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-Implement MRF for the 20 barangays

LCE, DILG, Barangay Council

LCE, MPDO, Engineering -Improve garbage collection and practices -Cont. of IEC on Solid Waste Management (Segregation) VALUING OF GOVERNANCE 1. Transparency Score: 2.87 Low:

HRMO -Public information desk should be able to provide to response information or referrals request on inquiries of LGU clients. Mayor’s Office, MPDC -Establishment of Website

2. Financial Accountability Score: 3.44 Fair: Effectiveness of LGU Financial Management System

MTO, Accountant -- Provide relevant management tools such as manual or guidelines -- Post summary of Income and Expenditures at least three (3) conspicuous places within 30 days from year end.


-- Liquidation of cash advances is guided by COA Circular No. 97-002



Concrete programs for agriculture and fishery sector that are sustainable and geared towards the development of the barangays and municipality as a whole



Re-organized MFARMC thru E.O



Provide Costumer Assistance Desk that attends to inquiries or complaints of clienteles. Promote business and industry in the LGU.


Support to agricultural and fishery sector

Score: 3.75 Fair: Fishery Sector Score: 3.97 Fair: 2. Entrepreneurship, Business and Industry Promotion Score: 2.98 Low:

Promoting a business-friendly environment


-- Determine the quality of direct support services to business, enterprises and industries. - Provision of Tax Incentive -Assistance in product labeling especially for small and medium enterprises - Assists in product packaging



Support to Education Services

Score: 3.70 Fair:


Construction, repair or maintenance of school buildings facilities and public elementary and secondary schools. Purchase of books and periodicals Educational Research

Mayor’s Office, SB Office

2. Support to basic education form general fund (LGU support) -Implementation of Scholarship Program - Public Library

2. Support to Housing and Basic Utilities

1.Database of the following: -Inventory of Informal Settlers - Site for potential socialized housing

MPDO MPDO, Assessor, Mayor

Score: 1.0 Very Low:

2. Creation of Housing Board Thru Ordinance SB

3. Peace, Security and Disaster Risk Management

1. -

Provision of site for protective services Police Station Fire Station Municipal Jail

Mayor SB

Score: 3.57 Fair: 3.1 LCPC Functionality

- Strengthen LCPC - No meeting conducted

3.2 Adequacy of financial support to the Lupong Tagapamayapa


3.3 Disaster Risk Management 3.4 Disaster Preparedness


Provide an appropriation for Katarungang Pambarangay including financial benefits of the Lupon (allowances, insurance coverage, etc.)

Mayor SB


Formulation of LDCC Operational Manual



Provide availability of equipage, and availability of an operational communitybased disaster early warning system




Local Legislation

1. -

Enactment of the following code; Local Investment & Incentive Code Market Code Environmental Code Code of Children


Score: 2.25 Low: B. Revenue Generation Score: 3.45 Fair:

C. Human Resource Management and Development Score: 3.40 Fair:

System on all local taxes, fees and charges Operates on a network that it is interlinked with computers in the office of the Assessor, business permit and licensing officer and treasurer Develop new strategies to increase RPT collection Explore other possible sources of revenue

- Improved quality of human resource management and development.








Financial Accountability


Local Legislation


Development Planning


Revenue Generation


Revenue Allocation & Utilization


Legend: Very High (5) High (4)

Social Governance 3.37

Economic Governance 2.26

Environmental Governance 4.01

Customer Service


Human Resource Mgt. & Dev’t.


Health Services


Support to Education Services


Support to Housing & basic utilities


Peace and Order & DRM


Support to Agriculture Services


Support to Fishery Services


Entrep. Bus. & Industry Promotion


Forest Ecosystem Management


Coastal Marine Ecosystem Mgt.


Urban Ecosystem Mgt.


Fair (3) :Low (2) Very Low (1)



OUR STRATEGIC DIRECTIONS FOR GENERAL PUBLIC SERVICES 1. Implementation codes in support to social development, economic and environmental 2. Enhance Local Governance and Municipal Public Administration 3. Formulate and upgrade a comprehensive Municipal programs and projects consistent with the Municipal, Provincial policies, goals and directions 4. Ensure proper management of Municipal Budget and financial resources in line with local development plans and objectives 5.Establish and implement a systematic method of real property assessment for taxation purposes of all properties within the Municipality 6. Encourage the citizens to be responsive and supportive of all local and national government programs and policies 7. Institutionalize Disaster Risk Reduction Management 8. Improve Local government facilities and services 9. Conduct community dialogues/public consultation/ugnayan

FOR SOCIAL SERVICES 1. Mobilize private sector to adopt-a-school for the provision and maintenance of classrooms 2. Strengthen alternative learning system and non-formal education 3. Encourage indigenous people children to attend formal schools through massive information campaign

4. Upgrade the existing health facilities to conform within standards and/or minimum requirements for improved health and medical services 5. Encourage community participation in the promotion of health care and control of preventable diseases 6. Institutionalize health systems such as patient referral system and socialized health insurance system 7. Identify the housing needs of Municipality and tenural status of existing households to determine the required area for settlement and for future urban expansion 8. Encourage community participation in the monitoring of migrants in different barangays 9. Strenghten the involvement of community and people’s organization in the protection and development of basic sectors; children, youth, women, persons with disabilities and the elderly 10.Encourage people participation in the sports activities in line with the “National Policy of Sports for all” FOR ECONOMIC SERVICES 1.Implement the sustainable resource-based development approaches that support agriculture and resource-based industrial development and environmentally-sustainable tourism 2. Provide adequate infrastructure facilities to increase internal accessibility and linkages 3. .Introduce new cropping systems and crop combinations to diversify and intensify crop production to preserve land fertility and maintain productivity

4. Conduct research and development of cost-effective technologies to increase production and productivity of Municipality’s major crops, particularly in the fields of integrated pest management, appropriate farming systems, use of organic fertilizers, biological pest control, soil management techniques and development of new varieties resistant to pest and diseases 5. Mobilize public and private investments in the establishment of agricultural and fishery infrastructure support facilities and in the provision of technical assistance and input materials 6. Coordinate and collaborate with various organizations and institution to enhance the capabilities of different groups and cooperative to increase income

7. Encourage the public and private sectors in the establishment and improvement of tourism facilities and support facilities 8. Promote community involvement in tourism-relative services to ensure that tourism revenue will stay in the locality to be used for livelihood and generation of profitable source of income 9. Develop protected areas that have potential for eco-tourism in collaboration with private sector 10. Proper demarcation of mangrove forests and swamplands, particularly bordering inlands that protect the shorelines 11. Determine the explicit socio-economic benefits of protected areas and their role in contributing to socio-economic development particularly of the local communities to help raise the awareness in the importance of protected areas 12. Pursue diversified funding strategies to ensure sustainability in the implementation of programs for the protection of identified areas 13. Intensify the implementation of resource management and conservation programs to protect and rehabilitate traditional fishing grounds, coral reefs, mangrove and other habitat of marine life in consultation and collaboration with the LGU OUR SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES FOR GENERAL PUBLIC SERVICES TO ENHANCE PUBLIC SERVICE AND MUNICIPAL ADMINISTRATION - Provide administrative, supervision and legal assistance to 10 Barangays - Enact appropriate ordinances and legislation - Maintain all Municipal government properties and equipment - Facilitate procurement of equipment, supplies and supplies pfor all department/units in the Municipal government - Disseminate information pertaining to the ongoing programs, projects and activities and accomplishments - Conduct Barangay visitation/consultation/ugnayan - Provide security to the Municipal Executive and officials as well as ensure safety of all government properties TO INSTITUTE DEVELOPMENT PLANNING AT ALL LEVELS - Coordinate and facilitate development planning at 10 Barangays

- Conduct Municipal Development Council Conference - Increase local government compliance to mandate local government plans a. Implement Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan b. Formulate Capacity Development Agenda 2012-2013 c. Revise of Comprehensive Development Plan d. Package Municipal Annual Investment Plan e. Formulate Gender and Development Plan f. Update Socio-Economic Profile - Prepare at least 5 project proposals for external funding - Conduct monitoring and evaluation of locally funded programs and projects and quarterly, semi-annual and Annual report - Operationalize and maintain the LGPMS


TO IMPROVE THE FISCAL AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT OF THE MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT OPERATION - Assist the Chief Executive in the preparation and packaging of the Municipal Annual Budget - Review and recommend for the approval of Annual Procurement Plan - Maintain proper accounting system and internal audit services of all finances

Maintain fund and cash stability in the Municipal government and exercise technical supervision over Treasury office - Conduct tax information, education and collection campaign in the 10 Barangays - Monitor and maintain Real Property Tax Administration task force at 10 Barangays - Prepare/review all Field Appraisal and assessment sheets and Tax Declaration presented by the property owners - Implement Real Property Tax Assessment Records Computerization Program TO WIDEN ACCESS TO EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT HEALTH AND MEDICAL SERVICES AND FACILITIES - Increase accessibility to health care and medical services a. Upgrading of RHU and BHS b. Improve the facilities and services c. Accreditation health facilities and service providers

FOR SOCIAL SERVICES TO LOWER THE INCIDENCE OF COMMUNICABLE, VECTOR BORNE AND LIFESTYLE-RELATED DISEASES - To reduce infant and child mortality rate by 2% - To reduce the maternal death rate by 2% per year - To reduce the morbidity and mortality of leading causes of deceases by 5% - Reduce the number of households using sanitary and without toilets by 12% - Reduce the malnutrition prevalence rate by 5% TO INCREASE THE PERFORMANCE LEVEL IN BASIC EDUCATION - Raise the net enrolment rate in elementary level by 2% and secondary level by 5% per year - Increase achievement rate by 5% per year in both elementary and secondary levels - Decrease dropout rate by 5% per year in both elementary and secondary levels - Enhance the achievement level of teachers by 2% per year

TO EXPAND ACCESS TO EDUCATION - Construct at least 6 classrooms for basic education per year - Increase participation rate of the college by 5% per year - Increase the number of adult classes among the indigenous people TO MAINTAIN THE STABLE PEACE AND ORDER SITUATION - Increase visibility of law enforcers particularly in identified hot areas TO IMPROVE THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC SITUATION OF THE BASIC AND MARGINALIZED SECTORS - Increase Day Care participation rate by 5% - Reduce the number of individuals, families and communities in especially difficult persons with disabilities and older persons - Reduce the poverty incidence by 1.0%



TO HARMONIZE LAND USE AND RESOURCE UTILIZATION TO IMPROVE UPLAND SOIL FERTILITY - Conduct consultation and awareness program or the effect of global warming

- Plant at least 5,000 trees per year TO IMPROVE TRANSPORTATION LINKAGES - Properly maintain Municipal roads and bridges - Rehabilitate Municipal and Barangay roads which are in bad condition - Concrete-pave at least 1.2 kilometers of Municipal roads - Replace temporary bridge with permanent bridges - Construct cross-road section TO INCREASE THE NUMBER OF HOUSEHOLDS THAT HAVE ACCESS TO POTABLE WATER SUPPLY - Construct 1 Level III water supply system in the Poblacion - Improve/upgrade Level I and II water supply system in every Barangay OUR POLICY DECISONS FOR GENERAL PUBLIC SERVICES - The identification and implementation of programs and projects in the Municipality shall be in accordance with development thrusts of the Municipal government as mandated under Republic Act No. 7160 with the active participation and empowerment of all sectors. - The formulation of CLUP shall be closely guided particularly in the consideration of the protection of Environmentally-Critical Areas, Strategic Agricultural & Fishery Development Zone (SAFSZ) delineation, road setbacks and seacoast easements -The safety of the population, settlement and seashore areas against hazards shall be considered in resource utilization activities and in the planning and implementation of programs and projects. - Strict implementation of tax measures for revenue generation shall be imposed properly and justly. - Revenue generated by the Municipal government shall insure solely to the welfare outlined in Section 16 of RA 7160 - Participation of concerned sector, NGO’s, PO’s, Private Sector and barangay in the development activities of the Municipality shall be institutionalized as a means of promoting participatory governance - Public services shall henceforth be ample courteous, cheerful, equitable, prompt, timely and with the highest degree of honesty and integrity

- Development planning, particularly in the areas of data banking, planning reference and technical manpower shall be provided for extension to the barangay and other offices to avoid duplication of resources - Infrastructure projects and utilities shall be undertaken primarily in support of all basic services and other development thrust of the government - Programs and projects implementation should be based on priorities set by the MDC in consistent MTDP - Public funds shall be properly manage to ensure economy and efficiency - The universal delivery of basic services shall be governed by the provisions stipulated in RA 7160 and other pertinent laws, rules and regulations - Primarily health care facilities and services shall be provided in the rural areas to balance the distribution of health facilities. Prioritization of these facilities shall be based on accessibility to the users, number of population served, health practices in the rural communities, health status of the population and socio-economic situation

FOR SOCIAL SERVICES - Necessary assistance shall be expended by the Municipal government aspect of education particularly in those areas where national government failed to provide - Development effort shall be exerted in securing funds (Local and External) for the implementation of quality basic social services - The involvement of the community and people’s organization in the planning and provision of basic services shall be encouraged to ensure socio-economic impact - Programs and projects for children must be anchored on the fundamental rights of the child - Disaster relief services shall be thoroughly planned and implement to the end that no people shall suffer natural and man-made disaster without emergency relief - The identified prime agricultural lands must be protected from conversion to other land uses - Soil conservation measures shall be adopted in order to prevent soil erosion

FOR ECOMONIC SERVICES - Boundaries of proclaimed watersheds shall be well-defined on the ground by the DENR and shall be well-managed and protected in order to regulate water in the areas and improve the water supply, quality and forest cover of watersheds - The extraction of pebbles, sand and gravel within shoreline shall be strictly regulated by the LGU. Critical conditions of shoreline due to excessive extraction shall be stopped. Request DENR/Provincial Government to limit issuance of permits considering impact assessment of the area

- Waste management and proper waste disposal through sanitary land fill shall be promoted and adopted by the LGU based on DENR Administration Order No. 98-49 and RA 9003 taking into account their technical feasibilities - Conservation of natural resources shall be the major concern of the LGU and NGO’s and public in general - Environmental protection and enhancement shall be concentrate in preventing the distribution and over exploitation of resources

- Registration of fisher folks and provision of corresponding identification cards in every barangay with assistance of MAO shall be encouraged - Maintain a balance between the environmental protection and economic development - Tourism promotion and marketing program shall be intensified with private sector participation - Tourism programs and projects shall support sustainable development - The implementation of the transport infrastructure programs and projects shall be designed to link the production areas and other strategic areas




Reorganizing the Municipal Solid Waste Management Board of the Municipality Linapacan, Palawan January 5, 2011

# 18


Organizing of the Inter-Agency Monitoring Task Force (IMTF) for the functionality of Bgy. Council for the protection of the children (BCPC) of the Municipality of Linapacan. January 20, 2011

# 19


Reorganization of the Municipal Peace and Order Council (MPOC) in the Municipality of Linapacan, Palawan January 28, 2011

# 20


Reorganization of Municipal Tourism Council in the Municipality of Linapacan, Palawan February 14, 2011

# 21


Reorganizing the Municipal Anti-drug abuse Council of the Municipality of Linapacan, Palawan February 15, 2011

# 22


Providing for the re-organization of the Municipal Council for the protection of children (MCPC) in the Municipality of Linapacan, Palawan February 15, 2011

# 23


Reorganizing the Municipal Development Council (MDC) of the Municipality of Linapacan, Palawan February 18, 2011

# 24


Creation of the Municipal Committee on Anti-Trafficking and Violence Against women and their children (MCAT-VAWC) of Linapacan, Palawan. February 24, 2011

# 25


An executive order directing the institution of Municipal Culture and Arts Guild in the Municipality of Linapacan, Palawan March 18, 2011

# 26


# 27


An order organizing the Municipal Small and Medium Enterprise Development (SMED) Council of Linapacan, Palawan April 7, 2011 An order creating the Municipal Physical Fitness and Sports Development Council (MPFSDC) April 8, 2011

# 28


Organizing the Municipal Price coordinating Council of the Municipality of Linapacan, Palawan April 9, 2011

# 29


Organizing the Bgy. Governance Performance Management System (BGPMS) Municipal Assessment Team April 14, 2011

# 30


An order establishing the persons with disability affairs office (PDAO) and designating a focal person who shall perform the functions of PDAO May 14, 2011

# 31


An order creating the Municipal HIV/AIDS Council of the Municipality of Linapacan, Palawan May 14, 2011

# 32


Organizing the Municipal Nutrition Council of Linapacan, Palawan June 3, 2011

# 33


An order creating the Municipal Gender and Development Focal Point of the ` Municipality of Linapacan, Palawan June 30, 2011

# 34


Creating the Municipal Coordinating team of the Municipality of Linapacan, Palawan July 22, 2011

# 35


Providing for the creation of the Municipal Inter-agency Committee for the Supplementation of the KALAHI-CIDSS; (MCC) project in the Municipality of Linapacan, Palawan August 8, 2011

# 36


An order creating the Municipal Council of Women of the Municipality of Linapacan October 13, 2011

# 37


Reorganization of the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (MDRRMC) October 12, 2011

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SLGR 2011