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Lin Ssu Ting 2014FW 2015SS 2015FW 2016SS

CONTENTS Self Introduction Event Planning -Design Festival of Ming Chuan University Graduation Production -Waydijia Graphic Design -Intern : facebook ad -Poster Competition -Fair trade

Film of Orange Technology -Let me love you Photography


Self Introduction



Self Introduction

LIN, SSU-TING September 8th, 1993 Taipei, Taiwan 886-983126900 Ming Chuan University Department of Digital Media Design Bachelor of Design Academic Awards: 2015 24th Times Young Creative Award 2016 25th Times Young Creative Award 2016 Young Pin Design Award

Bronze Award Gold Award nomination


Event Planning


Event Planning

De of Min


What i

Design the pro intenti

Nowad produ

We wa enhan

I was o The vis planni DIY co

The postcard concept is Ming Chuan Univerisity’s school map


The pu We thi We live We car

Design Festival of Ming Chuan University

esign Festival

ng Chuan University

nt Planning

is design?

n, that is, ideas and plans,the idea is the purpose of the program and the plan is ocess. Usually refers to the creation of goals, programs or activities. The original ion is to place its elements, and measure its effectiveness.

days, design is playingan important role in the arts, apparel, construction, and uct development.

ant to change the campus, so that students can participate in our activities to nce the beauty of life and have a different experience.

one of event general coordinators of these activities. sual part was not what I do, I was responsible for the ing and distribution of the entire event, especially for ourses and screen printing.

urpose of the activities: ink and then we solve problems. e and then change lives. re, so we put ourselves in.

The logo of the activities


Event Planning

The leaflet and the activities Exhibitions: -Photography -Illustration -Installation art

DIY Courses: -Henna tattoo -Blue dye -Screen Printing -Gypsum turn the mold -Woven bracelet 09

Activities: -Creative Marketplace -Second-hand Market -Grassy Concert -Outdoor Cinema -Independent Book Fair

Games: -Paper A -Quiddit -Video g

Design Festival of Ming Chuan University

Facebook fan page’s pictures 1 3

2 4

1.Exhibitions, DIY Courses, Grassy Concert 2.Second-hand Market 3.Outdoor Cinema, Creative Marketplace, Quidditch, DIY Courses 4.Independent Book Fair

Airplane Contest tch game


Graduation Production


Graduation Production

Waydijia Graduation Production

In the era of the film industry flourished in Taiwan, cinemas were full of hand-painted movie billboards, each theater were painted lifelike. With the development of printing technology, posters could be printing a lot, the traditional hand-painted movie billboards were dying out, gradually this industry has been forgotten. But the traditional hand-painted master could not be replaced by digital printing.Perhaps three or five years later, it will disappear under the impact of the prosperity of science and technology, although we can not afford to revive this industry, but we want to use this media works to commemorate it. Through what we do that the elderly people can recall memories of that time, and the young generation of students can also learn about the early years of hand-painted movie billboards.

Project members: Lin, Ssu-Ting Chang, Wen-Ting Chiu, Chiao-Wen Fan, Tzu-Lin



Graduation Production

The ideation and evolutionary process of poster

So I design the font of our project and that was handwritten by myself.

First, I planned an image of publicity, presenting with geometric patterns and realism. After that, I found that my poster can not let people associate with my work theme and the biggest problem was that the poster was too simple without focus.


The concept was to make the logo look like it had been written by a brush. Therefore, I asked myself a question. “What kind of things means old-fashioned and traditional?�


Then I decided to collect relevant elements from old street and cinema. The major elements: -kanban -temple -street vendors -movie poster -vintage vehicles -People who wear old clothes We decided to take some photos. Let ours friends put on the previous clothing, and used collage way to show, so that poster had a fun feeling.

Finally, in order to highlight the theme, I changed the poster style. I wrote down some keywords for ideation, such as ”screen” , ”projector”, ”stage lighting” ,“broadcast”, and tried to express the joyful feeling. In my opion, the final poster would be easier for recognition.


Graduation Production

Website architecture We mainly used the website to retain the traditional painting skills. e made an animation to introduce the life of the traditional hand-painted masterand a documentary of painting process. You can also see the teacher's work on the website. The most special thing is that we set up an interactive area. After you can browse the website, you can make your own hand-painted poster then share with your friends or families. The home page is presented in a different way from the general menu. Home page are all buttons. (top left corner also has a hidden menu according to the user habits to choose) Button will be linked to the different themes of the small window, as long as the small window closed, the background is still the home page.


ebsite home page




The sketch of website architecture


Teacher Profile

Interactive Area

Contact Us


Graduation Production

The ideation of art setting



This work I was responsible for the art set part. I spent a lot of time in the collection of old house photos, I took pictures to the old street, watched some animation andalso surfed on the Internet for a lot of old cinema related information.

1 5


3 6 8

4 7

1.The photo was taken by me. (Keelung Temple) 2.The photo was taken by me. (Daxi Old Street) 3.The photo was taken by me. (Daxi Old Street) 4.Searched the picture on the internet. 5.Watch the video on youtube. 6.Watch the video on youtube. 7.Searched the picture on the internet. 8.The sketch of the web home page. 20

Graduation Production

Peripheral products

Product Packaging Product packaging is a reference to the previous marbles soda.




Business Card The concept of business card is made from childhood toys.

Exhibition billboard design Product packaging is a reference to the previous marbles soda.


Graphic Design


Graphic Design

Intern: facebook ad Graphic Design

This is my favorite work done during the internship, is a facebook event advertising. I would like to be different from the general advertising, not using photos but using the illustrations. My boss agreed my idea quickly and let me do it without any comments.


Intern : facebook ad



Intern : facebook ad

The ideation of event advertising First, I asked myself these question. “When it comes to Taipei, what comes to mind?” “What can represent Dubai?” Then I collected relevant elements from Taipei, Dubai and airplane. I listed about what I’m putting on the and thought some attractive content.


Graphic Design

Poster Competition of Water Resources Agency Graphic Design The poster competition was organized by Water Resources Agency. The theme of the competition was“Conserve Water�, I gathered some virtual things in Taiwan can represent water. For instance, I used Chinese characters to symbolize water. Especially, I did not use painting-hand. I shoot my hand, let people who have the feeling of life closer.



Graphic Design

The ideation and sketch of event advertising

I wanted to know more accurate Chinese characters so I went to school’s library to borrow a book which talks about Chinese characters. After i read this book, I wrote some important note into my notebook.


Poster Competition


Graphic Design

Fairtrade Graphic Design

One day I saw a story about fair trade, it talked about a family lived in Colombia. The man in the story has been dependent on coffee he grows all his life, but still struggles to provide for his family. Like millions of other smallholders, his fortunes, his wife and their children have fluctuated dramatically along with the price he receives for his crop. After I read this story, I felt sympathy with their encounter so I opened my computer and drew some picture about fair trade.


Fair trade

The ideation and sketch


Film of Orange Technology


Film of Orange Technology

Let me love you Film of Orange Technology


Orange Technology



Project members: Lin, Ssu-Ting Huang, Pei-Ying Huang, Ting-Sin Liu, Yi-Sin


Orange Technology

The ideation of film Many teenagers choose to settle outside because of employment and other factors in Taiwan. While the number of elderly people living alone as high as 47,000 people. There is 60% of the elderly living alone worried that they will encounter lonely death. We want to set a media screen around the public transport. Aroused public concern for them throughthe images of some interviews. Stop the busy pace for a few seconds and face the problem of living alone for the elderly.




Self Introduction