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Indie Film Distribution: How to Successfully Distribute an Independent Movie Quad Theater Strategies One of the things new movie directors need to deal with is how to distribute the movie. Fortunately, it is still possible for new directors especially indie ones to distribute their feature film in this industry. Here are some tips and film distribution options available for fresh filmmakers such as you. Find a Reputable Film Distributor This is always your first option, to find a film distributor willing to spend money in marketing and distribution of your feature film. But it is important that you find a trusted film distributor to avoid getting robbed of your hard work. You can approach people in your circle to help you get connected with reputable film distributors in the industry but it is your task to determine if you like working with these people suggested by your friends. Self Distribution You have already poured a great deal of effort in finishing your film, so why stop now. You can always opt for self distribution if you haven’t found a film distributor willing to help distribute your movie. All you have to do is find venues that allows you to submit, market, and distribute your movie. Right now, one option is the internet as there are several sites willing to host and distribute movies to audiences. These websites will help sell your movie via video on demand and some will even allow you to keep all earnings to yourself. Independent Film Theatres It is different feeling if your movie ends on the big screen. As such, you can always opt for independent film theatres if you really like to showcase your movie in these types of venues. Today, there are theatres that you can rent so you can exhibit your feature film to your target audience. The fee will depend on the service while earnings will depend on the agreement. It is better to pick a theatre that will allow you to keep all box office income generated by your movie. There are theatres that offer addition distribution services like marketing, packaging of the movie into DVD, and submission of the movie in video on demand websites like Netflix, Amazon, and more. Opt for these services to increase your chance of breaking into the movie industry. Read Full Report Independent movies’ success depends on so many things but it is not limited to the story, actors’ performance, and production budget. Even if you have gathered all elements needed to make the indie movie a success, you still have to worry about distribution. Thus you need to spend the same amount of time and effort in film distribution. If you have successfully chosen a way to market and distribute your film, you will have a greater chance in becoming the next big thing in the film industry.

However, it is a challenging task to distribute a movie today because there are so many competitions in the industry. This is really a challenging task because most viewers today are into big budget movies. It can be difficult for you to break into the scene if you are an indie filmmaker. Fortunately, you can always find the right marketing and distribution strategies. No matter how small your movie is, it can reach your audience given the right strategy. Get the Word Out Although it is important that you get a film distributor, there is no law prohibiting you to do the distribution all by yourself. You can always turn into social networking sites to spread the news about your upcoming movie. What you need to do is create a page or account in top social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube and invite people to subscribe so they can get the latest updates about your film. Of course, you need to keep the interest of your followers alive, and so post updates regularly to entice fans. Participate in Film Festivals You can always market your movie by participating in film festivals. Ask fellow filmmakers when is the next film festival and where it will be held. Make sure that you get the requirements so you can these events. Remember that there are distributors participating in film festivals, which is why it is important that you are able to join events like these if you want to distribute your movie to the public. Find an Independent Theatre If film festivals are not available, you can always choose to showcase your movie through independent theatres. Although this option is costly, it will definitely give you and your film the exposure it needs.

Indie Film Distribution: How to Successfully Distribute an Independent Movie  

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