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Rosetta Stones Tutor: Lina MarĂ­a Castro Benavides

LESSON ONE - Basic Sentences  Core Concepts People and common activities Third-person pronouns and plurals Definite and indefinite articles Singular, plural and gendered nouns Subject-verb agreement

 Grammar use Forming plurals Greetings and farewells

LESSON TWO-Everyday Items  Core Concepts Common foods Animals Everyday items Direct objects Negation Direct mixed-gendered “they” Question word: “what” Yes/no questions

 Grammar use Present progressive Negation

LESSON THREE- Colors and Sizes  Core Concepts Adjectives Colors and sizes Professions First and second person pronouns Nouns

 Grammar use Personal pronouns Adjectives

LESSON FOUR- Clothing and Quantities  Core Concepts Numbers 1-6 Many household object and clothing words Question words: “who” and “how many”

 Grammar use Direct objects Quantity comparisons

MILESTONE  Each unit concludes with a Milestone, an interactive

capstone activity that lets the learner practice key skills learned and apply new language knowledge in real-life situations.

 Cada unidad concluye con una prueba, una actividad

interactiva que permite al aprendiz practicar habilidades claves y aplicar el conocimiento adquirido en situaciones reales

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Contenidos InglesNivel I  

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