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Life as a PGA Golf Management Student at NC State University


To everyone reading this... CONGRATULATIONS on your acceptance to NC State. You are about to have the best 4-5 years of your life!

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Introduction The beginning of the rest of your life starts here! This journey will include countless rounds of golf, the formation of lifelong friendships, and the final culmination of earning the coveted three capital letters after your name... PGA. There will be many ups and just a few downs. If you remember to knock the sand off your shoes when you leave life’s bunkers then all will fall into place. Created By: Ben Justus, Ryan Finn, Gabriella Sinkovic Edited By: Susan Colby, Andrew Betz


Welcome to Campus! The confusion of finding classrooms, getting used to a new roommate, and embracing the college atmosphere can be daunting at first. But do not let it overwhelm you, because the NC State PGA Golf Management program has about 105 students on a campus of 35,000. You will know soon enough your fellow freshmen classmates by name, but most importantly, just as many will know yours. Every student is a piece to the overall family puzzle. The first month may be the most crucial time period on campus. How can I say that with confidence? Well, here it goes- the eagerness to get involved leads to recognition of hard work by professors, which leads to more opportunities and responsibility, which leads into the internship process. Only the best students will receive the most prestigious internships. Displaying a hard work ethic on your first internship will provide connections to the next. That connection may be so influential that there may not be an interview needed for the upcoming seven month internship. A recent graduate, who we will call Tiger, of NC State’s PGM program has stated that he has never been through an interview process. Take a second and let that settle in! Attending his first career fair, a gathering of PGA Professionals and NC State PGM students, Tiger approached an individual that was standing alone. Tiger simply engaged in conversation with the unaccompanied PGA Professional,



making a very strong impression. In the coming days, Mr. Betz, Internship Coordinator and Professor, received a phone call from the same PGA Professional indicating that he wanted Tiger to come work for him. What Tiger did not know was that PGA Professional was recently awarded PGA Professional of the Year. Tiger’s career was propelled to stardom, now working seasonally for two courses, both of which are in the Top 100 in golf course rankings. The actions that you have early on can play a key role in shaping the rest of your life. It all starts with a willingness and excitement to get involved within the first few months on campus.

PGA Golf Management Thanks to endless dedication and hard work from recent graduates and professors, this program has evolved into one of the top in the country. As one group of leaders leaves each year, another comes in to fill their shoes. As a freshman, you will be responsible for meeting requirements and expectations set by your professors. The following pages will explain a few of the actions that will be expected along with other beneficial topics of which you need to be aware of. PAT (Playing Ability Test) The PAT can be an overwhelming worry for 5 years or a thought of the past after your first few months on campus. The PAT is a test to ensure that future PGA members have the proper skills to represent the PGA of America, because



after all, we eat, breath, and sleep golf! Read on about how Chapel Ridge Golf Course may be the course where you pass your PAT. MSR Points (Member Service Requirements) It is required every semester that each golf management student fulfills a certain amount of service related experiences. Points are earned through volunteering, playing in golf tournaments, and attending Professional Growth and Development Meetings. Freshmen specifically are given an advantage because you earn points for attendance to PGM Ambassador meetings. Earning ten points is not challenging! Points should be seen as an opportunity to get involved and show yourself. If you do not earn the minimum requirement then there are consequences. They include: • A meeting with the PGM Director to determine the student’s status in the program • Ineligibility for PGM Scholarships, • Loss of Tournament privileges, • Loss of chance to qualify for the Jones Cup or Carolinas Cup tournaments, • Loss of privilege to run for PGM officer positions. Threats and requirements are not in place to scare away students but more so to ensure that this major is right for



you. NC State MSR Points are modeled after the same system used by the PGA of America. Once you graduate with full PGA Status, you will be required to complete 54 MSR Points every three years. These points will be earned by attending education seminars, playing in sectional golf tournaments, and other methods to ensure professional development is continued. If you view MSR Points as an opportunity to grow as a PGM Student then you will far exceed the minimum number of ten. Strive to beat the current record of 43! Professional Growth and Development Club Meetings Professional Growth and Development meetings are a formal gathering of the PGM student body and a guest speaker. They are always scheduled on Sunday nights from 6:00pm to 8:00pm with dates announced during first few weeks each semester. Golf Professionals from all avenues of the golf industry will be in attendance to give presentations. The meeting is designed to further your professional growth through education on different aspects of the golf industry. Things you should consider doing: • Wear the appropriate dress attire. • Greet the guest speaker • Send the guest speaker a thank you card It is important to remember that attendance at Professional Growth and Development meetings is MANDATORY. Unexcused absences will result in further



action. If you are not able to attend it is important that you notify either Mr. Betz, Dr. Wade or Mrs. Colby as soon as you know the absence will occur. Work is not an excused absence, because meeting dates will be announced months in advance. Dates will be given out in the first week of class, posted to the PGM website calendar and in the PGM Newsletter. Internships NC State PGM allows you to take part in sixteen months of internships at facilities all around the world. The skills, knowledge and hands on experience will benefit you for the rest of your career. Briefly explained in Chapter 1, the process of obtaining an internship is not as easy as showing up and punching the clock. You will prove your work ethic and the way you carry yourself to Dr. Wade and Mrs. Colby, but particularly Mr. Betz. The personality you display may determine what type of facility you will best fit in with. For example, an outgoing and very sociable individual may best be suited to work at a resort atmosphere. These internships are an opportunity for you to not only gain experience but also to get a feel for how you would like to spend the rest of your life.



No matter what your interests are, NC State PGM has connections to make your internships the best they can be. Internships with equipment and apparel companies like Peter Millar and Nike Golf, resort style golf courses such as Banden Dunes and Pebble Beach, or high end private facilities like Interlachen Country Club or Wade Hampton Country Club are a few examples.

Once you have your internship secured, here are a few tips to ensure that when you step foot on the facility’s property you make the best impression possible:

• • • • • •

Dress to impress Arrive early and stay late It is not work, it is an opportunity Ask to shadow whenever possible When playing golf pick up trash and fix divots Never look bored, always find something to do

Lastly, it is important to make friendships with the upperclassmen. These are relationships and connections that may forever be lost if you do not simply take the time to introduce yourself before they graduate. Consider, they will be the ones hiring individuals like yourself for internships, as well as when you are a graduating senior looking for a full time job.



Play Golf! Early morning tee times and late nights on the driving range summarize most of your childhoods. Golf is the reason we are all here. The game can leave you with bragging rights for years or a vow to never play again. Whether you turned down a scholarship offer or are still trying to fine tune your game, NC State PGM has plenty of golf to give you the edge you have always wanted. With easy access, friends to play with, and the ability to generate your class schedule around golf, it will never be easier to play. Lonnie Poole Golf Course Address:1509 Main Campus Dr. Raleigh, NC 27606 Tee Times: (919) 833-3338 Head Professional: Nick Dillman, PGA The Lonnie Poole Golf Course, an Arnold Palmer Design, is a true test for all levels of golf ability. Bunkers streamline the rough, fairways and greens of the entire course. Avoiding the bunkers and hazards are not your only obstacle, as the greens’ undulations can bring just as much headache. Once the course strategy is determined the course can be played with confidence. The idea behind this design was to make sure that the NC State golf team could strategically score better than any other visiting teams with little pre-



tournament practice. The same goes for you as an everyday golfer at Lonnie Poole. You will learn the ins and outs of the design and start to understand how to make a tough course very playable. Be aware of when it rains because Lonnie Poole can turn into Lonnie’s Pool. Watch the rocks in the driving range, as a few balls have been known to be skulled so hard that they ricochet off and fly all the way to the parking lot! Watch out for deer, as you will be hard to find a day where you go without seeing a herd watch you hit a few of your shots. Short Game Practice Facility Address:4200 Hillsborough Street Raleigh, NC 27606 Facility Phone #: (919) 513-0587 Superintendent: Bob Erickson In August of 2004 NC State opened up a practice facility for the NC State golf teams and PGM students to hone in on one of the most important aspects of the game, short game. Featuring three greens strategically located throughout so that putting, chipping, pitching and full wedge shots can be taken. Many would agree that the putting surface at this facility is probably one of the best you will ever step foot on. Rolling smooth in the winter months and lightning quick come summertime, this facility will test you and most importantly prepare yourself for on course action. Work on



those pesky 3 footers, the up and down you have always needed, and even the impossible 40-60 yard bunker shots. Note: Whenever the NC State golf teams are having a formal practice, the facility is reserved for them. Leave and do not interfere. Wildwood Green Golf Club Address:3000 Ballybunion Way Raleigh, NC 27613 Tee Times: (919) 846-8376 Head Professional: Jeff Engelhaupt Wildwood Green is a semi-private golf facility located about 22 minutes from the heart of campus. The facility boasts 7 PGA Professionals on staff to accommodate all your PGM wishes or questions. A much shorter golf course compared to Lonnie Poole, Wildwood Green tips out at around 6500 yards long with a par 70 accompanying the distance. Playing the course requires delicate shots off the tee to tight fairways and troublesome areas green side to test only the most seasoned short games. Chapel Ridge Golf Club Address:1010 Chapel Ridge Dr Pittsboro, NC 27312 Tee Times: (919) 545-2242 Head Professional: Ken Donovan



Chapel Ridge, about a 50 minute ride by car, is a fantastic track to test your skills. The course consists of a mixture of easy, moderate and difficult holes. The easy holes are definitely birdie holes and the tough ones you will be happy to walk away with par. If you have not passed your Playing Ability Test then this may just be the best course to get it out of the way. Missing the fairway does not hurt you as bad as some courses that fail to cut every other year. Play to the center of greens and this course could make you look like the golf pro you always dreamed of. Other courses at which you have limited access to: Brier Creek Country Club Chapel Ridge Golf Club Crooked Creek Golf Club Devils Ridge Golf Club Knight’s Play Golf Club Lochmere Golf Club MacGregor Downs Country Club Prestonwood Country Club Raleigh Country Club Raleigh Golf Association The Preserve at Jordan Lake Tobacco Road Golf Club



Athletics Student Ticketing Student Ticket Office Address: 5400 Trinity Road, Suite 407 Raleigh NC 27607 Phone: (919) 865-1510 Every year the excitement starts to build when the students start to step out of their cars and unpack their belongings. Football, Basketball and Baseball are three of the hot topic sports that everyone would like to get a ticket for. I know as a freshmen I wanted to attend all the games I could, but I did not know how or where to start. It will be very important to make a decision early on whether you would like to do the student lottery or the Student Wolfpack Club for ticketing. I will explain both options below and you can choose from the information given. Remember to have fun, be safe and cheer on your Wolfpack! Student Lottery We b s i t e : h t t p : / / w w w. g o p a c k . c o m / t i c k e t s / student_ticketing/index.html The student lottery is a basic system that does exactly what it says by the name, lottery style ticketing. Students go to the website above and enter in their login information. After your information is entered you will be directed to follow simple steps.



Once the deadline has passed for all ticket requests then in the next coming days you will simply receive an email stating whether you were one of the lucky ones to be chosen. For example; up to 10,000 tickets will be allotted for students attending NC State football games. Remember though, some of those tickets are reserved for the band members and Wolfpack Club, which will be discussed later on. Leaving 8,610 tickets to be allotted for the student ticket online distribution lottery. If only 8,000 students apply then everyone will receive a ticket. Although if tickets are in high demand, usually for UNC and any other nationally ranked opponents, some students will go empty handed. The process to determine who will receive a ticket and who will not is determined through the loyalty points system. Depending on how many games you attend, the amount of credit hours you have, and also your commitment to attending games after request for a ticket has been made will decide whether you are a “chosen one�. Just know that the first football game will be difficult to receive a ticket due to the fact that freshmen will not have loyalty points and the upper class men do. Look for other options ahead of time and plan ahead. Remember it is okay to ask your upperclassmen PGM buddies if they are attending, and if not, could they request a ticket and give it to you.



Student Wolfpack Club Address: 5400 Trinity Road Suite 400 Raleigh, NC 27607 Phone: (919) 865-1500 Website: The Student Wolfpack Club is a student version of the Wolfpack Club. Their purpose is to reward students for attending the sports outside of the big three. You will receive “minutes� for the time spent at these lesser attended events. These minutes that are accumulated will be a determining factor whether you get a ticket. Let me back up a second and explain even further. The Student Wolfpack Club or SWPC is a sector of the ticketing office that allows students to pay a low fee to join the club. Upon joining you will receive a tee-shirt and goodies. This tee-shirt is important because when you use your SWPC tickets, the shirt must be worn at all times. The SWPC has a certain number of seats reserved solely for its members each event. The students will arrive at Reynolds Coliseum at 5:30 am to start the distribution process. The process, as explained above is based on how many minutes you have accumulated at the sports outside of the big three. If you do not enjoy attending those kind of sporting events then this club is not for you. If you do not regularly put the time into attending the events then you will



wake up at 4:45 to enjoy the cold morning air as you walk to and from Reynolds empty handed. On the other hand, if you love anything and everything NC State, and you enjoy watching sporting events such as tennis, soccer, women’s basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, swimming and others then you are basically guaranteed a ticket for any of the big three events. Another perk of SWPC is that they have a reserved seating option. You can either chose to sit in general admission, like everyone would from winning the student lottery, or you can sit closer to the 50 yard line in a seat that is specifically reserved for you. The decision is yours to make. The advantage and disadvantages of each style are weighted heavier by one person compared to another. Ask around and figure out if the lottery or SWPC is right for you. Because, one way or another, you should be going to games to cheer on your fellow students and to hang out with your friends. A few things to remember for sporting events in general: • Do not fold your ticket on the barcode scanner • Do not walk into stadium intoxicated • The Wolfline busing system runs on game days • Your football seats will be facing the sun • Go see basketball games in Reynolds whenever possible



Hungry? One perk of living in the heart of North Carolina is the cuisine! We get to drink sweet tea, eat fried anything and everything and not worry about our weight, right? Well, I do not know about all of that, but the truth is Raleigh is a a great place to attend college because of the melting pot of all kinds of foods from all kinds of cultures. There are food cafeterias on campus, restaurants from walking distance to campus and then there are must finds from car or bus, like many of the places downtown or on Glenwood South. Listed below is a rundown of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to food on or off campus. Remember to always choose wisely, and do not be afraid to try something new. On Campus: Case Dining Hall: The upscale dining hall for our NC State student athletes. You may be able to treat yourself to a lunch at Case every once in awhile if you play your cards right! Case is without a doubt the go to for breakfast food. From an omelet station to pancakes and french toast on a daily basis its a must stop on the way to class. Clark Dining Hall: The smaller but sometimes higher quality little brother to Fountain Dining Hall (see below). Clark is located on east campus, the opposite side of campus as Fountain, and will serve



the same menu daily, but some have said Clark is the leading favorite. Try them both and see! Fountain Dining Hall: Located on West campus and extremely accessible to Lee, Sullivan, and Bragaw Hall- a great spot to be in as a freshman! Newly remodeled, Fountain is the largest dining hall on campus and typically has the best breakfast meal. Lunch and dinner get the job done, but breakfast at Fountain will get you ready and energized for the day! The Atrium (DH Hill Library): Equipped with the southern favorite, Chick-Fil-A, and many other options to choose from, The Atrium is a great place to grab a bite to eat and chat with friends as you watch the crowds of students pass in the brickyard. Talley Student Center: During renovations, Talley dining may close temporarily but when it is open, stop by to grab some Taco Bell or a smoothie to beat the Raleigh heat. Off Campus Walking Distance: Hillsborough Street: I Love New York Pizza- Unbelievable is an understatement when describing the size of the pizza slices. Check the deals posted on the windows as you



can sometimes score a drink and 2 slices for less than five bucks. Planet Smoothie- It will be hot walking to Tompkins Hall early first semester and more into summer time. Cool yourself off with your favorite flavoured smoothie. Check the coupon books placed around campus for great deals. Bruegger's Bagels- Soup and bagels are a staple of this well known chain. A great place to work on homework or finish a paper as the WiFi is free and atmosphere is a great place to concentrate. Gumby’s- The pizza is good but the highly acclaimed Pokey Sticks are better. Write it down, Pokey Sticks should be tried ASAP. Mitch’s Tavern- Try the chile that they pride themselves on, and if not a fan of chile still go and take in the cool atmosphere. You might even recognize it as the set of a scene from the movie Bull Durham. Mission Valley Shopping Center: Sammy’s Bar and Grill- A local landmark for NC State fans to congregate and watch games on one of the countless big screens. The meeting place for all your greatly anticipated PGM Sammy’s Socials!



Papa Johns Pizza- Remember to score great deals on pizza after wins from your NC State football team. DP Dough- One of the finest late night snacks you can find around campus DP Dough is strictly dedicated to calzones. With dozens of different combos you can always find something that you like. They also offer a 2 for $10 deal on tuesdays which is a must. Open till 4am on the weekends! By Car or Bus: Burger Fi $$ Cheesecake Factory $$$ Char-Grill $ Amedeo’s $$ Cook Out $ Snoopy’s Hot Dogs $

C’s Make Degree’s? WRONG! Get used to the reversed saying of “all play and no work.” Whether it is your family, friends or fellow students, they will comment on how lucky you are to be in the golf industry. Although, before you can graduate and truly say you work for play everyday, you must exceed in the classroom. It is very true that a grade of C will pass every class you take and in turn allow you to walk on that stage at graduation four or five years from now. If that is your



attitude then what do you have to separate yourself? The goal is to do everything you can possibly do to allow yourself to build the best resume you can possibly build. What you need to ask yourself is, “Are you comfortable with how your grades stack up against all the other applicants for the job of your dreams one day?” Below are a few tips so that you enjoy your college experience while showing off in the classrooms. Use the Grade Distribution Tool: This tool is accessed on the MyPack Portal and will allow you to see how professors distribute the amount of A, B, C, D, F and other assessment measures for student performance. Beware of the professors that have a bell curve grading system, where there may be one A, 4 B’s, 10 C’s, 4 D’s, and one F. Do not let this be a determining factor on which teachers you choose but let it be a factor. Financial Aid and Scholarships Office: This office, located in Harris Hall, can be the best friend of whoever is paying for your education. By simply making frequent stops at these offices you may be able to save thousands of dollars on expenses. NC State offers grants, scholarships and tuition assistance. NC State will not find you, to offer money, it is up to you to ask and apply.



GO TO CLASS: Sure, it may be easy to sleep in and skip those dreaded 8 am classes but in all honesty it is not worth it. Some professors are very strict when it comes to their absence policies. Just put yourself if their shoes. You work your butt off to be where you are today as a college professor, and your students do not even care enough to show up and listen to what you have to say. Remember to read the professor's syllabus front to back, highlighting all important attendance procedures. Clicker points, next day quizzes, etc. are just a few of the ways that attendance is monitored. You may think failing a few quizzes and losing some clicker points may not be a harsh punishment, but when you reach a certain number of absences in most classes you will just automatically FAIL the class. ***Remember, upcoming internships will require you to wake up early, so if you are ready to prepare for the future go ahead and schedule a semester of early classes.

Meet Assignment Deadlines: In a class of 200 or more it will not be the job of the professor to remind you about a deadline for homework and projects. It is solely up to you whether you decide to turn your work in on time or not. It is always okay to turn in work early, but never is it acceptable to turn it in late. Start practicing these good habits because the future workplace is no different. Your boss will not accept late or half way done work.



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