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Now in its 25th Year! Jan 17 - 23, 2013 Vol.25, No.18

YouR FRee Guide to our islands’ happenings

Miss Fifth Form

January 19th 2013

Also this week: Jah Cure live at Foxys • Blues Cruise at Myett’s • Major lazer at last Resort

This Week’s Feature Story

Foxy’s 5: Sand, Surf and Reggae Rhythms Under the Stars Put on your running shoes and grab your SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) if you have one and head over to Foxy’s for a weekend of marathon activity and dancing under the stars. Billed as the Foxy 5 Stand up & Run, there is a little something for everyone this weekend - Little Foxes” included. The grill is on both Friday and Saturday nights for a sumptuous Caribbean barbecue beginning at 6:30pm. On Saturday the 19th, the day’s activities will include a 5K run from Foxy’s in Great Harbour to Foxy’s Taboo on Diamond Cay with a start time of 4pm. This is a great challenge for the rugged and fit, as there is a pretty steep hill involved but once over the top it’s all down hill on a scenic course to Taboo on the northeast end of the island. After a needed few hours rest in a hammock by the sea, it is time to enjoy the night’s musical menu beginning with local opening acts; Spectrum Band, and Akingtafari followed by the Afro- Gospel beat of Sister Joyce. Headliner, Jamaican

Reggae star Jah Cure, will take the stage later in the night and keep the music pumping into the wee hours. The “High Priest of Reggae’s” latest album World Cry produced two hit singles, Unconditional Love and Nothing is Impossible that remain at the top of the charts. Tickets for the night’s performance are $50 in advance $60 at the door and this covers entry fees to both 5K events. Catch the first ferry over on Sunday 20th to be in time for the 5K SUP competition which launches off from Foxy’s Taboo at 10am. Stand Up Paddlers head on a course east to Sandy Spit followed by a longer southern reach downwind past Little Harbour with a finish at Foxy’s. There will be a less challenging SUP “Little Fox” competition with cash prizes and gift certificates for both groups. Cosponsor International Leisure has a line of inflatable SUP boards available for demonstrations and trial runs. The weekend is accurately billed Stand up and Run, but save a little energy for the dancing as well. Call Foxy’s 4959258 for further details. – Jane Bakewell


Vol. 25, No. 18 • Jan 17 - 23, 2013

By Paul Backshall

Coming Home I always look forward to coming back home to the islands. Retirement has given me the opportunity to spend some time in France, which Betty and I enjoy immensely, but coming home always gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Home, of course, is where you hang your hat, but spending more years in the BVI than anywhere else on earth, gives it that homey feeling. Home though, is not always perfect, and arriving at the ferry boat terminal in Charlotte Amalie in November and finding the ferry for which I had tickets was not running reminded me that indeed I was home – or at least, almost. As usual we had a lot of luggage, but at least we had all of it, so far. After buying tickets for “the other ferry,” we joined the queue only to be told that the people just ahead of us were the last ones and we would have to wait for the next boat. Well, to tell you the truth, I’d rather wait for the next boat than be on an overcrowded vessel, providing there was going to be a next ferry. After being assured there would be a boat in an hour or so, we settled down to wait. One of the best things about coming home is the gradual appearance (often starting in San Juan) of people you know. So after some cheerful handshaking and cheek-kissing, we were able to catch up with some of the news we’d missed over the past six

Lime ... “to hang around idly” or “to go out on the town.” Source: The Dictionary of Virgin Islands English Creole by the late educator and historian Lito Valls. The Limin’ Times brings you all the news about when and where to “lime” in the British Virgin Islands. Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

months. Inevitably some of it was about people who had died or moved away, but most of it was cheerful. I had spent some time watching tourists, bound for the BVI, getting in the party mood at the small dockside bar. What the heck, I thought, I’m almost a tourist and I’m on the last leg of the trip, so I ordered a pain-killer. That was a mistake. I shoudda hadda beer. After waiting several minutes I got the weakest painkiller I’ve ever had, in a plastic cup at an inflated price. I just hoped the other tourists had had enough drinks not to notice. Finally the boat came in and I made sure our luggage was loaded. The ride over was cool and breezy, the islands looked lovely and, frustrations aside, I was feeling glad to be home.

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Vol. 25, No. 18 • Jan 17 - 23, 2013

Ask Koren Your personal E-therapist, is in the house!

I’m a Boring Girlfriend Ask Koren Dear Koren, My boyfriend claims to love me a lot but it seems that when he is around me, he is not happy. He just watches television and doesn’t talk much. When he is with friends, he is quite lively and exciting and talks a lot and I see a different side of him. How can I get him to feel the same way about being with me as he is with his friends? –Girlfriend

often, the guys depend on us females to figure out the fun stuff in a relationship, so nothing is wrong with you taking the initiative to make suggestions for activities to engage in as a couple. You must also consider that sometimes he needs some down time. I know many persons, who can be the life of the party, but when they get home or in their comfort zone, they prefer to just relax quietly. Maybe you are his relaxing comfort zone. Remember also, that you can have a life outside of your boyfriend. No one person is solely responsible for the happiness of another and it’s too much pressure for him to entertain you constantly. So make sure you spend time with your own friends and do things for fun on your own. Relationships will have their fun lively moments and their quiet reflective ones – the important thing is that you are on the same page with each other.

Dear Girlfriend, Your focus should not be on getting your boyfriend to feel or act towards you as he feels and acts towards his friends; it’s two different types of relationships. Your focus should be on building on what you have and making each moment together count. People react differently around different persons for various reasons. Do you know what each other’s likes and dislikes are? Do you share a lot of common interests? Is he encouraged to be himself or do you expect him to act a certain way? All these things could influence his behavior. If you have nothing in common, it’s easier to be bored with each other. Ask him what he would like for you to do on date nights and observe what activities bring out that exciting, lively side of him that you seem to prefer. Pair his favourite activities with yours and try to spend more time doing what you have in common. Quite

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

Send your questions confidentially to or via twitter at @korennorton



Vol. 25, No. 18 • Jan 17 - 23, 2013

tv specials & highlights THURSDAY JANUARY 17, 2013 7:00 0 Project Runway All Stars 1 Dogs 101 7:30 P Abandoned 8:00 0 Project Runway All Stars B The First 48 L Property Wars P Ultimate Factories 8:30 L Property Wars 9:00 _ ( Last Resort ) The Vampire Diaries

* The Big Bang Theory , The This Old House Hour ` 30 Rock . White Collar 0 Project Runway All Stars 1 Deadly 60 D Marijuana Inc.: Inside America’s Pot Industry Trish Regan goes behind the scenes to explore the inner workings of the U.S. marijuana industry. J Bitter Blood A disturbed divorcee wages war against her ex-husband.

tv specials & highlights

L Property Wars P Brain Games 9:30 ` Parks and Recreation 1 Deadly 60 6 It Could Happen Tomorrow L Property Wars 9:31 * Two and a Half Men 10:00 _ ( Grey’s Anatomy ) The Carrie Diaries , Frontline B The First 48: Missing Persons D Shadow Billionaire DHL cofounder Larry Hillblom disappeared during a routine flight. (N) L Moonshiners P Rocket City Rednecks 10:01 * Person of Interest 10:30 $ Entre el Amor y el Deseo 6 Lifeguard! P Rocket City Rednecks 10:31 ` 1600 Penn 11:00 0 Double Divas 1 Dog Whisperer 4 Suits L Property Wars P Diggers

FRIDAY JANUARY 18, 2013 7:00 1 Dogs 101 B The First 48 L Gold Rush P Access 360 World Heritage 7:30 < Echoes of Our Choices The success women have had achieving natural pregnancies. > The Soup 8:00 B Duck Dynasty L Gold Rush P Sex in the Stone Age An archaeological find reveals an unknown species that lived at the same time as the Neanderthals. 8:30 B Duck Dynasty 8:45 ∏ UNIVERSAL - VR. THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER VR FAMILY PAN 9:00 _ ( Last Man Standing ) Nikita * Undercover Boss ` Betty White’s Off Their Rockers 1 The Planet’s Funniest Animals 2 Comic View: One Mic Stand ∏ R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series 9:30 ` Betty White’s Off Their Rockers 1 The Planet’s Funniest Animals 2 Comic View: One Mic Stand B Duck Dynasty 9:31 _ ( Malibu Country 10:00 _ ( Shark Tank ) Beauty and the Beast * CSI: NY , The Mind of a Chef ` Dateline NBC 1 My Cat From Hell L Gold Rush 10:15 ∫ Behind the Scenes , The Mind of a Chef B Duck Dynasty 11:00 * Blue Bloods Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide


Your Guide to British Virgin Islands Events By Jane Bakewell

Miss Fifth Form Pageant Pageant fever is in the air. A tap-dancing contestant from New York was just crowned Miss America on January 12th and on Saturday the 19th at the MultiPurpose Complex, one fortunate young lady will get the Miss Fifth Form Pageant Title. Chairperson of the Pageant Committee Bisa Smith says, “We have an exciting team this year.” The Ministry of Education and Culture is the Supreme Platinum Sponsor offering a three- year college scholarship. Contestants will have four segments to compete in: Introduction, Career Wear, Talent and Evening Wear. The show starts at 7pm and tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for children.

hour intervals with local favorite MJ Blues and Band. This sets the stage at 3pm for some authentic Louisiana Creole music with Grammy Award artist Terrance Simien and his Zydeco Experience Band. Zydeco music hails from Louisiana and is a fusion of the music of Creoles and Cajuns with urban blues and jazz. Simien is considered a Zydco master and is recognized internationally as one of the top artists Roots Music today. Tortola’s own brand of “roots music” comes on at 5pm with the Scratch band sounds of “Lashing Dogs.” The evening showcase presents Mitch Woods, considered “the torchbearer of American Blues music for three decades.” Woods brands his fusion sounds as “rock-a-boogie.” So plan on a full day and evening of jumpin’ n Jivin’.

Music & Marathon at Foxy 5 There is a big weekend ahead at Foxy’s for dancers, distance runners, and SUP competitors promoted as the Foxy 5 Stand Up and Run, A 5K distance run and SUP (Standup Paddleboard) competition is planned and evening entertainment on Saturday the 19th by the “High priest of Regaae” Jah Cure along with local favorites, Spectrum Band and Akingtafari. See In the Limelight Page 3 for more information.

Blues Cruise at Myett’s

Major Lazer at the Last Resort

Who said weeknights could not be a party night? Myett’s is hosting an All Day Blues Cruise Music Fest on Wednesday the 23rd beginning at 11am in two

Live at the Last Resort presents Major Lazer on Tuesday the 22nd - a unique musical presentation


Vol. 25, No. 18 • Jan 17 - 23, 2013

live music •events •concerts •p



SUGARMILL — 4 Strong Plus 7-10pm

ROAD TOWN PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm


ORIGIN — Sushi from 5-11pm

SCRUB ISLAND — Live music and BBQ 6-10pm

FORT BURT — $2 Bud specials daily CANE GARDEN BAY

FOXY’S (JVD) — Caribbean BBQ from 6:30pm


MYETT’S — Tapas-Sunset happy hour with KapEye ROAD TOWN QUITO’S — Live music by Quito solo

PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm


ORIGIN — Sushi from 5-11pm



PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm

from 7pm

ORIGIN — Sushi from 5-11pm


TERRACE CLUB (OLD BAT CAVE) — VIP Opening Heineken Party with DJs Cypha, Chris, Mehow, Wizz & Rampage

MYETT’S — Lobster Mania sunset happy hour


with KapEye QUITO’S — Live Music by Guest & the Edge WEST END

THE CLUBHOUSE — at Frenchman’s Mojito

THE CLUBHOUSE — at Frenchman’s Mojito

Madness Jappy Jour and $2 tacos

Madness Jappy Jour and $2 tacos



MYETT’S — Speciality Pizza sunset happy hour with Brian Neale

SCRUB ISLAND — Party time music by local DJ & dancing 7-10pm

QUITO’S — Live music by Quito & the Edge alongside DJ Hype

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide


FOXY’S (JVD) — Party weekend featuring Jah Cure music by Spectrum Band, Sister Joyce Akingtafari

ts •parties •sports •movies and more


MYETT’S — Sunset happy hour with KapEye special


guest 7pm TBA

THE CLUBHOUSE — at Frenchman’s Sunday



Brunch from 11-2pm THE CLUBHOUSE — at Frenchman’s Mojito CANE GARDEN BAY MYETT’S — Sunset happy hour with Brian Neale, Special guest performance by Mitch Woods 7pm


Madness Jappy Jour and $2 tacos VG & OUTER ISLANDS LAST RESORT — Major Lazer live from 10:30pm


PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm



ORIGIN — Sushi from 5-11pm

MYETT’S — Mexican Monday Sunset happy hour w/


Farmer’s Week — Feb 1 -8

Candyman, special performance by Mitch Woods 7pm

The Grandsons — Feb 1 & 2

THE CLUBHOUSE — at Frenchman’s Mojito

HLSCC VI Showcase

QUITO’S — Live Music by Guest Artist

Madness Jappy Jour and $2 tacos

— Feb 16



SCRUB ISLAND — Live music & Tropical Caribbean

MYETT’S — Blues Cruise Music Fest 11-1, MJ Blues &

buffet 6-10pm

Band 1-3, Terrance Simien & The Zydeco Experience 3-

HLSCC Calypso Showcase

5, Lashing Dogs 5-7 & Mitch Woods 7 until

ft. David Rudder — Mar 15

QUITO’S — Live Music by Guest Artist

Beef Island Race


— Mar 10


SCRUB ISLAND — Live music & Tropical Caribbean

BVI Spring Regatta &

buffet 6-10pm

Sailing Festival — Mar 25-31

QUITO’S —Live music Quito plays solo

TUESDAY - JAN 22 ROAD TOWN ORIGIN — Sushi from 5-11pm

Christobel & The Jons — Mar 1 & 2

Ringmaster 2012 — April 13 & 14 - 20 & 21 HLSCC Classical Showcase “Opera”— May 11 11

Vol. 25, No. 18 • Jan 17 - 23, 2013

(contd. from page 9)

with both audio and visual components. The musical buzz around the island has been about the two DJ’s who combine a reggae fused electronic sound with lights and visuals. Several of their music videos have garnered awards. Their break out album Guns Don’t Kill people -Lazers Do included the hit single Pon de Floor. Their latest album Free the Universe is scheduled for a February release. Tickets are $10 at the door after 10:30pm. For more info call the Lat Resort at 495-2520.

The Terrace Club Grand Opening Friday night the 18th the Terrace Club is the hot spot to be for their VIP opening presented by local favorite Bounce. The DJ lineup includes popular DJ’s: Wizz, Rampage, Cypha, Chris, and Mehow. This is a rockin’ Heineken party with specials. Entrance fee is $15 at the door or free with VIP passes.

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide


By Jane Bakewell

The Words Every writer who dreams of getting their work published also hopes it will be well received. Many secretly hope for the “instant fame” that comes from an Oprah Book Club review. In this dramatic film, which contains a story within a story and a narrator to tie it all together, The Words director, Brian Klugman demonstrates the lengths one writer will go to - to achieve literary fame. The outer layer starts with Clay Hammond (Dennis Quaid) reading an excerpt from his book, The Words at a college reading forum. The story then flips to live drama of the characters in his novel. Rory Jansen (Bradley Cooper) is a struggling writer faced with one rejection slip after the next. On a honeymoon in Paris with new bride Dora (Zoe Zaldana), they wander into an antiques shop, where Dora buys him a richly worn leather valise. Sometime later when back home, he discovers a beautifully written novel tucked inside the leather folds. A moment of “ethical angst “ settles over him as he ponders the unthinkable- putting his own name on the manuscript. Once he starts retyping the story verbatim, his decision and his fate are sealed. His novel achieves critical success and his secret remains hidden until he meets in a “chance encounter” in the park an old man (Jeremy Irons) who begins to tell Rory about a young post WWII GI in France (now acted out in a second layer), who falls in love and marries a young French woman and all is well until they lose their first infant child to illness. The strain almost breaks the marriage and as the wife leaves to be with her family, he writes to assuage his

Cast & Credits Dennis Quaid ---------------------------Clay Hammond John Hannah-------------------------------Richard Ford Zoe Saldana--------------------------------Dora Jansen Olivia Wilde--------------------------------------Daniella Bradley Cooper------------------------------Rory Jansen pain. He sends the typed manuscript to his wife and she loves it agreeing to return by train. On the train the manuscript in a leather valise is mistakenly left behind. One can connect the dots and now see the author facing the plagiarist of his life’s work with an uncanny calm and a desire to see what Rory will do with this information. The core drama of a novelist loosing his life’s work and how that affects his life and future decisions is what grips and the acting in this segment is powerful. The outer layer of the plagiarist feels shallow and less developed although it does make one wonder how often this may occur in the publishing world today. 13

Vol. 25, No. 18 • Jan 17 - 23, 2013

Liminâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Times Entertainment Guide


By Jay Bobbin

Cheadle and Bell Continue ‘Lies’ and Laughs on Showtime It’s the truth: House of Lies remains ferocious and funny in its second round. The edgy Showtime series has resumed Sunday episodes on the strength of Golden Globe and NAACP Image Award nominations for star Don Cheadle as Marty Kaan, the slick management consultant always striving to keep himself, the equally sharp Jeannie (Kristen Bell) and the rest of his highliving “Pod” team (Ben Schwartz, Josh Lawson) a step ahead. That’s crucial now that they’ve evaded an unwanted merger ... but there also are personal matters to attend to, sometimes mixing uncomfort-

“I think the foot is on the gas fully,” muses the

ably with professional ones.

veteran of Hotel Rwanda, Traffic, Ocean’s Eleven and

“It took a second to try and find who he was

many other movies. “It’s daunting, the energy out-

again, to get back in the groove again,” Cheadle says

put it requires, and you have to stay healthy. In TV,

of stepping back into Marty’s skin for Season 2. “I

there’s never enough time. We’re sometimes shoot-

was coming right off of filming Iron Man 3. I had

ing 12- to 14-hour-days; the crew is always working

about five days, then I started the show again, so it

that long, so it’s a lot to ask of everybody involved,

was a little tricky.”

but it’s a job that I love to feel exhausted from

Indeed, Marty consistently operates with all pis-


tons firing, so Cheadle must also.

The same goes for co-star Bell, who has been

“It’s pretty interesting,” he says, “and we were

making the new House of Lies season while expect-

lucky that we had a lot of time to develop the scripts.

ing her first child with significant other Dax Shepard.

I was seeing them before I had to go back and finish

“She’s a well of vulnerability and manipulation

Iron Man 3, so at least I had an understanding of

and perversion,” Bell says of Jeannie, “all these

what it was going to be like.”

emotions that women are not supposed to have as

Cheadle actually had a concept of that even

the female on a television series. She’s written so

before reading the words, since Marty always will be

well, she’s just an onion. There’s always a new layer

the driven, in-your-face Marty.

I can peel back.” 15

Vol. 25, No. 18 • Jan 17 - 23, 2013

Liminâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Times Entertainment Guide


By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Starting Off On A Record Tear Eldred Henry isn’t a guy to be easily missed. Not with his stature. The 18-year old stands sixfeet – five inches, and tips the scale at 318 pounds. He’s well chiseled and also focused. I remember the first time I met him a year ago. The only question I could ask was “Where did they find this guy?” But, over the past year, Henry, coached by Omar Jones, who only got into track and field in 2012, is becoming a household name. While the male specimen who ruled the sport in the territory for 35 years between 1970 and 2005 had been sleeping for the last seven years, Henry would become the one leading the male renaissance. Henry ended his 2012 season by establishing a Shot Put National Jr. record, when he competed in San Salvador, El Salvador, in his first international competition. During Saturday’s Gatorade Development/Hastings Grant Memorial Series opener, his first throw sent the 14-pound iron ball out to 16.99m or 55’9.” “When I started, I didn’t’ like the Shot Put because it used to hurt my wrist,” he reflected. It took some getting used to tossing the 14-pound iron ball using his wrist. He also throws the Discus, with a best of 45.08m (147’10”). “But now I like the both of them,” he added. “When I started improving in the Shot, the other one improved,” he noted. “So it’s hard to pick any one. I like both of them.” The Central American and Caribbean Jr. Championships last year, gave Henry a better understanding of where he stood among his peers in his

Shot Putter/Discus Thrower Eldred Henry

events and also showed him how far he has to go to be on par with them a lesson learned and now fueling his motivation. “It opened my eyes to what others are doing and what I have to throw to be one of the best, because staying on Tortola isn’t saying anything and I wouldn’t have gone anywhere,” he said. “I would’ve been the best in the BVI, but I want to be the best everywhere in the world. As it was my fist international meet, I learned a lot. I was a finalist, so I felt good about that.” He will open his Discus Throw campaign at the Jan 25 Gatorade/Tahesia Harrigan-Scott Classic Development meet, set to go off at 5:30 p.m. His goal this year is big improvement in both events. “I want to throw 60m (196’10”) in Discus and 20m (65’7 ”) in the Shot Put,” he said. “You have the think big to throw far. You can’t undermine yourself by thinking small. You have to thing big.” Follow the BVI Athletics Association on http// or on Twitter, @BVIathletics. The association also has a facebook page—BVI Athletics Association. You are encouraged to log on and like it. 17

Vol. 25, No. 18 • Jan 17 - 23, 2013

THURSDAY JANUARY 17, 2013 12:45 PM 9 Sport Today 1:00 8 SportsCenter (N) ; Tennis Champions Series: Tampa. N NASCAR Sprint Cup Replay 1:30 M The Next Bite 2:00 M American Hero Experience 2:30 M O’Neill Outside 3:00 & 2013 Australian Open Tennis Second Round. (N) ; Blading Cup 2012 3:30 M Babe Winkelman’s Good Fishing 4:00 8 Outside the Lines (N) ; Ultimate Dodgeball Championships 4:30 8 College Football Live 7:30 ; EA Sports Game Time N Pinks 8:00 8 College Basketball M CNBC Sports Biz: Game On! N Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auction (N) 9:00 ; Tennis Champions Series: Tampa. 10:00 & College Basketball Oregon State at UCLA. (N) 8 College Basketball Teams

4:00 M College Basketball Columbia at Cornell. (N) 5:00 & College Basketball Creighton at Wichita State. (N * College Basketball Oregon at UCLA. (N) 8 College Basketball Syracuse at Louisville. (N) 5:30 ; College Basketball California at Stanford. (N) 7:00 & College Football NFLPA Bowl. (N) 8 College Basketball Ohio State at Michigan State. (N) M College Basketball UNLV at Colorado State. (N) 9:00 = NBA Basketball Memphis Grizzlies at Chicago Bulls. 10:00 & 2013 Australian Open Tennis Round of 16. (N) 8 College Basketball Gonzaga at Butler. (N) ; College Basketball Arizona at Arizona State.


12:00 ; The Best of Pride 1:00 & First Take 2:30 M The Fishing Adventurer 3:00 & 2013 Australian Open Tennis Third Round. (Taped) M Fishing With Roland Martin N Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auction (N) 5:30 9 Football Focus 6:00 M Pro Football Talk (N) 7:00 ; EA Sports Game Time M NBC Sports Talk (N) 8:00 8 NBA Basketball Chicago Bulls at Boston Celtics. (N) 8:30 M College Hockey Harvard at Yale. (N) 9:00 ; Boxing Golden Boy: Deontay Wilder vs. Kertson Manswell. 10:00 & 2013 Australian Open Tennis Third Round. (N) 10:30 8 NBA Basketball Oklahoma City Thunder at Dallas Mavericks. (N) 11:00 ; Sports Unlimited

12:30 PM * Sunday Sports Blitz ; Halls of Fame 1:00 , V.I. Horse Races 2:00 * Motorcycle Racing Monster Energy AMA Supercross World Championship. (Taped) ; Women’s College Basketball Iowa State at Oklahoma State. (N) 4:00 & Women’s College Basketball Maryland at Georgia Tech. (N) ; Women’s College Basketball Alabama-Birmingham at Texas-El Paso. (N) 4:30 M Tour Down Under Classic Preshow (N) 6:00 & Women’s College Basketball Texas A&M at Georgia. 7:00 * The NFL Today (N) N National Arenacross Series Racing Grand Rapids. (N) 7:30 * NFL Football AFC Championship: Teams TBA. (N) 9:00 N Auto Racing FIA GT1 World Championship: Germany. 10:00 & 2013 Australian Open Tennis Round of 16. (N) 11:30 M Star-Spangled Sundays




1:00 & College Basketball Connecticut at Pittsburgh. (N) 1:30 ; College Basketball Harvard at Memphis. (N) 3:00 & College Basketball Texas Tech at Oklahoma State. * College Basketball Regional Coverage. (N) 8 College Basketball Missouri at Florida. (N) 3:30 ; College Basketball Arizona at Arizona State. (N) Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

12:45 PM 9 Sport Today 2:00 8 NBA Basketball Indiana Pacers at Memphis Grizzlies. (N) 2:30 M American Hero Experience 3:30 M Jimmy Houston Outdoors 4:00 = NBA Basketball M Hank Parker’s Outdoor Magazine 4:30 8 College Basketball Cincinnati at Syracuse. (N) 5:00 & NFL Live (N) 7:00 M NBC Sports Talk (N) N NASCAR Race Hub (N)


8:00 & Women’s College Basketball Duke at Connecticut. (N) 8:30 8 College Basketball Georgetown at Notre Dame. (N) 9:00 4 WWE Monday Night RAW (N) = NBA Basketball 10:00 & 2013 Australian Open Tennis Men’s and Women’s Quarterfinals. (N) 10:30 8 College Basketball Texas at Oklahoma. (N)

TUESDAY JANUARY 22, 2013 12:45 PM 9 Sport Today 1:00 M The Box Score (N) N NASCAR Sprint Cup Replay 1:30 M Babe Winkelman’s Good Fishing 2:30 & NFL Films Presents (N) M North American Fisherman 3:00 & 2013 Australian Open Tennis Men’s and Women’s Quarterfinals. (Taped) ; Premier League Review Show 4:00 8 Outside the Lines (N) 6:00 & NFL32 (N) 7:00 M NBC Sports Talk (N) 8:00 & College Basketball Pittsburgh at Providence. (N) 8 College Basketball Michigan State at Wisconsin. (N) 9:00 ; College Basketball California at Stanford. 10:00 & 2013 Australian Open Tennis Men’s and Women’s Quarterfinals. (N) 8 College Basketball Kentucky at Alabama. (N) 11:00 ; Premier League Review Show 11:45 9 Sport Today

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 23, 2013 12:45 PM 9 Sport Today 1:30 M Hank Parker’s Outdoor Magazine 2:30 M Extreme Kayak Fishing Challenge 3:00 & 2013 Australian Open Tennis Men’s and Women’s Quarterfinals. (Taped) 4:00 8 Outside the Lines (N) M George Poveromo’s World of Saltwater Fishing 4:30 8 College Football Live M Tour Down Under Highlight Show (N) 7:00 ; UFC Ultimate Insider (N) 8:00 & ProFILE: 60 8 College Basketball Duke at Miami. (N) 8:30 & College Basketball Texas Christian at West Virginia. 9:00 ; College Basketball Arizona at Arizona State. 10:00 8 College Basketball Georgia Tech at North Carolina. 10:30 & 2013 Australian Open Tennis Women’s Semifinals. (N)

tv specials & highlights 0 Teen Trouble 1 Dog Whisperer 3 Boss

P Wicked Tuna: Hooked Up [ BackStory ∂ Girls 9:30 > Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami ∂ Enlightened 9:45 ∫ The Geneva International Motor Show 2012 10:00 _ ( Revenge , Masterpiece Classic 1 Mutant Planet The power of evolution. > Kourtney and Kim Take Miami 10:30 $ Extra Normal B Storage Wars 11:00 * Hawaii Five-0 , The Abolitionists: American < A World at Prayer: The Vision of Patrick Peyton Narrated by Loretta Young, includes footage of Father Peyton’s early life, his radio and TV programs, appearances with Hollywood stars, and excerpts from sermons. > Chasing The Saturdays B Storage Wars P Mudcats

tv specials & highlights


7:00 , History Detectives 1 Cats 101 2 Queen Queen oversees the devastated plantation, but leaves when she realizes the family will never accept her; Queen is raped by her wealthy white fiance. (Part 2 of 3) 7:30 6 From the Edge With Peter Lik 8:00 $ A Cada Quien su Santo L Amish Mafia P Doomsday Preppers 8:30 B Storage Wars 9:00 _ ( 20/20 * 4 NCIS 9:30 2 Queen Queen unknowingly agrees to work for the wife of a Ku Klux Klan leader; despite a happy marriage to Alec Haley, Queen is plagued by emotional instability. (Part 3 of 3) 6 Weather Caught on Camera 10:00 * Hawaii Five-0 ` Chicago Fire 1 Tanked 4 NCIS 6 Full Force Nature B The Haunting Of... P Mudcats 10:30 6 Full Force Nature 11:00 * 48 Hours , Independent Lens ` Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 0 Beyond the Headlines: Prosecuting Casey Anthony A mother is acquitted of killing her daughter. (N) 4 NCIS

SUNDAY JANUARY 20, 2013 7:00 1 Cats 101 > Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami B Storage Wars Texas L Moonshiners P Alaska State Troopers 7:30 2 King Martin Luther King Jr.’s nonviolent approach to achieving civil rights is characterized by peaceful marches that spread to Washington, D.C. With Paul Winfield and Cicely Tyson. (Part 2 of 3) 6 Lifeguard! > Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami B Storage Wars Texas 8:00 _ ( America’s Funniest Home Videos P The Man Who Can Fly The man who set the record for the longest flight in a wing suit trains to break his own record. 8:30 > Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami B Storage Wars Texas 9:00 _ ( Once Upon a Time , Masterpiece Classic 1 Biggest & Baddest 6 Sandy: Anatomy of a Superstorm The science of how this hurricane in the Caribbean developed into a devastating Superstorm.

MONDAY JANUARY 21, 2013 7:00 1 Cats 101 L Moonshiners P Alaska State Troopers ∫ Hunted 7:30 < Death as a Salesman: What’s Wrong With Assisted Suicide Euthanasia; the “right to die” in the Netherlands; hospice care. 8:00 L Moonshiners P Drugs, Inc. 9:00 _ ( The Bachelor ) The Carrie Diaries * How I Met Your Mother 1 The Planet’s Funniest Animals 9:30 * The Big Bang Theory 1 The Planet’s Funniest Animals 9:55 ∫ Yas Island 10:00 ) 90210 * 2 Broke Girls 10:30 $ Entre el Amor y el Deseo * Mike & Molly 6 Weather Caught on Camera 11:00 * Hawaii Five-0 ` Deception 0 Beyond the Headlines: Prosecuting Casey Anthony A mother is acquitted of killing her daughter. 1 Dog Whisperer


7:00 0 Dance Moms 1 Cats 101 7:30 P Diggers 8:00 0 Dance Moms 9:00 _ ( The Taste (Part 1 of 2) ) Hart of Dixie * NCIS P Doomsday Preppers ∂ Witness Photojournalist Eros Hoagland captures images in Juarez, Mexico. (Part 1 of 4) 9:05 ∏ Primeval 9:30 ` Betty White’s Off Their Rockers 1 Deadly 60 10:00 ) Emily Owens, M.D.

* NCIS: Los Angeles , The Abolitionists: American Experience (Part 3 of 3) ` Go On 0 Dance Moms 1 My Pet Shame 2 Keyshia & Daniel: Family First 4 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 10:30 ` The New Normal 6 Storm Riders B Storage Wars N Hard Parts: South Bronx 11:00 _ ( Private Practice * Vegas ` Parenthood 0 America’s Supernanny 1 Dog Whisperer 2 Real Husbands of Hollywood 4 White Collar

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 23, 2013 7:00 0 America’s Supernanny 1 Cats 101 L Amish Mafia P Hell on the Highway 7:30 6 Cantore Stories < Hearing God Catholic priest Christopher Klusman of Milwaukee. 7:40 Z Hollywood’s Top Ten 8:00 0 Wife Swap 4 NCIS 6 Weather Center Live B Duck Dynasty L Amish Mafia P Border Wars 8:30 B Duck Dynasty ∂ Enlightened 9:00 _ ( The Middle ) Arrow * Criminal Minds , Nature (Part 1 of 3) ` Whitney 0 Wife Swap 1 The Planet’s Funniest Animals 4 NCIS P Snipers, Inc. The business behind the .50-caliber M107 sniper rifle. 9:30 _ ( The Neighbors ` Guys With Kids 1 The Planet’s Funniest Animals B Duck Dynasty 10:00 _ ( Modern Family ) Supernatural * Criminal Minds , NOVA ` Law & Order: Special Victims Unit P Lords of War 10:30 $ Entre el Amor y el Deseo B Shipping Wars P Lords of War 10:31 _ ( Suburgatory 11:00 _ ( Nashville * CSI: Crime Scene Investigation ` Chicago Fire 0 Wife Swap 1 Dog Whisperer > The Soup L Moonshiners P Highway Thru Hell

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