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“Thesis Project” Sanctuary of Light

016 024

“Educational” IAA - The International Academy Amman RSICA / Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts

038 044 048

“Commercial” Office - Retail Abu Tawileh plaza II Kawar office building headquarters Kawar office building headquarters constructed proposal

058 064

“Mixed Use” Theater Square Doha Mixed Use Oasis

076 082 092

“Residential” Architekton Apartment Building Al Qassem Villa Studio for a Blind Artist


“Hospitality” Canyon Boutique Hotel


“Cultural - interior” Ali Jabri - HUMAN HERITAGE FOUNDATION

116 122

“Restaurants - interior” Blue Fig University Branch Blue Fig City Mall branch


“Health - interior” Dental Clinic


“Retail - Interior” Bagutta Retail

144 148 152 154

“Booth & Installations” Steel Booth II Steel Booth I Petra Aluminum Exhibition Booth 7th Circle Public Installation


“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form: and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, ‘Let there be light’: and there was light.......” (Genesis ch1 vv1-3)

“ Thesis Project ” V

“Sanctuary of Light” Research Center & Museum Location: Amman, Jordan Client: Ministry of Tourism 40% ,Private Lighting company 40% & The Jordanian Architects Society 20% Land Area: 7,000 sq.m (75,350 sq.ft) Built-up Area: 8,750 sq.m (93,650 sq.ft) Project year: 2001 - Thesis Project

The goal of this institute is to create an atmosphere that inspires a sense of wonder & imagination. A space that is entertaining & valuable for the public, tourists, researchers, experts & architects. ... Thus members acting together as a community.

“A space that provides little fantasy light in the learning center.”


Aerial East Southern View

a sundial in the museum plaza . .. .......... masses are allocated to face the sun orientation


Hierarchy of events... Private ‘research center’ .. Semi Private ‘administration, services Public ‘museum, Expo’ Light is the only surviving & unifying element through centuries. Light & architecture have been profoundly related since the beginning of time. Light recognized as one of the most powerful form-givers available to the designer as it is not merely illuminating architecture, it is reinforcing the creative concept through a dialogue between society & light. Yet, in the true spirit of internationalism, we should create one lighting culture as the common property of human beings as we all share this renewable material; light.

If we can find a solution in light, we can find a solution in architecture. “Jabal al-Qal’a” which was once the pulsing heart of the city, is the center of the seven hills of Amman with an enchanting mixture of ancient and modern. “Jabal al-Qalaa” is a

historical mountainous site; which as well is a communal, cultural, educational, industrial, commercial and economical center. Therefore it will fulfill the needs of the project within this urban fabric to promote itself as a future contemporary gateway & be able to read a story in light from the urbanite multiple use city. The emphasis on the duality of exterior & interior lighting will morph the citadel as part of the demonstration space. And it will transform this success to the good of the country. Especially in the field of tourism. Building on the cliff will emphasize on the singularity of each cell in the project. An Inverted theater solution was adopted to redefine the typical events which implies that a new definition of the rules between the Performance and the Viewer with concern to the focal point and its relation to the stage.

Concept Zoning Illustration

The building leads visitors through space & time. The journey from public to private unfolds depending on the people’s level of interaction; they may mingle in the museum plaza, they may take a tour inside the light museum or temporary expo, they may enroll in a training course or want to investigate more and be a professional researcher as part of the ongoing professional development & continuing education. The built environment is directly affected by the integration of light and space. Everything is there but the user is only aware of the events when they are set alive through light. The orientation, axial path, processional movement from dark to light as well as the location of each function all were placed with respect to the movement & availability of sunlight. A surface or mass brightens as the sun rays hit it. 005


Ground Floor plan

. . . semi-public


4 7

5 3

1. Upper Main street 2. Public parking 3. To Jabal Al-Qala’ 4. Light Cell 5. Main Entrance lobby 6. Stairs to upper museum 7. Customer service & Sales 8. Exit to museum plaza 9. Outdoor gallery plaza 10.Cafeteria 11.Sundial 12.Ramps to upper museum level 13.Service elevator and mechanical zone 14.Public library 15.Administration reception 16.Public relations 17.Accounting 18.Security 19.Boardroom 20.Product manager 21.General manager 22.Elevator down to research floors 23.Computer room




8 18




15 14



20 21 22







12 V


N 006

Light & things belong together & every place has its light. The sky is the origin and the earth is its manipulation. Always the same & always different, light reveals what is. Facade Illustration

Crystal zone = ON All day

Energy zone = P.V./ Led Cells

Hovering Museum View from Eastern Plaza

Rotating louvers open = ON

Rotating louvers close = OFF

According to the event duration and timing, the facade of each zone is treated accordingly; The crystal zone; a curtain wall of the circulation zone in the research center captures daylight differently over the course of the day and the year as its pixels tilt and skew to allow it to shine all day. The energy zone; the creation of energy through a Photo Voltaic cells facade at morning to light the Led tubes at night in the seminar rooms and research labs. Sun boxes; rotating louvers that align there movement according to the sun’s angle, to turn on and off the function within the mass at the museum and expo mass.


Sundial View


tourists routes [up the stairs between the dwellings].

Southern View From Lower Street Level



6 6







3 5

7 5

First Floor Plan 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 008


Stairs down to exit Reception & lobby Museum box Show room Ramp to plaza Plaza below Sundial below To jabal al-Qala’ Light cell


LIGHT has always been IDENTIFIED AS, “the bridge for all cultures”.

Visitors will seek the light. Light’s effects on people’s visual ability, mood, alertness, behavior, and health - the human factors of lighting.

Plaza Museum View


Plaza Museum View towards Ent./Exit access

Adding another layer of architecture to the Citadel... an architecture of the immaterial; a soft layer of architecture‌


Elevational View with the Citadel & Light cell

The Layering of light in order to feel light, to live light, to perceive light; Double fun; the people would mingle with them thus creating a dialogue between the participants & the material, form & space.

“the take that life

whole idea behind everything here is to light and make it into a shape; a shape not only solidifies the light but the the light touches.”

Axial Access towards the Light Cell - vantage point

“... .light as a building material - not just as a product. Light as a medium light as it creates space.”


View from the Light Cell towards Main Ent.

The lighting research center consists of 3 major parts; -Information center. -Training center. -Research laboratories. Cafeteria View showing P.V. cells/ LED Tubes Facade




-4 Level Floor plan . . private


9 7


1. Lower Main street 2. Employees parking 3. Stairs from downtown to Jabal Al-Qala’ 4. Employees Entr. lobby 5. Panoramic Elev. & ramps 6. Employees lockers 7. Maintenance 8. PV generators 9. Storage & Service elev.

2 3





8 2

“what better forum for learning than to have the products & manufacturer’s expertise combined with the individuals who are the cutting edge in design & application,” The mission of this research center is to offer a state-of-the-art lighting environment with educational & training opportunities. It will open the door for creativity & innovations through having an architecture that is not only concerned with the individuality of the architect, but with an integrated teamwork. Architects, designers, engineers, scientists, manufacturers & clients have to work in a productive relationship. They depend on each other. The group must meld science & aesthetics. The lighting should be designed before it is engineered.

-3 Level Floor plan… private 5







1 10


N 012

1. Panoramic Elev. & ramps 2. Meeting room 3. Energy efficient tech lab 4. Testing product lab 5. Goniophotometer lab 6. Integrating sphere 7. Human factor lab 8. Dual light & wind catcher 9. Storage & Service elev. 10.Library 11.PV Storage & conversion Dual light & wind catcher

-2 Level Floor plan …private 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Panoramic Elev. & ramps Radiance computer lab Cafeteria Dual light & wind catcher Fixtures lab Product develop lab Mock-up studio Storage & Service Elev. PV Storage & conversion

5 2











4 7 9

-1 Level Floor plan…private 1. Panoramic Elev. & ramps 2. Lecture room 3. Open seminar room 4. Dual light & wind catcher 5. Storage & Service Elev. 6. Building tech. dept., steel 7. Building tech. dept., marble 8. Building tech. dept., stone 9. Daylight computer lab 10.Glazing materials lab 11.Models daylight lab 12.PV Storage & conversion

5 2





3 4





4 4


10 12



Sectional Model Views

“ Educational ” 015

IAA - The International Academy Amman Location: Amman, Jordan Client: IAA Land Area: 105,000 sq.m (26 ac) Built-up Area: 35,000 sq.m (376,740 sq.ft) Project year: 2006 - symbiosis designs The IAA is a new fresh perspective on the educational built environment. It is a didactic environment which holds emotional equity, identity and intuitive purpose beyond the text books and the internal classrooms.


Site Plan

“Imagination knowledge.� 016



important than Einstein

General Southern Main Gate View

Laughter Garden Sports Field

Herb & Fruit Garden

Hovering Garden

Compassion Garden

Legacy Garden

Rock Sculpture Garden

Hovering Garden

Community Square

Basketball Court

Moon Garden

Art & Sculpture Garden

Basketball Court

Art & Sculpture Garden

Light Garden

Hovering Garden

Hovering Garden

Bio Pod


Village - built vs. nature

Garden Village - built vs. nature

Dualities - old vs. new

Bio Pod

Dualities - old vs. new

Romantic Disposition - breaking away from the institutional order Romantic Disposition breaking away from the institutional order

Islamic Element - courtyard & shadows

Romantic Disposition breaking away from the institutional order

The Administration Drop Off View

Age related themes that complement education are integrated in the gardens of this Laughter Garden community-village configuration of buildings. Sports Field Themes begin with Herb laughter & Fruit Garden and kinder-ship Hovering Garden Compassion Garden gardens and end with introspective moon Hovering Garden Legacy Garden Rock Sculpture Garden watching and the profundity of legacy gardens. Basketball Court At the giant sculptures stand Garden Square Art & Sculpture Basketball Court gates, fourCommunity Moon Garden Light Garden Art & Sculpture Garden representing within a designed garden the Hovering Garden Hovering Garden school core values. The administrative building, at the school gate, offers a colorful art gallery in its initial entrance zone to the typical overwhelming Gardencontrary Village - built vs. nature institutional feel most schools project. All buildings through their forms, materials, and natural light project dual expressions; old heritage vernacular at one end and modern Islamic Elements progressive at the other extreme. court yard, deep shadow

Unique Local Identity anchor, totam element

Unique local Identity - Anchor, Totem Element Unique Local Identity anchor, totam element

The stone, as a primary material, is used in two different languages, cut roughly and assembled densely to reflect the vernacular expression; while on the other opposite, stone is cut sharply and laid out seamlessly to reflect modernity in unison with the more current steel shading louvers installed at the furthest edge of the same faรงades.

017 Islamic Elements court yard, deep shadow

“Moon Garden” – The senior school block is also surrounded by thematic gardens, the most thoughtful of which is the moon watching garden. Many cultures advocate, and reasonably so, that watching the moon brings peace to one’s soul and opens a window in it and into a contemplative state peacefully touching both the poetic and the wise. Placed at the end of the senior school block and positioned to capture the moon’s path, the IB program students will use this garden to strengthen their ability to assert, however using both reason and intuition even handily.


Secondary School Building - Moon Garden

“Gentle skew between the two classes’ wings allude to the Islamic court”

Primary School Ground Floor Plan

Primary School First Floor Plan

“Hovering Gardens” – In both school blocks, primary and senior, outdoor garden classrooms are introduced to conduct outdoor teaching during spring and summer. This contextual shift in the classroom paradigm will certainly bring forth “wellness”.


Hovering Garden - Outdoor Classroom

Wind Tower view from the roof


Wind Tower view, Detail Plans & Section

“ Dual Expressions “

All buildings’ skylines unite in expression through their wind catching towers. The towers, not only ground the buildings with their visual weight, but they also contribute to the rigor of rhythmic play needed in such expansive internal spaces and environment. The wind towers are the motif of the IAA. While they pay respect to the environment by utilizing passive energy, they are also a new architectural reinterpretation of the traditional tower expressed in a formal manner unique to the school. The stone projects a sense of longevity and timelessness, while the wooden louvers give warmth and subtle articulation needed to express sophistication and attention to detail as spirits the school stands for. Internally, the wind towers present interruptions with offerings of natural light, natural breeze and water fountains – pleasant demarcations which are along the expansive internal circulation.

Primary School court

Primary School Elevations

Wood Fixing Details


Steel Tectonics Class Sunscreen Details


Cafeteria - Theater Building View

Theater Longitudinal Section

Cafeteria - Theater Basement Floor Plan

Cafeteria - Theater Ground Floor Plan


School Theater View

RSICA / Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts Location: Aqaba, Jordan Client: The Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts A collaboration with USC - University of Sothern California School of Cinematic Arts and The Royal Film Commission Land Area: 26,500 sq.m (285,240 sq.ft) Built-up Area: 30,000 sq.m (323,000 sq.ft) Project year: 2007 - symbiosis designs The negative space maintains integrity by claiming the larger share of the site as expansive arid landscape interrupted by two subterranean oases. The school buildings fuse unto one another and further connect through links to the other two functions; The Film/Spa Resort Hotel that includes a Film Museum and The Public Cinemas which, together, compound the capacity for film viewing during events. RSICA is designed as a didactic building environment that intuitively teaches students much about spatial movement, different light conditions, shadows, traveling sound, visual layering and several related film making compositional considerations. The building is mostly built, indoor and outdoor, with pigmented concrete that is left natural and raw with the imprints of the wooden formwork. Some internal spaces are articulated with wooden planks as a softening strategy that also resolves acoustical challenges.

Concept Formation - mass & void illustration 024

It is an architectural and spatial interpretation of the explorative and creative process of film-making and producing, designed specifically to encourage reflection on oneself observations



2 4

3 6


5 8



Site 1. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11


Main entrance Administration building Reflective Pool School building Film hotel Sunken Oasis Screening theater Swimming pool 0 5 15 20 Hotel Drop off Hotel parking entry School parking entry


Physical Model showing courts,Roaming Spaces

Ground Floor plan









1. Main entrance 2. Main Reception Lobby 3. Reflective Pool 4. Student entrance lobby 5. Library 6. Bar 7. Hotel entrance lobby 8. Spa 9. Restaurant 10.Outdoor terrace 026



Program: Film School with 160 seat screening room, media Library, 2 large sound stages, set stage, equipment storage rooms, green room, camera lab, smart classrooms, animation lab, edit and audit suites, hovering Café’, administration building and staff residences, in addition to a luxurious 80 room Boutique Hotel

Longitudinal Elevational Section










General Main View


Basement Floor plan

1. Cinema 2. Screening theater 3. Audio studio & classrooms 4. Animation/post labs 5. Sunken oasis 6. Storages 7. Film museum 8. Sound stage 9. Back of the house services 10.Parking 028

Architectural caves - Cerebral Introspective domain Film Making Chronology.





Production Post-production



15 nema ms



3 End shooting


Production Post-production

Screening room, Cinema halls, Projection rooms

Screen first trial composite

Transfer to optical track Begin negative cutting

Sound editing completed Mix sound

Screen first trial composite

Transfer to optical track Begin negative cutting

Sound editing completed Mix sound

First then Second and Fine cut completed First then Second and Fine cut completed Begin sound cutting Begin sound cutting Sound editing Begin music composing Begin music composing Recording room, folley

End shooting

5 Architectural caves - Cerebral Introspective domain

Begin shooting Begin editing


Light editing Begin shooting Edit suites, animation lab Begin editing


casting completed


casting completed Scene shop Location secured Location secured Costumes, Begin rehearsals Begin rehearsalsmake-up Equipment, Costume storage Equipment, props, costumes secured Equipment, props, costumes secured

Light footprint - shadows 10

n lab

Light footprint - shadows 6

Begin writing period - Research First draft screenplay Second draft screenplay Begin casting Crew allocation Lock production schedule Allocate equipment, props

Coffee Bar & Mural Wall Detail

e storage


Student production offices


Begin writing period - Research Administrative offices First draft screenplay Filmdraft library Second screenplay Conference Begin casting room chambers CrewCreative allocation rooms Lockmeeting production schedule Allocate equipment, props


offices es

Space roaming - Dynamic Motion

Concept Illustration diagrams PRE-PRODUCTION


Space roaming - Dynamic Motion



Light footprint - shadows Architectur domain

Film Making Chronology. PRODUCTION


Light as a matter Natural light conditions is staged to allow students the opportunity to observe the light. Light showers through sculptural skylights down on many areas in intense slices Shadows as matter Shadows are enhanced as a matter in a variety of form; dark areas percolate both still and moving shadows Dynamic Motion The building forms descend into the ground and ascend out and over the ground creating paths and spaces in flux, roaming, and encouraging motion from different unconventional vantage points to explore new spatial paradigm shifts Introspective domain Many smaller areas fold inwardly unto themselves creating places of detachment in the form of dwelled-in niches necessary for students to silently explore their own minds – the introspective domain. 

School Main Entrance View

Exchange domain Great films are a byproduct of collaborative and synergetic team effort. Most circulation spaces and open outdoor ones are articulated to become social and celebratory Layering Like montage in filming, different spaces and building forms were juxtaposed as single layers; Studio TectonicsThe entire campus building celebrates the studio building typology as an active production place Film Making Chronology The building facilities that entail technical works in the pre-production, production and post-production chronology are laid out in plan in a clear sequence 029

View from Students Entrance

The Hovering Cafe’ Roaming roof

Hotel Pool


The café, which is the primary social hot spot where students and faculty spend many hours brainstorming, hovers freely above the campus capturing panoramic views of Aqaba as well as visually emulating the equivalence of a film camera panning arm in its dynamic swing over scenes.

Hovering Cafe’ View


Cinema’s Lobby View

Perforated Skin Details in Administration Building


Hovering Mass, Study Physical Model







1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Hotel suites Outdoor terrace Residential staff apartments Swimming pool Pool deck Café Hovering Café

RSICA - Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts

Hotel Museum Wall


Second Floor Plan

C - Use of Space

C1 - Second & Third Floor Pla

First Floor Plan

Hotel Catwalk Entrance View

Suite Plan


Suit View

“ Commercial ” Office - Retail 037

Abu Tawileh plaza II Location: Amman, Jordan Client: Mr. Qais Abu Tawileh Land Area: 3,700 sq.m (39,800 sq.ft) Built-up Area: 26,500 sq.m (285,243 sq.ft) Project year: 2008 - symbiosis designs


Facade Physical Model View

materials vs use

choreography of lines

hovering mass

anchor store


s tore

sky retail

sky retail

p l a z a

news a n c h o r cafe


o f f i c e s

The project is distinctly demarked with a crystal sky retail store above a simplistic backdrop office building block and a frontal hovering, dynamically skewed, vertical anchor retail store.

monolithic mass

retail units urban tray

Both forms sit on an urban tray platform activated as a cultural plaza – a tribute to the urban landscape.

l e v e l

One form is articulated with modern progressive glass and fiber cement linear panel cladding, the other with internal wooden shutters behind clear glass to further polarize the visual tension between the two forms while articulating geometries of balance to achieve a settling synergy.

The building is an innovative attempt at greatly increasing the retail space percentage beyond the typical yields on the same street.


Massing Concept Model

Longitudinal Section










Typical Floor Plan









8 6

5 4




Basement Floor Plan - Plaza



1. Drop Off 2. Buisness Cafe’ 3. Escalators & panoramic Elevators to Departement Store 4. Reflective pool 5. Glass Blocks 6. Offices Lobby 7. Sky Retail Lobby 8. Retail 9. Vertical Department Store 10.Office

Both forms sit on an urban tray platform activated as a cultural plaza – a tribute to the urban landscape. The building is an innovative attempt at greatly increasing the retail space percentage beyond the typical yields on the same street, while invigorating the additional retail space with experiential vantages that will ensure their is preserved and further enhanced urban street presence .


Inner skin composed of fiber cement, example of fenestrations in a chaotic order, achieving a playful yet studied effect.

Outer skin consists of clear glass,same grid concept but slightly tilted, creating a beautiful imagery; day & night.

View from the Urban Tray

choreography of lines


General Physical Model View


Street Elevation Physical Model

Kawar office building headquarters Location: Abdali- Amman, Jordan Client: Kawar Group Land Area: 1,560 sq.m (201,285 sq.ft) Built-up Area: 18,700 sq.m (16,800 sq.ft) Project year: 2010 - symbiosis designs

The Kawar office building is a construct of a new innovative material assembled to give a very rational functional plan a captivating intrigue and a unique expression to the Kawar family brand. The plan of the building originates from a very solid central core to an outer perimeter translucent concrete edge articulated with modulated openings that appear random yet in a very simplistic manner ground the building. Further out another belt of light steel and clear glass perimeter offices projects outwards beyond the heavy mass. During the day, the inner offices gain soft translucent work light while catching glimpses of outer views. At night, the inner lights give a soft humming quality to the translucent earth color concrete making the building a modern lantern that can be seen from a far distance.


Main Approach View

Side Elevation

Cross Section

Collapsed Components


During the day, the inner offices gain soft translucent work light while catching glimpses of outer views. At night, the inner lights give a soft humming quality to the translucent earth color concrete making the building a modern lantern that can be seen from a far distance. The plan is a simple rational one that Typical Floor Lobby View aligns material of conceptual expression, flexible open work space, structure electromechanical opti-that aligns The plan is aand simple rational one mal solutions to a common workable material of conceptual expression, flexible open lightelectromechanical quality work module. space, Experientially, structure the and optimal solutions a common workable module. which emenatestofrom the translucent concrete transcends as an evocative Experientially, theboth light quality which emanates spirited form for inside users and from the translucent concrete transcends as external spectators, however with an evocative spirited form for both inside and subtlety of mass breakusers constraint and external spectators, however with ing away the overly muscled constraint and from subtlety of mass breaking away geometric of thegeometric surrounding from the overlyforms muscled forms of the surrounding context. context.



During the day, the inner offices gain soft translucent work light while catching glimpses of outer views. At night, the inner lights give a soft humming quality to the translucent earth color concrete making the building a modern lantern that can be seen from a far distance. The plan is a simple rational one that aligns material of conceptual expression, flexible open work Typical space, structure and electromechanical optimal solutions to a common workable module. Experientially, the light quality which emenates from the translucent concrete transcends as an evocative spirited form for both inside users and external spectators, however with constraint and subtlety of mass breaking away from the overly muscled geometric forms of the surrounding context.

Floor Plan

Executive Roof Floor Plan

Roof Terrace View


Executive Office View

Kawar office building headquarters

- constructed proposal

Location: Abdali- Amman, Jordan Client: Kawar Group Land Area: 1,560 sq.m (201,285 sq.ft) Built-up Area: 18,700 sq.m (16,800 sq.ft) Project year: 2010 - symbiosis designs Under the same concept of a very solid central core to an outer clear glass perimeter of offices projecting outwards beyond the heavy mass. And during the search for a material that is conducive and refers to the Kawar Legacy in shipping. Another option - which will allude more to the materials of the ships - and much more feasible and natural was chosen . The Zinc Coated panels are quite elegant and subtle, Unique and uncommon in Amman, authentic hence timeless. More fine-tuning and minimalistic details were developed to tame the final proposal. The expression of anchor vertical simplified setback layer which is light in weight to maintain less cost on structure compared with stone and the like; Light and thin so  would be applied as a skin that wraps and lifts dynamically ; And can be made of operable screened panels to be placed  in front of windows/doors and perforated in different patterns to control degree of penetrating light.

Physical Study Model Detail



Site Plan

Street Elevation


Physical Model View from the Pedestrian Spine

Some of the green strategies that were adopted in the building; the double skin facade treatment of horizontal louvers, along with a green roof and an open to sky atrium above the main entrance with connecting bridges between the two offices’ wings.

Corner Manager Office view



Typical Floor Plan

South Elevation

West Elevation


Western View from the Boulevard Spine

Material Board


Northern View

Main Street Entrance & Drop off


Approach Eastern View

Executive Floor Plan

Bridges Plan & Section Details Garden Roof View



Roof Garden Floor Plan

Cross Section


Atrium View

“ Mixed 057

Use ”

Theatre Square – Abdali Location: Amman, Jordan Client: Philadelphia Company Land Area: 6,428 sq.m (69,190 sq.ft) Built-up Area: 58,000 sq.m (624,300 sq.ft) Project year: 2006 - symbiosis designs

Theatre Square is located in the most prestigious and comprehensive urban master plan development designed to be the new downtown of Amman, Al Abdali. The total master plan is well over 400,000 square meter of land and will accommodate residential, office, institutional, retail and entertainment projects who’s both scope and scale never seen before in the capital

The project “primary income generator” is through “retail /office space”, however will leverage “film, media and entertainment” as an intense pivotal glamorous pull theme, while providing a percentage of alternative modern working and living space and support facilities to achieve a healthy vibrant and enterprising district/block.

The project will be pedestrian friendly attracting traffic into its central plaza from three main gates where multimedia, cinema, café culture and colorful retail will be on centre stage. Theatre Square will be a lively urban open living room.

N 058

Site Plan

Theatre Square holds all the ingredients [Financial appeal, Functional appeal, Intellectual appeal, Emotional appeal and aesthetic appeal] that will make it a successful project and rewarding to both the city of Amman and the investor.


Northern Eastern Secondary Gate Spine

Ground Floor Plan -Plaza 11





1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Main Plaza Approach Residential Lobby Retail Book Store Cafe’ - Restaurant Secondary Spine Entrance Panoramic Elevator to Cinemas’ Lobby at Lower Level & Upper Media Cafe’ 8. Department Store 9. Offices Lobby 10.Parking Entrance 11.Drop Off




11 7





3 5





The project will have a total of 52 key of stylishly designed thematic art boutique Hotel, high-end multimedia Offices, an anchor Department Store , a theater center stage which is the social hub with a hovering cinema cafĂŠ above and 352 seats 2 Cinema halls below. A Mixed use composition of weaving social zones of cafĂŠ-restaurants and commercial city fabrics of retail shops that interact at street level and 30 Luxury Residential flats

Although the solid and transparent are placed rigoursly on extremes. Each borrows from the nature of the other to balance the low-tech, high-tech feel of the project. Natural wood envelops glass while metal fenestration frames stone facades.


Northern Western Main Approach View

Basement Floor Plan - Cinemas Lobby

Typical Floor Plan



Floor Plan

Southern Street Elevation

Physical Model Aerial View


Doha Mixed Use Oasis Location: Doha, Qatar Land Area: 38,849 sq.m (9.6 ac) Built-up Area: 273,000 sq.m (2.9 mmsf) Project year: 2011 - symbiosis designs

The project’s program was designed as a comprehensive living life cycle that combines residential, wellness and spa, entertainment, cultural, commercial and recreational. It is a neighborhood where a user finds all his living needs as if he is living in a larger cosmopolitan city with many offerings. The Project complex was developed as an urban plaza to include districts within, each with an anchor project standing as an iconic stem cell. Each building took on a dynamic architectural expression representing the core of its use under the unified veil of louvers.


The entire plan is conceived within a vision for a park that balances its urbanity. The park became the stage unto which building projects overlooked.  In some sub-districts the park-scape was stretched deeply into areas where buildings lift up to yield for it at the base with café / retail crystals, or carve within its facades as hovering garden terraces.  An extension of this park as green roofs were introduced to offer a new skyline.  064

Northern Western View towards Residential



Site Plan

Pedestrian Entry Spine showing The Hotel to the right & Offices Building to the left with Crystal Restaurant under


Eastern Hotel View


Southern offices Street View

Ground Floor Plan - Main Upper Plaza

N 068

Hovering Spa View from Plaza with Residential behind


Southern Entry to PLaza

Basement Floor Plan - Lower Plaza

N 070

View from Lower Plaza under the Residential



Roof Floor Plan

N 072

Pent House Plans

Top pent house garden view

A 9m grid module that holds a typical saloon/ dinning zone & bedroom suite is flexible for multiple residential units layout. Bigger 2 bedroom units are placed within 1 1/2 module. Where as the 3 bedroom unit takes the full 2 modules.

1 Bedroom Unit Layout

2 Bedroom Unit Layout

3 Bedroom Unit Layout 073

“ Residential ” 075

Architekton Apartment Building

Program: five high-end residential lofts, two cellars for parking and services, five floors above ground and roof garden.

Location: Amman, Jordan Client: NACE Company Land Area: 3,175 sq.m (34,175 sq.ft) Built-up Area: 980 sq.m (10,550 sq.ft) Project year: 2012 - symbiosis designs

Skin Shadows Concept

Skin Facade Detail View - Screens Opened


Open plan duplex units designed from within. An outer skin that is an extension of the quality and nature of this plan layout which is Light, Bright, Novel, Flexible offering different options (shaded / black-out / screened / open views / balcony feeling).


Front Street General


- screens closed

Designed with special attention to Energy Consumption and Green design requirements. Scope included architectural interior design that starts at the threshold of the project with a sculptural stairs at the main entry lobby that is grand, impressive , sophisticated yet simple and unique. The enchanting cozy shadows at the inside gives a softening playful effect that is always different as living facade with its unique and customized pattern solution.

Mid Unit entry outward view

Entry Lobby View


Threshold Entry View at night

Master Bathroom View


Top Roof Floor View

saloon - Open kitchen View

Outwards Dinning view - Balcony spirit


Living room View

Third Floor Plan (Saloon - Entry level)

Second Floor Plan (Bedroom)

Master Bathroom View

Internal Unit stairs


Master Bedroom View

Al Qassem


Location: Amman, Jordan Client: Mr. Fozzi Al-Qassem Land Area: 1,200 sq.m (12,900 sq.ft) Built-up Area: 1,500 sq.m (16,145 sq.ft) Project year: 2003 - symbiosis designs

The spaces within the house offer a maximum inward and outward permeability through leveled garden terraces and views. The slit windows in the back façade frames the skyline of Amman as timeless paintings from and within its walls. Framing Amman Skyline

The building comprises of two adjacent villas. The building skin is a result of the inhabitants’ need for privacy, consequently morphing the solid walls with constraint openings at the front street level to disintegrating clear glass facades between orthogonal plain walls that opens to the dramatic view of old Amman houses and mountains.


Ground Floor Plan



Front View

Back Southern View



Side Villa Entrance View

Main Villa Entrance

Northern View


Eastern View

Southern Elevation

Northern Elevation

West Elevation

Partial Back View


East Elevation

Partial Detail at saloons & Master Bedroom Corner

Eastern View


Screen Glass & Wood Partition Detail at upper Living room

Entrance View towards Reflective Pool


Stairs Steel & wood Detail


Entrance Atrium

Master Bedroom Balcony & Corner Windows View

Shutter/ Window Partial Elevation, Wall Section & Plan Details

Pool View



Saloon Large Corner Windows

First Floor Plan Slit Window & Pool Detail

Basement Floor Plan


Studio for a Blind Artist Location: Amman, Jordan Client: Blind Artist Land Area: 500 sq.m (5,380 sq.ft) Built-up Area: 55 sq.m (590 sq.ft) Project year: 1998 - Third year Design

A studio for residence and production. A place where the Artist can create, rest, bath and display his work to the public. He creates carpets on a loom. Carpet which is a thing, it is the end result of interlinking of threads; waved by an artist, makes thousands, perhaps millions think. It is the element that connects the artist with the people. It is the main element is his life as he understands it with all his senses as he envision it when he touches it. So the carpet was cladded on the front wall to give the blind artist a sense of orientation as it changes the wall texture.


Following the process of making a carpet and being inspired from the loom’s structure. The studio’s structure evolved from locating the loom at its center and using its structure for the whole as an exposed columns and beams to connect back to its origin. A fragment as a key to formulating the concept where the studio would proceed from the “part” to the “whole”.

Entry Corridor Spine

The corridor is the main connecting element between spaces. Respectively, the building spatial organization elaborate a sequence of ceremonies which mediates between the public and the private. The entry journey starts with a semi dark corridor, a carpet wall, a stairs & ends with a bright loft. Contrary to us; the Blind doesn’t connect to a space, he connects only to a wall. So the studio was composed of wrapping walls around a loom (not regular parallel walls) which leads to the center which is defined by a stairs element. Under the stairs the artist has his bathroom and kitchen. Whereas at the upper level, the climax of the main event for the artist resides the loom which is at its brightest top floor through a series story lighting windows around the periphery .


Model Top View

Loom Top View at Upper Floor

Physical Model Core Assembly 094

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Form perspective and space are irrelevant. I am the center, here and now. Everything starts, remains and ends in my body. I AM ALL EYES. I see with my ear, nose, hand and skin; I ‘envision’ ...the Blind Artist

Stairs, Loom & Structure Columns View

Upper Level View

Lower Level View


“ Hospitality ” 097

Canyon Boutique Hotel Location: Amman, Jordan Land Area: 795 sq.m (8,560 sq.ft) Built-up Area: 2,960 sq.m (31,860 sq.ft) Project year: 2005 - symbiosis designs

The building is simple in form, articulated through the careful use of contrasting materials, through the strict use of minimal details and a respect for the power of the orthogonal module with a light shift and skew The two masses of single loaded wings created a dialogue between the physical composition and the visual transparency of the project. The dualities between the folding concrete mass that wraps around a glass box of mullion-less glass panels, the suites of which have floor-to-ceiling windows and a massive stone backdrop that holds the dynamic tectonics of the panoramic elevators. Besides creating a negative lower plaza that connects the upper main entrance’s bridge with the lower street , a carved open to below atrium offers permeability and fluidity through a sculptural stairs to the reception lobby level at the basement.

Entrance canopy View


N 099

Northern Street View



Main Entrance Corner

Detail Views


Typical Floor Plan

Entrance Bridge & Canopy


Southern Suites Facade

“ Cultural - interior ” 105

Ali Jabri


Location: Amman, Jordan Client: Fadi Ghandour Built-up Area: 150 sq.m (1,615 sq.ft) Project year: 2009 - Freelance

The Ali Jabri Foundation, is an exhibition design for the late Jordanian artist Ali Jabri; the first since his death, titled Journey Back. A collection of his sketches, collages and paintings from the time he spent in Cairo, a place he passionately loved. Ali Jabri’s journey was a life recorded in his sketchbook and accordingly it was represented in each room within the gallery. It was minimalistic, all in white exhibit to draw the attention on his belongings, hand written quotations and paintings. His desk, his paint boxes and brushes, his drawing table, his small round cocktail tables, etc… all together created unique display pieces for his sketch books and paintings. 106

Main Entrance Facade

Custom Lighting Fixture Bulbs

Artist Desk at Main Entry


Gallery Entry Box

Projection at Entry Box from Inside


“Journey back; Ali Jabri in Eygept - 1977”

Gallery First Room views showing Artist Drawing Table with Sketches Glass box Display Above


“Cairo Journals: Youth, Eros,Time, Art, Life”


Artist Original Sketch Books Display

Recycled newspaper display stand for artist’s sketches which would resemble humble soul

the his


Artist’s Framed Paintings at Gallery corner 112

Artist Coffee Tables Private Collection Display

Artist Free Hand Writing Stencil on Corner Gallery Walls

Artist Frames Collection with Mirror Inside at Bathroom Corner 113

“ Restaurants - interior ” 115

Blue Fig University Branch Location: Amman, Jordan Built-up Area: 177 sq.m (1,905 sq.ft) Project year: 2007 - Freelance

The blue fig is a social theatre of a building; staging internal scenes as social theatrics. The building is expressed with both extreme evocative materials and forms. On one end, extreme heavy thick grounded walls, and on the other end, light transparent influx steel and glass forms. The blue fig is inherently a soulful place exchanging a flow of authenticities, be it so light, shadows or rustic and natural materials.

Street Facade

Major renovation solutions were tackled in this branch to create a distinctive restaurant and coffee bar.This adaptive reuse remodeling included recycled products design, branding, ff&e’s, signage, material selection, Lighting selection, supervision and project closeout.

Sign Detail 116

Double View Celebrating Steel Tectonics

First Floor Plan

A custom hand-made iron and coffee mugs chandelier was designed and crafted for this branch to celebrate light from afar through its double volume space

Ground Floor Plan 117

Coffee Bar Details

Upper Floor Seating Area Overlooking the Entrance

Coffee Bar at Ground Floor


Glass Mural Wall, Staff Service Door to Kitchen


Stairs Detail Views 120


Blue Fig City Mall branch Location: Amman, Jordan Built-up Area: 65 sq.m (670 sq.ft) Project year: 2006 - Freelance A branch designed to fit as a gourmet fast food spot within the city mall food court. Program included a back service kitchen, a theatrical open kitchen and a coffee bar. Dualities at its extreme; Large glass mural ceiling/ wall with its high ceiling against a compressed cozy kitchen enclosure, with its rough textured warm colored wall & wood shelves.


Front View



Glass Mural Wall Wrapping to the Ceiling




Floor Plan 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Mural Wall Bar Coffee Counter Service Kitchen Service Door 123

Coffee Bar & Mural Wall Detail

View from Open Kitchen Counter


Kitchen Counter Concrete Wall & Glass Box

Due to the Market & the required focus on Merchandising; the kitchen counter bar details were customized. Dyed concrete wall base with a top Plexiglas box filled with fresh coffee beans layer which acts as a perfect background for the products and mugs.


“ Health - interior ” 127

Dental Clinic Location: Amman, Jordan Built-up Area: 90 sq.m (970 sq.ft) Project year: 2003 - Freelance

4 5 6





Plan 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Main Entrance Secretary Waiting Area Lounge Kitchenette Office Dynamic Partition Clinic

A welcoming Entrance wall that morph into the secretary counter, a built-in bench at the main seating lounge and a dynamic wood partitions divide the clinic/ private doctor office zone. These three elements are the main features at the clinic. Special Wood desks designed as multiple furniture pieces with voids inside that sometimes hold the files others are built in planters.


Entrance View

Green which is calm and neutral was chosen for the main wall as it is considered to be the most relaxing and refreshing color, promoting peaceful atmosphere which encourages concentration.

Light vs. Heavy, Dynamic vs. Fixed & Cold vs. Warm‌ are few of the qualities that define the concept of dualities in this quite cozy clinic.

Dynamic Partitions Rotating Detail

Office Door Detail


Closed Dynamic Partition View From Office


Elevation, Plan & Isometric View


Open Dynamic Partition View From Office

Dynamic privacy natural rotated

Wood & Steel partitions offer both for the patient & the doctor and sunlight when the partitions are freely to allow the rays to enter.


Clinic View

“Greens makes the patients feel calmer, more balanced and less emotional.�

Coffee Table Details

Secretary Desk adjacent to the Entrance Wall


Built in Bench & Coffee Table

Secretary Desk Detail


Dr. Office Desk Detail

“ Retail - interior ” 135

Bagutta Retail Location: Amman, Jordan Client: World Fashion Trading Mall: ZARA CENTER Built-up Area: 90 sq.m (970 sq.ft) Project year: 2007 - Freelance

Bagutta represents an interweaving of classic Italian tradition with contemporary designs specialized mainly for men’s high-end shirts. A grand mural wall with a gentle skew forms the main gesture within the retail. The hanging shirts are displayed within a huge carved opening in this sculptural wall, whereas the store’s retail is located behind this wall as it opens up towards its end.


In contrast with this minimal media wall, 5 moveable dynamic wooden stand alone louvers displays are placed orthogonally on a shiny black reflective floor to give glimpses and act as a teaser for the people passing by; to step in the retail and explore. The tectonics of the ceiling with its exposed mechanical duct and waffle slab are black painted, and two hanging lighting tracks are fixed.

Side Signage



Entrance View


Front Store Facade

Reflected Ceiling Plan

Side Facade View showing Standing Display Units & Mural Wall Behind

Front Store Facade

Side Elevation


Display Unit Plan

Display Unit Front Elevation

Side Section 140


Detail Views

“ Booths & Installations ” 143

Steel Booth II Location: Amman, Jordan Client: Steel Building Company ltd. Built-up Area: 49 sq.m (527 sq.ft) Project year: 2012 - symbiosis designs

For the second time, the steel booth was designed using manufacturer’s steel sections and products to create a design-build demonstration, to market high performance design-build abilities.

General entry view


The simple dual expression between the raw stand alone steel I-Beams and an elegant glass platform that morphs the fifth façade (the floor) into samples’ exhibition stage. To balance the steel elements a natural material ‘ gravel] was used as a ground base. The steel I-Beams were placed playfully around two perimeter edges to create an enclosure which gentle skews interplays with the light. To free the clutter only 4 brochure stands and a touch screen were set unto the base and a steel stenciled cylinder at the welcoming corner of the booth to express, market and highlight the new branding slogans

Corner stands view

Brochure stands on the glass stage


LCD screen corner view

5 4 6



1 5

Plan Legend 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Back Corner View


Cnc stenciled steel cylinder Fixed stools Interactive LCD screen Brochures' steel stand Twisted steel sheets Tempered glass floor filled with gravel

Raw Steel I-Beams


samples exhibition platform


Steel Stenciled Slogans’ cylinder

Steel Booth I Location: Amman, Jordan Client: Steel Building Company ltd. Built-up Area: 80 sq.m (861 sq.ft) Project year: 2009 - symbiosis designs

The booth is a representation of the fabrication capabilities of a prominent steel manufacturer. The structure was designed to stand vertically visible within exhibitions to attract visitors in its direction. The lower level is cleared of all clutter to allow a staircase to impose its invitational presence unto the second floor. All samples and creative drawings were exhibited within the lower floor plane. On the upper level a silo is constructed, however turned horizontally to become a digital gallery with rhythmic screens further telling the story of the host. A meeting room is also constructed as an extension of the assembly of the overall structural frame tectonic hierarchy. The booth’s primary gesture is to express materials and assemblies true and honest to their behavioral assembly process.


LCD Screens’ View Inside the Clio

Conceptual Layers


Stairs View towards Upper Level

Upper Level Plan


General View

Side Section


Details Views

Petra Aluminum Exhibition Booth Location: Dubai, UAE Client: Petra aluminum company Built-up Area: 65 sq.m (700 sq.ft) Project year: 2004 - symbiosis designs

Site Plan

The Petra exhibition booth is a design which can be assembled and also dissembled for use in several exhibits. The client wanted to dramatically express what one can do with steel as a structure and in particular the extent of its strength in cantilever projection.


Steel at Symbiosis is viewed, in ess- ence, as a malleable liquid that can be sculpted into free form. The structure, following organic rational, can be visually traced from base all the way to lighter projecting elements. The remaining cladding materials are products promoted by the company as finishing and were used in ass- emblies demonstrating their nature, and including the extremities of their performance capacities. The entire booth is a folly that one can experience ascending and descending while exploring different progressive assemblies including standing at the tip of the six meter cantilever loft.

Front View

Side Elevation

gn lso its. ally as ent on.

ssan The al, all nts. are any ssre, eir

an ndesat


Spiral Stairs to Upper Floor

7th Circle Public Installation Location: Amman, Jordan Client: Amman municipality Built-up Area: N/ A Project year: 2009 - symbiosis designs

The 7th circle, being the first roundabout gateway encounter once reaching the city arriving from the airport highway road, can perhaps be argued as the most important circle in Amman. Symbiosis was commissioned to reinvent the entire intersection to elevate its quality to a highly dignified state and erect a monument that would stand as an icon for Jordan’s ten inspirational and fundamental living values declared by His Majesty the King. The structure stands 16 meters high and is layered with the Arabic Kofi calligraphy words in different scales and through a composition that balances artistic, ambiguous composition with rational legibility and structural build-ability. The crux of the gesture was to achieve a soulful resonance that is also artistically profound and neither imposing nor invisible.

Installation Plan

The 7th circle, being the first roundabout gateway encounter once reaching the city arriving from the airport highway road, can perhaps be argued as the most important circle in Amman. The entire intersection was designed to elevate its quality to a highly dignified The A7th circle, that beingwould the first roundstate. monument stand as an icon for about Jordan’s ten inspirational and fundamental gateway encounter once reachliving values declared by His Majesty the King.

ing the city arriving from the airport The highway structure stands meters be high and is road, can16 perhaps argued layered with the Arabic Kofi calligraphy words as the most important circle in in different scales and through a composition Symbiosisambiguous was commisthatAmman. balances artistic, composition withsioned rational legibility and structural to reinvent the entire intersecbuild-ability. The gesture was to achieve a tion to elevate that its quality a highly soulful resonance is alsotoartistically profound and state neither nor invisible. dignified andimposing erect a monument that would stand as an icon for Jordan’s ten inspirational and funda- 154 mental living values declared by His

Elevations with Calligraphy Composition

Detail Photo of Elevation


Installation Views Over the Circle

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