriguez Scholars Program (Full scholarship, Washington Univ. in St. Louis). • Boatwright Scholars Designation (Full tuition scholarship, University of Richmond). • First International world-wide student awarded with the Georgia Tech Provost Scholarship. • Northwestern University Scholars Program (USP). • David Scholarship from Columbia University. • College Board’s National Hispanic Recognition Program (NHRP) recipients. • 2 Huntsman Program student acceptance at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. • AP Scholars with Distinction. • NYU Abu Dhabi, candidate week participant and admitted student.

Northeastern University, MA Northwestern University, IL NYU Shanghai, China Ohio State University, OH Pepperdine University, CA Purdue University, IN

University of Virginia, VA Vanderbilt University, TN Villanova University, PA Virginia Tech University, VA Washington University in St. Louis, MO Yale University, CT