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Now in its 24th Year! Aug 30 - Sept 5, 2012 Vol.24, No.50

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BVI Youth Take the Helm

ALSO THIS WEEK: Blue Moon Party @ Trellis Bay • Romantic Getaway @ Scrub • Tourist Board Photo Contest

Photos Courtesy of Brian Duff

This Week’s Feature Story

BVI Youth Sailing Goes International Youth Sailing has experienced a huge surge in participation here in the BVI over the past year. This has been a result of a serious outreach effort by Brian Duff, Director of Sailing Development at the Royal BVI Yacht Club and their sailing coach, Omari Scott from Antigua. Many of the children sailing in the training programs over the past two years have progressed into very competitive racers – some have travelled as far as Argentina and the USA to compete, as well as across the Caribbean region. Brian explains, “We now have a BVI Youth Racing Team that practices on Tuesday after school, and Saturday afternoon from 2pm till dusk out of Nanny Cay. This regular practice with Coach Omari’s expertise, this has helped them place in medal winning positions at nearly every event they have entered in the past year.” He continues, “However, the cornerstone of all our programs are the Nagico supported Saturday Funsailing classes which run almost every Saturday from 11:30am 2pm at Nanny Cay. These Funsail sessions are all about getting kids out on the water and them gaining confidence on different designs of boats, and most

importantly having fun on the water with friends.” New for this season is a KATS Development Program targeting 9-11 year olds. The aim of this program is to progress those kids who have graduated from the KATS feeder program and who are ready to move on to becoming competitive sailors. There will also be the after school sailing programs pioneered last year through a collaborative effort with Cedar International School which were a great success. These sessions will continue this year with classes for the “Learn to Sail Program” each Wednesday from 3:30pm-5:30pm; the “Girls ONLY! Sailing Day” on Thursday from 3:30pm-6pm and “IC24 Racing Teams” on Fridays from 3:30pm till dusk. So there is something for everyone, whatever your level of skill or experience and with so much on offer, sign up today as the spaces are limited. For the KATS Development Program, you can contact KATS or sign up at the office of Althea Scatliffe Primary. You can also contact the RBVIYC where you can get more information and sign up for the other programs. Visit their website at or e-mail Brian at – Jan Critchley


Vol. 24, No. 50 • Aug 30 - Sept 5, 2012

Ask Koren Daughter Wearing Locks... Oh The Horror

Your personal E-therapist, is in the house!

Ask Koren

Dear Koren, My daughter has always been a good child growing up and I had no problems with her. She did 2 years of college and is looking around for a job. My problem is that now she is putting her hair into this locks thing that looks so untidy. How can she expect to go on interviews looking like that? We are not Rastas so the hairstyle does not suit her. I was going to ask my boss if she could take her in our office but not until she changes her hair. How do I persuade her to do that? –Concerned Mother

are important. Young adults need to make some decisions on their own; it is a part of the growing up process and micromanaging every little thing they do, does not an independent adult make. She has a right to wear her hair naturally and locked and I do not believe that Labour laws encourage discrimination based on a person’s hairstyle. Many persons who are professed Rastafarians and also persons who choose to wear their hair locked carry themselves respectably and have quite good jobs; we should not discriminate. Natural hair is cheaper to maintain sometimes and some persons want a break from chemicals. Spend time trying to understand your daughter which is more important that trying to change her. Be proud of her for who she is and if you recommend her for a job, do it because she is capable of doing the work and not because she wears her hair in the way you like it.

Dear Mother, If you want to preserve the good relationship that you have with your daughter, please don’t try to make her into someone that she does not want to be. Either she will rebel and the relationship will suffer or if she changes just to please you, she will be resentful. I can understand if it was a personality trait that would be a setback for her through life, but a hairstyle? Come on, give her a break. A mother’s role is very broad and varied and includes guiding your child through life. You can let her know that sometimes people are judgmental and they might judge her by her appearance so she should be prepared for that. You can also teach her that inner beauty is just as important as external looks so that she cultivates good character traits. Those are life lessons that

Lime ... “to hang around idly” or “to go out on the town.” Source: The Dictionary of Virgin Islands English Creole by the late educator and historian Lito Valls. The Limin’ Times brings you all the news about when and where to “lime” in the British Virgin Islands. Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

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Vol. 24, No. 50 • Aug 30 - Sept 5, 2012

By Claudia Colli

Sitting in the Other Chair As a journalist I am used to interviewing people. It’s an integral part of my trade, a way to get deeper into a story, and over the years I have featured a host of interesting personalities from local boat builders to business people, athletes, farmers, and even some celebrities. My first celebrity interview was with Jimmy Buffet in his early days as a cruising troubadour. Cane Garden Bay was a favorite haunt of his in the late 70s and it was at this time that he penned the immortal lines to his song Mañana: “I hear it gets better that’s what they say, as soon as we sail to Cane Garden Bay.” When not at

morning talk program. When we were finished, Violet

Cane Garden, he docked at Village Cay Marina, which is

turned to me and said, “I’d like to interview you for my

where I found him sitting on the deck of his boat.

show.” This was a new and unexpected development.

Steeling my nerves, I told him I wrote for a local maga-

Me on television? What would I talk about? And more

zine, and asked if I could interview him for an article –

importantly, who would do my hair? When the day came, I did my own hair, of course,

amazingly, he said, “yes.” Well-known musicians and actors have always

and talking in front of the camera was less terrifying

passed through the BVI, and over the years, I have

than I had thought. Violet’s thoughtful questions, put

interviewed among others, Mick Fleetwood of the 70s

me at ease and gave me a framework to work with. I

rock group Fleetwood Mac who had hauled his boat at

spoke of The Welcome and its origins, and the process

the Nanny Cay Boat Yard. Most recently I had the good

of putting out all of our magazines including the Limin

fortune to interview Morgan Freeman, who is one of my

Times, the Restaurant & Food Guide, the Cruise Ship Visitor Guide and our website, Welcome Online, as well as of our small and hardworking staff who help get the magazines out in an efficient and timely fashion. Just as when I interview others, being the subject of one is a learning experience. Not only did I discover first hand what goes into a television production – but how it feels to sit in that other chair where I am answering and not asking questions.

favorite actors, and has been a frequent visitor to the BVI since 1991 when he first sailed his boat here. So I was completely unprepared to be the interviewee – and on television no less. In June, I had asked Violet Gaul of CBN Today if I could to speak to her and her co-host, Damion Grange, for a story for the October/November issue of The Welcome. I went to the CBN studio and had an informative chat about their Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide



Vol. 24, No. 50 • Aug 30 - Sept 5, 2012

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Your Guide to British Virgin Islands Events By Jan Critchley launch leaves Trellis Bay 45 minutes past the hour and returns on the half hour and there is complimentary dock service for restaurant guests. For dining and spa reservations call 440-3440.

Once in a Blue Moon It’s time again for one of the best family parties in town. Don’t miss the Blue Moon party at Trellis Bay, this Friday August 31st. Get there early, take a walk around Aragorn’s Studios and enjoy the live sounds of the Happy Rasta Band and Blue Moon Blues from 6pm to 8pm. Don’t miss the sumptuous Caribbean Buffet from 7pm and the amazing displays by local performers including the Mocko Jumbies before dancing the night away to the sounds of the Razorbladez Fungi Band who play from 8pm till midnight. The highlight of the night is the lighting of the fireballs and the burning man, usually around 9pm – so finish your week off in style in magical Trellis Bay.

Tourist Board Photo Competition The BVI Tourist Board is holding a photo competition and are encouraging locals throughout the Territory to share some of their best images. The competition is divided into two levels, professional and amateur and the winner for each level will receive a prize. The BVI Tourist Board said, “we want to see the BVI through your eyes” so get snapping your favorite views or people and be in to win this year’s photo competition. The competition ends on September 30th and application forms are available from the BVI Tourist Board Office or e-mail them at

Scrub Island – Romantic Getaway

Myett’s Garden & Grille

Grab your special someone and treat yourself to something different this week and head over to the BVI’s newest resort, Scrub Island for dinner or a luxurious spa for two. On Fridays, experience their BBQ in Paradise Buffet with live music, Peel ‘n Eat Shrimp, Conch Fritters plus BBQ chicken and ribs, salads and deserts. On Monday, enjoy Caribbean Night with live music and a Tropical Caribbean Buffet. For head to toe pampering – check out Ixora Spa as Emily and other therapists sooth all your stresses away. Their private

With many bars and restaurants closing, don’t forget Myett’s which is staying open all season long! It is a great spot overlooking beautiful Cane Garden Bay and known for its great food, themed nights (try Wacky Bushwacker Wednesday), great atmosphere and live music by Candyman from Monday to Thursday. To keep you active on the weekend, they also have beach volleyball and other beach games such as Boocibal and Corn Hole games. You can also rent Stand-up Paddle Boards to test your balance on


Vol. 24, No. 50 • Aug 30 - Sept 5, 2012

live music •events •concerts •p




QUITO’S — Live music Too Smooth Band & DJ Hype

PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm

MYETT’S — Speciality Pizza Night, Sunset HH

ORIGIN — Lunch take out from 12-2pm, Sushi

ELM’S — Beach BBQ & Live Entertainment;

from 5:30-11pm

Happy Hour 4-6:30pm



BEACH BAR — Wallyball Thursday from 5pm

ROCK CAFE — Jon Abrams at Sams Piano Bar 8pm SCRUB ISLAND — BBQ in paradise with live music

CANE GARDEN BAY MYETT’S — Sunset HH, Fish & C hip Special, Music by



QUITO’S — Live music by Too Smooth Band



PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm

ROCK CAFE — Jon Abrams at Sams Piano Bar 8pm SCRUB ISLAND — Wine paring dinner 7-10pm

ORIGIN — Sushi from 5:30-11pm

NANNY CAY NANNY CAY BEACH — Fun sail 11:30am- 2pm



PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm

MYETT’S — Volleyball, Sunset HH, Jerk Pork & Chicken

LE GRAND CAFÉ — Courvoisier Fridays


ORIGIN — Sushi from 5:30-11pm

QUITO’S — Live music by Candyman



TRELLIS BAY — Blue Moon Party with live music,

SCRUB ISLAND — Prime rib and seafood buffet 6-9pm

mocko jumbies fire sculptures & more.

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide





BEACH BAR — TGIF Party from 5pm. Free bar snacks

UPS — Latin Sunday


ts •parties •sports •movies and more



ELM’S — Beach BBQ & Live Entertainment;

SCRUB ISLAND — Caribbean Night & Tropical Buffet

Happy Hour 4-6:30pm

with live music from 6-10pm

MYETT’S — Volleyball, Sunset HH, Local Menu Specials




SEBASTIANS BY THE SEA — Live entertainment

LE GRANDE CAFÉ — Rôti de Porc Night (roast pig)

music by Candyman 7-10pm

ORIGIN — Sushi 5:30-11pm




MYETT’S — Speciality Pizza, Sunset HH & Music by

Brunch, Mojito Madness Jappy Jour

Candyman QUITO’S —Live music Quito palys solo

VG & OUTER ISLANDS SCRUB ISLAND — A taste of India 6-9pm

MONDAY - SEPT. 3 ROAD TOWN PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm LE GRAND CAFÉ — Heineken Happy Hour 5-7pm

MYETT’S — Margarita madness & Mexican menu;

Music by Candyman QUITO’S — Live Music by Guest Artist

Moorings Interline Regatta – Oct 9-18 CARICOM Wellness Day


— September 8

SCRUB ISLAND — Tapas & ‘Tinis

BVI Sea Perch Challenge


— September 8

ROAD TOWN LE GRAND CAFÉ — Heineken Happy Hour 5-7pm ORIGIN — Sushi from 5:30-11pm



Back to School Regatta — September 8 & 9 Health & Wellness Expo @ Treasure Isle Hotel


— September 12

MYETT’S — Wacky Wed., 2 for 1 Bushwacker HH &

Music by Candyman QUITO’S —Live Music by Too Smooth Band



SEBASTIANS BY THE SEA — Happy Hour 4-6pm

SEBASTIANS BY THE SEA — Happy Hour 4-6pm

Jason Bally Memorial Cycle Race — September 30 Full Moon — September 30 Virgins Cup — October 13 Kim Burrell @ HLSCC — October 27 Trafalgar Regatta — October 27


Vol. 24, No. 50 • Aug 30 - Sept 5, 2012

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the water. Once you have worked up a thirst, you can take advantage of their daily happy hour from 5pm till 7pm and relax and watch the sun go down. With their hotel, spa service and gift shop as well – you can easily make a day of it, so head down to Myett’s soon and see what you have been missing!

Also This Week…. UP’s Roller Skating Rink is now open, so check it out with a pal and whizz around to the latest sounds. The sessions run for one and a half hours for $10 and $5 for spectators. The sessions begin at 4:30pm except for Saturdays and Sundays when the start time is 2:30pm. So roll on over to UP’s soon! Its nearly time to head back to school and Bolo’s have all the stationery that you will need, plus there is a 15% discount on purchases $75 and over. All that you need to get you to the top of your class!



38 Tru TV

56 Sports Max

2 Community Bulletin Board

21 TBN

39 Headline News

57 Oxygen

3 TV Guide

22 The Weather Channel


58 TCM – Classic Hollywood

4 Azteca International

23 CNN

41 GSN

59 CNN Internatinal

6 ESPN2 Caribbean

24 ESPN Caribbean

42 Lifetime Movie Network

60 AXN


25 BBC World

43 3ABN

61 Animax

8 WSVI – St. Croix (ABC)

26 Tempo

44 The Discovery Channel

62 Warner Channel


27 Fox Soccer Channel

45 Versus

63 Sony Ent. TV



46 Speed

64 BBC America

11 WUTV-TV (Fox)

29 WGN

47 Disney Channel

65 The History Channel

12 WTJX-St. Thomas (PBS)

30 E! Entertainment TV

48 National Geographic Channel

66 The Biography Channel


31 VH1 Soul

49 Discovery Kids

67 Fox Deportes


32 Fox News Channel

50 Boomerang

69 TV Games Network

15 LIV

33 G4-Tech TV

51 CBN

70 HBO Caribbean

16 Lifetime Television

34 A&E


71 HBO Plus

17 Animal Planet

35 Nickelodeon

53 Food Network

72 HBO Family

18 BET



73 MAX

19 TNT International

37 Cartoon Network

55 JTV

74 Max Prime

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide


By Jan Critchley

The Newsroom If you enjoy a good political, newsroom drama, then you are going to love HBO’s, The Newsroom. The first season has just ended, however a day after the second episode aired, HBO renewed the series for a second season. In true HBO style it holds no punches and they are not afraid to tackle relevant issues such as ratings versus content and the political agendas of news organizations. Will McAvoy, (Jeff Daniels) is the anchor of the fictitious Atlantis Cable News flagship show News Night. At the beginning of the series he has become complacent. He is happy to read whatever is put in front of him and enjoy his six-figure salary. Enter MacKenzie McHale (Emily Mortimer), News Night’s new executive producer, a journalist who has earned her stripes in the field and Will’s ex girlfriend. Initially Will is incensed and fights Charlie Skinner (Sam Waterston) who is ACN’s news division president and insists that he cannot work with her. However, as the weeks go by, Will and Mackenzie develop an awkward but productive way of working helped by the fact that they both want to report the news and not be a live version of a celebrity magazine or produce items just because they are titillating to the general public. Each episode is set around a major news event from the recent past, such as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill or the killing of Osama Bin Laden. This acts as a background for the interpersonal drama, as well as providing a sense of familiarity, as the audience is likely to know the context and so not require too much explanation of events.

Cast & Credits Jeff Daniels ----------------------------------Will McAvoy Emily Mortimer---------------------Mackenzie Machale John Gallagher Jr.-----------------------------Jim Harper Alison Pill ---------------------------------Maggie Jordan Olivia Munn-------------------------------Sloan Sabbith The show is filled with trademark quips, fast banter and oddball pop culture references delivered by the young and enthusiastic newsroom staff that are superbly cast. In addition to MacKenzie’s ultra-intelligent right hand man, Jim Harper (John Gallagher Jr.), another standout is financial anchor Sloan Sabbath (Olivia Mumm) who is both insecure in her personal pursuits yet confident in her professional ability. A must-see-scene is when Sloan holds her own whilst going head to head with bourbon swilling Charlie Skinner – a word to the wise; don’t call her “girl!”


Vol. 24, No. 50 • Aug 30 - Sept 5, 2012

tv specials & highlights THURSDAY AUGUST 30, 2012 7:00 0 Project Runway 4 NCIS P Alaska State Troopers 7:30 C Splatalot 8:00 _ ( Wipeout ) Oh Sit! 0 Project Runway 8:30 ` Parks and Recreation

D Secret Lives of the Super Rich: Mega Homes Inside some of the most prestigious addresses on earth as Dolly deals with high-profile clients. 10:30 , Architect Robert A.M. Stern: Presence of the Past The architect and teacher bridges a divide between styles. 11:00 P Witness: Disaster in Japan Japan’s massive earthquake and resulting tsunami of 2011. ∫ Chicas Max Prime

tv specials & highlights

FRIDAY AUGUST 31, 2012 7:00 0 My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera P Alaska State Troopers 8:30 1 The Planet’s Funniest Animals 9:00 ) Nikita 9:01 _ ( 20/20 10:00 ` Dateline NBC 10:30 , Architect Robert A.M. Stern: Presence of the Past The architect and teacher bridges a divide between styles.

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 1, 2012 7:00 , Nature (Part 2 of 2) P Witness: Tornado Swarm The threeday tornado outbreak in April of 2011 spawned more than 300 twisters. 7:30 > Married to Jonas

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 2, 2012 7:00 _ ( America’s Funniest Home Videos 8:00 _ ( Secret Millionaire 1 Why We Love Cats and Dogs The bond between people and their fourlegged friends. 8:01 * Big Brother 11:00 1 Mountain Gorilla L MythBusters P Taboo

MONDAY SEPTEMBER 3, 2012 7:00 4 NCIS: Los Angeles : Caribbean DJ Honors 8:00 _ ( Bachelor Pad ) The L.A. Complex 8:30 1 The Planet’s Funniest Animals


9:00 ) America’s Next Top Model P Border Wars 10:00 * Hawaii Five-0 11:00 1 Hillbilly Handfishin’ P Locked Up Abroad

TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 4, 2012 7:00 0 Dance Moms 4 Law & Order: SVU 7:30 ∏ Feria de Juguetes de Nueva York 2012 8:00 _ ( The Middle 10:01 4 Covert Affairs 10:30 > Keeping Up With the Kardashians 11:00 0 The Week the Women Went 1 Pit Boss

WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 5, 2012 7:00 0 Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy (Part 2 of 2) 8:00 _ ( The Middle 1 The Planet’s Funniest Animals 9:00 _ ( Modern Family ) Supernatural 9:30 P Abandoned 10:00 * CSI: Crime Scene Investigation P America’s Lost Treasures 10:01 4 Necessary Roughness

By Jay Bobbin

Katie Couric Makes Her Move Into Daytime TV Talk Ricki Lake returns to the genre and Survivor host Jeff Probst launches his show the same day Katie premieres, and comedian Steve Harvey has had a one-week jump on them. Couric brings the longest TV history, though, and most definitely her singular brand. She displayed it very personally while spending much of the summer visiting many of the markets and stations that will carry Katie. “I’ve been racking up a lot of frequent-flier miles,” she says, “but it’s been really fun. I have a lot of respect for local news; I did it myself for a number of years (in Miami and Washington, D.C.), and the stations I’m going to be on are great. I feel very flattered that they’re welcoming me into their homes in a way, and it’s important for me to know their people so we can feel connected.” For all the milestones she’s had, Couric reasons the launch of Katie is “its own animal. This is not my first rodeo, and I’m not the fresh-faced young woman I was when I was named co-anchor of Today.That was probably one of the watershed moments of my career, because I never in a million years envisioned having that job. It seemed surreal to me, but going into the talk show genre seems like a very natural progression of events for me.” With any move she makes, Couric has two other people to consider — Ellie and Carrie, her daughters by her late husband, attorney Jay Monahan — and she says they’re all for her new show.

Her new program may carry her name, but Katie Couric maintains “it isn’t all about me.” The television veteran is following her tenures as co-anchor of NBC’s Today and anchor and managing editor of CBS Evening News with her own talk show, as the syndicated Katie begins its weekday run Monday, Sept. 10. Many days, the hour will deal with one topic, and two or three on other days ... but Couric says the entire series will reflect her desire for “smart conversation” about widely relatable subjects she has her own experiences with, from caring for an aging parent to learning about cancer. “There are no guarantees in this business,” she says during a one-on-one chat in Los Angeles, “but I do think Jeff (Zucker, the show’s executive producer and former NBC programming chief who also collaborated with Couric on Today) and I do have a good track record. We work really well together, and I hope when people hear our names, they’ll think about quality television — and a certain sensibility and approach that is intelligent.” Though appearances by the famous will be in the Katie mix (Sheryl Crow is the composer-performer of the show’s theme song), Couric is eager to showcase the achievements of people not as well-known. “I’ve always been drawn to stories of everyday people who have overcome obstacles in their lives and have been put in situations they never envisioned — and have been able to get to the other side,” she says. “Those are some of the most memorable interviews for me and, I think, some of the most moving for an audience.” The field of new syndicated talk fare is crowded: 15

Vol. 24, No. 50 • Aug 30 - Sept 5, 2012

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide


By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Starting Them Young Although mainstream team sports in particular have been established for more than 35 years, to this day, there still aren’t any structured kids development programs in place. There’s talent on the soil, but it goes unharnessed. Hardly anyone takes the time to work on development, but often show up later when someone displays signs of promise. Over the last 19 years, the Sea Cows Bay Basketball Club has been organizing clinics and tournaments since its 1994 formation, for 9-12 and 13-15 players in the 3rd District. Last week, the club headed by Milton McLean, launched a showcase league for 7-10 year old players. His vision and patience is legendary. The veteran organizer, who is an unsung hero, explained that there’s a need to start introducing the game at an earlier age. “I have gone down as far as six year olds. Once you get them into the game early, we try to get them to do the skills properly,” he explained. “I think at that young age, you’re really going to get them into playing the game the right way, in terms of the skills – shooting, passing, dribbling – so it’s really for the young ones because they want to play. We have been ignoring them for a while and if we get them at that young age, then of course, it builds better basketball players by the time they get into the 13-15 category.” From his observation, McLean said he has seen kids in two categories. The first are those who have no skills, but their passion for the game is overwhelming. He said it feels really good to see, that even though some of them can’t really dribble the ball, their passion

Keshawn Esprit & Jaleel Smith

is just to participate. “The second are the complete opposite – kids who are going to be dynamic,” he said. “These kids can shoot, dribble, pass and they are beginning to learn the game. So we have both ends of the spectrum and we are working with them so that whatever they can do right now, we are going to be patient and work with them. With these young ones, it’s really an introduction and getting them to play the game the right way.” When asked about the challenge in getting this off the ground, McLean said that the hardest part is getting parents to send out their kids. He said while they have started with three teams in the district, they recognize there are lots of kids out there, a few who have played, but many more who have not been introduced to the game and would like the opportunity. “But, the parents are either too busy, or they are not aware of what’s going on, so the challenge is really to get the message out and the kids playing as much as possible,” he explained. “We feel that we can get at least another 20-25 kids from the area out and expose them to the game.” 17

Vol. 24, No. 50 • Aug 30 - Sept 5, 2012

THURSDAY AUGUST 30, 2012 12:00 & ESPN First Take N NASCAR Nationwide Series Replay (N) 12:30 PM = MLB Baseball Chicago White Sox at Baltimore Orioles. M Fishing With Roland Martin 1:00 & 2012 U.S. Open Tennis Second Round. (N) 3:00 ; Auto Racing HDRA Off-Road Racing Series 6:00 ; Fox College Football Preview Show N NASCAR Race Hub (N) 6:30 ; UFC Ultimate Insider 7:00 & 2012 U.S. Open Tennis Second Round. (N) 8 College Football South Carolina at Vanderbilt. (N) ; Bull Riding CBR West Texas Showdown. M Diving U.S. National Championships, 2. (Taped) 10:15 8 College Football Washington State at BYU. (N) 11:00 M Dream On: The Journey of Wembley Football Club

FRIDAY AUGUST 31, 2012 12:30 PM M Territories Wild 1:00 & 2012 U.S. Open Tennis Men’s Second Round and Women’s Third Round. (N) N NASCAR Racing Camping World Truck Series: Atlanta 200, Final Practice. 2:30 N NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup: AdvoCare 500, Practice. (N) 4:30 M Pirelli World Challenge Auto Racing 6:00 N NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup: AdvoCare 500, Qualifying. 7:00 & 2012 U.S. Open Tennis Men’s Second Round and Women’s Third Round. (N) ; High School Football St. Thomas Aquinas (Fla.) vs. Columbus (Fla.). (N) 7:30 M CFL Football BC Lions at Montreal Alouettes. (N) 8:00 8 College Football Boise State at Michigan State. (N) 10:30 M MLS Soccer Colorado Rapids at Portland Timbers. (N) 11:00 & 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event. 11:30 N Formula 1 Debrief (N)

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 1, 2012 12:30 PM M Under Wild Skies 1:00 = MLB Baseball San Francisco Giants at Chicago Cubs. 1:30 ` Track and Field IAAF Diamond League: Zurich. (Taped) 2:30 ` Women’s Soccer International Friendly: United States vs. Costa Rica. (N) Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

3:30 8 College Football Bowling Green at Florida. (N) 7:00 & NASCAR Racing Nationwide Series: NRA American Warrior 300. (N) = MLB Baseball Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers. (N) 8:00 _ ( College Football Alabama vs. Michigan. (N) 10:30 8 College Football Arkansas State at Oregon. (N) ; College Football Oklahoma at Texas-El Paso. (N) 11:30 N NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup: AdvoCare 500, Final Practice.

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 2, 2012 12:00 _ ( Auto Racing American Le Mans Series: Grand Prix of Baltimore. (Taped) 8 College Football Alabama State vs. Bethune-Cookman. (N) 12:30 PM M IndyCar Racing Firestone Indy Lights: Streets of Baltimore. (N) 1:30 N Australian V8 Supercars Sydney. (Taped) 2:00 & High School Football 2:10 = MLB Baseball San Francisco Giants at Chicago Cubs. 3:00 ` PGA Tour Golf Deutsche Bank Championship, Third Round. (N) 3:30 8 College Football Kentucky at Louisville. (N) 5:00 & NHRA Drag Racing Mac Tools U.S. Nationals, Qualifying. 7:30 8 NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup: AdvoCare 500. (N) 9:00 M MLS Soccer Club Deportivo Chivas USA at San Jose Earthquakes.

MONDAY SEPTEMBER 3, 2012 12:00 & NHRA Drag Racing Mac Tools U.S. Nationals. ; English Premier League Soccer Teams TBA. (Taped) 12:30 PM M Guns & Gear (N) N NASCAR Racing Camping World Truck Series: Atlanta 200. 1:00 = MLB Baseball Chicago Cubs at Washington Nationals. M CFL Football Toronto Argonauts at Hamilton Tiger-Cats. 1:30 ` PGA Tour Golf Deutsche Bank Championship, Final 4:30 ; Motorhead Garage TV M CFL Football Edmonton Eskimos at Calgary Stampeders. 7:00 & 2012 U.S. Open Tennis Round of 16. (N) ; College Football 8:00 4 WWE Monday Night RAW (N) 8 College Football Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech. (N) 9:00 8 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event. (Taped) M MLS Soccer Portland Timbers at Colorado Rapids. (N) N 101 Cars You Must Drive


TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 4, 2012 12:30 PM M Babe Winkelman’s Outdoor Secrets 2:30 ; UEFA Champions League Soccer FC Spartak Moscow vs Fenerbahce SK. 3:00 8 Outside the Lines First Report (N) 5:00 8 Around the Horn (N) 7:00 & 2012 U.S. Open Tennis Men’s Round of 16 and Women’s Quarterfinals. (N) 8 MLB Baseball Teams TBA. ; College Football Colorado State at Colorado. 8:00 M Dream On: The Journey of Wembley Football Club 9:00 M MLS 36 10:00 8 MLB Baseball Teams 11:00 ; The Best of Pride M Dream On: The Journey of Wembley Football Club

WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 5, 2012 12:30 PM ; Babe Winkelman’s Outdoor Secrets 1:30 ; Progressive Bass Wrap Up Show 3:00 , From Glory Days ; Action Sports World Championship 3:30 M Under Wild Skies 5:00 M Pro Football Talk 6:00 ; UFC Ultimate Insider 6:30 ; Baseball’s Golden Age 7:00 & 2012 U.S. Open Tennis Men’s and Women’s Quarterfinals. (N) ; College Football M Paralympics 7:30 ` NFL Kickoff 2012 (N) 8:00 8 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event. (Taped) M Dream On: The Journey of Wembley Football Club 8:30 ` NFL Football Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants. (N) 8:45 9 Sport Today 9:00 8 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event. (Taped) M MLS Soccer Portland Timbers at Colorado Rapids. (N) N 101 Cars You Must Drive 9:30 N 101 Cars You Must Drive 9:45 9 Sport Today 10:00 8 Baseball Tonight (N) ; Halls of Fame < Saints Alive N Barrett-Jackson Special Edition ( 10:30 ; Fox College Football Preview Show (N) 10:45 9 Sport Today 11:00 & SportsNation (N) 8 SportsCenter (N) N Pinks - All Out 11:30 & SportsNation M Dream On: The Journey of Wembley Football Club 11:35 . Giants Postgame

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