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Vol. 31, No. 39 Jan 16 – Jan 22, 2020

Limin’Times Entertainment Guide



Vol. 31, 39 / Jan 16 - Jan 22, 2020

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Limin’Times Entertainment Guide


Royal BVI Yacht Club Events Today (Thursday), 6:30pm at Le Cabanon, the Royal BVI Yacht Club invites you to Penny Haycraft’s Old Tortola Slide Show. Earliest images are as far as the midfifties straight up to more recent. Attendees will get to see the changes that have taken place over the past 60 years. Admission is $10 and $5 under 16years. Funds raised from this event will go towards supporting youth sailing in the British Virgin Islands.

Lime ... “to hang around idly” or “to go out on the town.” Source: The Dictionary of Virgin Islands English Creole by the late educator and historian Lito Valls. The Limin’ Times brings you all the news about when and where to “lime” in the British Virgin Islands.

Then on Saturday the Club in association with Nanny Cay is having their Nanny Cay Round Tortola Race. Entries in Racing, Cruising and Multihull Classes are welcome. Registration is on Friday from 5:30– 7pm at Nanny Cay Beach Bar. Race entry fee is $30 members and $40 non-members

While every effort is made to ensure that information is correct, we cannot accept responsibility for any errors, changes in schedules, ads or other information in this magazine, which is intended as a guide only. If you have an entertainment event coming up that you would like published, give us a call at 494-2413. Special Notice: Purchase of advertising space in this publication does not guarantee editorial coverage of any event.


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Vol. 31, 39 / Jan 16 - Jan 22, 2020

Limin’Times Entertainment Guide



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Vybez & Chill


This Friday’s edition of Vybez & Chill at Trellis Bay Bar & Grill features entertainment by Young Money Soundz from 6–10pm. Happy Hour is from 4–6pm. To place orders from their famous menu, please call 495-1421.

Karaoke Night

On Saturday at 9am at the Moorings Mariner Yacht Club, Conference Room, Made for More is having their 2nd Annual Vision & Purpose Brunch. The event will be hosted by Marva Smith. Tickets are $75.

Race Day Action

This and every Saturday, enjoy Karaoke at Trellis Bay Market Bar & Grill from 5–9pm. Also, happy hour is from 6–8pm, so come out and live your best life.

Brik Pon Brik Saturday at Diplomat Night Club, it’s Brik Pon Brik. Entertainment will be provided by DJ Fyah T, DJ Gong, DJ Fabio and Topman Kee. There is also a $150 giveaway. All you have to do is take a pictures using there custom filter and upload it before 12:30am and tag @284_diplomatnightclub on Instagram or on Face Book Diplomat Nightclub & Sports Bar. Admission is $10 after 12:30pm (before free). Dress code is tropical white and doors open at 8pm. You must be 21 and over to attend.

Ladies Night

Balance Promotion presents Race Day Action on Sunday at Club Aqua. Entertainment will be provided by VIBE, BDJ and Selecta Taz. Admission is $20, actions starts at 6pm and the bar opens at 3pm.

Corporate Friday On Friday at Coast Night Club, it’s Corporate Friday. Entertainment will be provided by DJ Wiz and DJ El Hugo. From 6–10pm admission is free, $10 after and $20 VIP. Then on Saturday night, entertainment will be provided by Too Smooth Band and DJ El Hugo. Admission is $20 general and $30 VIP. You must be 25 and older to attend.

Capricorn Bash

Tonight (Thursday) it’s Ladies Night at Elms Bar. Action starts at 8pm.

B’Day Bash On Friday at Elm’s Bar its Clevon’s aka GT’s birthday bash at 8pm. Entertainment will be provided by Mac Milli, DJ Gong and Unity Sounds. 7

On Friday, the official Capricorn Bash celebrating Jareem’s Dirty 30 is at The Curve. Entertainment will be provided by DJ Grimm, DJ Mac Milli, DJ Rookie and Selecta Taz. Doors open at 9pm.

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RED ROCK – Quiz Night and 1/2 Pizzas 3–7pm

ELM’SBAR – Ladies Night



TRELLIS BAY MARKET – Vybes & Chill w/Young

LE CABANON – Penny Haycraft Old Tortola Slide Show Money Soundz 6–10pm. Enjoy their full menu. VIRGIN GORDA CANE GARDEN BAY PUSSER’S @ MYETT’S – Open 10am serving lunch

PABLO’S PLACE – KJ Birthday Celebration

& dinner. Happier Hour 4-7pm. Elm Tones 6:309:30pm. Serving Thanksgiving Dinner – see details ROAD TOWN FRIDAY – JAN 17 ROAD TOWN

THE MOORINGS CONFERENCE ROOM – Vision & Purpose Brunch, 9am

RAMON BAR – Finally Friday


ELM’S BAR – Clevon aka GT Birthday Bash

RAMON BAR – Mason’s Birthday Weekend English Edition




COAST NIGHT CLUB – Sat. night ent. by Too Smooth Band & DJ El Hugo

COAST NIGHT CLUB – Corporate Friday


NANNY CAY BEACH BAR – Registration for Round Tortola Race



dinner. Happier Hour 4-7pm. Marlon Da Pan Man 4-6pm. Caribbean Cook-out w/Evolution Band 6:30–9:30pm.

THE CURVE – Jareem Dirty 30 CANE GARDEN BAY PUSSER’S @ MYETT’S – Opens 10am, serving lunch

& dinner. Happier Hour 4-7pm. Limin’Times Entertainment Guide



PUSSER’S @ MYETT’S – Open 10am serving lunch &



RED ROCK – Serving lunch 11am–3pm, Dinner 5pm– 10pm






TRELLIS BAY MARKET – “Karaoke Night” 11am–10pm PARADISE CLUB – Opens 11am. Lunch and dinner on

drink specials.

the beach. Happy hour 4-7pm


Game Night – Feb 8



All my Sons – Feb 1

CANE GARDEN BAY PUSSER’S @ MYETT’S – Open 10am serving lunch &

Music Under the Moon – Feb 8


dinner. Happier Hour 4-7pm. Al the singing Chef 6:30– 9:30pm

Full Moon Party – Feb 9




Valentines Day – Feb 14

RED ROCK – Seafood Tuesdays, when in season Grilled Lobster and Cracked Conch. Regular Alligator, Mussels, Black Jack Run Calamari, Curry Octopus, Stuffed Soft Shell Crab, Tiger – Mar 1 Prawns and Coconut Shrimp

CANE GARDEN BAY PUSSER’S @ MYETT’S – Serving Sunday Brunch

10am–3pm. Akeem on steel pan 1-4pm




RED ROCK – Serving Brunch 10am-3pm, Dinner 5pm10pm

LE CABANON – Quiz Night 7pm



Car Show – Apr 11

Easter Festival – Apr 11–13 Black & White Thang – May 9

PUSSER’S @ MYETT’S – Open 10am serving lunch & TRELLIS BAY MARKET – Serving lunch & dinner from dinner. Happier Hour 4-7pm. Mother’s Day noon-8pm. Chill Day, bar opens 11am & live music – May 10

from 5pm

BVI Street Food Festival – Jul 4

VIRGIN GORDA Kite Festival 5:30–7pm 9

Vol. 31, 39 / Jan 16 - Jan 22, 2020

Finally Friday This Friday at Ramon Bar, it’s Finally Friday. Entertainment will be provided by by DJ Marz from 6–10pm and Millennium King at 10pm.

Mason’s Weekend On Saturday at Ramon Bar, it’s Mason’s Birthday Weekend English Edition. Entertainment will be provided by DJ Carly Cartel 7–10pm, DJ Push Pop 10pm– 1am and DJ Commodore 1am.

Popup Shop This Saturday and Sunday Taddy & Coco is having a popup shop tent sale from 10am–5pm on baby clothes next to the Original Tigers Bar.

Friday Vybez This Friday at Club Aqua is Friday Vybez. Entertainment will be provided by Young Money Soundz and DJ Flames. Entry is $5.

Seductive Saturday This Saturday at Club Aqua, Seductive Saturday will feature entertainment by Lefty the DJ and DJ Flames. Entry is $5.

Limin’Times Entertainment Guide

Paint & Sip This Monday, The Watering Hole is having a Paint & Sip at 7pm. Admission is $35 (includes materials and a glass of wine).

Virgin Gorda B’day Celebration On Friday, Pure Mass Band presents KJ’s birthday celebration at Pablo’s Place. Entertainment will be provided by Lefty the DJ, Pure Mass Band ft. Pascal and Topman Kee. Admission is $10.

Dusk til Dawn On Saturday at Thelma’s Hideout, it’s Dusk Til Dawn. Entertainment will be provided by Choke Off Squad, DJ Wiz and DJ Paid Fa. Admission is $15 before 11pm.

Kite Festival On Sunday, if you’re on Virgin Gorda, come and enjoy the kite festival for all ages, 12–6pm across from Savannah Bay. Judging categories are best, biggest and smallest kites and the most kites in the sky. There will be food and drinks on sale, lots of giveaways and live entertainment.



Vol. 31, 39 / Jan 16 - Jan 22, 2020

Devious Minds Chapter 12

“Triplets get your cute butts out here! Food is here,” Theresa called out to Diamond, Diana and Destiny who were in their rooms, getting out of their work clothes. Theresa had walked home with the ladies after work without Patrick who had a meeting and would be meeting up with them around 8:30pm. “Okay, I’m here,” Diamond said. “So are we,” Destiny and Diana said in unison and giggle. “Aight, I got the plates, choose your own drink,” Theresa told the group. “I think we should just eat and watch something until Patrick reaches, you know he’s going to want to know what he missed. So, just to avoid repeating, I’m waiting on the Diva,” Theresa continued as the ladies burst out in laughter. The ladies were eating and watching some sitcom re-runs on the T.V. They were so caught up in what they were watching that they never heard when Patrick came in and said, “Jesus must be the star the way ya’ll are glued to that rectangle lying box in front of you.” The group was so shocked that Diamond dropped her empty plate. Thank God it was plastic. “You fool… nearly gave me a heart attack. How long have you been standing there?” Destiny asked him. “Not long, I just got in and no one budged, that’s when I realized that ya’ll was deep into the show,” he replied. “Your pizza and wings are in the microwave, you look fresh, you been home long before coming over?” Diana asked Patrick. He replied, “No, we got out around 7pm. Jade Limin’Times Entertainment Guide

was heading this way so I got a ride and decided to head up, get a quick shower then come over.” Jade was one of the two friends Patrick had at work. They weren’t best friends but they got along well. She was the one that offered him the ride since she was going to be heading to his area. After grabbing his food and drink, Patrick joined the ladies at the Island and said, “So what did I miss?” The triplets looked at Theresa and burst out laughing, she was shaking her head because she knew her friend. “Boy nothing, now eat, so we can move to the sitting room and be more comfortable rather than hurting our backs on these bar stools,” Diana told him. Once they were in the sitting room before anyone could say anything Diamond spoke; “I got news, I did some new designs and instead of taking them to work, I’m dropping them off tomorrow to House of Fashion to sell them. I spoke with them a few weeks ago and if they like them, they will be promoting my brand of designs with my name on them.” Her family screamed and jumped up to hug her. That gave her a little more confidence about her work. Their support meant the world to her. “Watch who growing ball$, I gotta watch out you might grow some bigger than mine,” Patrick told Diamond. “Boy, yours are too big, no way in hell that going happen,” she replied and they all started laughing. “So now that Diamond looks like she’s heading to lead the group, what about everyone, what’s the update on getting what we want?” Patrick asked. 12

Be Like Water I love large and even not so large bodies of water… the sea, lakes, rivers and even streams. However, I’m very afraid of drowning and what is a source of delight and peace and beauty, has shown up in my dreams a few times as a source of distress as I have had a few near-drowning nightmares. Regardless of how we view water, we have to admit that it is one of the most dynamic forces of nature. Recently, the all-female sailing team in Antigua made history by mastering the sea and there were celebrations of jubilee. Also, if we ask the folks in Dominica, they will tell you how water wreaked havoc for their country recently with rains and floods. In spite of everything, the good and the bad, there are some lessons we can learn from water: 1. Follow your own path. When you see a stream flowing, it follows its path with determination and when there seems to be obstacles like large rocks, it just goes over or around it. Sometimes we have to focus on where we are going and not allow distractions to side track us from our goal. 2. Cleansing is good. Water has a tendency to wash away dirt from the objects that it touches; so too, we can make a habit of cleansing our thoughts and our words and our soul so that we stay as pure as we can and help to purify the live of those around us because we bring a wholesome spirit with our presence. 3. Go with the flow. Water often follows the current and a specific direction instead of going against what is natural. It doesn’t hurt for us to have a sense of flexibility, where we sometimes just 13

loosen up and go with the natural order of things instead of fighting against everything and everyone we encounter. 4. Cooperation is useful. Sometimes we see a smaller pond or gutter merging into a larger body of water and together they form a stronger force. So too, when we can align with the right persons, we strengthen each other and can accomplish much more than we would have alone. As we drink a cup of water today, or behold the beauty of a wave or the power of a thundering waterfall, let us pause and reflect on which attribute of water we most want to adopt and how we can find life lessons everywhere.

Vol. 31, 39 / Jan 16 - Jan 22, 2020

Penn Makes Puerto Rico Basketball League Impact Kleon Penn has made his impact on the Puerto Rico Superior Basketball League. He has played with Caciques de Humacao, Vasqueros de Bayamon and is currently with Brujos de Guaynama. After becoming the All Time Shots Blocker last season with 645, the league named Penn among its Top 5 Centers of The Decade, much to his surprise. “It’s an honour because in Puerto Rico, you have so many great centers come through and to be listed as one of the Top 5 big men in the league for the decade, was an extreme honour,” he said. “I saw them doing it for the point guards, forwards and others but I wasn’t thinking about me being included and to see I was there included with them was awesome. There are great names like Peter John Ramos, Danny Santiago and Mike Sweetney who played with the New York Knicks, so it as great to be named with those guys.” Regarding the blocks, Penn said when he started playing, he didn’t go past the half court line. “That’s all I used to do, stay at the half court line and play defense,” he said when asked if he saw himself at the level he has gone on to after taking the sport seriously. “After I saw that I had a talent for it in college and being one of the top three in the whole nation in blocks, I thank God that I’ve been had good health and have been able to play as long as I have in Puerto Rico and achieve that (blocks) award.” Penn, who played with the HLSCC Stingrays didn’t even see himself playing basketball beyond the BVI Basketball Association League.

“Honestly, I was just thinking after high school, just go and start working,” he said. “The whole basketball thing just came out of the blue. It has been an amazing experience. It has taken me through college, places in the world I would never think of going and the one experience in the NBA as the best ever. I’d never forget that.” What would he be doing If he wasn’t playing professional basketball? “Being a 7-foot accountant behind the desk,” he said laughing. “A big accountant.” His advice to youngsters who would like to follow in his footsteps is to work hard. “Be coachable,” he said. “You can’t come in with the attitude as if you know everything. If you’re not coachable, they won’t keep you around. I got a lot more chances because I’m coachable, nice and easy to get along with. I’ve seen players come in with bad attitudes and in 2-3 days, they’re gone. So you have to be coachable, nice and work at your craft.” His aim this year is to help his team win a championship and after Puerto Rico, play in other leagues throughout the year. “I’m getting older so I just want to keep playing basketball as long as I can while I can,” he said.

Limin’Times Entertainment Guide


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