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Now in its 25th Year! Aug 15 - 21, 2013 Vol.25, No.48

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to our islands’ happenings

Tuesday, August 20th Also this week: 1st Annual leo Party @ Paragon • Prime Rib & tapas Nigth @ Plumrose • Music @ Myetts

This Week’s Feature Story by Jane Bakewell

Soirée BVI – A Fountain of Social Events Paragon and Pearl, the recently opened Conference Center and Private Lounge in the Skelton Building at Fish Bay has hosted many entertainment events since they opened their doors at the end of June. Fashion shows, musical events, even a Miss Earth BVI Pageant have all utilized this new venue. However, many of the events that fill their calendar are organized by another relatively new entity in the territory – Soirée BVI. Soirée BVI is the brainstorm of two BVIslanders, both of who had an interest in marketing and entertainment and wanted to promote locally based businesses. Shonia Palladino was born in the BVI and pursued her college studies at Lynn University in Florida graduating in 2003 with a business degree. Shonia always had a flair for and interest in fashion as well as entertainment and social networking and wanted to start an entrepreneurial venture that would capture all of these in one business. Teaming up in 2010 with her co-founder and cousin Preston Stoutt, also an entertainment buff, produced the company that now specializes in “bringing your products and services to life.” This includes entertainment productions that they orchestrate with “fashion and style.” A third member of this team is Italian leather market specialist Serena Cinelli, who brings her European fashion

sense to the table. Their clients now include aspiring BVI clothing and swimwear designers and other businesses from food and beverage providers, to musicians and artists and makeup specialists. Promotional themed-events are their calling card beginning with their successful 2011 White “Glow” party, followed by an annual Stump Competition Preston characterize as a “VI version of America’s Top Model.” Soirée BVI’s latest event held at Paragon and Pearl is coming up on Saturday, August 17th and is billed as a Leo Birthday Bash. DJ Dre will be rocking the entertainment for all who attend, not just limited to Leo’s, although those within that birthday time frame can claim free champagne or a shot at midnight. The entrance fee is $20 and doors open at 10pm with the first ten ladies getting in for free. The dress is semi-formal and age requirements are 25 years and up.


Vol. 25, No. 48 • Aug 15 - 21, 2013

Ask Koren Your personal E-therapist, is in the house!

Full Plate Come September

Ask Koren

Dear Koren, I am about to start a degree online in September and I’m afraid I might not have enough time to do my studies and all the housework and exercise I do after work because I find myself extremely tired after this. What do you suggest for how I can cope with this situation? –Prospective Student your priorities are now. Perhaps you can take some time out from socializing and when you designate study times, ensure that you respect that time. Turn off the phones, the television and stay off Facebook and other social media. Don’t compromise on your exercises. Physical activity is very helpful to get those brain cells working in top order and so is following a healthy eating plan and getting enough rest. It might also be a good idea to consider taking vitamins to help with boosting energy and brain power. All in all, just keep reminding yourself that you can do this. You have awesome goals and you have the motivation and the anticipation that in a few years time you will be a proud graduate. Yes, obstacles will come sometimes, but never lose sight of what is important to you and be willing to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve your objectives.

Dear Prospective Student, Congratulations on taking such a bold step into the world of academia. That is a great decision that could really have a positive impact on your life. As with any other major decisions, you will have to make some changes and adjustments to be able to have everything sorted out nicely. Your concerns are very legitimate. On top of work, housework , exercise and all your other activities which already leave you tired, you now have to squeeze in online work, reading for class, writing papers and that sort of stuff too. If you live with others ask for their understanding and help, so maybe you have a bit less housework to do. If you live alone and can afford it, a housekeeper once every 2 weeks might be helpful also. In addition, you can cook on Sundays for more than one day and plan your meals so that they take less time while still being nutritious. Time management is key – you must decide what

Lime ... “to hang around idly” or “to go out on the town.” Source: The Dictionary of Virgin Islands English Creole by the late educator and historian Lito Valls. The Limin’ Times brings you all the news about when and where to “lime” in the British Virgin Islands. Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

Send your questions confidentially to or via twitter at @korennorton

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Vol. 25, No. 48 • Aug 15 - 21, 2013

By Jane Bakewell

Staycation at Home This season is the proverbial calm between the storms. The excitement and small tempests (fortunately), from this year’s carnival have subsided and the school session for youth at least, is not quite upon us. We are in a holding pattern, watching for named storms to make their way up the Windward and Leeward islands. Normally, I would be taking my own vacation at this time of the year, beating the worst of the late summer heat and enjoying lakeside time in the Adirondack mountains with family in upstate New York. But this year’s vacation got put back a bit as my sisters and I plus spouses, nieces and nephews tried to coordinate our bi-annual reunion and the first week of September seemed to work best for all. So, as it worked out, these extra quiet days at home have been both relaxing and productive. Relaxing in that I don’t feel guilty taking an afternoon nap or reading one of my many books on my iPad library that I haven’t had time for. And those more thorough cleaning projects I have avoided, like tackling the disorganized plastic baskets under my bathroom sink – got happily organized in a crisp new mini 4-drawer system that actually has items of like groups together making life a lot easier. I also got to tackle some screens that were Saraha-thick with dust and, then I couldn’t leave the window louvers dirty with clean screens. My tasks were accompanied by music, internet video clips and radio shows online with some of my

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

favorite broadcaster covering a wide range of subjects. I felt entertained and informed, jotting down links to websites I must visit and more books to order via my Kindle Reader App. I thought occasionally of making a ferry trek over to Anegada a favorite of mine or visiting friends in Jost Van Dyke – but this seemed more like the season to enjoy my quiet cave time. I am thankful that my apartment is relatively cool by just means of a few fans, and that I have a devoted large dog on the kitchen floor as a snoring sentinel at my front door. I manage to get some cooking time in making my first ever batch of callaloo soup with okra, sweet potatoes (local) and coconut milk-yum! I’ve also enjoyed long late afternoon walks with my dog down at Lambert Beach, another quiet haven with boulder caves and beautiful views. The upside of staycations at home is you save a lot of money, you enjoy the place you usually treat as a base camp, and you even have time for creative expressions to flourish. Currently involves both dance and flags, but that is a whole other story.


Your Guide to British Virgin Islands Events By Jane Bakewell

Full Moon Madness A favorite party for the boat and beach crowd is the full moon celebrations on Tuesday, August 20th at Trellis Bay. Party revelers will enjoy music by the popular Fungi Band the Razorbladez and the sky walking Mocko Jumbies will also entertain the crowds with their gravity defying dances. The Caribbean barbecue dinner starts at 7pm and the famous ironsculpted fireballs start blazing around 9pm. While enjoying the festivities stop in at Aragorn’s Studio for some local Caribbean crafts.

Happy Hour at Plumrose

Music at Myetts

Head over to Plumrose Restaurant this Friday, the 16th for Happy Hour including $2 beer specials. The Popular Candyman will be serving up a musical evening beginning at 7pm and Chef Imran promises a delicious Prime Rib course with all the fixings.

Friday night is pizza night at Myett’s along with the Sunset Happy Hour drink specials. Stay on to hear The Awesome Crew Band beginning at 7pm. They are known for their hit song “Bugs” that went to the top of the music charts in the BVI and neighboring islands. Stick around for dinner and enjoy some fine Caribbean cuisine while enjoying the music.

Open all Year Around The Pub won’t disappoint those looking for great music and meals this off – season when many places are closed. Monday through Sunday Happy hour from 5pm to 7:30pm is guaranteed to be the “best on the island.” Thursday nights you can sample Indian fare with many spicy dishes, Friday and Saturdays are live entertainment nights and the Island Style Brunch on Sunday is an island favorite. Sunday nights feature Prime Rib and a chance to test your vocal skills with Karaoke in full swing.

Leo Bash at Paragon & Pearl Calling all Leos. If your birthday falls on or between July 23rd to August 22nd, then this is the party for you. Special birthday folks get a free glass of champagne at midnight and the first ten ladies at the door at 10pm get in free. DJ Dre will be blasting out the tunes and the dress for the evening is semi-formal. Entrance fee is $20 and limited to those 25 years and older.


Vol. 25, No. 48 • Aug 15 - 21, 2013

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PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm

Madness Jappy Jour and $2 tacos

THE PUB — Indian Night

BANANAKEET — Happy Hour 4-7pm & live music

U.P.S — Big premier showing of The Butler 8:30pm CANE GARDEN BAY

CANE GARDEN BAY MYETT’S — Beach Bar open 4pm to dark, Pizza

MYETT’S —Summer Beach Bar from 4pm, Tapas

Night from 6pm, Sunset Happy Hour 5-7pm & The

night 6pm & Candyman for sunset happy hour 5-7pm Awesome Crew Band from 7pm ELMS — Happy Hour 4-6pm ELMS — Happy Hour 4-6pm, Beach BBQ & music QUITO’S — Happy Hour with Candyman from 4pm by the Elmtones from 7pm & live music by Quito Rymer from 7:30pm QUITO’S — Reggae & Jerk night with live music by

FRIDAY - AUG 16 Quito & the Edge from 9:30pm ROAD TOWN

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm


THE PUB — Caribbean cuisine, happy hour 5-


7:30pm & live music

PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm

PLUMROSE — Prime Rib Happy Hour with Candy

THE PUB — Caribbean cuisine, happy hour 5-

man form 7pm until

7:30pm & live music & entertainment



NANNY CAY — Beach Bar TGIF Party From 4:30pm

PARAGON — Leo Birthday Bash with DJ Dre


ts • parties • sports • movies and more



MYETT’S — Beach Bar from 1pm to dark, Summer

SCRUB ISLAND — Live music & buffet 6-10pm

volleyball & sunset happy hour 5-7pm



EAST END TRELLIS BAY — Full Moon Party with the Razorbladez

THE PUB — Island style brunch, karaoke & prime

fungi 8-12pm, Caribbean buffet, 3 Bars & Mocko Jumbies

rib night



MYETT’S — 2 for 1 Bushwacker specials, pizza night

QUITO’S — Open from 11am, serving Lunch & Dinner


from 6pm & Candyman for sunset happy hour 5-7pm

Foxy’s Catfight Regatta MYETT’S — Beach Bar from 1pm to dark, Summer


volleyball & sunset happy hour 5-7pm



Madness Jappy Jour and $2 tacos



PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm



MYETT’S — Sunset happy hour 5-7pm, 3D Band at

Oct 26 - 27 Shaggy Live in Concert (SXM) — Aug 23

MYETT’S — Margarita Monday with Candyman for

7pm for dinner & dance

Full Moon Party — Sept 19 Interline Regatta — Oct 15 - 24

Sunset Happy Hour 5-7pm

QUITO’S — Fish Fry with Too Smooth from 7:30pm



CLEM’S BY THE SEA — Happy Hour every

SCRUB ISLAND — Wine tasting 5-7pm, Old San Juan BVI Wine & Food Festival

Monday 5:30-7:30pm with live steel pan music

cookout 7pm

Virgins Cup — Oct 19

— Nov 1-3 Round Tortola Race —Nov 23


Vol. 25, No. 48 • Aug 15 - 21, 2013

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By Arlena St. Hilaire

Pretty Little Liars untraceable number. The texts are signed “A.” A’s texts indicate she knows everything about the girls, which is dangerous because each of the girls has a secret she doesn’t want to be exposed. The girls also have a collective secret: They were involved in an accident that left one of their friends Jenna blind and they blackmailed someone to make him take the wrap for it all. Jenna doesn’t know that Alison was the one who set off the stink bomb that caused an explosion and blinded her. While they try to sort out their personal dilemmas, they also try to stop the threatening messages and figure out whether the texts are actually coming from their dead friend or maybe just the friend they thought was dead, or if they are from someone with another motive to wreak havoc in their lives. People with motives pop up around every corner and just when you think you've found the actual identity of "A", something happens to prove you wrong. You end up suspecting someone different after every episode, which keeps you guessing. If you haven't watched it yet, do yourself a favor and do it. It's absolutely brilliant.

From the first episode I was hooked. This became my new guilty pleasure and it sometimes hurts waiting for the next episode every week. I have never read the books, and I don't want to start now in fear that I'll spoil it for myself. Here are some reasons why you should watch Pretty Little Liars. There’s suspence, romance and mystery. Pretty Little Liars is the story loosley based on the popular series of novels written by Sara Shepard aboutfour–teen girls; Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily, whose world is turned upside down when their ringleader Alison goes missing. The show begins a year after Alison’s disappearance. Aria has been abroad for a year with her family and the other three girls have drifted apart. When Aria returns from Iceland, Alison’s body is finally found, and the four girls start receiving creepy and threatening text messages from an


Vol. 25, No. 48 • Aug 15 - 21, 2013

By George Dickie

NFL 2013: The Golden Age of the Quarterback Everyone knows who the quarterback is. And rightly so. He’s the leader of the offense, often the face of the franchise and the one the media tend to focus on (unless, of course, he’s Aaron Hernandez or any of the slew of NFL players who ran into trouble with the law this offseason). The breed of field general that frequents NFL playing fields these days throws for big yardage (11 topped 4,000 yards a year ago,) high completion rates (15 with more than 300 attempts connected on 60 percent or better of their passes in 2012) and a lot of touchdowns (five averaged two or more TD passes per game). And some, such as Robert Griffin III or Cam Newton, can run it, no matter the risk to their well-compensated bodies. As ex-New York Giants quarterback and current CBS analyst Phil Simms says, “This is the steroid era for quarterbacks; the numbers are ridiculous. I heard somebody say - I’ve forgotten which game it was - the quarterback was 26 of 38 for like 300 yards and two touchdowns. ‘Well, he just had an OK day.’ It’s moronic. “I constantly rant about it, and I will never stop. It’s not baseball - (in that sport) the numbers are pretty true. To try to compare (the Baltimore Ravens’) Joe Flacco’s numbers against (the New England Patriots’) Tom Brady’s, you can’t do it. Joe Flacco is a home-run hitter; Tom Brady is a singles and doubles guy. They play in two entirely different systems. So to start comparing numbers, you can’t do that. And you know, people will never understand that because, you know, we have the QBR (quarterback rating) and whatever else they rate them by. So it’s unfair, and it’s unfair to the players because the public and everybody else, the media, gravitate to the numbers always.” Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

One who has put up serious numbers over the years - and won a lot of games in the process - is Aaron Rodgers, whose Green Bay Packers are in preseason action against the Seattle Seahawks Friday, Aug. 23, on CBS. Since taking over for Brett Favre in 2008, the 29-year-old Californian has thrown for 21,332 yards, 170 touchdowns and only 45 interceptions with a 65.9 completion percentage and won NFL MVP honors in 2011. In those five years, the Pack has gone to the postseason four times and won the Super Bowl following the 2010 season (and he won game MVP honors in Super Bowl XLV). “He’s an elite quarterback,” says ESPN analyst and former NFL head coach and player Herm Edwards, “the No. 1 quarterback in the league in my opinion because when you watch him, he’s going to throw anywhere between 35 to 40 touchdowns a year. That means you have 14 points before the game starts.” One clearly on his way to becoming an elite signal caller is Griffin, who as a rookie in 2012 helped transform the moribund Washington Redskins into a contender, leading them to their first playoff berth in five years before succumbing to a late-season knee injury. His first NFL season was a productive one: 3,200 yards in the air with 20 touchdowns, only five interceptions and a completion percentage of 65.6. He also ran for 815 yards and another seven scores. 12

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Finally, Part Of ‘The Team’ MOSCOW, Russia—It hit me right in the face on Tuesday morning at breakfast. For a number of years Tahesia Harrigan-Scott had been asking Coach Dag Samuels when we’d be having more girls attending major championship competitions. “Soon, soon,” Samuels would always stammer. At Tuesday’s breakfast, Harrigan-Scott and Chantel Malone joined Samuels for a quick bite before they caught the bus to the track as Samuels stayed behind, while Karene King was sleeping in, due to her training later in the evening. In the past we’d have only one athlete in action at major events. Going to breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’d either be alone, sitting with another team, who might want to have a private discussion or with a mixed group of friends from different countries. This time around however, with a record three athletes competing, the BVI has a team in the 14th IAAF World Championships, right here in the sprawling Russian capital, Moscow. You can share silly jokes, tease, hang out, eat, train and have fun together with your own people. You can even talk about the water that doesn’t lather with soap, the AC you have no control over, the springs you feel in the bed, the salty razor thin pancakes, how expensive Moscow is or the number of stretched Hummer limousines, BMWs, Benz’s, Audis and Ferrari’s on the road. Not to mention the notorious traffic that can stretch the 20 minute ride from the hotel to the track to over an hour. Our delegation to the IAAF World Youth Championships in Ukraine last month had that experience but this is a first for a senior team.

From left: Chantel Malone,Tahesia Harrigan-Scott and Karene King

And just like a bigger teams with three athletes, they are on three different training programs and in many cases not everyone might be training at the same time. And you find out who really likes to kill sleep and thinks the food is the same every day!. Shhhhhh!!!!! While Chantel was jumping on Saturday night, Karene’s photo popped up on the big screen in the stadium as she reacted to her leap – just like it happens for the big teams. You have your own support, someone who can call your name and be exposed to the world and they have no idea. Tahesia would have left Moscow earlier but long before coming, planned her departure around being able to see Karene compete in the 200m, something she was not able to do before. The joys of being part of a team. For all Moscow has been quite the experience. I came prepared for the typical chilly European weather, only to find several days hotter than the BVI! Everyone will have a different experience to share of their time in Moscow. They will be able to also say, they were chosen to be part of the BVI’s first Sr. IAAF World Championships team!! 13

Vol. 25, No. 48 • Aug 15 - 21, 2013

THURSDAY AUGUST 15, 2013 12:45 PM 9 Sport Today 2:00 M FLW Outdoors 2:30 8 Soccer Confederations Cup, Semifinal: Teams TBA. (N) 3:00 & Golf U.S. Women’s Open Championship, First Round. (N) 3:30 ; Destination Polaris 4:00 ; Golf Life N On the Edge P Mountain Movers 5:00 8 Confederations Cup Studio (N) N NASCAR Racing Camping World Truck Series: UNOH 225, Qualifying. (N) 7:00 8 2013 NBA Draft Preview Show ; Bull Riding Championship. 7:30 8 2013 NBA Draft (N) 8:00 & X Games Munich. M 2013 Tour de France Preview 9:00 ; EA Sports Game Time M CFL Football Montreal Alouettes at Winnipeg Blue Bombers. 9:30 ; UFC Ultimate Insider 10:00 9 BBC News ; UFC Unleashed 9 BBC News

FRIDAY AUGUST 16, 2013 [ World Sport 12:30 PM 9 BBC News 1:00 N NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup: Quaker State 400, Final Practice. 3:00 & Golf U.S. Women’s Open Championship, Second Round. 8 2013 Wimbledon Championships Early Round, Day 5. (N) 3:30 N NASCAR Racing Nationwide Series: Feed the Children 300, Qualifying. (N) 5:00 N NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup: Quaker State 400, Qualifying. (N) 5:30 . MLB Baseball New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles. (N) 7:30 8 NASCAR Racing Nationwide Series: Feed the Children 300. (N) 10:00 8 X Games Munich. = MLB Baseball Chicago Cubs at Seattle Mariners. (N) M 2013 Tour de France Preview 11:00 M IndyCar Racing Firestone Lights Series: Iowa Speedway 100.

SATURDAY AUGUST 17, 2013 12:30 PM 9 Final Score 1:00 & Softball National Pro Fastpitch: Chicago Bandits at Akron Racers. (N) 2:00 * Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series (N) M Formula One Racing British Grand Prix Qualifying. N MotoGP Racing Moto2: Dutch Grand Prix. 2:30 ` Live From the U.S. Women’s Open (N) ; Destination Polaris 3:30 & CFL Football Saskatchewan Roughriders at Edmonton Eskimos. (N) Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

M Motorcycle Racing AMA Moto-X 338 National 450 & 250 Moto II. (N) 7:00 N MotoGP Racing World Championship: Dutch Grand Prix. 8:00 & Softball National Pro Fastpitch: Chicago Bandits at Akron Racers. (N) N MotoGP Racing Moto2: Dutch Grand Prix. 11:00 & NHRA Drag Racing O’Reilly Auto Parts Route 66 Nationals, Qualifying. M Swimming U.S. National Championships. N NASCAR Victory Lane (N) 11:30 N Inside the Headsets

SUNDAY AUGUST 18, 2013 12:30 PM ` 2013 Tour de France Stage ; Halls of Fame 2:00 & MLS Soccer Houston Dynamo at New York Red Bulls. * PGA Tour 2013: Visionaries = MLB Baseball Cleveland Indians at Chicago White Sox. (N) 2:30 ` Live From the U.S. Women’s Open (N) 3:00 _ ( 2013 Wimbledon Championships Week One Highlights. 5:30 8 Soccer Confederations Cup, 6:00 ; Bull Riding Championship. N Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Lake Elsinore. (N) 9:00 & NHRA Drag Racing O’Reilly Auto Parts Route 66 NHRA Nationals. 10:00 N My Classic Car (N) 11:30 ` Sports Final

MONDAY AUGUST 19, 2013 12:45 PM 9 Sport Today 1:30 M American Hero Experience 2:30 M Jimmy Houston Outdoors 3:00 & 2013 Wimbledon Championships Round of 16. (N) 3:30 8 College Football Live 6:00 M The Crossover With Michelle Beadle (N) N NASCAR Race Hub (N) 6:30 M The Crossover With Michelle Beadle 7:00 & NFL Live (N) 8 MLB Baseball Teams TBA. 8:00 & 2012 World Series of Poker 4 WWE Monday Night RAW N Pinks - All Out 10:00 & 2012 World Series of Poker 8 Baseball Tonight (N) 10:30 M The Crossover With Michelle Beadle 11:00 & SportsNation 9 BBC News M Pro Football Talk (N) N Pinks - All Out

TUESDAY AUGUST 20, 2013 12:45 PM 9 Sport Today 1:00 9 BBC News


N MotoGP Racing Moto2: Dutch Grand Prix. 1:30 M North American Fisherman 2:00 ; Destination Polaris M Saltwater Experience N MotoGP Racing World Championship: Dutch Grand Prix. 2:30 M Into the Blue 3:00 & 2013 Wimbledon Championships Women’s Quarterfinals. (N) 3:30 8 College Football Live M Fishing Texas 4:00 6 Reel Rivals 6:00 & Around the Horn (N) M The Crossover With Michelle Beadle (N) 7:00 ; Boys in the Hall 7:30 8 2013 ESPY’s Nomination Special (N) 8:00 & WNBA Basketball Tulsa Shock at Connecticut Sun. (N) 8 Nine for IX (Series Premiere) ; Bull Riding Championship. 9:00 8 Nine for IX ; UFC Unleashed 10:00 & Nine for IX (N) 8 Baseball Tonight (N) 10:30 ; UFC Ultimate Insider M The Crossover With Michelle Beadle 11:00 & NFL Live 9 BBC News M Pro Football Talk 11:30 N Gearz

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 21, 2013 12:45 PM 9 Sport Today 1:30 ; Courtside Jones M Knot Right Kayak Fishing 2:30 M Bass 2 Billfish 3:00 & 2013 Wimbledon Championships Men’s Quarterfinals. 8 Outside the Lines (N) M Hobie Outdoor Adventures 3:30 8 College Football Live ; Boys in the Hall 4:00 & SportsNation (N) 5:00 & NFL32 (N) M Pro Football Talk (N) N Chop Cut Rebuild 6:00 ; UFC Ultimate Insider M The Crossover With Michelle Beadle (N) N NASCAR Race Hub (N) 6:30 M The Crossover With Michelle Beadle 7:00 & NFL Live (N) 8 MLB Baseball Teams TBA. 8:00 & Nine for IX ; Boxing Golden Boy Live. 9:00 & 30 for 30 10:00 & SEC Storied (N) 8 Baseball Tonight (N) 10:30 ; UFC Ultimate Insider M The Crossover With Michelle Beadle N Pinks 11:00 9 BBC News M Motorcycle Racing

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