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GARDEN ON THE GO Service Design Handbook

We created this handout to provide both outcomes of our research, the matrix and personas, as a tool to facilitate your further thinking, dialogue and action in addressing the following opportunities.

“Identify and understand the people using Garden on the Go by experiencing the service through their eyes. �

Lisa Cole met with our class in August to tell us about IU Health’s strive to improve life and prevent obesity using GOTG’s mission of providing convenient, affordable mobile produce. Our instructors split us into two groups, one team to focus on the Community Centers, and another to focus on the Residential Building stops along the GOTG route. Understanding the similarities and differences between the community centers and residential buildings is important to fully understand the role in which the GOTG service plays at each location.

Research Process

Fieldwork Conducting fieldwork consisted of gathering as much data as possible. Between the community center and residential building groups, we visited each location on the Garden on the Go route. At each stop we passively observed, actively engaged as customers, interacted with customers and volunteered along side the staff. Each method enabled us to better understand the customer experience.

Community Centers

Residential Buildings

John J. Barton Annex

Goodwin Plaza Apartments

Edna Martin Center

Lugar Tower Apartments

Southeast Community Services

Ransburg YMCA

Flanner House

Spruce Manor Apartments

Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center

Indiana Avenue Apartments

John H. Boner Community Center

Villages at Mill Crossing

Shepherd Community Center

Christamore Court Apartments Kenwood Place Apartments Mt. Zion Apartments

Sorting Each group member collected documentation of fieldwork to bring back to present to one another. We shared our experiences, observations, and conversations through photographs, field notes, and digital recordings.

Analyzing To make sense of our sorted documentation, we mapped it in various forms of graphs, lists, and charts. Through mapping, we could analyze the data and begin to understand what we observed. Our analytical methods helped us identify themes, patterns, and other relationships present in the data.

Categorizing Using organization, the groups then found connections and themes within the information, that were common between community centers and residential buildings. We identified operations, education and communication as key elements of the GOTG service. They became the framework for our work. We fit our analysis into these categories.

Research Outcomes

Opportunity Space Matrix This matrix was developed as an integrative structure for the understanding of each individual problem area. We identified these areas as critical elements of the GOTG experience, important to both community centers and residential buildings. We have community centers and residential buildings separated to show that the opportunities are unique between them. Operations represents how GOTG runs, and the logistics of the service. The opportunities within operations, address how the service can be catered to the audience. Education represents the information users take away from the GOTG service. Education can provide knowledge about the produce, and the way the users can benefit from a healthy lifestyle. Communication represents the way GOTG makes current users aware of the service, as well as publicize the experience to reach new audiences. With the matrix formed, we placed the problem statements within each category. Our focus then became to develop an engaging way to present this information to you, which propelled us into creating personas, to illustrate these areas for opportunity.

Community Centers

Resident Buildings


Accommodate for each individual

Address navigation


Prevent health issues

Address Health issues


Spread the word

Provide clear messaging

Personas are fictional profiles, often developed as a way of representing a particular group based on their shared interests.

(Stickdorn, Schneider; This is Service Design Thinking: basics-tools-cases pg. 178)

Community Centers

Resident Buildings










For each area of the matrix we developed a persona that embodies the opportunities that are embedded in our research. These profiles are a way to engage you in our research findings while emphasizing the importance of the customers experience and the process of looking for opportunities. Our objective has been to identify and understand the people using GOTG by experiencing the service through their eyes. These personas represent the audience we discovered and each illustrates an opportunity area within our three categories; operations, education and communication.

Community Centers > Operations

Myrtle 68 Years Old Edna Martin Center

Hello there, my name is Myrtle. I have lived such a blessed long life. I have become a family of one now that my husband and siblings have passed. I have made a second family in my church and that helps me stay busy. I am in church for every Sunday service singing in the choir. I do many activities through the week that the church sets up. There are also a group of gals that I spend time with. We will sit and chat over casseroles that we’ve made or play cards. Yes, it is nice to get out and do things from time to time. It isn’t always easy for me to get around, because I have to use a walker. Of course, many people my age have the same troubles, and tack on some pounds and it gives me quite a time getting through tight spaces. Oh, but I think people are so sweet, many times I chat with different people and they are so friendly and even help me get around. Now, it was through church that I heard about Garden on the Go. I went one day with the gals and it was so nice. I am getting used to cooking small portions of food for myself and thought it was nice to buy just a few of each item. I am trying to eat better, but I have been cooking with butter and grease for so long. I visit GOTG nearly every week and just love see the people working there. They talk to me and tell me things I never knew about using some of the produce. They seem to know so much about the produce and even remember my order. I usually get all my produce at Garden on the Go now, I look forward to that day each week.

“I like chatting with the regular workers, but I wish they could help me identify healthier options.”

Open relationship for feedback Proper choices for individuals Attention to over/under consumption

Opening relationship with workers and customers to allow maximum health benefits.

Resident Buildings > Operations


74 Years Old John Barton Annex

Hi, my name is Carl. I have lived in my apartment building for the past ten years. I am a retired firefighter and made my home here many years ago. I have a lot family that comes to visit me. I don’t like to go far from home because its so hard for me to get around, but I enjoy sitting out on the porch with my friends. I went down to the lobby one day and saw Garden on the Go. I shopped and got a few things. I kept coming back because I don’t have to leave and could get just the few items I needed. Green tomatoes are my favorite produce. MMmm, I will make sure I have the best looking ones. I know the people at Garden on the Go well, they know me by name and ask about how I am doing. They help me pick out the best tomatoes and just help me shop. They can get pretty busy but have helped me carry my things to my apartment when my old body was acting up.

Layout for accessibility

“I go to Garden on the Go each week but I wish it was easier to get around.”

Convenient navigation Shopping assistance

Accommodation for accessibility, through layout design and assistance.

Community Centers > Education


38 Years Old John H. Boner Community Center

Hi. I am Susan and I am an on-the-go mother of three. I am a stay at home mom and between getting the kids ready for school and to soccer, dance, and karate, my days are pinched short on time. My husband is very understanding and helps me in the evening so I can get started for the next day. With our extra time we try to make every attempt to keep our children healthy. We try to make the freshest food, keep the house picked up, and stay active. Our oldest son has been learning about fresh produce in health class and has developed a love for sliced tomatoes and green beans. He is teaching his younger siblings, and we love that they are catching on. We want to provide the healthy foods the kids need, but I’ve found it difficult, while staying on time with our schedule. I was excited when another mom filled me in about Garden on the Go. I have the schedule almost memorized and know where I can stop so it fits into the schedule. I know all the produce is healthy but want to balance my kids meals. Nutrition facts or ways to balance out all the consumed tomatoes would make me feel that I am providing well rounded nutrition and keeping my family healthy.

“I am always on the go and am trying to provide nutritious meals for my family.”

Provide nutritional information Efficiency at each stop Encourage physical activity

Providing information for balanced meals and healthy lifestyles, to prevent health problems.

Resident Buildings > Education

Wendy 60 Years Old Kenwood Place Apartments

Hey, I am Wendy. I am a newer resident around the apartments. I enjoy living here and have easily made many friends. I am out of shape and admit I have many health problems including diabetes. I am making a fresh start on my health but at my age it is difficult to change eating habits and lifestyles. I like watching cooking shows, and I really enjoy Rachel Ray. New friends and I share recipes and its nice to get healthier alternatives. I try hard so make nutritious things and ask my doctor how I can enhance my choices. My health is giving me many risks and I want to address these so I can live long enough to play with my many grandchildren. I started going to Garden on the Go with the other residents. I love going every week. I get there early so I can pick out all my favorite fruits. I buy a lot of produce to last me through the week. I use a wheelchair to get around, so many times I’ve needed help from the workers or my friends to shop and made it home with my produce. I have always been frugal and try to get the best buy. I use my punch card to get additional savings from the great prices. The service is so convenient for me and I look forward to getting even more health suggestions. I want to “wow” my doctor and reduce my health risks. It is nice to have the resources in the lobby of my apartment building.

Access to educational resources

“I want to address my health issues but I don’t have the resources to do so.”

Help for existing concerns Additional availability of health services

Enhancing health resources can educate users looking to address health concerns.

Community Centers > Communication


27 Years Old Shepherd Community Center

Hey, I am Douglas. I live and work downtown and love getting involved in the local community. I consider myself part of the young generation of Urbanites and look to rejuvenate and make my city a better place. I have always had this type of passion and that led me to social work. I work primarily with the low-income and minorities of the Indianapolis area and try to share many resources with them that will provide for their lives. I am involved with charitable organizations and try to spread the word of great services when I see them. I started going to Garden on the Go when I kept seeing the mobile produce truck pop up around town. I had never heard about them, so I went one day to see what the trucks were all about. I was amazed by the service. Such great quality that is affordable. I did more research and investigating and talked to the workers a lot. The service was great and the workers were helpful and knowledgeable. I continue going to Garden on the Go and try to give helpful suggestions whenever I think of great ways to expand the service. The clients I work with could benefit greatly from the service and I try to spread the word at each chance I get.

“I love Garden on the Go’s mission and what they’re doing for our city, but I want to see more people benefiting from it.”

Create awareness Expand audience Address language barriers

Addressing ways to publicize the service to benefit a larger audience.

Resident Buildings > Communication


50 Years Old Christamore Court Apartments

Hey! I am Sherece and frequently visit elderly patients for my job as an in-home caretaker. I enjoy my job and brightening the lives of others. I have a flexible schedule that is great for me because I like to spend time with friends in my free time. I am a huge sports fan and tailgate before games. I am in a bowling league and I enjoy perfecting my spin! I like to cook for these fun events and enjoy bringing friends together. I found out about Garden on the Go from a friend who received an email from their church about the service. I found a location that worked for my schedule of stopping to check-in on a patient. I didn’t realize the location I chose was a residential stop and I had a hard time getting into the location. I was unsure of where it was set up and finding where the service was. I thought the stops were an hour and got to the stop to find they were starting to close up. I shopped quickly and got some great products. I would like to shop again but might try to look into the other locations. I wish I knew more about the service so I could better use the convenient service and maybe even stop for others or treat my patients.

Acknowledge way finding

“I stumbled upon Garden on the Go and wish I knew more details about it�

Communicate about service Consistent updates to improve efficiency

Creating awareness of the purpose and operations, to enhance efficiency of the service.

So, What Now?

5 IU Health Goals In addition to enhancing the service, we paid attention to the relevance each opportunity has to your five IU health goals. Though GOTG is a service to address obesity, the personas and opportunities outlined will ensure that your program is practicing all of your goals.

Obesity prevention is the

Obesity Prevention - Attention to over/under consumption - Proper choices for individuals - Open relationship for feedback

primary focus of GOTG. GOTG already addresses this issue quite well, but we have outlined a few enhancements for additional support towards this cause.

Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is the second goal

- Convenient navigation - Layout for accessibility - Shopping assistance

opportunity. Extra assistance and

and can be reached through Carl’s layout accommodations can help prevent injury.

Access to healthcare is the third goal. Wendy has existing health

Access To Healthcare

problems and isn’t sure how

- Access to educational resources - Additional availability of health services - Help for existing concerns

healthcare services at all stops, or

to address them. By including teaming up with existing clinics, people who aren’t able to attend regular check-ups can address health issues while they stop.

Education K-12 is the fourth goal.

Education (k-12) - Learning healthy lifestyle - Encourage physical activity - Provide nutritional information

Wendy wants to be educated on how to address existing health issues. Susan also wants to be educated on ways to prevent health issues and she would like to pass on education to her young children and instill healthy habits.

Community revitalization is the fifth and last goal. Douglas

Community Revitalization - Address language barriers - Create awareness of GOTG services - Expand audiences for maximum benefits - Community development

illustrates a need to spread the word to wider audiences. Sherece wants to keep the current users up to date and informed about the service so you are able to keep users up to date through clear messaging.

The personas are not only to tell you a story, but also to make a more personable resource to help give an example of all the opportunities. We’ve drawn the connection to the five IU Health goals, in order to show that each opportunity will enhance the service, as well as ensure that each of the five goals are being practiced. With these stories and resources we hope to get your team thinking and encourage discussion and action.

Instructors Helen Sanematsu

Young Bok Hong

We are seniors of Visual Communication Design at the Herron School of Art and Design within IUPUI. This project was completed for the Service Experience Design course, during the fall semester of 2012.

Community Centers Team Ashley Bailey Chino De La Rosa Juan Flores Brian Kumle Klemen Matjan Jennie Schwartz Lindsay Wheeler

Residential Buildings Team Mitch Brown Chris Corey Claire Hevel Darren Johnson Rachel Mondragon Evan Smogor Sara Trempe


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