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Now in its 24th Year! Aug 23 - 29, 2012 Vol.24, No.49

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Peter Island Bike Race Sunday, August 26 ALSO THIS WEEK: The Pub Closing Party • All-Star Spelling Bee • Velma Chung’s New Book

This Week’s Feature Story

A Garden of Memories Velma Chung is a local legend in Carrot Bay and during this year’s Emancipation festival celebrations she launched her long-awaited book of poetic short stories entitled, A Garden of Memories. Most of the stories come from real life experiences and tributes to loved ones. The local author and songwriter signed copies of the book for family, friends, community members and well-wishers who all gathered to recognize her achievement. Her writing has more than a little Caribbean flair and gives a slice of Tortolian culture and village history. Velma was born and raised in Carrot Bay, which she still calls home. During the launch, the author read a piece, The Home of my “Nable” String where she reminisces about life in Carrot Bay and about the people both past and present, all of whom have helped shape the unique and special community into what it is today. The book also captures her family history, relating personal tragedies as well as the professional achievements of her sister and the courtship of her husband. Throughout the book is a spiritual vein and quite a few of the poems were

inspired by sermons and other experiences from the Carrot Bay Methodist Church. It is here that Velma often shares her insights at the annual Harvest Thanksgiving Service at the Church where she sings calypso under the name “Lord Chung.” I asked Velma what plans she has for the future and she said, “I have been encouraged to put my book onto a CD and also I have many more poems that I hope to publish in the future.” She has also written a play that was performed one year at the Carrot Bay Fiesta and a calypso song, Tell Me The Story Once Again that was sang by Elton Callwood.” She went on to explain, “When undertaking this project, I wanted to leave pearls of wisdom for future generations so that they do not forget the rich heritage of life in the islands.” Velma has written the book in delightful language that is a treat to read and it reflects the diverse and talented individual that she is. This book will undoubtedly do much to keep the Virgin Islands heritage and culture alive. To buy your own slice of VI history, contact Velma on 499-1854, 495-4005 or e-mail her at – Jan Critchley


Vol. 24, No. 49 • Aug 23 - 29, 2012

Ask Koren Your personal E-therapist, is in the house!

Should I Date a Foreign Man

Ask Koren

Dear Koren, I haven’t been in a relationship for almost 2 years and I am lonely. This man who comes to my workplace to do business is asking me out and I like him – he is always respectful and nice. I have never dated a foreigner in my life and I don’t know what my family will say. I want to give him a chance but my family generally is not in favour of people from certain countries. Please give me some advice. –Ann (not real name) that you have similar ideas about a relationship and that you want the same things. Remember there might be some cultural differences to overcome. Only introduce him to the family when you are sure that this is someone you are serious about. So while you value their opinion, the final decision about who you date is up to you. Remember in the end, it’s all up to you who you choose to date, have as friends and ultimately spend your life with. So take it easy and like any new relationship, you need to enjoy the interaction with this fellow at a reasonable pace and not make any hasty decisions. If your family complains, then tell them to make you a man, and until they do, you will work with what you have.

Dear Ann, You are an adult and you have a right to date whomever you want. Even if traditionally your family has never been open to foreigners, that does not mean that they will not be willing to consider it. A person should not be defined simply because of their nationality. If someone from the BVI does something wrong, how would you feel if someone painted all Virgin islanders with the same brush. Your family has to understand that your choosing a foreigner to date is not a reflection of your feelings for them, just your desire to be open-minded and enjoy an active social life. It is not right to judge someone without having met them or giving them an opportunity to prove themselves. Take your time to get to know this person before you decide if it will be a long term relationship. Ensure

Lime ... “to hang around idly” or “to go out on the town.” Source: The Dictionary of Virgin Islands English Creole by the late educator and historian Lito Valls. The Limin’ Times brings you all the news about when and where to “lime” in the British Virgin Islands. Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

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Vol. 24, No. 49 • Aug 23 - 29, 2012

By Jane Bakewell

A Grave Look at Burial Grounds It is encouraging to see that the BVI slowly but surely is getting on board with the support and interest in maintaining historical sites of significance around the Territory. Historical tourism is a valuable commodity to attract visitors to the islands, who desire more than a beautiful beach and a fruit-garnished rum punch at sunset. Recently on a morning walk around Long Look, Pastor Hank Fahie pointed out to a group of us the historical Long Look cemetery. He recalled how it looked in his childhood with just a creek bed running through the narrow plot of land that follows a sloping hill, dotted with old grave markers and above ground concrete crypts. Now, it appears the creek bed has been widened and vegetation cut back, putting at risk those gravesites that are dangerously near the precipice. Pastor Fahie pointed out that this cemetery was one of the oldest in the east end of the island, possibly only predated by the Quaker burial grounds. That got me thinking about other burial sites around Tortola and prompted a call to Mitch Kent, an instructor at HLSCC and very involved in the Virgin Islands History studies. He was familiar with the location of the site, but said there was not a lot currently written about this burial ground, and referred me to his colleague Jenny Wheatley, well-known BVIslander, historian and published author. Mrs. Wheatley, as it turns out has a special connection with this burial site as it holds the remains of her grandfather, grandmother and sister. As we chatted over the phone she told me the burial ground dates back to the original Nottingham Estate, where the earliest documented slaves in the Caribbean were reed and given land. According to the historical Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

boundaries this gravesite sits squarely in the middle of the original estate. She surmised that possibly there were even gravesites dating back to the slave era in the late 1800’s, although most of those sites would not have been marked. Mrs. Wheatley also mentioned, the original custom was to bury the dead underground, and that it is a more recent phenomenon to have above ground crypts. I did notice that there was sign at the Long Look Cemetery announcing a restoration project in the works. I hope this project gets underway shortly, so that during the upcoming hurricane season when the island gets its majority of rainfall, these sites will be shored up to protect them from being swept down the wide ghut that has now formed there. Care and attention should be given to all BVI historical sites, but particularly gravesites that pay honor to those who have gone before. History’s story is told through its people, and showing respect for the island’s ancestral heritage is a way to ensure it will be modeled by future generations. 6


Vol. 24, No. 49 • Aug 23 - 29, 2012

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide


Your Guide to British Virgin Islands Events prices and live music by MJ Blues. The party gets rocking at 6:30pm till late so don’t miss it. If you do, don’t worry, as The Pub will be open for a few more days after the party, officially closing on Wednesday, August 29th.

Spelling Bee

Going GaGa In light of a very successful season, Brisani's Restaurant at Prospect Reef is hosting a Lady GaGa themed end of season party, and celebrating some special birthdays this Saturday 25th August from 9pm. Come dressed to impress as there will be prizes for the best male and female GaGa costume, and for the best impersonation. Great specials on drinks from $2 beers to 50% off bottles of wine. So get ready for one amazing night, filled with music, dancing and a glam good time!

Contestants are invited to the 2012 Adults All Stars Spelling Bell, themed, “A Bee with a Difference” to be held on Saturday, September 8th at the Sir Rupert Briarcliffe Hall. The spelling bee is part of the Reading Council’s 17th Anniversary celebrations and 10 teams comprised of three players are invited to take part in the competition. There are only three packets left, so interested persons are asked to submit their team names and collect a registration packet from the Reading Council located on the ground floor of the Ward Building in the UNESCO office. Contact Mrs Lynden Smith for more details on 4947739 or e-mail her at

Dive into that Sale Sail Caribbean Divers are holding a sale on Sunday, 26th August from 7:00am to 7:00pm at Hodges Creek Marina. Everything will be on sale with up to 50% off selected items including ex-rental gear, water sports equipment plus special offers on all PADI educational courses. Call 495-1675 for more information.

Pub Closing Party Start the weekend with a rocking good time and come celebrate The Pub’s last Friday, and Closing Party on Friday, 24th August. So head along to this island institution where there will be Happy Hour

Farmers Week Theme Entries are invited from all residents to enter the Farmers Week 2013 theme competition. The theme


Vol. 24, No. 49 • Aug 23 - 29, 2012

live music •events •concerts •p


CANE GARDEN BAY QUITO’S — Live music Too Smooth Band & DJ Hype

ROAD TOWN PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm THE PUB — Heineken Happy Hour 5-7pm ORIGIN — Lunch take out from 12-2pm, Sushi

MYETT’S — Speciality Pizza Night, Sunset HH ELM’S — Beach BBQ & Live Entertainment;

Happy Hour 4-6:30pm

from 5:30-11pm



ROCK CAFE — Jon Abrams at Sams Piano Bar 8pm

NANNY CAY BEACH BAR — Wallyball Thursday from 5pm



PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm

MYETT’S — Sunset HH, Fish & C hip Special, Music by


ORIGIN — Sushi from 5:30-11pm THE PUB — Heineken Happy Hour 5-7pm

QUITO’S — Live music by Too Smooth Band

UPS — Roller skating 2:30 - 10pm; Victory party w/


Showtime Band & DJ Dre 11:30pm until

ROCK CAFE — Jon Abrams at Sams Piano Bar 8pm

BRISANIS — Lady GaGa end of season party from

9pm; prizes for best GaGa outfit & drink specials




NANNY CAY BEACH — Saturday fun sail from 9am

PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm


LE GRAND CAFÉ — Courvoisier Fridays ORIGIN — Sushi from 5:30-11pm

MYETT’S — Volleyball, Sunset HH, Jerk Pork & Chicken


UPS — Cosmic Bowling with Live Music BRIERCLIFFE HALL — Book Fair 9-5 THE PUB — Last Friday & Closing party w/ HH prices &

live music by MJ Blues

QUITO’S — Live music by Candyman

VG & OUTER ISLANDS ROCK CAFE — Jon Abrams at Sams Piano Bar 8pm



BEACH BAR — TGIF Party from 5pm. Free bar snacks

ROAD TOWN THE PUB — Heineken Happy Hour 5-7pm

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide


ts •parties •sports •movies and more

UPS — Latin Sunday

with live music from 6-10pm

RT FERRY — Leaves at 6:30am for Peter Island Bike

ROCK CAFE — Jon Abrams at Sams Piano Bar 8pm


CANE GARDEN BAY ELM’S — Beach BBQ & Live Entertainment;

Happy Hour 4-6:30pm MYETT’S — Volleyball, Sunset HH, Local Menu Specials

TUESDAY - AUG 28 ROAD TOWN LE GRANDE CAFÉ — Rôti de Porc Night (roast pig) ORIGIN — Sushi 5:30-11pm THE PUB — Closing Night



SEBASTIANS BY THE SEA — Live entertainment

MYETT’S — Speciality Pizza, Sunset HH & Music by

music by Candyman 7-10pm



QUITO’S —Live music Quito palys solo



Brunch, Mojito Madness Jappy Jour

ROCK CAFE — Jon Abrams at Sams Piano Bar 8pm



ROAD TOWN PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm LE GRAND CAFÉ — Heineken Happy Hour 5-7pm THE PUB — Heineken Happy Hour 5-7pm

CANE GARDEN BAY MYETT’S — Margarita madness & Mexican menu;

Music by Candyman QUITO’S — Live Music by Guest Artist


VG & OUTER ISLANDS SCRUB ISLAND — Caribbean Night & Tropical Buffet



Moorings Interline Regatta – Oct 9-18 Full Moon — August 31 BVI Sea Perch Challenge — September 8

LE GRAND CAFÉ — Heineken Happy Hour 5-7pm

Back to School Regatta

ORIGIN — Sushi from 5:30-11pm

— September 8 & 9

THE PUB — Happy Hour 5-7pm

Jason Bally Memorial Cycle CANE GARDEN BAY

Race — September 30

MYETT’S — Wacky Wed., 2 for 1 Bushwacker HH &

Music by Candyman

Full Moon — September 30

QUITO’S —Live Music by Too Smooth Band

Virgins Cup — October 13


Kim Burrell @ HLSCC

SEBASTIANS BY THE SEA — Happy Hour 4-6pm

— October 27


Trafalgar Regatta

SCRUB ISLAND — Lobster Night

— October 27

ROCK CAFE — Jon Abrams at Sams Piano Bar 8pm

Foxy’s Halloween Cat Fight — October 27 & 28 26th Annual Pro-Am Regatta— October 27 - Nov 3 11

Vol. 24, No. 49 • Aug 23 - 29, 2012

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should incorporate youth in agriculture, food security and sustainability. Entries should be submitted to the Department of Agriculture office at Paraquita Bay or emailed to by Tuesday, 28th August by 4pm. For further information, please contact the Department of Agriculture on 495-2110 or contact Ms Linette Rabsatt on 468-9872.

Peter Island Bike Race Calling all mountain bikers, - don’t miss the Peter Island Bike Race, this Sunday, August 26th. Take the 6.30am ferry from the RT Ferry Dock to Peter Island. The race is for all levels from experts to novices and there will also be a cadet’s race for kids aged 5-12 and breakfast to follow. For more information, please contact Jim Cullimore, the BVI MTB Club President on 4966846.

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide


By Arlena St. Hilaire

Ted Not too many films serve up laughs that just keep on rolling with regularity from beginning to end, but the directorial debut of Seth MacFarlane, mastermind of that animated symphony of crudeness known as Family Guy does exactly that with his hit movie Ted. John Bennett's stuffed teddy bear came to life when he was a child and they have been best friends ever since. A montage shows the bear’s early years of celebrity, including appearances with Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show, before the masses tire of his particular novelty and move on to other things. But now John (Mark Wahlberg) is 35 years old, and his professional life is at a standstill while his long-term relationship with Lori Collins (Mila Kunis) is in jeopardy because John isn't quite a grown-up yet. After an altercation, Lori gives an ultimatum – she will leave unless John finally kicks out his best pal and starts behaving like an adult. Ted (the voice of Seth MacFarlane) does his best to assimilate to living on his own and existing in the real world even while John's attempts at stepping up are threatened by the lure of Ted's immature antics. One of the tricks of Ted – perhaps its smartest one – is that everyone, not just John, knows the bear can talk, and almost everyone's OK with Ted's presence. Using the latest in motion-capture techniques, MacFarlane even does Ted's moves. And boy can Ted move. Wahlberg played their scenes together basically staring at a stick, with the computer adding Ted

Cast & Credits Mark Wahlberg ----------------------------John Bennett Mila Kunis-------------------------------------Lori Collins Seth MacFarlane----------------------------- Ted (Voice) Jessica Barth ----------------------------------Tami-Lynn Joel McHale-------------------------------------------Rex later. But it works. The scene in which John tries to guess the name of the white-trash girl Ted wants to marry is time-capsule worthy. As is the Thunder Buddies song. At its core, Ted is a movie about an overgrown child who won't step up to the plate and be an adult, and the walking/talking teddy bear who serves as an enabler. But it is more than just a generic fable about letting go of childhood. It takes specifics and with pinpoint accuracy aims at a culture that defies the entertainment it grew up with and yet still insists on bathing in the warm waters of generational nostalgia. 13

Vol. 24, No. 49 • Aug 23 - 29, 2012

tv specials & highlights THURSDAY AUGUST 23, 2012 7:00 0 Project Runway 4 NCIS 6 Weather Center Live B The First 48 P Alaska State Troopers 7:30 C Splatalot 8:00 _ ( Wipeout ) Oh Sit! 0 Project Runway 8:30 ` Parks and Recreation 9:00 _ ( Wipeout * Big Brother 9:30 6 Lifeguard! N Wrecked 10:00 _ ( Rookie Blue 2 Steve Harvey: Don’t Trip... He Ain’t Through with Me Yet Steve Harvey’s stand-up performance in front on churchfolk. N Hard Parts: South Bronx 10:01 4 Suits 10:30 0 Project Runway N Hard Parts: South Bronx 11:00 6 Hurricane Hunters N Car Warriors P Taboo

P Nazi Underworld The lifestyles of Hitler and his inner circle are revealed. 8:05 ∏ R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series 8:30 1 The Planet’s Funniest Animals N Dumbest Stuff on Wheels ∏ R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series 9:00 ) Nikita 3 Falling Skies 9:01 _ ( 20/20 10:00 ` Dateline NBC 10:30 , Architect Robert A.M. Stern: Presence of the Past The architect and teacher bridges a divide between styles. 11:00 0 America’s Most Wanted L Frozen Gold P Nazi Underworld The lifestyles of Hitler and his inner circle are revealed. ∂ True Blood

tv specials & highlights

FRIDAY AUGUST 24, 2012 7:00 0 My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera 6 Weather Center Live B Shipping Wars L Yukon Men P Alaska State Troopers 7:30 B Shipping Wars N Dumbest Stuff on Wheels 8:00 _ ( Shark Tank ) America’s Next Top Model D Supermarkets Inc: Inside a $500 Billion Money Machine An inside look at the supermarket industry, which tries to learn all about their shoppers.

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

SATURDAY AUGUST 25, 2012 7:00 , Nature (Part 2 of 2) P Witness: Tornado Swarm The threeday tornado outbreak in April of 2011 spawned more than 300 twisters. 7:30 > Married to Jonas D Secret Lives of the Super Rich: Mega Homes Inside some of the most prestigious addresses on earth as Dolly deals with high-profile clients. 8:00 , Herbert Hoover: Landslide Herbert Hoover, the 31st U.S. president, leaves a legacy mostly defined by the Great Depression. 1 Whale Wars: Viking Shores P Witness: Disaster in Japan Japan’s massive earthquake and resulting tsunami of 2011. 8:30 6 Lifeguard! 9:30 B Barter Kings N Hard Parts: South Bronx 10:00 ` Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


N Hard Parts: South Bronx 10:30 , Architect Robert A.M. Stern: Presence of the Past The architect and teacher bridges a divide between styles. 11:00 4 White Collar P Witness: Disaster in Japan Japan’s massive earthquake and resulting tsunami of 2011. ∫ Chicas Max Prime

SUNDAY AUGUST 26, 2012 7:00 _ ( America’s Funniest Home Videos P Amish: Out of Order 8:00 _ ( Secret Millionaire , Nature (Part 2 of 2) 1 Why We Love Cats and Dogs The bond between people and their four-legged friends. D BMW: A Driving Obsession A once small, struggling company transforms itself into a global luxury-car powerhouse. L MythBusters P Amish: Out of Order 8:01 * Big Brother 9:00 * The Good Wife D Selling Cars in America The history of car dealerships in the United States. 10:00 * The Mentalist 0 Army Wives D American Greed: The Fugitives N Two Guys Garage 10:30 $ Extra Normal , Architect Robert A.M. Stern: Presence of the Past The architect and teacher bridges a divide between styles. > Keeping Up With the Kardashians 11:00 1 Mountain Gorilla 2 Let’s Stay Together

tv specials & highlights L MythBusters P Taboo


9:00 ) America’s Next Top Model * 2 Broke Girls ` Stars Earn Stripes 1 Pets 101 6 Weather Caught on Camera D The Diamond Rush Bob Pisani goes deep inside the richest diamond mine on the planet; a look at Vegas’ diamond rush. P Border Wars 9:30 * Mike & Molly 6 Weather Caught on Camera

tv specials & highlights

7:00 4 NCIS: Los Angeles : Caribbean DJ Honors 8:00 _ ( Bachelor Pad ) The L.A. Complex 8:30 1 The Planet’s Funniest Animals 8:55 ∫ Strike Back

10:00 * Hawaii Five-0 ` Grimm 1 Dog Whisperer 10:01 _ ( Secret Millionaire 11:00 1 Hillbilly Handfishin’ P Locked Up Abroad

TUESDAY AUGUST 28, 2012 7:00 0 Dance Moms 4 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 7:30 ∏ Feria de Juguetes de Nueva York 2012 8:00 _ ( The Middle ) Hart of Dixie * NCIS , Nature 0 Dance Moms 8:05 ∏ The Adventures of Merlin 8:30 _ ( Last Man Standing N Dumbest Stuff on Wheels 9:00 _ ( Happy Endings * NCIS: Los Angeles , Nature N Hard Parts: South Bronx P Hard Time 9:30 _ ( Don’t Trust the B—— in Apartment 23 N Hard Parts: South Bronx 10:00 * The Mentalist 10:01 4 Covert Affairs 10:30 > Keeping Up With the Kardashians 11:00 0 The Week the Women Went 1 Pit Boss

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 29, 2012 7:00 0 Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy (Part 2 of 2) 4 NCIS K Generation of Youth for Christ P Alaska State Troopers 7:30 ∂ True Blood 8:00 _ ( The Middle ) Oh Sit! 1 The Planet’s Funniest Animals D American Greed: The Fugitives 8:30 _ ( Suburgatory 1 The Planet’s Funniest Animals ∂ Top Ten Monks Cistercian monks’ album of Gregorian chants reaches the top 10 in pop charts. 9:00 _ ( Modern Family ) Supernatural * Criminal Minds 0 Wife Swap π The Borgias 9:30 P Abandoned 9:31 _ ( Suburgatory 10:00 * CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 1 Dog Whisperer P America’s Lost Treasures 10:01 4 Necessary Roughness 11:00 0 Wife Swap 1 Saved L American Guns P Abandoned ∂ The Newsroom


Vol. 24, No. 49 • Aug 23 - 29, 2012

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide


By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway in London

The Hurricanes Won Their Fifth Softball Title In Seven Years Dating back to 2006, it was the ‘Canes fifth Men’s In between the excitement and concentrated Softball title in seven years. focus on our annual August Festival and the Olympic In one sweeping weekend, the BVI Basketball Games Sporting Festival, was the crowning of the Federation season ended. 2012 BVI Softball Association and BVI Basketball Legs – formerly Young Legs – successfully defendFederation respective champions. ed their crown and won their fifth BVI Basketball If you count when they were the Elmore Stoutt Federation title since 2002, by sweeping 2010 champ High School Rams, the Pythons have gone unbeaten Mega Mix off the Multipurpose Sports Complex parover the last three years and secured the BVI Softball quet floor. Association's 2012 Eva Simmonds League Women's Legs – who couldn’t suit up between 2003 and division crown by sweeping the Hawks for their third 2004 when the Multipurpose Sports Complex was successive title and ran their unbeaten streak to more under construction and there was no league held – than 50 games. crushed Mega Mix, 118-75 behind Khalid Gerard’s Do I hear dynasty? Coach Terry “Chino” Chinnery game best 32 points for the sweep on Sunday, Aug 11. has worked tirelessly with his charges and have taken They secured a 109-88 triumph on Saturday and his licks in the early years as the team was being opened with a five point 108-103 victory on Friday groomed to become champions. It’s quite easy to night. overlook the countless hours and dedication he puts Even though they are no longer (Young) Legs, they into his craft and developing anyone who has an intershowed even with the outrageous hazmat looking est in Softball/Baseball. We need more Terry “Chino” uniform, they’ve still got the Legs. Congrats. Chinnerys in our sports. Congrats Chino!! In picking up successive Jr. Division titles, the On the men side, in a rematch of the 2010 champiHawks completed a sweep of Young Gunners with an onships series, the battle was between that year's 89-70 win. They began their weekend charge with an champs East Invaders and defending champs 88-63, drubbing before securing a 93-92 thriller. Hurricanes. With the league's best two hurlers over Two of the VG Heats victories for the the last several years facing off, Invaders' Allen Developmental League title, were “Woodrow” Smith and the as a result of the Bulls’ forfeiture. 'Canes Neville “Sheep” Smith, In the only match in which both much was expected from the teams suited up, the VG Heats hyped clash. However, it turned had a 48-40 win over the Bulls. out to be a one sided affair, as With the cluttered spring the 'Canes put the Invaders at sports calendar officially closed, the brink of a sweep before takgear up for the annual College ing it in five for their third title in Champions between Festivals races and football. four years. 17

Vol. 24, No. 49 • Aug 23 - 29, 2012

THURSDAY AUGUST 23, 2012 12:00 & 8 SportsCenter (N) 12:30 PM ; Golf Life ’12 M Fishing With Roland Martin 2:00 M 100 Percent Real Hunting TV 2:30 M North American Hunter 3:00 & Outside the Lines First Report ; Auto Racing HDRA Off-Road Racing Series: Fireworks 500. 3:30 & 8 College Football Live (N) M USA Pro: Race of Truth (N) 3:45 9 Sport Today 4:00 & 8 Little League Baseball World Series: Teams TBA. M Cycling USA Pro Challenge, 7:00 8 Monday Night Countdown M 2012 Olympic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony (N) 8:00 8 NFL Preseason Football Arizona Cardinals at Tennessee Titans. 8:30 ; Halls of Fame 10:00 M Caught Looking 11:00 & SportsCenter ; UFC Unleashed M Cycling USA Pro Challenge

FRIDAY AUGUST 24, 2012 12:30 PM M Territories Wild (N) 2:00 M Winchester Legends 2:10 = MLB Baseball Colorado Rockies at Chicago Cubs. (N) 2:30 N NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup: Bristol, Final Practice. (N) 3:00 & Outside the Lines First Report 3:30 M USA Pro: Race of Truth 5:00 ; Action Sports World Championship (N) 6:00 ; UEFA Champions League Magazine (N) 6:30 ; Baseball’s Golden Age 7:00 & MLB Baseball Washington Nationals at Philadelphia Phillies. (N) . MLB Baseball New York Yankees at Cleveland Indians. 7:30 8 NASCAR Racing Nationwide Series: Food City 250. M MLS Soccer Real Salt Lake at Philadelphia Union. (N) 8:00 * NFL Preseason Football Chicago Bears at New York Giants. (N) ; UFC Fight Night UFC: Maynard vs. Guida. 10:00 & 8 Baseball Tonight (N) 11:00 ; Action Sports World Championship 11:30 N NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup: Bristol, Practice.

SATURDAY AUGUST 25, 2012 12:30 PM & _ ( Little League Baseball World Series, International Championship: * ATP Tennis U.S. Open Series: Winston-Salem Open, Men’s Final. (N) M Charlie Moore: No Offense Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

1:00 ) MLB Baseball Houston Astros at New York Mets. (N) 1:30 M Rematch the Rockies: US Pro Cycling Challenge (N) 2:00 ` Cycling U.S. Pro Challenge: Stage 6. (N) 3:00 N Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Salt Lake City. (N) 3:30 & _ ( Little League Baseball World Series, U.S. Championship: Team 8 High School Football Staley (Mo.) at Lee’s Summit (Mo.). (N) 6:00 M IndyCar Racing Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma, Qualifying. (N) 7:00 & WNBA Basketball Minnesota Lynx at Atlanta Dream. 8 High School Football Byrnes (S.C.) at Oscar Smith = MLB Baseball Seattle Mariners at Chicago White Sox 7:30 _ ( NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup: IRWIN Tools Night Race. (N) 8:00 * NFL Preseason Football Houston Texans at New Orleans Saints. M Return to London: The Games of the XXX Olympiad 9:00 & English Premier League Soccer Swansea City AFC vs West Ham United FC. (N) ` WrestleMania 28 — Rock vs. Cena M Return to London: The Games of the XXX Olympiad 11:00M Cycling USA Pro Challenge,

SUNDAY AUGUST 26, 2012 12:30 PM M Under Wild Skies 1:00 ) MLB Baseball Houston Astros at New York Mets. (N) , V.I. Horse Races 1:30 * U.S. Open Tennis Preview (N) 2:00 * PGA Tour Golf The Barclays, Final Round. (N) M Cycling USA Pro Challenge, Stage 2:10 = MLB Baseball Colorado Rockies at Chicago Cubs. (N) 3:00 _ ( Little League Baseball World Series, Championship Game: 8 High School Football University (Fla.) at Trotwood-Madison (Ohio). (N) 4:00 N Motorcycle Racing FIM World Superbike: Russia - Race1. 7:00 & Softball NPF Championship Series, Game 3: Teams M MLS Soccer FC Dallas at Los Angeles Galaxy. (N) 8:00 ` NFL Preseason Football Carolina Panthers at New York Jets. (N) 8 MLB Baseball Teams TBA. 9:00 & MLS Soccer New York Red Bulls at Sporting Kansas City. (N) 9:30 M PBR Mid-Season Review (N) 11:00 & NHRA Drag Racing Lucas Oil 11:30 ` Sports Final

MONDAY AUGUST 27, 2012 12:30 PM M Guns & Gear


1:00 & 2012 U.S. Open Tennis First Round. (N) 2:00M World of Whitetail 3:00 8 College Football Live M Motorcycle Racing AMA Motocross: Moto 2. 4:00 8 NFL Live (N) M IndyCar Racing Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma. 7:00 & 2012 U.S. Open Tennis First Round. (N) 7:30 M CFL Football Edmonton Eskimos at Toronto Argonauts. 8:00 4 WWE Monday Night RAW (N) 8 MLB Baseball Tampa Bay Rays at Texas Rangers. (N Subject to Blackout) 11:00 & 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event. 11:30 N Gearz

TUESDAY AUGUST 28, 2012 12:00 & ESPN First Take N MotoGP Racing Moto3: Czech Grand Prix. (N) 1:00 & 2012 U.S. Open Tennis First 2:00 N Motorcycle Racing FIM World Superbike: Russia - Race 2:30 ; UEFA Champions League Soccer Teams TBA. (N) 4:00 M College Football Notre Dame Blue & Gold Spring Scrimmage. 5:30 ; Baseball’s Golden Age 7:00 & 2012 U.S. Open Tennis First 8:00 8 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event. (Taped) ; UEFA Champions League Soccer = MLB Baseball Milwaukee Brewers at Chicago Cubs. (N) 9:00 8 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event. (Taped) 10:00 8 Baseball Tonight (N)

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 29, 2012 12:00 & ESPN First Take 12:30 PM ; Babe Winkelman’s Outdoor Secrets 1:00 & 2012 U.S. Open Tennis Men’s First Round and Women’s Second 1:30 ; Progressive Bass Wrap Up 2:30 ; UEFA Champions League Soccer Teams TBA. (N) 6:30 ; Baseball’s Golden Age 7:00 & 2012 U.S. Open Tennis Men’s First Round and Women’s Second Round. (N) = MLB Baseball Chicago White Sox at Baltimore Orioles. ( M Diving U.S. National Championships. (Taped) 8:00 ; UEFA Champions League Soccer Teams TBA. 10:00 8 Baseball Tonight (N) 10:30 ; Fox College Football Preview Show (N) 11:00 & 2012 World Series of Poker 11:30 M Dream On: The Journey of Wembley Football Club

By Jay Bobbin

More Norah: CBS Revamps Strategy For ‘This Morning’ The morning show makeovers continue. At the start of the year, CBS jettisoned its Early Show format for CBS This Morning by retaining Erica Hill and adding Charlie Rose and Gayle King and adopting more of a hard-news approach. Later, with ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today engaged in their strongest battle for the top ratings slot in almost two decades, Today replaced Ann Curry with Savannah Guthrie as Matt Lauer’s co-anchor just before the Summer Olympics. Now change is coming to weekday mornings again. After the conventions, veteran political reporter Norah O’Donnell — who moved to CBS last summer after 12 years with NBC News — will inherit Hill’s chair at the CBS This Morning table alongside Rose and King. To hear the network’s executives tell it, it’s the right switch at the right time. “It really is about Norah and her abilities,” explains Jeff Fager, chairman of CBS News (and executive producer of 60 Minutes). “In terms of where we’re going and her experience, her reporting, she’s just such a perfect fit. And especially going into the election, coming right off the White House (where O’Donnell has been a CBS News correspondent), she just adds so much.” Leaving the nation’s capital to assume her New York-based CBS This Morning duties, O’Donnell says she’s “thrilled to be a part of the broadcast. It’s an exciting time. Two hours of live television (each weekday), there’s nothing like it. I’m excited to join Gayle and Charlie and do a lot of politics — what I do best — and also do some new stuff.” Being utilized in CBS’ prime-time convention coverage and on the Sunday morning staple Face the Nation, O’Donnell reflects that her decision to switch networks was based on “doing quality broadcasting

and doing great journalism. I think that’s what CBS stands for, and certainly, my reporting out of the White House has been aimed at that every day.” O’Donnell adds that during her NBC News tenure, she “anchored (and) covered the White House, the Pentagon and Congress. Returning to the White House, it was fabulous to work with a managing editor like Scott Pelley (also the weeknight anchor of CBS Evening News), who has such a deep interest in not just news in general but also foreign news. That really helped me stretch as a reporter.” It’s likely O’Donnell will find an early-hours haven for her style, given how CBS This Morning is described by co-anchor King, also famously known as Oprah Winfrey’s best friend. “On one particular day, (we were) doing the 40th anniversary of Watergate,” King recalls. “One of the other networks was sitting there with Snooki. Somebody else was doing the Dallas (revival). I think it just speaks to trying to offer the audience an alternative, and that’s something I believe we do very well.” Not surprisingly, Rose concurs, noting he enjoys getting “the first crack at the news” in contrast to ending the day with his ongoing PBS late-night program. “We’ve gotten not only the guests but also an array of reporters that I not only had great respect for coming in but can tap into. The schedule has not been an issue. In fact, the excitement of being there in the morning has been even more rewarding than I thought it might be.”

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