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This Week’s Feature Story by Jan Critchley

QUITO’S – An Art Show & A Whole Lot More… Quito’s has really come a long way from when really like to include island people in my paintings.” Quito Rymer, the talented Cane Garden Bay musician She likes to use watercolors for the exciting colors and restaurateur launched his Gazebo over 30 years that Tortola offers, and has also done some acrylics. ago back in 1981. Today, Quito’s Gazebo looks a little Other new features at Quito’s include an “Open different from its early days but still retains a lot of Mike” night for budding musicians and singers to take that barefoot-in-the-sand charm. the stage on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and on This season, there are some new events planned Saturdays is “Ol’ Skool Night” from 9:30pm with DJ including an Art Show to be held in the Upper Deck, Wiz. Of course, Quito still plays solo on Tuesday to this Friday 21st February. The show is called Here & Thursday and on Friday, with his band “The Edge.” Last but not least is the new Chef at Quito’s, Chris There, Now & Then BVI and will feature watercolors Donnelly who hails from Philadelphia and has worked by Isabelle Smith from 5-8pm. Isabelle, a Tortola resin New England and Brooklyn, New York. In fact, Chef ident for 33 years is often seen sketching along the Chris has developed a whole new menu, “From Farm side of the road or near boats! Originally from New to Table” which means that wherever possible all food Jersey and before moving to the BVI, Isabelle raised a is sourced from local farmers. Chris has also introfamily of four children with her husband, wrote for a duced Sunday Brunch over the last month from 11amlocal newspaper and ran a catering business so there 3pm, with live entertainment and was little time left for painting! She great menu items such as Kingfish started painting seriously after she Toast, where he smokes his own moved to Tortola when a BVI friend Kingfish. invited her to join a group of island So head down to Quito’s this artists. She said, “When I arrived Friday, and take in the Art Show with my husband and son, I fell in and perhaps stay for dinner afterlove with the island… the beauty, wards. Please call 346-4311 for beaches, boating and flora but especially the people of the BVI – I more information. Image by Isabelle Smith


Vol. 26, No. 23 • Feb 20 - 26, 2014

Ask Koren Your personal E-therapist, is in the house!

I Need Him To Go Ask Koren Dear Koren, I am friendly with a man five years my senior, a father of 10 and he is a recovering addict. I am a single mother of one son. We have been together for four years. I started helping him out by cooking and cleaning for him and I fell in love with him and he said he loved me too. Lately, he has started lying, stealing, smoking, won’t buy food, has been badmouthing me and I’ve been told he is involved with a young girl. I’m old enough and smart enough to know this is an unhealthy relationship. I need him to move his things out of my house without a scene. How do I make a clean break without causing a big stink? –Sore Person

Why worry about the scene he will make, when I’m sure the whole neighbourhood already knows he’s out there talking about you and messing around with a young girl? That’s the least you have to worry about and it’s worth it to be able to see the back of him and start your life fresh. You have a child that is looking up to you and he does not need to see you accepting such lowlife treatment. Children learn what they see. Next time you enter a relationship, do not be a mother or caretaker; be a partner. Both persons should bring something to the table. While love does compel us to do nice things for the object of our affection, some women have a tendency to want to save men; they want to be the one who changes him and sometimes they have a mothering instinct that can be mistaken for romantic love. It sounds like you have a good heart, but don’t let anyone take advantage of your kindness. You deserve a man who treats you with respect, does not cheat on you and who helps you to fulfill your goals and dreams.

Dear Sore Person, With all due respect to you, I think the gentleman has already made the break. Your dilemma as I see it is indeed to get him to move his things without any drama and to learn how to love yourself a little more. Tell him the ‘relationship’ is not working for you and you need him to move his things out so you both can continue to live your separate lives. If he is prone to aggression, then ask a police officer to help you with the process. If you are scared of him, then get a male family member to stay with you after he leaves, to make sure he does not come back to harass you.

Lime ... “to hang around idly” or “to go out on the town.” Source: The Dictionary of Virgin Islands English Creole by the late educator and historian Lito Valls. The Limin’ Times brings you all the news about when and where to “lime” in the British Virgin Islands. Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

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By Jane Bakewell

Orchestra of Exiles This fascinating documentary by Producer-WriterDirector, Josh Aronson (The Sound and the Fury), is not only a classical music slice of history but also a heroic recounting of one man’s efforts to assemble a world-class orchestra, saving many talented Jewish musicians from certain annihilation in the Holocaust. The account begins with the life of child violin prodigy, Branislaw Huberman, born in Poland to a modest Jewish family, whose patriarch very early on recognized the marketability of his son’s talents. Training with the finest teachers in Europe, Huberman eventually settles in Berlin in the mid 1930s – then considered the capital of European classical music. As the Nazi party came to power in Germany, the talented violinist recognized something many others didn’t, and that was Hitler’s diabolical plans to extend his empire all over Europe. Huberman left Berlin and settled in Palestine, then not much more than a desert wasteland. However, he has a vision to form an orchestra comprised of Europe’s most talented musicians, many of whom were of Jewish descent, and rescue them from the increasing persecution in Germany. Through his contact as a prestigious musician and of course some bureaucratic “slight of hand,” Huberman was able to get some of Europe’s greatest musicians to relocate and form the Palestine Orchestra. This was no easy feat considering many of these musicians had wealth and opulent lifestyles in Europe and did not see the urgency in moving to an unformed at that time, Jewish homeland. In 1936 Huberman played solo over 42 concerts

across the US in order to raise money for his orchestra, even having a dinner gala hosted by Albert Einstein, considered the most celebrated Jew of his day. With the funds he generated from that tour, he was able to launch the debut that year in Tel Aviv of the Palestine Orchestra directed by none other than the famous, Italian maestro, Arturo Toscinini. This was considered a milestone cultural event in Palestine, known at that time more for agricultural kibbutzim rather than musical prowess. The film artfully weaves archival footage of performances and key historical events with interviews of musical greats such as Itzhak Perlman and Pinchas Zuckerman. Even Leonard Bernstein had an internship with the Palestine Orchestra that later became the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. The legacy of many of Europe’s finest musicians continues today as the result of one man’s vision to save classical music one talented musician at a time. Stanislaw Huberman died in 1947 just one year before the state of Israel was formed. 5

Vol. 26, No. 23 • Feb 20 - 26, 2014

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide


Your Guide to British Virgin Islands Events By Jan Critchley

The Grandsons at Myett’s

of the new spring line-up of Appleby’s BVI Theatre

If you love to shake, rattle and roll then don’t miss

Series. This particular version of Shakespeare’s clas-

this fun New Orleans band. Back by popular demand,

sic tragedy is set in the modern era, and is performed

The Grandsons are playing at Myett’s this Friday and

by a stellar cast so don’t miss out. Tickets are $15 in

Saturday. One fan aptly described their exuberant

advance or $20 on the door and $10 for students and

sound as “American music in a blender with the lid


off!” This roots rock quartet, now in their 25th year

VISAR Karaoke Night

recently won a WAMMIE Award for Artist of the Year

If you like the sound of your own voice - then head

and take their influences from New Orleans rhythm

down to the Fish ‘N Lime next Tuesday, 25th February

and blues, rockabilly and swing. Their performance is

at 7pm for a Karaoke night! For only $2 per song, you

always a lively exchange of humor, fun and musical

can sing your heart out to your favorite tune and it’s all

riffs – so if you enjoy some great old-time rock and roll - perhaps with a dose of Rum and Coconut Water per-

for a good cause - VISAR. Also on offer is a $20 curry

formed to a reggae beat then this is the band for you.

dinner and drink specials – so make it a date and show off your musical talents.

The Last Resort The inimitable Last Resort is well and truly open for the season. Under new management, the business remains family run and is open every day at 5:30pm for Happy Hour. Stay for dinner and enjoy food with a slightly British/Irish flavor with dishes such as Irish Stew and Cottage Pie, plus seafood, ribs and delicious

Othello Theatre Broadcast

pizzas. There is live music on Monday nights with

The stage is set for more classical theatre with

Oren Hodge and on Tuesdays, Al “The Singing Chef”

Othello, which will be broadcast on Saturday, 22nd

works his magic. New for Wednesday nights is “Open

February at 6:30pm at the HLSCC Auditorium as part

Mike” night, so don’t miss a beat and call 394-0100 for


Vol. 26, No. 23 • Feb 20 - 26, 2014

live music • events • concerts •



ROAD TOWN PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm.

PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm NANNY CAY

NANNY CAY BEACH BAR — Daily Happy Hour 4:30 - 6:30pm.

BEACH BAR — Daily Happy Hour 4:30 - 6:30pm. CANE GARDEN BAY

CANE GARDEN BAY THE ELM — Brugal’s Special Happy Hour, Live Music MYETT’S — KapEye & the International Rhythm Section plays Sunset Happy Hour 5-7pm QUITO’S — Happy Hour 5-7pm, Quito solo from 6:30pm & open mic night from 8pm

Speciality Pizza Night QUITO’S — Happy Hour 5-7pm & Ol Skool Night with


DJ Wiz from 9:30pm



PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm

HLSCC —Othello Theatre Broadcast from 6:30pm



BEACH BAR — Daily Happy Hour 4:30 - 6:30pm.


TGIF party every Friday with $2 beers

BEACH BAR — Daily Happy Hour 4:30 - 6:30pm.



THE ELM — Beach BBQ, Live Music “Elm Tones”

LONG BAY BEACH CLUB — 1748 Restaurant

MYETT’S — Sunset Happier Hour with Brian Neale

brunch 11am-3pm

5-7pm. The Grandsons Band 7pm & Speciality Pizza



SEBASTIANS — Candy Man plays live 7-10pm

QUITO’S — Ras Rio plays Happy Hour 5-7pm. Quito


& The Edge 9:30 until

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

MYETT’S — Happier Hour w/ KapEye & The Int. Rhythm Section 5-7pm.The Grandsons Band 7pm &

THE ELM — BBQ Live Music “Elm Tones”


ts • parties • sports • movies and more

MYETT’S — Sunday Brunch. Clem on Steel Pan 2pm.


Brian Neale Sunset Happier Hour 5-7pm. Speciality



BEACH BAR — Daily Happy Hour 4:30 - 6:30pm.

QUITO’S — Sunday Brunch 11-3pm with Eric


Christian from 12:30pm. Reservation recommended

MYETT’S — KapEye plays Happier Hour 5-7pm w/ Int


Rhytm Section.

MARCHÉ — Sunday Affair with live music by

QUITO’S — Open mic happy hour 5-7pm. Quito solo

Awesome Crew & DJ from 4pm

from 7:30pm



SCRUB ISLAND — Beach Party from 11am-3pm

FISH ‘N LIME — Karaoke Fundraiser for VISAR

w/ Caribbean Style Buffet & music by DJ Dre

at 7pm




LAST RESORT — Happy Hour from 5:30pm daily &

PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm NANNY CAY

Al “The Singing Chef” live


BEACH BAR — Daily Happy Hour 4:30 - 6:30pm. PLUMROSE — GrillOut & Caribbean Night Buffet CANE GARDEN BAY MYETT’S — Mexican Margarita Monday with Brian


with music NANNY CAY

Neale 5-7pm & Al “The Singing Chef” from 7:30pm BEACH BAR — Daily Happy Hour 4:30 - 6:30pm.

Black Violin in Concert @ HLSCC – Mar 29

Mitch Woods @ Myett’s — Mar 1-7 Caribbean Arts & Crafts Festival — Mar 8-12 VISAR’S Governor’s Gourmet Gathering — Mar 14

QUITO’S — Happy Hour 5-7pm & Third Dimension from 6-9pm TRELLIS BAY

CANE GARDEN BAY MYETT’S — Sunset Happier Hour with Brian Neale 5-7pm & Caribbean Party with 3D Band from 7pm

LAST RESORT — Happy Hour from 5:30pm daily & Oren Hodge plays live

QUITO’S — Quito plays Happy Hour 5-7. Too Smooth 8pm til late.

Super Yacht Regatta & Rendezvous — Mar 19- 22 Brian Neale @ Myetts — Feb 16-28 2 Visions Art Show Opening — Mar 6


Vol. 26, No. 23 • Feb 20 - 26, 2014


a free ferry ride over from Trellis Bay.

Exhibition Events If you have not visited the exhibition, In Our Own

Words: An Exhibition of Virgin Islands Writings, then now is your chance. Open for the month of February at the 1780 Sugar Works Museum, there are two new events to support the exhibition. The first is a Panel Discussion on “The State of Writing in the Virgin Islands” on Thursday 20th February at 7pm where the panelists will lead the discussion on the existing state of the writing landscape from various perspectives. The second event – a real treat for the kids is a “Children’s Story Hour” to be held on Saturday, 22nd February from 10am to noon.

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide


By Julian Putley

What’s In A Name It seems to me that there are often obscure meanings to names whether of people or places. People’s surnames are often indicative of the occupations of their ancestors. A Cooper was a barrel maker, a Smith worked with iron, a Baker – well that one’s obvious. The BVI has some unusual names on its nautical charts. On Jost van Dyke there’s a point named “Pull and be Damn.” One can imagine a fisherman rowing his skiff against a current and battling to make headway. Similarly “Throw way wife Bay” on Camanoe. Again a fisherman can be imagined making little progress on a lee shore – his boat and catch in danger of being lost. Perhaps the wife was jettisoned, hopefully to swim to the shore. And then there’s “Quart o’ Nancy Point” on Cooper Island. A Nancy may refer to a rum drink but really it’s not clear at all. Other nautical names have a definite historical link especially those surrounding the piracy and buried treasure on Norman Island. An excerpt from the log of the pilot cutter Escape, Virgin Gorda, 1933 is historically interesting: “March 22 – Heavy squalls from the SE during the night, but very little swell coming into the roadstead. Visited a Nova Scotia fishing schooner in the morning, taking a load of very fine ponies on board to ship to Barbadoes. H. the owner of the schooner, a most interesting fellow, and one of the characters known all over the West Indies.

“March 23 – Underway at 1300 nominally for Nassau in the Bahamas, but ready to call at any island that took our fancy. Loaded up with a cargo of vegetables and fruit, a kind present from R, the planter. Sailed over to watch the ponies swimming out to the schooner and being hoisted aboard, a most exciting operation. Ran out of the Sound through Flanagan Pass. What a perfect cruising ground for a small boat and what lovely names. Ding-a-dong Nook, Dead Man’s Chest, Treasure Point, Careening Cove, Fallen Jerusalem! Stevenson must have looked at this chart when writing Treasure Island.” So next time I’m sailing the waters of the Caribbean Sea, I shall view the names on nautical charts with renewed curiosity. Who knows what might lie behind that designation of yore.


Vol. 26, No. 23 • Feb 20 - 26, 2014

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Collegiate Conference Champions When Bethune-Cookman Sr. Keron Stoute successfully defended his MEAC Indoor Championships Heptathlon title over the weekend, I couldn’t help but reflect on how far we’ve come in track and field, since I crossed the line first during the 1979 Big 8 Outdoor Conference Championships that sunny May day in Lincoln, Nebraska. Since then, our athletes have won another 18 Collegiate Conference titles in eight different conference championships both in and outdoors. Stoute amassed 4778 points in the 7-discipline Heptathlon, surpassing the 4659 he scored in winning last year. Along the way, he became the Territory’s third repeat Indoor Conference champion, joining Triple Jumper Keita Cline (who first pulled off the feat in 1994 and 1995 at the University of Minnesota) and Portland State’s Karene King the last in 2011 and 2012 in the 200m. It also marked the fifth successive year that one of the Territory’s athletes has been a conference champion. The Territory’s athletes have won titles in eight different collegiate conferences competing in 10 different disciplines and 11 of the titles have been won indoors. Six of the titles have been won by men. Stoute began his title defense with a second placed finish in the 60m dash, getting to the line in 7.16 seconds, good for 828 points. He then had a second placed Long Jump leap of 6.66m (21’10 ”) and 734 points to his tally. His first of two victories came in the Shot Put, where he heaved the 16 lbs ball, 12.27m (40’3 ”), then cleared the High Jump bar in his pet event with a winning leap of 2.02m (6’7 ”) worth 822. He narrowly missed winning the 60m Hurdles by Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

Keron Stoute defends Heptathlon title

.02 seconds, after clearing the barriers in 8.67 seconds to add another 820 towards his total. A Pole Vault leap of 3.10m (10’2”) placed him seventh and a 381 score before another seventh place in the 1000m in 3:09.74, gave him 572 and his final, 4778 tally. Others who have won conference titles are: sprinter Tracy Bradshaw for Northern Arizona in the 55m in 1994 Big Sky Conference; besides the Triple Jump, Cline also won the Long Jump in 1995 during the in and outdoor championships; Wichita State’s Ralston Varlack claimed the 1998 Missouri Valley Conference Long Jump crown; Sam Noel won the 2000 Big East Conference High Jump title while at West Virginia; Texas’ Chantel Malone won both the Big 12 Indoor/Outdoor Conference Championships Long Jump in 2010; King grabbed the Big Sky Outdoor Conference sprint double in 2011 while Illinois’ Ashley Kelly claimed the 2011 Big 10 Indoor Championships 400m title; Morgan State’s Britney “Britto” Wattley was the 2012 MEAC Outdoor Championships 100m winner. Stoute, who was also second in the individual High Jump, will try to win the MEAC Outdoor Decathlon title in May. 12


Vol. 26, No. 23 • Feb 20 - 26, 2014

  ;  `    N    [    ;   &         N     M     8    ;    M   N     N     8    N     `     &   8  

  M    ;      N     `     D     M    N     `       8    ;      &      ;   

   9  N     &     *     `    Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

;     M    N     6  ;  N     _ (    &  8     [   &  `      M    & 8     ;     M  

  *   *        _ (   N    _ (      M     &     *     `      8    &    ;   N     &    N    `      M    9  

  &    &   ;     M   9    &   N    &   &  M     &  


8    N    4   &  8     9  

  N     &   M     N     N       M     &      8    N     =     ;      &   8    N     9  

  8    &    M   8    &  M   &   N    &    &   N    &    ;     8   M     8     N     &     ; 

Weekly Suduko

The objective is to fill the full 9x9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3x3 “sub-grids” that compose the main grid contains all of the digits from 1 to 9 – with no repeats within each row or column within the entire square. A partially completed grid is usually provided, which typically has a unique solution. See next weeks Limin’ Times issue for solution.

Limin Times 26, 23 (16)  
Limin Times 26, 23 (16)  

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