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     

 

 

    

This Week’s Feature Story by Arlena Smith

Are You Ready For Some Football? Defense wins championships, right? Guess we’ll find out on Sunday February 2nd at MetLife Stadium for the XLVIII Super Bowl Championships. The Super Bowl is supposed to feature “the best vs. the best,” and that’s certainly what this year’s game will do when the Denver Broncos battle the Seattle Seahawks. On one sideline, you will have the Broncos, who are the number one offensive team in the league. On the other sideline will stand the Seahawks who are the number one defensive team in the league, good vs. good? Try great vs. great. This will be a great matchup. There are a few spots where you can catch this epic match up locally, and most are showing the game on large screens. If you are in the Cane Garden Bay area you can catch the game on at Quito’s from 5pm with beer and mix drink specials. Don’t forget to wear your team colors you could win a prize for best team spirit. Myett’s will have Super Bowl themed munchies as well as Red Stripe specials all night. Also, let them know which team you’re rooting for they will seat you with your fellow fans.

If you’re in the Road Town area check out Le Petite Sports Lounge with $0.50 wings and 2 for $5 Coors Light or Plumrose Restaurant which will be serving up $3 beers and mixed drinks along with happy hour food specials during the game. Tail gate starts at 12pm. You can also hit Pusser’s in Road Town or West End who have specials on wings, Coors Light and $1 off Pizza & Painkillers. Captain Mulligan’s will have the game on their famous outdoor projector screen, and have $2 specials on Coors Light and $3 hot dogs for you to enjoy while you watch the game from 7pm. Some other locations to catch the game are Bitter End Yacht Club, Cooper Island Yacht Club, Foxy’s, Anegada Beach Club, Fish ‘n Lime, Village Cay and Peg Leg’s, Emile’s, Leverick Bay, Adrianna’s, Mala Bar & Rock Cafe – these locations will be having beer specials. With both teams equally impressive on the defensive end and with Peyton Manning playing the best we’ve seen him in the past two-years, it’s safe to say fans are in for a grudge match, which always makes for a great game. So don’t miss your chance this Sunday to see a game destined for the record books.


Vol. 26, No. 20 • Jan 30 - Feb 5, 2014

By Jan Critchley

East-Enders I really enjoy being an East-Ender. Although it sometimes it is not given the credit it deserves, if you enjoy a real sense of community, interesting history, colorful characters, great beaches and some cool places to eat or just chill out, then it can be a great place to live – you just have to know where to go. I live just minutes from Josiah’s Bay, which is probably one of the more popular beaches in the area, especially with surfers as the waves can be perfect as they break just perfectly across the bay when a north swell is running. I like nothing better than to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, burger in hand, sitting on the beach and marveling at just how these surfers manage to stay on their boards. Plenty practice and good balance I would imagine is the key – I have tried it and after “wiping out” a couple of times I now stick to my boogie-board! There are other great beaches in the area, most of which, especially during the winter months, you can be lucky enough to have all to yourself. There is Lambert Beach with its beautiful boulders, Little Bay – with its pristine sand and charming bay, and Long Bay, Beef Island with its long sweeping stretch of beach where you can catch some shade under the sea-grape trees and of course, Trellis Bay. Located at the tip of Beef Island, Trellis Bay boasts much history, including many stories of adventurers. In the 1700s there was the infamous

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

pirate Sam Bellamy, after which Bellamy Cay was named and who can forget the hopelessly romantic story about the brave young couple, Rob and Rhodie White, who in 1937 made Marina Cay their home. Trellis attracts an eclectic crowd made up of residents and visitors alike which makes for an interesting vibe. The monthly Full Moon Parties in particular draw in the crowds and are becoming legendary with their amazing food, entertainment and burning fireballs/burning man. On any regular day though, it is a wonderful place for just chillin’ with a coffee, doing some people watching, great food, lovely long walks and local arts and crafts. You can also try your hand at SUP’ing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, kayaking or just sit back enjoy a cold one and watch the world go by - so for those of you who live elsewhere on island, the next time you are looking for something different to do, check out East-End, it’s way more than just an airport!



Vol. 26, No. 20 • Jan 30 - Feb 5, 2014

Ask Koren Your personal E-therapist, is in the house!

Should I Look For My Dad Ask Koren Dear Koren, I am 18 years old and I have not seen my father regularly since I was 12. Most of his family is from Dominica and I don’t know them so there is no one to ask for him. What kind of man would not want to see his daughter? I tried to put it behind me over the years, but when I recently graduated is when I really felt it. My mother was proud of me but I still wish he was there. Should I just get over him or should I search for him? – CJ

also happen, is that later on, you might feel regretful and wish you had tried. On the other hand, if you try, you might find him and he might not be as warm and chummy as you would like. At least then you would have known that you tried, even if the outcome is not what you want. Maybe he will be impressed by your interest and make an effort to be a more attentive father, but judging from his past record, this seems very unlikely. It would be nice if you can talk to your mom or someone else that you trust about your feelings so you can get some support. Talk about the pros and cons and imagine the worst possible thing that could happen and see if you can deal with that. Whatever decision you make, you will be okay. You have your mom, your other family, your friends, the joy of knowing you graduated in spite of whatever challenges you faced, you have your future and your goals and dreams. With or without your father, you can have a good, fulfilling life.

Dear CJ, I wish there was something I could say or do to heal your pain because it is clear that you are hurting. Your cry is similar to the cries of many youth who have been abandoned by their father and who feel the loss in their daily lives. Whatever his reasons for not seeing you, it’s not your fault and it’s his loss for all the years he has missed out on your life. Many times, moms try to fill the gap and as wonderful a job as they do as single parents, it’s hard to take the place of someone else. If you try to just forget about him, for how long will you be able to keep going before thoughts of him keep popping back into your mind? Every time you hit a milestone, like your graduation, he will cross your mind. Forgetting someone is not so easy. What might

Lime ... “to hang around idly” or “to go out on the town.” Source: The Dictionary of Virgin Islands English Creole by the late educator and historian Lito Valls. The Limin’ Times brings you all the news about when and where to “lime” in the British Virgin Islands. Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

Send your questions confidentially to or via twitter at @korennorton

While every effort is made to ensure that information is correct, we cannot accept responsibility for any errors, changes in schedules, ads or other information in this magazine, which is intended as a guide only. If you have an entertainment event coming up that you would like published, give us a call at 494-2413. Special Notice: Purchase of advertising space in this publication does not guarantee editorial coverage of any event.


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Your Guide to British Virgin Islands Events By Jan Critchley 31st January at 7pm at Government House. The evening will be hosted by His Excellency the Governor and Mrs Jenny McCleary and promises to be a night to remember. Joining the students will be saxophonists Kamau Georges and Glenroy Charles. There will also be live and silent auctions of student’s art and other exciting prizes. Tickets are $30 so get yours today from St. Georges School, the church office or call Cheryl Winter on 545-9600.

Chinese New Year at Myett’s Celebrate Chinese New Year (The Year of the Horse) at Myett’s this Friday, January 31st . Expect a fun filled evening with great Chinese food and a build your own sushi bar plus drink specials. Candyman plays for Happier Hour from 5-7pm before handing over to Evolution Band, which will be entertaining guests from 7pm. So make your reservation today by calling 495-9649.

Miss Fifth Form Pageant If you enjoy an evening of glamour and talent, then look no further than the Miss Fifth Form Pageant to be held this Saturday, 1st February at 7pm at the Multi-Purpose Sports Center. Four students from Elmore Stoutt High School will be vying for the title under the theme, “Success is not a Destination; It’s a Journey.” Advance tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for children under ten and are available from the Elmore Stoutt High School, HLSCC Bookstore, Hazem’s Beauty Supplies and the Sports Complex, so get yours today.

Quito’s for Sunday Brunch Head over to Quito’s this weekend for their fantastic new Sunday Brunch from 11am-3pm. There will be live entertainment plus a unique new menu including vegan, vegetarian, paleo and local dishes. Try a Quito Mojito or Passionate Mimosa to get you in the mood for Super Bowl, which starts at 5pm.

A Type of Toad A Type of Toad is playing live at Old Pearla’s Bar, Baugher’s Bay this Friday, January 31st at 9pm. There will be specials on Jack Daniels, Jello Shots and more and an after party with DJ Dolphin on the decks until late, so hop along and enjoy a great night out.

Also this Week If you are fan of Jamaican dancehall music, then don’t miss Tommy Lee who is playing at the Festival Village on February 1st at 10pm along with Macka Diamond. Sistah Joyce and DJs will complete the lineup. The RBVIYC will be hosting the Governor’s Cup Race (part of the Gosling’s Regatta Series) off Nanny Cay this Saturday, February 1st. Registration will be at

Jazz at Government House Enjoy an evening of jazz performed by students, alumni and friends of St. George’s School on Friday,


Vol. 26, No. 20 • Jan 30 - Feb 5, 2014

live music • events • concerts •

QUITO’S — Ras Rio plays Happy Hour 5-7pm. Quito &


the Edge 9:30 until

ROAD TOWN PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm.




BEACH BAR — Daily Happy Hour 4:30 - 6:30pm.

PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm MULTI PURPOSE COMPLEX — Miss Fifth Form

CANE GARDEN BAY MYETT’S — KapEye & the International Rhythm

FESTIVAL VIL. — Tommy Lee in concert at 10pm

Section 5-7

BAUGHER’S BAY — “Try-a-Tri” Triathlon Event 8-

QUITO’S — Quito solo from 8pm




ROAD TOWN PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm

BEACH BAR — Daily Happy Hour 4:30 - 6:30pm. NANNY CAY — Governors Cup Race at 10am

NANNY CAY BEACH BAR — Daily Happy Hour 4:30 - 6:30pm.

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

Pageant at 7pm


TGIF party every Friday with $2 beers

THE ELM — Brugal’s Special Happy Hour, Live Music

GOVERNMENT HOUSE — St. Georges School Jazz

MYETT’S — KapEye & the Int. Rhythm Section 5-7

Showcase from 7pm

QUITO’S — Third Dimension from 8pm

PEARLA’S BAR — Type of Toad live from 7pm with


DJ Dolphin til late




THE ELM — Beach BBQ, Live Music

PUSSER’S (RT & WE) — Super Bowl Party with

MYETT’S — Chinese New Year – special menu with

Food & Drink specials from 5pm

Sushi Bar. Candyman live at 5pm & Evolution Band 7pm

LE PETITE — Super Bowl Party Beer & Food Specials


ts • parties • sports • movies and more

PLUMROSE — Super Bowl Party Beer & Food


Specials with Tail Gating from 12pm



PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm


NANNY CAY BEACH BAR — Daily Happy Hour 4:30 - 6:30pm. CAPT. MULLIGANS — Super Bowl Party Beer &

BEACH BAR — Daily Happy Hour 4:30 - 6:30pm. CANE GARDEN BAY

Food Specials, huge outdoor screen & free giveaways

MYETT’S — Mexican Margarita Monday with Al B


(from Last Resort) from 7pm

LONG BAY BEACH CLUB — 1748 Restaurant brunch 11am-3pm

QUITO’S — Third Dimension from 8pm



BEACH BAR — Daily Happy Hour 4:30 - 6:30pm.

SEBASTIANS — Candy Man plays live 7-10pm

CANE GARDEN BAY MYETT’S — KapEye & the International Rhythm

CANE GARDEN BAY THE ELM — BBQ Live Music “Elm Tones” MYETT’S — Clem on Steel Pan, Sunday Brunch & Super Bowl Party

Section 5-7 QUITO’S — Quito solo 8pm

WEDNESDAY - FEB 5 ROAD TOWN PLUMROSE — GrillOut & Caribbean Night Buffet

QUITO’S — Sunday Brunch with live entertainment

with music

11am-3pm. 495 4837 for reservations. Super Bowl


from 5pm

BEACH BAR — Daily Happy Hour 4:30 - 6:30pm.


w/ Caribbean Style Buffet & music by DJ Dre

Writers Exhibit @ Sugar Works Museum — Feb 6 -28 VI Showcase @ HLASCC Feb 9 Tom Mason & the Blue Buccaneers — Feb 10 & 11

CANE GARDEN BAY MYETT’S — Caribbean Party with 3D Band from 7pm

SCRUB ISLAND — Beach Party from 11am-3pm

Farmers Week Feb 7-14

QUITO’S — Quito plays Happy Hour 5-7.Too Smooth

Valentines Day — Feb 14

8pm til late.

Sweethearts of the Caribbean Race — Feb 15


Vol. 26, No. 20 • Jan 30 - Feb 5, 2014


the RBVIYC between 6:30pm and 8pm on Friday, January 31st. The Triathlon Federation will hold it’s first event of the season, “Try-A-Tri” which kicks off on February 1st from 8am to 10:30am at Baughers Bay. For more information go to

Writing on Display starts Febr 6th A unique exhibition showcasing the contributions of the written word will be on display at the 1780 Lower Estate Sugar Works Museum. “In Our Own Words, an Exhibition of Virgin Islands Writings” will be held from February 6th through to the 28th. Fiction, non-fiction, academic works, essays and magazine articles – including a selection of BVI Welcome Guides from 1971 through present – will be among the works on display. The opening for this fascinating new exhibition will be held at 5:30pm on Thursday, February 6th.

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide


By Claudia Colli

The Way Way Back The Way Way Back is a coming of age movie, both unconventional and big-hearted. Fourteenyear-old Duncan (Liam James) is trying to make the best of a difficult family situation. He exhibits all the classic symptoms of a child with self-esteem issues – sloped shoulders, dressing in the “wrong” jeans and listening to his mother’s music. To compound matters, his parents are divorced and his mother, Pam (Toni Colette) has a new boyfriend, Trent (Steve Carell), a bully full of his own self-importance. As Trent tries to berate and cajole Duncan into being the child he thinks he should be, Duncan becomes even more insular. Already stinging from the abandonment of his father, Duncan is finding it hard to navigate his teenage years. To escape Trent’s constant belittling and his frustration with a mother who “doesn’t get it,” Duncan takes to riding a bike around the small seaside town where the family is vacationing. On his wanderings, he comes across a water park known as Water Wizz and impulsively goes in. It is bright and lively, full of colorful water rides and lively young people having fun – a welcome contrast to the bleak inner world that he had been inhabiting. Here he finds the wisecracking Owen (Sam Rockwell), the park’s manager. A benefactor who sees a soul in need of support, Owen offers Duncan a job. For the young boy it is an unexpected salvation – and for the unconventional Owen, helping Duncan gives him a purpose that years in the mind numbing water park has failed to do. Duncan decides to keep his job at Water Wizz a secret – a part of his life that separates him from his inner angst and the turmoil of his home life. Each day

he rides to the park, dons the company tee shirt and learns that he can be helpful to others and more importantly have fun at the same time. Little by little his dorkish ways peel away. As his self-esteem increases, Duncan begins to see his family situation with more clarity. Trent is not just a bully to Duncan, he is both two-faced and twotiming to his mother. This revelation culminates at a Fourth of July barbecue when he publicly accuses Trent of having an affair with another woman and implies that his mother should standup for herself. The movie contains a trove of quirky characters who add to the richness of Duncan’s experience. There is the alcoholic, but kind-hearted next door neighbor; she is also the mother of the “cool” girl who soon sees past Duncan’s ungainly ways. But primarily there are the denizens of the water park, from Owen’s downtrodden assistant to the misfit rental booth attendant with over-sized glasses who continually tries to leave the job for something better, but never does. Owen though steals the show. His off-beat charm drives all the park employees crazy – but for everyone around him, Duncan included, Owen’s love for life makes life worth living. 11

Vol. 26, No. 20 • Jan 30 - Feb 5, 2014

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide


By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

FIBA/FIFA Referee Extraordinaire When it comes to team sports referees in the territory, Virgin Gorda’s Norville Young easily stands heads and shoulders above the rest. Already the only BVI Basketball Federation FIBA certified referee in the Territory, last week he became just the third British Virgin Islands Football Association referee to be awarded FIFA certification in its 40-year history. Ironically, both the BVI Basketball Federation and the BVI Football Association are turning 40 this year after being formed in 1974. And, Young is now the only referee certified in two popular international sports—a highly commendable accomplishment. At a time when our sports are clamoring for officials, Young, a former basketball player, has committed himself to ensuring that he has mastered the art of refereeing. In a conversation we had a year ago, Young said as he payed his dues that he was hoping to eventually be considered by the BVIFA for FIFA referee certification sometime down the road. That road came a lot sooner than he thought. “Basically, it was a lot of hard work, dedication, effort, sleepless nights and a lot of studying because nothing comes by chance,” Young pointed out after receiving his badges from BVIFA President Andy Bickerton. “Based on the CONCACAF U15 Men’s Tournament I did in the Cayman Islands last year, I was selected among a group of referees to work in the semifinals and finals. From the hard work during that tournament, they recommended me to become an assistant FIFA referee.” Young said it’s a high honor as not many per-

Norville Young, right receives his FIFA badge from BVIFA President Andy Bickerton

sons from the Territory has pursued becoming a FIFA referee. “Honestly, I didn’t expect to be at this stage this quickly,” he stated. “But again, through hard work and dedication anything is possible.” Young said he has balanced working both basketball and soccer games in the same day. Conditioning one’s mind and body is essential he notes. “Its taxing yes, but once you’re able to do it, you can do it.” Young’s accomplishment removed the BVI from being among six Caribbean countries without a referee on the FIFA referee’s list as noted by CONCACAF referee’s head Lisle Austin, in 2009 during a press conference in Barbados. “Some countries do not have referees and we need to develop referees in every country, so that referees can carry the domestic matches,” Austin stated. “If a country doesn’t have a referee on the FIFA list, their matches are supervised by people who are not necessarily efficient because they are not on the FIFA list. In other words, they must meet the criteria for being on the FIFA list. And when they have that criteria, they are capable of supervising and administering the local domestic matches.” 13

Vol. 26, No. 20 • Jan 30 - Feb 5, 2014

  ;   &   M   [    [   &  

 &   8   ;  M    M   &   8   N  

 9    & 8    ;  M   N    M    ;   & 8    L   M   N     ;  M    9  

  8    ;  M    &    ;  M     8     ;     N   &   N     M    7    8    ;  [  

   9   8    ;  M    `    N    [   &    _ (   *     ;   8      ;  N   Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide


Lt 26, 20 (16)  

The BVI's number one entertainment guide

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