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Chinese Birthday Cards Designer / Chia-Ying Lin, Ann Yen, Pei-Pei Hsieh Illustrator / Chia-Ying Lin Poerty / Ann Yen

Nowadays Taiwanese people, especially the young generation, are used to celebrate their birthdays by solar calendar but gradually forget their traditional birthday based on Chinese lunar calendar, which is originated from our ancient culture and should not be ignored as time goes by. Therefore, we conceived our graduation project, Chinese Birthday Cards, in order to promote this culture and encourage people’s interest in our tradition. The special viewpoints of our design is that we discovered that there are totally 147 Chinese Gods’ birthdays in a lunar year, according to Chinese ancient series. In other words, 147 days are the birthdays of 147 distinctive Chinese Gods in one year. If one has the same birthday with one of the Gods, we think that person is particularly blessed by that specific deity. For the other 218 people who don’t have the same birthday with Gods, we designed a special card for them, “Three Lucky Gods Card”, known as the three Gods of fortune, prosperity and longevity. We sold out all birthday cards in the graduation exhibition, Yong Designers’ Exhibition(YODEX), 2012.

The Logo

The Birthday Cards By Chinese

Each card has an illustration and a poem briefly describing the characteristic of the deity. We screen printed them on bamboo cardboards and chose 12 different colors of dandy paper to be envelopes.

“Three Lucky Gods Card� (known as the three Gods of fortune, prosperity and longevity) is specially printed in gold.

B efore we went forward our project, we had to decide the

style of the illutration. We didn't want our Chinese cards too conventional, so I tried to create several types of images and dicussed with the professor. Here are some sketches of my four different versions of illustration.

/ The process of illustration - Version 1 /

/ The process of illustration - Version 2 /

/ The process of illustration - Version 3 /

Shennong(神農), or Farmer God, is the legendary originator of Chinese herbal medicine.

It is said that he was a leaf-draped recluse and had buffalo-horns, who helped people promoting agriculture and tasted hundreds of herbs in order to recongnise those that were suitable as medical remedies. Water buffalos were used in virtually all farming activities, especially to pull plows through marshy rice fields.

A fter trying out several different styles of illutration, we finally decided to use this

version. I drew them by brush and ink on rice papers with heavy strokes and dry brushes, and simplified the original images of Gods in order to make them more approachable. The selected pictures were screen printed on cards with poems and the name inks next to them.

/ The process of illustration - Version 4 /

The VI Design of the 27th Department of Applied Arts, FJU 31st YODEX Designer / Chia-Ying Lin, Hsi-Hsuan Shih, Chia-Yi Lin, Chien-Heng Ouyang

During the last year in the university, in addition to my own graduation project I also participated in the senior class members and was the art director, designing the visual identity of our final exhibition with other team fellows. We idea of the design was that every tiny elements in our daily life could be the best spirit to our concepts, and designers’ obligation is to create or recreate a brand new life of them. Therefore, holding such notion, my fellow an I deconstructed the Chinese calligraphy in to different strokes, and then used these elements to create several little creatures and also developed them into diverse design including posters, invitations, cards, advertisements and the exhibition design.

LOGO Mark / Symbol Pattern

Poster / Advertisement cards

/ Different Versions of the Poster Design / During the process of making posters, we experimented ma ny t y pes of layout a nd pr i nt i n g met hods, t r y i n g to make them different from the visual design of our department in the past few years.

Advertisement: Banner on websites

Advertisement: Stickers / Fan

從 入 微 的 觀 點 看 見 設 計 的 微 點

Name Cards

Graduation Dinner Invitation

The Exhibition Design: Lampboxes of 4 Groups of A ART

These are the lampbox design of the 4 groups ( Metal Design, Animat ion, Visua l Commu n icat ion and Inter ior Design ) of the Department of Applied Arts in the 31st YODEX.

The Designer's Photo in The Graduation Portfolio of A ART

Our idea was that each designer could interact with our symbol patterns, the little monsters, to make designers' photos more animated.

International Wood Sculpture Exhibition, Chao-Ping Train Station, 2013 Designer & Illutrator / Chia-Ying Lin

During the period of time working in Summit Brand Marketing Co., Ltd, I took the responsibility of designing for projects and activities. Here is one of the projects I designed, International Wood Sculpture Exhibition in Mount Ali, a project our comany proposed to Chiayi County Government. I designed many versions of posters and then my boss decided which one to propose, and then I extended and applied it into advertisement design, website design, invitation, flags etc.

/ Different Versions of the Poster in the Fr ist Proposal / Our company proposed twice in this project, these are the posters for the first proposal.

/ Final Versions of the Poster in the Frist Proposal / These were the two versions of the poster my boss decided to propose eventually.

/ Different Versions of the Poster in the Second Proposal and the Diagrams /

Book Illusration Author: Garchen Rinpoche Book Title: Tibetan Buddhism Qigong Publisher: Chung-Sheng Publishing ISBN: 9789866091193 Date: Jun. 01 2013

Personal Work and Sketch

Personal Statement I have read lots of illustration books and been greatly interested in creating art since I was little, however, I did not take it seriously until I decided to major in visual communication. I did this in the Department of Applied Arts at Fu Jen Catholic University, where I made up my mind to take on art and design as my career. During my four-year university life, I had opportunities to take optional courses in other fields of design besides my major subjects since there were three other major subjects in our department; Metalworking Product, Computer Animation and Interior Design. In addition, I took the optional courses Basic Photography and Advanced Photography in other departments. Therefore, I’ve learnt various kinds of basic revalent knowledge and skills. After graduating from university, I worked as a graphic designer for Summit Brand Marketing, taking responsibility for graphic design for projects and assisting with activities, and then after that I worked for the Buddhist Lotus Hospice Care Foundation as a graphic designer and administrative assistant. I gradually realised that that I love illustration the most and always enjoyed it while doing graphic design. I want to advance my abilities and, more importantly, to raise the horizon of visual communication design. I want to be an illustrator therefore I need to strengthen my abilities and make it more professional. Since I have broad interests in creating images, especially illustration, screen print and photography, I want to integrate them to create my communication language. In the future, I would like to express my ideas about the issues I’m concerned about, including environmental protection or educations through the methods I’ve progressed. I’m also looking forward to cooperate with fashion industry or other commercial industries, as well as other fields of design. More portfolio:

The Portfolio for Postgraduate_Graphic Design & Illustration  
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