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Select United States and  International Installations

ARTAS Prestige Installations (International)

ARTAS Prestige Installations (US)

Dr. Herbert Bernstein Dr. Marc Avram

Dr. Shelly Friedman Dr. Ronald Shapiro

Dr. James Harris

Dr. Bernard Nusbaum Dr. Sam Lam Dr. Craig Ziering

Multiple Systems Installations

Dana Plastic Surgery Clinic

Seoul, Korea  Installed October 2012

Chois Dermatological Clinic

Seoul, Korea  Installed October 2012

Seoul National University Dermatology Clinic

Seoul, Korea  Installed October 2012

Shonan Beauty Clinics

Tokyo, Japan  Installed November, 2012

Dr. Keiichiro Kasai (2 ARTAS Systems)

KO Specialist Medical Center

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Installed January 2013

Dr. Bessam Farjo

Manchester, UK Installed August, 2013

Dr. Vincenzo Gambino 

Milan, Italy  Installed June, 2013

Ziering Medical – London

London, United Kingdom Installed January, 2013

Dr. Craig Ziering (2nd ARTAS System)

Dr. Robert Bernstein

New York City  Installed August 2011

Dr. Ron Shapiro

Minneapolis, Minnesota  Installed September 2012

Dr. Shelly Friedman

Scottsdale, Arizona  Installed June, 2013

Dr. Sam Lam

Dallas, Texas  Installed October 2012

Dr. Gregory Turowski

Chicago, Illinois  Installed October 2012

Dr. Glenn Charles

Boca Raton, Florida  Installed July 2012

Dr. Young Hong

Los Angeles, California  Installed November 2012

Dr. James Harris

Denver, Colorado  Installed August 2011 (over 200 ARTAS cases)

ARTAS around the Globe  

2013 US and International Installations

ARTAS around the Globe  

2013 US and International Installations