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What is Siteseekr and why is it an important tool? At first look, Siteseekr is a series of mobile travel and education applications that provide information about interesting architectural sites located in various cities and regions across the U.S. However, behind the scenes, Siteseekr is also an exhaustive architectural database compiled by architects, historians and researchers to preserve, educate and promote regional architecture on American soil. There are many hidden architectural gems around us. Siteseekr is the convenient link that connects these significant sites to the greater public. Siteseekr South Florida. Siteseekr will be a thorough provider of regional architecture

information throughout the US. It will deliver descriptions of significant sites in major cities and will also focus on influential sites of lesser-known areas, sites that might be considered off-the-beaten-path. Siteseekr is being developed in Miami, therefore we are excited to announce the first prototype platform will be for the South Florida Region. Siteseekr is made to last. The beauty and value of Siteseekr lies in its database which ensures capacity for endless growth and longevity even at a time when new technology trends develop every day. The Siteseekr content will stream from the database to mobile phones, tablets and future platforms as they become available.

Marine Stiltsville Stil Stadium myy list m map ap p

florida keys South S ou ft lauderdale F lo Florida Cities C iti miami A brief b i f history hi BY JOHN DOE, FAIA, LOCAL ARCHITECT

The earliest evidence of Native American settlement in the Miami region came from about 10,000 years ago. The region was filled with pine and hardwood forests and was home to plenty of deer, bear, and wild fowl. These first inhabitants settled on the banks of the Miami River, with their main villages on the northern banks. These early Native Americans created a variety of weapons and tools from shells. When the first Europeans visited in the mid-1500s, the inhabitants of the Miami area were the Tequesta people

Siteseekr provides history and context for the architectural sites by region and by city.

Miami Key miles Virgina 0.16.2miles Architects: Architect: Herzog & DeMeuron Hilario Candela 1963 2007

1111 Lincoln Miami MarineRoad Stadium Miami Key Biscayne Architect: Architect: unknown unknown -1600 AD

12.6miles miles 0.5

byy map b p Ancient Spanish Monestary Cape Florida Lighthouse Miami Natl. Park 1.52.1miles miles kkeyword ey d Biscayne nearby n ea a -z a-z ttypology ypo po

Architect: Architects: Arquitectonica 1982 Varies 1927-1953

Atlantis Stiltsville

Miami Architect: Varies Arquitectonica 1982

miles 2.14.5miles

aarchitect rch t Atlantis The Bacardi Building eco Key Biscayne miles Coconut Grove 2.10.5miles Architect: unknown Paul Chalfin 1916-1923

Cape Florida Lighthouse Vizcaya Key Biscayne 12.2miles miles Miami 2.5 Architect: unknownIndians -1500 AD Tequesta

The Carillon Miami CircleHotel

Miami miles Miami 3.53.5miles Architect: Architect: Rene Gonzalez Gonzalez Architects Architects 2006 2006 Rene

CIFO Art Art Space Space CIFO Miami

miles 4.04.0miles

Notable architecture can be found using one of 7 different search methods; GPS mapping, keyword, nearby location, A-Z index, typology, architect’s name, or even by sustainable architecture (eco).

Miami Beach CONTEEXT C Architect:

1.4 miles

This T hisLapidus collection of seven houses that Marine Stiltsville Stadium myMorris list m map ap p

Fountain Bleupilings Hotel out in Biscayne Bay sstand tan on 1.4 miles h as Miami has been around since the early ‘30s, North 18.3sold miles Architect: w he ‘Crawfish’ Eddie Walker when Fountain Bleu Hotel unknown from his shack, out on the cchowder how St. Bernard de Clairvaux Church North Miami miles m ud 18.3and mudflats, soon gained neighbors Architect: Delray unknown w hoBeach who liked the idea of off-shore living. 52 miles Landscape Architect: St. Bernard de Clairvaux Church Shipwrecking and channel dredging S hipKurisu Hoichi b rou brought many people to the Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens area Delray Beach 52 miles Landscape Architect: aand nd more shacks were constructed, Hoichi Kurisu some by boating and fishing clubs. s om Morikami Museum & Japanese Biscayne Bay National Gardens Park Local newspapers called the area "the oca aaddress d 1 mile due South ofL Key Biscayne r and "shack colony". By the sshacks" hac by boat aaccess c d there were 27 houses eend nd of the ‘50s varies g aarchitect rc on o n sstilts. Most were wiped away by 1922-1950 This yyear e hurricanes. h urr collection of seven houses that stand on pilings out inhouses Biscayne varies ccost o The remaining are:Bay T he seven has been around since the early ‘30s, of seven that t wood-frame Ellenburg house A -houses JJimmy cconstruct oThis collection when ‘Crawfish’ Eddie Walker sold on pilings inseats Bay y A-frame house BBiscayne -A 240 acres,out 6,566 ssize izstand out on the has been around since chowder the early from ‘30s, s, his shack, Baldwin, Sessions & Shaw house C B +25 ft. height h ewhen ‘Crawfish’ and Eddiemudflats, sold d soon gained neighbors Leshaw house DWalker -L Stilt who liked the sstyle tychowder from his shack, on thee idea of off-shore living. Bay Chateau E - out B Miami Beach Architect: Morris Lapidus

Cultural soon gained neighbors s F H Hicks house ccategory amudflats, and idea living. g. National Trustof foroff-shore Historic Preservation aawards wwho liked the http://www nps gov/bisc/historycultur www w w

Building data is divided by summary and technical facts. A 'checkmark' button enables users to save sites to ‘my list.’ Browser-like tabs behind building content screens allow quick access to 'my list' or mapping the site.

An exciting new resource for tourists, enthusiasts of architecture and design, historians, students & more! How do we get Siteseekr off the ground?

We seek funding to develop the Siteseekr database and South Florida prototype to present to potential content partners who are eager to promote future Siteseekr regions. We have until May 25th to seek the required funding on Kickstarter. is an ‘all or nothing’ platform. If we do not make our goal, Siteseekr will not be funded and no contributors will be charged. The images below illustrate only partially what the Siteseekr prototype will provide. For more details concerning the database, interface and project cost breakdown, please visit the project description page and video at:

aia tours all tours

Marine M aarine Stadium m my list map map p Miami M i Beach Ar Architect: M o Morris Lapidus

Fountain Bleu Hotel Fo North N o Miami A r Architect: un n unknown

48 hours in


48 hours iin


1.4 miles

18.3 miles

St.t Bernard de Clairvaux Church S miami

beach h florida keys

Delray D e Beach La a Landscape Architect: H o Hoichi Kurisu

52 miles

Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens M

off ffline maps p rchilodgi gn ng g inks ettings bout glossary

© 2012 NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission


off the beaten-path

coral gables



ccorbel ccornice ccresting ccrocket ccupola

Existing tours are arranged by type or authorship. An existing tour provided by National Trust for Historic Preservation differs from a downtown walking tour which focuses on architecture in close proximity.

Users have the ability to create their own itineraries from their saved 'my list' of sites. Once a list is created, it can be downloaded, emailed or deleted.


Additional app functions are located under the ‘plus’ icon on the navigation bar. Offline maps, architectural glossary of terms, 'archilodging,' app support, content crediting and external links are organized here. Future platform features are stored here as technology advances.

Who we are.



There are several individuals behind Siteseekr. Linda Feinberg is an architectural designer, graphic designer and a professor of architecture in Miami. Kenneth Dyman is an architectural designer living in Miami. Zoe Luhtala is a Library Science expert in San Francisco. Your contributions will allow us to hire the developers Swarming Technology and Clearly Innovative to program the database and prototype interface.

Please visit our funding website by May 25th, 2013 to learn more about the Siteseekr platform and be informed of updates.

Siteseekr is located in Miami, Florida

Follow Siteseekr on Facebook:

Principal: Linda Feinberg Website: Email: Phone: 646.331.5463

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