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Wedding Favor Ideas with Limousine Service Dallas

From mason jars containing bath bombs to the cupcakes topped with personalized thank you notes, wedding favors come in various shapes, sizes and forms and it is hard to tell which one is the perfect one for your wedding. However, there are some ideas which have a potential to win the hearts of your esteemed guests and ensure they long cherish the beautiful memories created with you on your big day.

Personalized Lip Balms Add some kicking and unique flavors for the lip balms you plan to gift your guests as wedding favors and let them enjoy the small perks they could carry in their handbags for as long as they don’t lose it (or eat it for the delicious flavors). Homemade lip balms are an amazing idea if you have ample time.

The Healthy Granola

While you contemplate over what treats to serve your guests with, why not try filling mason jars with granola and let them have their pick? Or you could add standard flavors and put up creative and colorful labels with the names of the guests in accordance with the wedding theme.

Water Bottles While some of us could not see anything fancy in water bottles, there could be some cool craft work done to them. Talk about printed labels, colorful tags and personalized messages. They won’t throw it away for a very long time unlike the goody bags after the treats have been consumed.

Dance Slippers

Your bucket for the dance slippers could also be the bucket filled with the wedding favors in the same form. If it’s a beech wedding, you could bring in summer colors in slippers for your guests to wear and take them along.

Succulent Plants Small succulent plants in beautiful settings such as vintage tea cups or glasses with personalized messages could be a wonderful idea for wedding favors. Also, these plants are stronger than their delicate counterparts who cannot store water in leaves and die out in the hot sun.

Decorative Candles Though you would find plenty of shapes and sizes in the market when you’d go to buy some of these, try going personal with them. Candles in tea cups or bowls with personal messages or a small note painted on it could be a long lasting memory for your guests.

Treat your guests to not only wedding favors but also luxury transport. Book Dallas Charter Bus Service for your guests to move about the city and enjoy the time while they prepare for your big day! Limousine Service Dallas offers amazing trips in their state of the art limousines and charter buses and Party Bus Rental Dallas so you could enjoy each moment with bliss!

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