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LINCHAN DESIGNS PRESENTS Lynn Tan’s Portfolio 2011

Lynn Tan is

my name.

why linchan designs you might ask ? linchan noun [realname: Lynn Tan] 1. lin Commonly mistaken as 'Lin' as I am chinese but I am Lynn not lin. 2. chan Another name for ‘tan’ in chinese. It is also commonly used in japan when addressing a girl.

linchan noun [realname: Lynn Tan]

linchan noun [realname: L 1. lin Commonly m 'Lin' as I am am Lynn no 2. chan Another nam chinese. It i used in japa addressing a



linchan DESIGNS

linchan DESIGNS

linchan DESIGNS



My Logos

what do they represent? The logo itself promotes my asian culture. It is more evident in the refined version. If you cover the left side of the logo, it reads lin. The different variations each represent design through its stages. Stage 1: Ideas Stage 2: Experimentation Stage 3: Refinement

Stage 1 illustration. I believe all great designs start off with pen on paper. Illustration is like the visualising of an idea on paper before experiementation or refinement. I associate stage 1 with illustration purely because as much as it is design, it is an idea. It's a rough of what's to come.



I love doodling. if its one thing I do all the time, it is to doodle. I tend to draw in a japanese anime/manga style.


Art Nouveau

is one of my main influences in style.

digital input











beauty asia Brief:

A common belief in our society however subtle, that to look good is to be successful; in life as well in the "game of love". It is esspecially common in asian countries to change how you look through surgery. It is further encoouraged through the use of media. It is all but a lie.

beauty rebuilding japan colosoul japan Brief:

Colosoul Japan required a little mini e-booklet that could be part of their magazine. This booklet would communicate Colosoul's empathy for the Japanese community during their crisis. It would also demonstrate that there is hope in the future despite the circumstance.

Stage 2 photography.

Photography is something I do as a hobby. I like to experiment with different perspectives. I would not call myself a professional because it is not something I would do as a job. Often, my photography would be used in my graphic design work to complement type.



The Urban City

i see the city as an illusion of wealth and life. I was capturing the city as the opposite- hollow and empty of life.


this photo is part of


clothespeg project exhibition

volume 4

Orange Morange

funny little things, oranges. orange and all. the sweetness of sour. a burst of flavour.

50th birthday king’s park

Collection of photos I took for a 50th birthday. The aim was to bring in the feeling of joy and a sense of community basking in fellowship.

Stage 3 graphic


I believe graphic design to be like a person piecing together a picture puzzle. Graphic design, if used successfully would be able to piece elements together for the target audience, for it to be communicated as it was intended.


WHAT IS A Graphic Designer

it is someone who does not only look at your current problem but takes into account, your future problems as well.


papercrown victoria park (perth) Brief:

A store in Victoria Park required branding for their new outlet called papercrown. The target market was females who are into vintage wear. It was important to give the branding a handcrafted look to cater to a higher end market.


28/03/2010 8am - 6pm





28/03/2010 8am - 6pm

collectable postcards

PAPER crown PAPER crown

proposed shop front

PAPER crown PAPER crown

angustus estate cockburn south Brief:

An upcoming estate located at Cockburn South. This estate aimed to attract people who enjoyed the mix of both worlds; the urban city and the relaxing atmosphere of the coast.

brouchure page samples >


is the latest coastal development by Australand and pasito


ANGUSTUS is a development unique across Australia in its scale, history, nature and location - a development that is significant for Australand nationally, with region-defining implications. Whoever said; “Life’s a beach” must have been referring to Australia. We gravitate to the coast any chance we get; it’s part of our love of the great outdoors and our laid back lifestyle. Contrary to perception, most of us live around Australia’s coastline within “coo-ee” of the beach. Great sun worshippers, we spend a large part of our time on or near the beach – whether its surfing, walking, picnics, sailing, eating or just sitting on the sand. Hit the surf or

relax on the sand, it’s up to you. We’ll put out a towel and save you a spot. Sip a latte at a beachfront café as you watch the surfers, yachts and sailboarders jostle for position out on the bay and kites flying high above the foreshore. Then jump in and ‘have a go’. Walk barefoot over the beach rocks found at the end of most beaches – a great place to find rock oysters, sand crabs and other delights. Join in a game of volleyball, beach cricket or Frisbee, and learn to ‘bodysurf’ the waves. Or, enjoy fine dining in a sensational coastal restaurant. Located within the City of Cockburn on the coast of Cockburn Sound, approximately

8km South West of the Perth CBD and 5km South of Fremantle, ANGUSTUS will become a home for more than 2,000 people and a thriving, modern community set within a coastal playground. ANGUSTUS will be a high quality development with landscape and built-form architecture to match the best in Australia - from the streetscapes and landscaping - to the quality and design of the built form. All buildings will contribute positively to the character of ANGUSTUS. ANGUSTUS is a unique development opportunity that will create its own distinct identity, while becoming an iconic coastal node within the Perth Metropolitan Area.

Vision Statement The town of ANGUSTUS represents a unique opportunity to create a new vibrant, modern, water based, coastal development that will be a place for the local community to live, work and play. A contemporary coastal architectural character will be actively encouraged with modern sophisticated homes responding to a relaxed seaside lifestyle. The contemporary architecture will be strongly influenced by the special qualities of the site. These include the colours of the landscape, the topography of the development and the micro-climate, with the need for adjustable indoor/outdoor spaces to create a balance between privacy and transparency. Australand will be creating a sustainable, new-built environment where each dwelling is to be designed and

constructed in accordance with WaterWise and EnergySmart principles to ensure that water consumption and energy usage are minimised. Within its Sustainability Strategy for ANGUSTUS, Australand has committed to reducing potable water demand by 50% and average energy consumption by 50%. It is Australand’s vision that the design advice outlined in these guidelines will create an integrated community that showcases contemporary housing with a distinctive ‘coastal’ character. Not only will ANGUSTUS offer a lifestyle like no other, but also, a wise and profitable investment for the future.

Lifestyle A sense of excitement ANGUSTUS offers a captivating blend of oceanside living and village vibrancy. With its array of shopping, entertainment, cafes, restaurants and aquatic activities, the fun and freedom of this waterfront neighbourhood will nourish your spirit and excite your senses. It is where Western Australian families will come to live, work and play. From sunrise to sunset, ANGUSTUS’ oceanside setting will be yours to explore, wander the boardwalks, stroll the beach, paddle your surf ski, swim, dive or drop a line. Take the boat out and set sail for Rottnest Island. The stimulating variety of aquatic activities at ANGUSTUS’ will be almost as endless as the ocean itself. A host of highly desirable living options awaits you at ANGUSTUS. From distinctively stylish homes to elegant townhouses and apartments, your choice will reflect contemporary coastal living at its most appealing. With an exceptional Indian Ocean outlook, a new beginning is yours to discover at ANGUSTUS.

Recreation & Relaxation

• Community recreational facilities will include a public swimming beach and public jetty, fishing platforms, cycle ways and parklands. • Aquatic-based activities will include swimming, fishing, diving, boating, paddling, kayaking.

Commercial & Retail Ventures • ANGUSTUS will offer a variety of commercial, shopping and dining experiences. • A range of restaurants and cafes. • Retail outlets, offices and tourism-related ventures.


• ANGUSTUS is in close proximity to a diverse selection of public and independent educational facilities, including pre-primary, primary and secondary schools. • Tertiary educational facilities located in Fremantle include the University of Notre Dame Australia, Challenger TAFE and the John Curtin School of TAFE. • Murdoch University is also situated in Perth’s southern suburbs. • Shopping & Transport • High priority has been placed on walking, cycling and pedestrian- friendly streets. • Easy access for people with disabilities and parents with prams. • ANGUSTUS will incorporate a neighbourhood shopping centre.

Waterfront Facilities ANGUSTUS will offer a wide variety of amenities for the enjoyment of the general public, most of which are designed to maximise the waterfront location. The existing 1.5km stretch of beachfront will be replaced with over 3km of various types of public waterfront facilities, including a 300 public pen marina, boardwalks, landscaped foreshore areas, parklands, pedestrian-friendly streets, cycle ways, fishing platforms and a public swimming beach.

Marina Village

ANGUSTUS’ commercial precinct is set around the Marina Village which is expected to become a vibrant and lively focal point and a meeting place for residents, the wider community and tourists alike. It will include a mix of alfresco dining and entertainment, marine-based retailers (eg surf and dive shot, chandlery, swimwear, etc) and other complementary specialist facilities. Mixed use and live/work opportunities will also be included.

Neighbourhood Centre

People & Places Working Group

Community Purpose Facility

Hotel Site

A Neighbourhood Centre will provide retail and service commercial focus for existing Cockburn residents and for those living in ANGUSTUS.

The Marina Village will also provide a community purpose facility which will become an integral part of the village complex.

Universal Access

ANGUSTUS will incorporate universal access to all of the various waterfront experiences, including Coogee Beach, the linear waterfront parkland, boardwalks, promenades and jetties around the marina.


ANGUSTUS will offer maximum parking capacity with roads designed with parallel or angled parking, dedicated car parks will be available in high usage areas while additional parking will be discretely located behind the Marina Village.

The People & Places Working Group comprising a mix of stakeholders and community members will provide input into the community and economic development aspects of ANGUSTUS. A hotel and resort site within the development will provide short-term accommodation options.


In developing ANGUSTUS, Australand has placed great significance on the environmental, economic and social aspects of the development.


• ANGUSTUS’ Marina Village will become a vibrant and lively focal point for residents, the wider community and visitors alike. It will feature cafes, restaurants, entertainment and retail facilities. • An additional 1.5km of waterfront areas will also be created through landscaped foreshore areas, parklands, fishing platforms, cycle ways, boardwalks and a public swimming beach. • Australand’s commitment to the local community has been reinforced through the establishment of the People & Places Working Group which has been formed to guide community development aspects of the project.


• ANGUSTUS is expected to pump approximately $1 billion into the community over the next 20 years and will create more than 1,200 jobs during its development (Pracysis Economic Impact Analysis Report). Once complete the project will sustain a broad range of new businesses on-site and is expected to create a further 200 full-time jobs.


• Australand will become an industry leader in the conservation of water and energy with a 50 per cent reduction in the use of potable water and energy use. • ANGUSTUS will provide greater opportunities for the wider community to enjoy Coogee Regional Space and the Beeliar Regional Park through comprehensive revegetation programs.

thanks for taking time to view :) God bless you

Linchan Designs Portfolio 2011  

Portfolio of Lynn Tan

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