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Vol. 30, No. 48 | Mar 14 – Mar 20, 2019

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Now in its 30th Year!

Music by: DJ Millenium King | DJ Dre | DJ Wiz | DJ Carly Cartel | DJ Taz | DJ Mac Milli SEE INSIDE FOR DETAILS ON THE ABOVE EVENT AND MUCH MORE

Limin’Times Entertainment Guide



Vol. 30, 48 / Mar 14 - Mar 20, 2019


Limin’Times Entertainment Guide


8th Annual Graffiti Party Now y’all think this is right? I missed it in 2017, then last year I had my outfit and babysitter on deck so I could go and guess what? I missed it again. But not this year, I’m going even if it’s only for like two hours seeing that I’m old now I can’t hang all night long like I used to. Hey! I’m a mom, I’ve got responsibilities. Okay, okay, my son keeps me in check, always wanting to know where I’m going and why… Poor guy gets worried after a couple of hours. Oh I’m sorry you don’t know what I’m ranting about – well it’s time again for the 8th Annual Graffiti Party – the Silent Edition Part 2. It goes down this Saturday from 9pm until at Captain Mulligans. Each year the KSA Lodge#778 Fraternity host the event as a fundraiser to help pay for their philanthropic activities throughout the year in aid of groups like The BVI Red Cross, The Rainbow Children’s Home, Family Support Network, Seniors Citizens and M.A.L.E. Individuals in the fraternity have also helped persons with expensive or unusual medical needs. This year’s event is ‘Silent Edition Part 2.’ Just in case you are not familiar with what a Silent Party is, it’s a party with no speakers. When you walk into

Lime ... “to hang around idly” or “to go out on the town.” Source: The Dictionary of Virgin Islands English Creole by the late educator and historian Lito Valls. The Limin’ Times brings you all the news about when and where to “lime” in the British Virgin Islands.

the party the only thing you will hear is silence, or maybe some off-key singers singing along to their favorite tune. Each patron will be using a set of headphones. With five DJ’s playing, partiers can switch between frequencies to listen to the selector they chose: DJ Millenium King, DJ Dre, DJ Wiz, DJ Carly Cartel, DJ Taz and DJ Mac Milli. Each DJ will be assigned a color, so when you’re ready to switch up the tunes, just switch your color. Of course, it wouldn’t be the Graffiti Party without the t-shirts, glow pens and neon lights, which means that at the end of the night you get to take home your memories as well as your one-of-a-kind tee. Organizer Rhodni said this special event wouldn’t be possible without sponsor Road Town Wholesale and brand sponsors Heineken, Cruzan and Grey Goose. He also wanted to recognize Randy of Captain Mulligans for hosting the event annually. Admission is $30 and it includes headphones and t-shirt. Celebrating your birthday? Taurus babies get in free but will have to purchase their headphones. This event is truly a party for the cause.

While every effort is made to ensure that information is correct, we cannot accept responsibility for any errors, changes in schedules, ads or other information in this magazine, which is intended as a guide only. If you have an entertainment event coming up that you would like published, give us a call at 494-2413. Special Notice: Purchase of advertising space in this publication does not guarantee editorial coverage of any event.


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Vol. 30, 48 / Mar 14 - Mar 20, 2019

I’m sure there are some related inconveniences, but personally, I love that the BVI takes public holidays seriously. The government and businesses realize that holidays, and time off in general, are important for a person’s overall wellness, so they plan well in advance to either close their operations or minimize the level of staff that would need to be on duty those days. So what do we do with that dedicated leisure time? I’ve made a study of this and there are a few camps. First you have the casual adventurers. They are usually freewheeling single folks who probably do not have any specific itinerary, but instead plan to cruise around for the day beach-hopping or maybe exploring a sister island with not much more than a change of clothes in case of unexpected weather (or swimming). If you’re open to it, this type of holiday can bring you fun as well as surprises. Years ago I learned how to play dominoes in Carrot Bay on just such an adventure. If you have a favorite hobby or pastime, public holidays are like gifts from Limin’Times Entertainment Guide


heaven. You can take out the boat, put on your gardening gloves, dust off your hot glue gun or guitar and do the thing! On Commonwealth Day I clocked surfers in the bay, tons of yachts out on the water, and even a troop of dune buggies out for a ride. It’s encouraging to see how many of us choose such varied and interesting hobbies and activities in a place where there is supposedly “nothing to do.” If you have babies and toddlers, planning around the little one is key. You start by encouraging your child to sleep in (never works for me). The rest of the day, you fill with activities or locations that you can pick up and leave in a hurry in case of unexpected meltdowns. Since the weather was so nice, on Commonwealth Day we rolled down the windows and drove around on the blissfully clear and uncrowded roads and enjoyed the view. I enjoy this as an “outing” because if the little one decides he needs a nap, we can keep on cruising. What do you love to do on a public holiday? Let us know on the Limin Times Facebook page.

Open House

Full Moon On Wednesday, head out to enjoy another full moon at Trellis Bay Market Bar & Grill. Entertainment will be provided by 3G’s Band and Young Money Soundz. At 6pm, receive a free glow necklace and bracelet plus enjoy Full Moon drink specials. At 10pm win prizes and giveaways and 11pm enjoy more drink specials.

St Patrick’s Day Interested in owning a piece of paradise? Come to a public Open House at Lambert Beach Resort on Saturday from 11am–3pm. Please see their ad on page 3 for more details.

80’s Party On Sunday Foxy’s Taboo in Diamond Cay is having a St. Patrick’s Day full moon party. Entertainment will be provided by RC Sanders, DJ Fuego, VIBE, Willow Hill and Jon Gazi. Enjoy drink specials, BBQ buffet and watch as they light up the night with a Dust off your best 80s outfit and study your bonfire. Electric Slide moves because they might win you some great prizes on Saturday, when SM Promotions We know you’re still feeling that Mardi Gras vibe, presents their 80’s Party at the Cyril Romney Pier so get to Foxy’s in Great Harbour for their Mardi Gras Park from 8pm until. Groove to the sounds of the 3G’s Band, DJ Grimm and DJ Dre, plus you’ll be sup- Full Moon Party. Entertainment will be provided by porting an awesome cause: the Virgin Islands Alzhei- Evolution Band from 8pm. New Horizon will be havmer’s Association. Admission is $20, and you can get ing a late night ferry for patrons from Tortola who your tickets at Tropix Cocktail Bar or at Caribbean wish to attend.

Mardi Gras

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Vol. 30, 48 / Mar 14 - Mar 20, 2019



A. O. SHIRLEY GROUNDS – Inter Primary School Sports Division A Sports 10am GUNZ & CHICKEN BAR – Tito’s Thursday 9pm POCKWOOD POND


IRENE’S – Reggae & Dancehall Thursday w/Mac Milli 8pm

TRELLIS BAY MARKET – Vybez & Chill BBQ Night. Full menu & live DJ 6-10pm



EMILE’S – Happy Hour 3-5pm

BLUE HOUSE – Tek Charge Friday w/Turbo Sounds 9pm

CANE GARDEN BAY PUSSER’S @ MYETT’S – Open 10am serving lunch & dinner. Happier Hour 4-7pm PARADISE CLUB – Open 11am-until. Lunch & dinner on the beach. Jalena live 6pm ELM’S BEACH BAR – Serving lunch & dinner daily from 11am until WEST END

SATURDAY – MAR 16 ROAD TOWN CYRIL ROMNEY TORTOLA PIER PARK – 80’s Party 8pm until ISLAND SIZZLE – Ultra Flag Fete 8:30pm THE VAULT – Free Up Saturday w/Turbo Sounds 9pm CANE GARDEN BAY

LITTLE APPLE BAY – Sebastian’s Hotel & Seaside Grille Restaurant opens 8am-9pm. Happy Hour 3-6pm

PUSSER’S @ MYETT’S – Open 10am serving lunch & dinner. Happier Hour 4-7pm PARADISE CLUB – Opens 11am. Lunch & dinner on the beach. Happy hour 4-7pm. DJ Fuego from 9pm


ELM’S BEACH BAR – Serving lunch & dinner daily from 11am until

THE VAULT – Turbo Sounds 9pm GUNZ & CHICKEN BAR – Friday Link Up


EAST END RED ROCK – Quiz Night. Pub-style food & drink specials plus live music EMILE’S – Happy Hour 3-5pm

EMILE’S – Karaoke Night 7pm LAMBERT BEACH RESORT – Open House 11am–3pm. See ad on pg3 WEST END

CANE GARDEN BAY PUSSER’S @ MYETT’S – Opens 10am serving lunch & dinner. Happier Hour 4-7pm. Live music: Jalena 6-9pm

LITTLE APPLE BAY – Sebastian’s Hotel & Seaside Grille Restaurant opens 8am–9pm. Happy Hour 3-6pm TRELLIS BAY

PARADISE CLUB – Opens 11am. Lunch & dinner on the beach. Happy hour 4-7pm

TRELLIS BAY MARKET – “BBQ Night” 11am-10pm drink specials

ELM’S BEACH BAR – Serving lunch & Dinner daily from 11am until. Beach BBQ w/live music


JSPOT – Soca Madness 9pm Limin’Times Entertainment Guide

LITTLE APPLE BAY – Sebastian’s Hotel & Seaside Grille Restaurant opens 8am-9pm. Happy Hour 3-6pm


ST. MARY’S CHURCH HALL – Creatif Inc. 1 year Anniversary celebration 4pm

TUESDAY – MAR 19 CATHOLIC COMMUNITY CENTRE – Therapeutic Health Expo 9am SUNDAY – MAR 17 CANE GARDEN BAY PUSSERS @ MYETT’S – Open 10am serving lunch & dinner. Marcus Mark 6-9pm PARADISE CLUB – Opens 11am. Lunch & dinner on the beach. Happy hour 4-7pm ELM’S BEACH BAR – Serving lunch & dinner from 11am until. Happy Hour 4-7pm. Beach BBQ w/live music EAST END EMILE’S – BBQ Dinner Night RED ROCK – Sparkling Brunch 9am-5pm WEST END LITTLE APPLE BAY – Sebastian’s Hotel & Seaside Grille Restaurant opens 8am-9pm. Happy Hour 3-6pm

EAST END RED ROCK – Seafood Night CANE GARDEN BAY PUSSER’S @ MYETT’S – Open 10am serving lunch & dinner. Happier Hour 4-7pm. PARADISE CLUB – Opens 11am. Lunch and dinner on the beach. Happy hour 4-7pm ELM’S BEACH BAR – Serving lunch & dinner daily from 11am until. Happy Hour 4-7pm WEST END LITTLE APPLE BAY – Sebastian’s Hotel & Seaside Grille Restaurant opens 8am-9pm. Happy Hour 3-6pm WEDNESDAY – MAR 20 ROAD TOWN PIER PARK – Myett’s “Chill Zone” Wacky Wednesday with Bushwacker specials 5-7pm CANE GARDEN BAY

BANANAKEET CAFÉ & HERITAGE INN – Serving Sunday brunch from 9:30am, dinner from 5:30pm

PUSSER’S @ MYETT’S – Open 10am serving lunch & dinner. Happier Hour 4-7pm. Elmtones perform 6-9pm


PARADISE CLUB – Opens 11am. Lunch and dinner on the beach. Happy hour 4-7pm

TRELLIS BAY MARKET – Serving lunch & dinner from noon-8pm JOST VAN DYKE FOXY’S TABOO – St. Patrick’s Day Full Moon Party MONDAY – MAR 18 EMILE’S – Mexican Night. Margarita, Tequila & Corona specials plus Mexican food from 4-8pm CANE GARDEN BAY PUSSER’S @ MYETT’S – Open 10am serving lunch & dinner. Happier Hour 4-7pm

ELM’S BEACH BAR – Serving lunch & dinner daily from 11am until EAST END EMILE’S – Paint & Sip party group painting class 4-6pm. Call 441-4110 to reserve your space

UPCOMING EVENTS Pool Party – Mar 23


BVI Spring Regatta – Mar 25–31

LITTLE APPLE BAY – Sebastian’s Hotel & Seaside Grille Restaurant opens 8am–9pm. Happy Hour 3-6pm

I’m not running – Mar 30


Power of Vision – Mar 30

PARADISE CLUB – Opens 11am. Lunch and dinner on the beach. Happy hour 4-7pm

TRELLIS BAY MARKET BAR & GRILL – Full Moon Party 6pm until

ELM’S BEACH BAR – Serving lunch & dinner daily from 11am until

FOXY’S – Mardi Gras Full Moon Party


Bikers Run – Mar 31 Black & White Thang Reloaded – May 4

WEST END LITTLE APPLE BAY – Sebastian’s Hotel & Seaside Grille Restaurant opens 8am-9pm. Happy Hour 3-6pm 9

Vol. 30, 48 / Mar 14 - Mar 20, 2019

Education Week

Friday’s opening ceremony begins at 7pm, folCatch the finale of this year’s education week lowed by games at 7:30, 9 and 10pm. On Saturday activities with inter-primary school sports Division A games continue at 7, 8:30 and 10pm, with awards today (Thursday) and open house at all schools on and closing ceremony at 11pm. Friday. Admission is just $3 for kids 3-12 and $5 for adults.

Soca Madness

Flag Fete

On Friday at JSpot come out to Soca Madness. Entertainment will be provided by Dee J Blaze, DJ On Saturday, Ultra Promotions presents Ultra Push Pop and DJ Taz. Entry is $10 and action is from Flag Fete at Island Sizzle. Entertainment will be pro9pm until. vided by Motto, Noah Powa, Kollision Band, Nayee (of WCK), DJ Marz, DJ Malie, VI Elite, AkaiiUsweet & Mr. Bagnall. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at Hazeem’s. Gates open at 8:30pm.

Entertainment at Irene’s

Virgin Gorda

Beginning Thursday and continuing every week after at Irene’s Restaurant & Bar it’s Reggae & Dancehall Thursdays from 8pm-midnight. This Thursday’s entertainment will be provided by DJ Mac Milli. Enjoy soup and drink specials all night.

B-ball Tournament Can’t get enough of live action on the court? Great, because it’s Showtime in Paradise, a special youth basketball tournament this weekend at the Multi-Purpose Sports Complex. Limin’Times Entertainment Guide

Creatif Inc. is celebrating their 1 Year Anniversary on Saturday. If you’re on Virgin Gorda head on down to the St. Mary’s Church Hall from 4–8pm and celebrate with them. There will be also be pop-up shops from various persons including She Likes: Jewelry & Fashion, Crown Tec and Enchanted Designs VI. For more information, please contact Nakisha at 340-1015. VG residents are also invited to Holistic & Therapeutic Health Expo from 9am–2:30pm on Saturday at the Catholic Community Centre. There will be diabetes awareness presentations, local food gardening tips, Health and Wellness Vendors and more.


She Devil

An attractive female who is capable of manipulating men into getting their way – Urban Dictionary

Chapter 9: Hitting the Books How can Britney still be walking around the club playing victim? I don’t know if she just likes the attention or she is really shook-up over the robbery. At times, she really seems like she is still scared, but other times I’m not so sure. Either way, most of the girls, bar tenders and security are fawning over her. Even the Da Don is around more frequently checking. Troy on the other hand was acting tough but I know him well enough to see that he’s scared. He may like plenty woman, but he was not a thug or trying to be one. A few days ago I pulled him aside to make sure he’s good and it somehow turned into a full-blown heated argument. It looks like he was waiting on the opportunity to tell me about my “lil boyfriend” as he calls David. I had to remind that fool that even before I got with David he was all into Britney like she was his strategy for getting rid off me. Guess what? I’m gone for good. There is no going back to Troy even if David and I part ways. It took a man like David to open my eyes to certain things. The support he gives me about schooling and starting my business was what I never realized was missing in my life. David has been gone three days now and I already miss him. He won’t be back in town before Memorial Day weekend as long as nothing happens 11

to his mom. He promised me that If I graduate and I do leave the club like I plan to, he’s willing to relocate to be near me. I’m holding him to it. Since tonight was a slow night, I texted the Da Don let him know I was leaving early to finish a paper I was working on. He knows all about me being in school and about my plans to leave the club and settle down. He was all for it. Told me if he wasn’t a pimp he would marry me as soon as that happen and settle down right along with me. We were good friends. I knew when to talk to him as my boss and when it was okay to loosen up around him. He was telling me that he had another big paying job for me and would let me know the details soon and to stop texting him and go finish my paper. Omg! Look at the time, I thought to myself. I was so lost in writing my paper that I never realized that it was was 4am and I got a class at 9. I saved what I had done, and closed my laptop. I set my alarm for 7am and put my phone as far away from me as possible so when the alarm goes off I would have no other choice than to get up and go shut it off. It will soon pay off, I reminded myself. But the semester wasn’t even half finished and I was done tired. This was a hard class; I’ll be lucky if I pass it just because writing was not my strong point. Give me Arts and Maths any day of my life. Vol. 30, 48 / Mar 14 - Mar 20, 2019












FE M S AR T CH I V 28 A -3 L 1 Hosted by


Schedule on

Limin’Times Entertainment Guide


I don’t know if you’ve notice but when it comes to picking a movie to watch I don’t have a favorite preference. I watch anything form romance, thriller, teeny bopper, to make believe (vampires and witches). Over this holiday weekend I got the feeling to watch something but I didn’t have anything in mind but when I came across Never Heard and saw that Dorian Wilson (Professor from The Parkers) I stop and watch the review and only to realize Karen Abercrombie (War Room) was also in the movie – my deciding factor to go ahead and watch the movie. Never Heard is about Aaron Davis (David Banner) who is accused of a murder and is incarcerated for a crime he swears that he did not commit. On the outside he was also a gang leader and did something’s he’s not proud off. When he got locked up his son Jalen (Romeo Miller) was forced to grow up on the streets of Los Angeles without a father figure and to be raised by his mother Shala (Robin Givens) and grandmother Camilla Davis (Karen Abercrombie). 13

In jail Aaron agrees to participate in a program design for incarcerated fathers to help them become better fathers for when they come out. This program is lectured by Monty (Dorian Wilson) who will be a key factor in Aarons feature. Monty also has a daughter Paris (Karruchie Tran) who finds a friend in Jalen because her dad is not perfect. Ha! What a thing. Everything for Aaron seems to be turning around when he puts his faith in God first and uses the power of prayer to help solve his problems. Jalen finds a friend in Paris whom he met at church while visiting his grandmother who works there. He and Paris formed an unlikely friendship and thank god for this friendship it shaves him from making bad choices. He also finds himself in some hot water when his befriend Diggy (Dijon Talton) makes a deal with a drug lord in the city to cover his large debt. Diggy is not just any small time drug dealer because he wants too. You see he has his sick mom Tara (Kandi Burruss) is sick and little brother Calvin (Diezel Braxton) to take care off. Will Aaron find a way to prove his innocence and save his son’s life before it is too late? What deal did Diggy make with the drug dealers?Never Heard can be stream on Netflix. Vol. 30, 48 / Mar 14 - Mar 20, 2019

Visitors spice up BVI’s first Marathon Local runners joined 43 visitors who stepped off the Costa Magica on Sunday morning, to run in the first Marathon ever in the territory. This group of ‘adventurers’ were in the middle of running six Marathons during their seven-day tour of the Caribbean. If that wasn’t enough, they also ran a Marathon aboard the ship for seven in seven days. Ziyad Rahim, Founder and CEO of Zadventures, said the group had Marathoners who had run in over 170 countries and nine who have run a Marathon in over 100 countries. “That’s the best of who’s who in global Marathons globe trotters you’d find,” he said. “But, no one has ever run a Marathon in BVI, so as you can see, they’re all very excited. It’s really an honor. I love the organization, the way you have organized it, it’s exceptionally unbelievable and I’m so thankful to Kay (Reddy). All I did was sent out email and she was so responsive. It’s absolutely amazing and I can’t thank her enough.” Their stories were simply amazing. “Counting Ultras, I’ve run 722—600 Marathons and 122 Ultras—said Richard Holmes of North Carolina, who was on No 723 in the BVI, his 121st country. “I started this 40 years ago and for my wife, this is the 51st country to do a Half Marathon in. We started together when we were both back in the Army and it was my weakest thing, so we started on what I was worst at—I was a terrible runner.”

The BVI was Brent Weiner’s 173rd country in which he was running a Marathon. “I started in 1968 right out of high school and started running in 1962 when I was in elementary school,” he reflected. “My last Marathon was in Guadeloupe and I ran 4:50 something there.” In his first Marathon, local runner Julius Farley clocked 3 hours 41 minutes and 23 seconds on a 20 laps loop in between the Admin Complex and QE II Park. “This was harder than the (Tortola) Torture to me,” he said. “In the Torture, you got help going down the hills, but in this, you had to run everything. The first Half Marathon was ok, but then, the body the body said it couldn’t do more. It was really hot.” As she helped refresh the runners using the firm’s biodegradable products, Vanessa King, a managing partner at O’Neal Webster who sponsored the event, was asked what she thought about visitors running a Marathon every day on their trip. “It blows my mind to be honest, that they would do six Marathons in seven days in six different countries,” she said. “That’s beyond my thought process, but it’s so inspiring, especially with so many of them are older runners and the oldest is 81. He’s running this thing like it’s no joke. I’m also happy that a lot of our local runners could be a part of it and be inspired by them. So, it’s a great event.”

Limin’Times Entertainment Guide


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How to win: The object is to insert numbers in the boxes to satisfy only one condition: each row, column and 3x3 box must contain the digits 1 through 9 exactly once. It’s harder than it sounds! 15

Vol. 30, 48 / Mar 14 - Mar 20, 2019

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