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Mar 1 - 7, 2012 Vol.24, No.24

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Rock City

Verse Simmonds

Travie Rozae





Aaron Da Jedi

Country Boyz K’are

Showtime Band

Top 7 @ 7 Music Awards this Saturday ALSO THIS WEEK: Jazz on the Hill • Shine-I • Free Up Friday • Art Show • Rotary Grand Affair • Coral Creek Band @ Myetts

This Week’s Feature Story

Jazzing it up on the Hill Vanterpool, a gifted saxophonist born in Tortola where from an early age he was introduced to an eclectic blend of traditional and contemporary jazz, gospel, Negro spiritual, fungi and calypso styles. After spending time in the US perfecting his art by playing with world-renowned saxophonists, he returned to the BVI where he appeared with two internationally known artists, Joss Stone and Percy Sledge. Other International performers include Ryan Diehl from Maryland whose Trio presents exceptional musicianship in a matchless style that is inclusive and relaxed. Diehl has the incomparable ability to drum and sing traditional jazz standards with a modern, groovy edge that combines soulful singing and subtle humor. All proceeds benefit St Mary’s School, so enjoy a weekend filled with fantastic music on beautiful Virgin Gorda. Ticket prices are $40 for Friday (includes beverages and tapas) and $30 for Saturday. For tickets and info contact Speedys at 495-5240 on Virgin Gorda; on Tortola at 494-6154 and St. Mary’s: 495-5769. On Saturday, Speedy’s will be providing a postshow ferry for Tortola concert-goers.

Enjoy some soulful jazz sounds at this not-to-bemissed annual musical event, the Jazz on the Hill concert series on Virgin Gorda from Friday 2nd to Saturday 3rd March. The event has become one of the major musical events in the Caribbean and this year, Jazz on the Hill promises to delight, inspire and uplift those that attend with a combination of R&B, pop, soul, gospel and, of course, jazz! Starting off the festival on Friday evening is a night of Caribbean Jazz Fusion with Elan Parle at St Ursula’s Community Centre from 7:30pm. This awardwinning Trinidad-based music ensemble blends Caribbean rhythms with global music influences to create Caribbean/World Fusion and brings a contemporary jazz perspective to the musical and cultural traditions of Trinidad and Tobago. On Saturday, the venue moves to the St Mary’s School Grounds with performances starting at 6:30pm by local and interJeremy performers; national Vanterpool & Co, ESHS Jazz Band, Ryan Diehl’s Jazz Trio, Elan Parle and the St Mary’s School Choir. Amongst the performers is Jeremy

Jeremy Vanterpool


– Jan Critchley

Vol. 24, No. 24 • Mar 1 - 7, 2012

By Paul Backshall

Keeping Track of Things Have you noticed how your computer seems to have an uncanny knack of keeping track of things these days? For example, you might send an e-mail to a friend about plans for backpacking in France and suddenly you’ll notice ads for backpacking and places to see in France. How did they do that? Then you get that creepy feeling that maybe someone’s reading your e-mails. Unlikely given the number of e-mails out there, but you are leaving a trail of “keywords,” being picked up by other computers. Of course, apart from the creepy aspect of this, trails can be useful. Setting up an account with Amazon or Netflix, for example, means your computer can keep track of movies you have seen, books you have read and stuff you’d like to buy, watch or read in the future. Just recently, Netflix has started concentrating on TV series. It’s amazing how many series there are out there that I might have seen one or two episodes of or perhaps none at all, given the limited scope of our island viewing. So you start typing in your preferences from a list of “genres.” Things like “comedy,” or “romance” and perhaps a little “adventure.” And bingo, up comes a list of

Lime ... “to hang around idly” or “to go out on the town.” Source: The Dictionary of Virgin Islands English Creole by the late edu-cator and historian Lito Valls. The Limin’ Times brings you all the news about when and where to “lime” in the British Virgin Islands. Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

titles just for you. This is how we started watching Castle, a series about a crime writer who tags along with a detective (who happens to be female and good looking) on homicide investigations. And guess what; he ends up helping to solve the crime. We started watching from series one, episode one. Our computer kept track of each episode watched. We got right up to Series two, episode 21 and Castle disappeared! I typed it in under Netflix’s “search.” Nothing! “They can’t have discontinued it,” I yelled at my laptop. I searched under every genre. Then I noticed the “contact us” link at the bottom of the page. I Skyped the number. “Oh, that’s terrible,” said the Netflix girl, who sounded about twelve and admitted she’d never heard of Castle. My wife gave her a quick description of the show. “Oh, that sounds great, I’ll have to watch that,” said the girl. “If I can find it.” She searched on her obviously superior computer. “Oh, yes. It’s here. I’m showing it. Let me look at your account.” She did some more searching. “Ok, you should see it now.” We breathed a sign of relief as the familiar picture came up showing the next episode we should watch. So just to think about this for a moment. Are we using technology to control what we watch, or is technology using us to control what we watch? Perhaps a bit of both.

While every effort is made to ensure that information is correct, we cannot accept responsibility for any errors, changes in schedules, ads or other information in this magazine, which is intended as a guide only. If you have an entertainment event coming up that you would like published, give us a call at 494-2413. Special Notice: Purchase of advertising space in this publication does not guarantee editorial coverage of any event.


Published weekly by Island Publishing Services. Caribbean Printing Company Limited, Pasea Estate, P.O. Box 133, Road Town, Tortola, B.V.I., © 2012 Publisher & Editor: Claudia Colli Associate Editor: Arlena St. Hilaire Writer & Editorial Assistant: Jan Critchley Tel: 494-2413; Fax: 494-6589


Vol. 24, No. 24 • Mar 1 - 7, 2012

Ask Koren Your personal E-therapist, is in the house!

Ask To Koren So Hard Say I’m Sorry A few days ago, US President Barak Obama apologized to the Afghanistan President because American soldiers had burned copies of the Holy Koran at their base. It must have been difficult for the president to have to apologize for something he didn’t do and to persons who had done much to violate his country and its citizens. However, we can learn some valuable lesson from his actions. 1. No one is too high and mighty to say, I’m sorry. Regardless of your status or position, if you have done something wrong, then acknowledge it. That is a perfect way to lead by example and to set the stage for true greatnes,s which is often accompanied by humility. 2. Do the right thing without having to be told to. As soon as we realize that something wrong has been done, either by us or someone we are responsible for, don’t wait for the “juice” to hit the fan, be proactive and step up to the plate and speak up. 3. Let your actions support your words. If you apologize for your actions or those of another, ensure that your behaviour afterwards shows that you are truly sorry and try to minimize the chances of that action recurring.

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

Saying I am sorry is a noble thing to do. We must be accountable for our words and actions, and understand that when we hurt others, there can be ripple effects. In this case, there were deaths of soldiers on both sides. We build character when we can accept our shortcomings and make an effort to do better next time. As a person of stature, Obama will be respected and hopefully, his example will help others to see that a true leader can admit when he or his team is wrong. Send your questions to and a response will be provided



Vol. 24, No. 24 • Mar 1 - 7, 2012

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide


By Jan Critchley

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 is the fourth movie in The Twilight Saga series. This two-part romantic vampire film is based on the novel Breaking

Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. This latest offering from the hugely popular cult series is probably one of the most eagerly awaited movies for many years. The film starts out with mortal, Bella Swan (Kirsten Stewart) planning her wedding to vampire, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). During the reception Bella reveals to her old friend and werewolf, Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) that she and Edward plan to consummate their marriage during their honey-

Cast & Credits

moon. Jacob who still has strong feelings for Bella

Bella--------------------------------Kristen Stewart Edward----------------------------Robert Pattinson Jacob---------------------------------Taylor Lautner Alice-----------------------------------Ashley Green Charlie----------------------------------Billy Burke

becomes angry and retreats off to the woods. Just two weeks into their honeymoon, Bella discovers that she is pregnant and the baby is growing at an extraordinarily accelerated rate, so they rush back home to Forks and to the care of Edward’s father who

However, Bella is gravely ill and to save her life,

is a Doctor. The sub-plot is that the leader of the werewolf

Edward injects Bella's heart with his venom to trans-

pack plans to kill Bella and her child, as they believe it

form her into a vampire, but she remains motionless

to be a demon. Jacob however, cannot go with the plan

and Bella is thought to be dead. Miraculously, Bella's

and leaves the pack to protect Bella. However, by this

wounds heal and the Cullens look on in shock as the

time, Bella's health has severely deteriorated and as a

venom reaches her heart and she awakens with red

last resort, she begins drinking blood, which satisfies

eyes, as a newborn vampire. This film is a must for all

the baby’s vampire cravings and allows her to regain

die-hard Twilight fans, who will already be excitedly

some strength. Finally, after an agonizing labor, Bella

anticipating the fifth and final installment, Breaking

gives birth to her daughter, Renesmee.

Dawn – Part 2 when it is released in November. 9

Vol. 24, No. 24 • Mar 1 - 7, 2012

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide


Your Guide to British Virgin Islands Events country and bluegrass numbers as well as songs from The Grateful Dead, The Band, Bob Dylan and Jimmy Cliff. The Colorado based band has performed throughout the US, Mexico and Europe and has been playing in the Virgin Islands since 2003. Members of the group have jammed with rock legends from the Jerry Garcia band to The Grateful Dead. The show starts at 8pm.

Top 7 at 7 ZRod’s popular Top 7 @ 7 Award show will headline Travis Walters, also known as “Travie Rozae,” whose recently released his first single See Her in You. Born and bred in the BVI, Walters, an up and coming star in the pop music scene, first made his mark during Follow the Movement’s sponsored Zrod Top 7 @ 7 Countdown in 2010 and 2011. The Fifth annual show which will be held at the Multi Purpose Sports Complex on Saturday, March 3rd, at 7;30 pm will also headline Verse Simmonds, known for his hit single, Boo Thang and the USVI group, Rock City, along with many other popular Virgin Islands entertainers. Representatives from the music industry including Atlantic Records, American Record and Interscope will also be on hand to assess Travie and other local talent.

Rotary Latin Fiesta Put a little Olé into your life. This year’s Grand Affair hosted by the Rotary Club of Tortola, will bring Spanish flair to the BVI with its Latin Fiesta. Held at Scrub Island on Saturday March 3rd, the event will include an exclusive Champagne boat ride and an auction featuring unique artwork, stunning jewelry and unforgettable vacation packages. The music and food are inspired by the region’s Latin American countries. Proceeds from the Annual Grand Affair and Auction will benefit special needs and youth development groups. Tickets can be purchased from any Rotary Club of Tortola member.

Coral Creek Band at Myett’s

H. L. Stoutt Birthday Celebration There will be a family Fun Day in celebration of H. Lavity Stoutt’s birthday at the Capoon’s Bay Recreation grounds on Monday, March 5th. Cultural games, activities, food and music will follow a wreath laying ceremony at 10am.

ChrisThompson & Coral Creek Band

A high energy acoustic and electric show is slated for March 1st and 2nd at Myett’s as Chris Thompson and the Coral Creek band blows into town on its “Virgin Islands Tour.” The band features original rock, reggae,

Shine I’s Album Debut Don’t miss the Shine-I’s Album Debut Explosion at La-Piazza at Prospect Reef this Sunday, March 4th at


Vol. 24, No. 24 • Mar 1 - 7, 2012

live music • events • concerts •

THURSDAY - MAR. 1 ROAD TOWN PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm LE GRAND CAFÉ — Heineken Happy Hour 5-7pm THE PUB — Heineken Happy Hour 5-7pm ORIGIN — Lunch take out from 12-2pm, Sushi from

CANE GARDEN BAY MYETT’S — Pizza Night music by Chris Thompson & Coral Creek Band QUITO’S — Live music by Quito & the Edge



SCRUB ISLAND — Cheeseburgers in Paradise with


ST. URSULA’S COMM. CENTRE — Jazz on the Hill

MYETT’S — Tapas Night & Live music by Cave then Chris Thompson & Coral Creek Band from 8-11pm QUITO’S — Live music Quito plays solo ELM’S — Carib & Mackeson 2 for $5 all day

Caribbean Jazz Fusion with Elan Parle from 7:30pm

live music


BEACH BAR — Wally Ball on the beach, drink specials

PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm ORIGIN — Lunch take out from 12-2pm, Sushi from




5:30-11pm SEBASTIANS BY THE SEA — Happy Hour 4-6pm

Awards from 7:30pm CLUB DIPLOMATS — Pisces Weekend Madness with


5 DJs alongside Xtreme Band

MARINA CAY — Eric Stone plays Happy Hour 5-8pm



BEACH BAR —Live band & BBQ on the beach

ROAD TOWN PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm THE PUB — Heineken Happy Hour 5-7pm LE GRAND CAFÉ — Hennessy Fridays ORIGIN — Lunch take out from 12-2pm, Sushi from


5:30-11pm BAT CAVE — Free Up Friday with DJ Bertrum and guest DJ SUGAR WORKS MUSEUM — Art show opening night “A Walk Along Main Street by Aileen Malcolm” 5:30pm

MYETT’S — KapEye Plays 5-7pm sunset happy hour & WII Bowiling Games


featuring local & international performers 6:30pm

BEACH BAR — TGIF party with BBQ on the beach

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide


SEBASTIANS BY THE SEA — Happy Hour 4-6pm


VG & OUTER ISLANDS SCRUB ISLAND — Rotary Club of Tortola Grand Affair ST. MARY’S SCHOOL GROUNDS — Jazz on the Hill

• parties • sports • movies and more




MARINA CAY — Eric Stone plays Happy Hour 5-8pm SCRUB ISLAND — Caribbean Night & Tropical Buffet

Debut from 8:30pm

with live music from 6-10pm



MYETT’S — Sunset Happy Hour with Clem on Steel


Pan 2-4pm ELM’S — Beach BBQ & Live Entertainment; Happy Hour 4-6:30pm

NANNY CAY BEACH BAR —Lunchtime BBQ & DJ on the beach

CAPOON’S BAY SEBASTIANS BY THE SEA — Live entertainment music by Candyman 7-10pm

VG & OUTER ISLANDS MARINA CAY — Eric Stone plays Happy Hour 5-8pm

MONDAY - MAR. 5 ROAD TOWN PUSSER’S — Daily Happy Hour from 5-7pm LE GRAND CAFÉ — Heineken Happy Hour 5-7pm ORIGIN — Lunch take out from 12-2pm

CANE GARDEN BAY MYETT’S — Mexican night music by Candyman QUITO’S — Music by Guest Artist ELM’S — Happy Hour 4-6:30pm


Birthday Celebration wreath ceremony at 10am & family fun day


LE GRAND CAFÉ — Heineken Happy Hour 5-7pm ORIGIN — Lunch takeout 12-2pm, Sushi 5:30-11pm

CANE GARDEN BAY ELM’S — Happy Hour 4-6:30pm MYETT’S — Pizza night with music by KapEye QUITO’S —Live music Quito solo

VG & OUTER ISLANDS MARINA CAY — Eric Stone plays Happy Hour 5-8pm

WEDNESDAY -MAR. 7 ROAD TOWN LE GRAND CAFÉ — Heineken Happy Hour 5-7pm THE PUB — Heineken Happy Hour 5-7pm ORIGIN — Lunch take out from 12-2pm, Sushi from


CANE GARDEN BAY MYETT’S — Bushwacker & KapEye at Happy Hour ELM’S — Pizza & Shepherds Pie Night with live enter-

Dark & Stormy Regatta Mar 9-12 Full Moon — Mar 8 Caribbean Arts & Crafts Festival — Mar 9-14 Grown & Sexy 2nd Anniversary — Mar 10 Ashu Classical Saxophonist @ HLSCC — Mar 10 Caribbean Super Yacht Regatta — Mar 14-17

tainment; Happy Hour 4-6:30pm QUITO’S — Music by Guest Artist

JVD Preservation Society Fundraiser — Mar 19


Diana King Reggae Showcase @ HLSCC — Mar 24

SEBASTIANS BY THE SEA — Happy Hour 4-6pm

VG & OUTER ISLANDS MARINA CAY — Eric Stone plays Happy Hour 5-8pm

BVI Spring Regatta — Mar 26 - Apr 1 CADA Players “Ring Masters” @ HLSCC — Mar 30,31 & Apr 1


Vol. 24, No. 24 • Mar 1 - 7, 2012

(contd. from page 11)

8:30 pm. Infamus, Imo Maccabee, Ritical, Capable, Empress Ruth Mada Nile and Jah Vinci will all be on hand, along with Hard Core Band. Tickets are available at Mellow Mood’s, Bolo’s, Speedy’s and RT Fast Ferry for $25; $40 VIP.

More Parties This Week The Third annual Pices Weekend Madness will be held at Club Diplomat on Saturday, March 3rd. Featured will be DJs Turbo, PaidFa, Phenom, Dre and Wiz, as well as Xtreme Band. The Bat Cave will have DJs Bertrum and a guest DJ, with two throbbing dance floors this Friday, March 2nd for their Free Up Friday. UPs is ready for the holiday weekend with fun and games for the family – plus, specials on bowling and lot of food and drinks. So, grab the family and head on down to U.P’s.

Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide


tv specials & highlights THURSDAY MARCH 1, 2012 7:00 0 Wife Swap 1 Animal Cops South Africa P The Real George Washington Archaeologists, scientists and historians explore the president’s childhood home and his involvement in espionage; forensic investigators recreate his face. 7:30 < Meeting Josemaria Escriva: Venezuela St. Josemaria Escriva answers questions in 1975 South America.

8:00 0 Project Runway All Stars 1 The Great Savannah Race L Killing bin Laden An account of the bin Laden operation from the beginning to his burial at sea. 9:00 _ ( Wipeout ) The Vampire Diaries * The Big Bang Theory 0 Project Runway All Stars D Marijuana USA Cannabis meets capitalism, as the world’s most commonly used drug comes into the mainstream.

tv specials & highlights

9:30 ` Parks and Recreation > Ice Loves Coco 9:31 * Rob 10:00 _ ( Grey’s Anatomy * Person of Interest 1 Animal Planet’s Most Outrageous 4 NCIS D Filthy Rich Scott Cohn investigates oil rich countries as they move money into Dubai, London, Paris. (N) P America Before Columbus Evidence reveals that the country already had millions of inhabitants before Europeans arrived. Z Genesis Live at Wembley Stadium Genesis’ performance at Wembley Stadium in 1987. 10:30 ` Up All Night 11:00 * The Mentalist ` Grimm 2 BET Honors 2012 The fifth annual “BET Honors” celebrates outstanding achievements; host Gabrielle Union. L MythBusters

FRIDAY MARCH 2, 2012 7:00 0 America’s Most Wanted 1 Animal Cops South Africa N NASCAR Sprint Cup Practice P Lincoln’s Secret Killer? Scientists examine President Lincoln’s blood. 7:30 > The Soup 8:00 0 America’s Most Wanted 1 The Great Savannah Race P Wild Justice 9:00 _ ( Shark Tank ) Nikita * Undercover Boss ` Who Do You Think You Are? 0 America’s Most Wanted 1 The Planet’s Funniest Animals P Underworld Inc. 9:30 1 The Planet’s Funniest Animals 10:00 _ ( Primetime: What Would You Do? ) Supernatural * A Gifted Man ` Grimm 0 America’s Most Wanted 1 Beauty and the Beasts People may react to an animal’s appearance. P Street Heat: High Speed Justice Nighttime racing on the streets of Kent, Wash. 10:30 1 Beauty and the Beasts People may react to an animal’s appearance. 11:00 _ ( 20/20 * Blue Bloods ` Dateline NBC < Iraq’s Christian Refugees Christian refugees in Syria and Jordan. > The Soup N Car Warriors


Vol. 24, No. 24 • Mar 1 - 7, 2012

Jacqueline Cutler

Big Time Rush goes James Bond, with a Beatles soundtrack Viewers can almost hear the TV executives’ conversation that went into Big Time Movie, airing Saturday, March 10, on Nickelodeon. What do tweens and teens want? More cute, nonthreatening guys who happen to be decent singers and star in the hit show Big Time Rush. What’s a fun era? The 1960s. Which band could they do covers of and bring a new generation into the fold? The Beatles. And what device would make for a fun film? A James Bond-type international thriller with an intentionally silly plot.The process that went into formulating the film is obvious, but that doesn’t detract from its fun. Calling it a movie, though, which the cablenet does when anything is longer than a regular episode, is lofty since the final cut will clock in at 68 minutes or less. But it is indeed a romp, and it unabashedly bows before 1960s icons.Big Time Rush are the same four who have been starring (and go by their real first names) in the show: Logan Henderson, Kendall Schmidt, Carlos Pena Jr. and James Maslow. “The Beatles have always been a huge influence for me, and I am sure for many artists,” Henderson says. “The creators sat us down before we did the movie, and told us (of Beatles movies), ‘It is a little bit different than the movies you are used to seeing.’ It is pretty crazy and cool to see the dynamic the Beatles had in the movie.” The film has them land in London and immediateLimin’ Times Entertainment Guide

ly and unwittingly become enmeshed in a spy caper. The essential plot point is that one of their backpacks was switched with a backpack carrying an anti-gravity device in the shape of a beetle. The safety of the entire world hinges on who controls the device. Sir Atticus Moon, intent on world domination, is on a mission to acquire the metal beetle, and he dispatches his forces to retrieve the backpack from Big Time Rush. Meanwhile, Kendall’s kid sister, Katie (Ciara Bravo), has notions of becoming a princess. Carlos has been dreaming about rescuing a princess from an evil billionaire. And wouldn’t you know, the guys find themselves in such a predicament.


Art Show at Sugar Works The opening of an exhibition of paintings by resident artist Aileen Malcolm will be held this Friday, March 2nd at the 1780 Lower Estate Sugar Works Museum from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. The exhibition entitled “A Walk Along Main Street” will feature watercolors of many of Main Street’s fine historical buildings, which the artist calls a “slice of island history.” The show will run for the entire month of March and an additional “Meet the Artist Night” is planned for Thursday March 15th, also from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. The paintings will be available for purchase along with limited edition signed and numbered giclee prints.


Vol. 24, No. 24 • Mar 1 - 7, 2012

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By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

The Future of Tennis “So, who’s going to be the next Arthur Ash,” I asked the young enthusiastic kids gathered for the group photo at the Tortola Sports Club ahead of the BVI Lawn Tennis Association launching its ITF ranking system with about 70 in attendance. “Who’s the next Bjorn Borg?” “How about Yannick Noah?” I asked, as I got the who’s this crazy man look from the blank faces. “Ok, who’s going to be the next Tiger Woods?” I then asked. “He plays Golf,” was the response. “How about Roger Federer, who want to be the next Roger Federer?” I asked. “I want to be Djokovic,” said a young male. The future of BVI Tennis was taking shape as the association’s first Jr. ranking, ranking system was about to be unveiled after 1000 balls had been released with enthusiastic kids trying to see how many balls they could return to the bin. I was delighted to see the development. I recalled when I was Chef de Mission to the 2006 CAC Games when Tennis was making its debut, numerous questions were asked about the ranking of BVI players, as they needed an ITF ranking to be seeded accordingly. There was no system in place. Scott Bryson, one of the program coordinators said that the ITF has mandated that no tournament will be played with the regular balls and have introduced a red ball – for the introductory player – then an orange before progressing to the green ball. “Basically what this does is allow the kids at a very young age to play the game without the frustrations of a very bouncy ball,” he explained. “They can

Officials and participants in the BVI Lawn Tennis Association Jr. Tennis program

actually learn to serve, hit the ball and score basically on their first lesson.” Paul Oliver – who later beat 1984 Olympian Keith Thomas in the NAGICO Open Tournament consolation final – emerged as the top under 14 player with a victory over Jeuron Smith while Nina Forte is the top female player following her triumph over Justine Bryson. Of the 70 participants, 40-45 were ten and under, which Bryson described as “very encouraging.” In complying with ITF regulations, Bryson said they knew from the start that they wouldn’t have 18 and under participants and noted they only had one male, so the concentration was on the 14 and 10 and under. He said they had a full draw in those two segments they wanted to focus on. The next move is to establish a points system Bryson said and they are looking at running about six tournaments annually, which will contribute towards the domestic rankings. Plans are to also compete in regional ITF tournaments and the association is looking towards a tournament in Barbados in late March and another in Trinidad. “We want to send hopefully two kids to each of those tournaments,” he said. 19

Vol. 24, No. 24 • Mar 1 - 7, 2012

Jacqueline Cutler

Breaking news: Mullally joins cast of Fox sitcom newcomer to the show: Welsh actress Erin Richards, who plays the new chief’s executive assistant. “She’s quite good, and she adds a fun element,” Mullally says. “And she’s not hard to look at. It’s a really fun group.” Joining an existing series isn’t new for Mullally, who did the same on the Starz comedy Party Down after Jane Lynch left to begin her Glee run on Fox. “I would say the difference is that on Party Down, they didn’t miss a beat,” Mullally notes. “They just plugged me in and carried on exactly the same as before. Breaking In has been completely revamped, and it’s almost like starting from scratch.” The fact that Slater’s character is no longer the boss alters Breaking In automatically. “Christian has so much energy, just a bottomless well of it, physically and emotionally,” Mullally says. “And it’s positive energy, which is great. “Since he’s No. 1 on the call sheet, that’s always a nice thing, and he couldn’t have been nicer in welcoming me. He sent me a lovely email when I decided to do the show, and he sent flowers on my birthday. He really is quite a gentleman, and we have good chemistry, which is helpful.” Though spouse Offerman is busy with his own series role as Ron Swanson, who has become iconic among Parks and Recreation fans, Mullally hopes he might have enough time to do a Breaking In guest shot before the season ends. “I would love that,” she says. “We’ve done an inordinate amount of things together recently, including three movies; one of them, Smashed, was just shown at the Sundance Film Festival. I think that with every project I do, they’re secretly hoping they can get Nick. And I don’t want to flatter myself, but it also might hold true the other way around.”

If it seems Megan Mullally is breaking her way into a returning sitcom, she actually was invited. A twotime Emmy winner as the high-pitched-in-all-ways Karen Walker on Will & Grace (still shown in weekday repeats on Lifetime, the typically amusing actress surely isn’t lacking work. She’s a regular on Adult Swim’s Childrens Hospital; she’s had guest roles lately on ABC’s Happy Endings and NBC’s Parks and Recreation (which co-stars her husband, Nick Offerman) and Up All Night; and she’s supplying voices for the soon-to-start Season 2 of Fox’s animated “Bob’s Burgers.” Mullally also is climbing aboard the second season of another Fox show. She plays the new boss of Contra Security as Breaking In resumes Tuesday, March 6, with the humor more office-based as she joins continuing cast members including Christian Slater, Bret Harrison and Odette Annable (who also is doing extra Fox duty as she films the final episodes of “House,” which will be back in April). “I remembered seeing the billboards, but I hadn’t seen the show,” the spirited Mullally recalls of receiving the Breaking In offer. “They sent me three episodes, and I thought, ‘This definitely has potential.’ I got on the phone with the producers, and they were very nice, and we talked about what qualities might play best for my character. Then they wrote two sample scenes, and I thought this was something I could have a good time with.” Though Michael Rosenbaum Smallville has left Breaking In, Mullally is enjoying working with another Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide


tv specials & highlights P LA Street Racers Street racing’s legacy dates back to the time of hot rods.

9:30 _ ( The 84th Annual Academy Awards Honors for achievements in film; Billy Crystal hosts. (N) 10:00 * The Good Wife , Masterpiece Classic ` The Celebrity Apprentice P Russia’s Toughest Prisons An exploration into some of Russia’s toughest prisons. [ Fareed Zackaria GPS ∂ The Big C 11:00 * CSI: Miami 1 Blood Dolphins 2 The Game > Khloe and Lamar D Filthy Rich Scott Cohn investigates oil rich countries as they move money into Dubai, London, Paris. L Bering Sea Gold P Alaska State Troopers

tv specials & highlights


7:00 4 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 7:30 < Vatican Report People and issues that shape the life of the church. 8:00 , NOVA 4 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit P Drain the Great Lakes Computergenerated imagery is used to reveal hidden secrets of North America’s Great Lakes. 8:30 B Parking Wars 9:00 _ ( Wipeout * Rules of Engagement 1 At the End of My Leash < St. Bernadette of Lourdes A 14year-old girl has visions of a “Beautiful Lady.” P Ultimate Factories 9:30 * Two and a Half Men 1 At the End of My Leash 10:00 * The Mentalist ` The Firm 1 Hillbilly Handfishin’ P Alaska State Troopers [ CNN Presents 10:30 6 Full Force Nature B Parking Wars 11:00 4 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit L Gold Rush P Alaska State Troopers

SUNDAY MARCH 4, 2012 7:00 ) Live From the Academy Awards Interviews, commentary and analysis; films and fashion. L Bering Sea Gold P Outlaw Bikers 7:30 3 Oscar’s Red Carpet Live Guests arrive for the 84th-annual Academy Awards ceremony. (N) 6 Cantore Stories 8:00 _ ( Oscar’s Red Carpet Live Guests arrive for the 84th-annual Academy Awards ceremony. (N) * 60 Minutes , Masterpiece Classic ` Dateline NBC 1 The Planet’s Funniest Animals 8:10 ∫ Hell on Wheels 8:30 1 The Planet’s Funniest Animals 3 The 84th Annual Academy Awards Honors for achievements in film; Billy Crystal hosts > Khloe and Lamar 9:00 * The Amazing Race ` The Celebrity Apprentice 1 Monster Bug Wars! D Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook Facebook’s creation, the accuracy of “The Social Network” and using personal information. L Bering Sea Gold P World’s Toughest Prisons Daily life at Santa Martha in Mexico and Lurigancho in Peru.

MONDAY MARCH 5, 2012 7:00 1 Animal Cops South Africa 4 NCIS P Outlaw Bikers 7:30 > Kourtney & Kim Take New York 8:00 0 Wife Swap 1 The Great Savannah Race 4 NCIS P Wild Justice 9:00 _ ( The Bachelor ) Gossip Girl 0 Wife Swap 1 The Planet’s Funniest Animals 9:30 * 2 Broke Girls 1 The Planet’s Funniest Animals > Ice Loves Coco 10:00 ) Hart of Dixie , Black in Latin America 0 Wife Swap 1 Dogs 101 L American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior P Alaska State Troopers 10:30 6 Weather Caught on Camera 10:31 * Mike & Molly 11:00 * Hawaii Five-0 0 Wife Swap 1 Dog Whisperer D Love at First Byte: The Secret Science of Online Dating The online dating industry makes $3 billion annually, changing how people seek relationships. L World’s Toughest Trucker P Outlaw Bikers

TUESDAY MARCH 6, 2012 7:00 0 Reba 1 Animal Cops South Africa 4 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit P Doomsday Preppers 7:30 0 Reba 8:00 , NOVA 0 Dance Moms 1 Running With Wolves 4 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit P Wild Justice 9:00 _ ( Last Man Standing ) Hart of Dixie * NCIS


0 Dance Moms 2 Let’s Stay Together D Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippie Apple from a suburban garage to global supremacy. N Pimp My Ride P Only for God: Inside Hasidism Followers of Hasidic Judaism share their stories about this tightly knit religious community. (N) 9:30 _ ( Cougar Town 2 Let’s Stay Together 10:00 _ ( The River ) Ringer 4 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit P Doomsday Preppers 10:30 1 At the End of My Leash 2 The Game 11:00 _ ( Body of Proof * Unforgettable ` Parenthood 0 America’s Supernanny 1 Dog Whisperer 2 The Game L Ragin’ Cajuns N My Ride Rules P Doomsday Preppers

WEDNESDAY MARCH 7, 2012 7:00 0 Wife Swap 1 Animal Cops South Africa > Ice Loves Coco P American Weed 7:30 6 Cantore Stories > Ice Loves Coco 8:00 0 Wife Swap Youth for Christ P Wild Justice 9:00 _ ( The Middle ) One Tree Hill * Survivor: One World 1 The Planet’s Funniest Animals D Mexico’s Drug War The shocking conflict between rival drug cartels’ battle over smuggling routes to America. P Drugs, Inc. 9:30 _ ( Suburgatory ` Are You There, Chelsea? 1 The Planet’s Funniest Animals > Khloe and Lamar 10:00 _ ( Modern Family ) America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion * Criminal Minds , Blacking Up: Hip-Hop’s Remix of Race and Identity Tensions surround white identification with hip-hop. ` Rock Center With Brian Williams 1 It’s Me or the Dog P American Weed 10:31 _ ( Happy Endings 11:00 _ ( Revenge ` Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 0 Wife Swap L Top 10 Shootouts Will Hayden and Rich Wyatt count down 10 iconic American shootouts. P American Weed Vol. 24, No. 24 • Mar 1 - 7, 2012

THURSDAY MARCH 1, 2012 12:00 8 SportsCenter (N) 1:00 & 8 SportsCenter (N) ; Women’s College Swimming Pac12 Championships. 3:00 & 8 SportsCenter (N) M Hunt for Big Fish 3:30 M North American Fisherman N The 10 4:00 & 8 Outside the Lines First Report (N) 4:30 & 8 Baseball Tonight (N) M World of Adventure Sports 5:30 N Chop Cut Rebuild 7:00 M NBC Sports Talk (N) N NASCAR Race Hub (N) 8:00 & 8 College Basketball M The Best and Worst of Tred Barta 8:30 M Hunt for Big Fish 9:00 M City Limits Fishing N Dangerous Drives 9:45 9 Sport Today 10:00 & 8 College Basketball Teams M Charlie Moore: No Offense 10:45 9 Sport Today

FRIDAY MARCH 2, 2012 M North American Fisherman 12:30 PM M Babe Winkelman’s Outdoor Secrets 2:00 M Extreme Kayak Fishing Challenge N NASCAR Racing Nationwide Series: Phoenix, Practice. (N) 2:30 M Bass 2 Billfish 3:00 ; College Track and Field Conference USA Men’s and Women’s Indoor Championships M Saltwater Experience 3:30 M George Poveromo’s World of Saltwater Fishing N NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup: Phoenix, Practice. (N) 4:00 & 8 Outside the Lines First Report (N) 4:30 & 8 Baseball Tonight (N) 7:00 ; UEFA Champions League Magazine (N) 8:30 & Boxing 1975 Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier III. 9:00 8 NBA Basketball Golden State Warriors at Philadelphia 76ers. (N) 10:00 & Boxing (N) 11:30 8 NBA Basketball Los Angeles Clippers at Phoenix Suns.

SATURDAY MARCH32, 2012 12:30 PM ; The Game 365 M Saltwater Experience 1:00 & 8 College Basketball * College Basketball Memphis at Tulsa. 2:00 ` Gymnastics American Cup. (N) N NASCAR Racing Nationwide Series: Phoenix, Qualifying. (N) 3:00 & Baseball Tonight Limin’ Times Entertainment Guide

* College Basketball Regional Coverage. (N) 3:30 & Italian Serie A Soccer N NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup: Phoenix, Qualifying. (N) 4:00 _ ( THE BIG TIME (N) ` PGA Tour Golf Honda Classic, Third Round. (N) 5:00 _ ( ESPN Sports Saturday (N) 8:00 & 8 College Basketball North Carolina at Duke. (N) 8:30 ; College Wrestling Big 12 Championships. (N) 9:30 N AMA Supercross Racing St. Louis. (N) 10:00 & College Basketball West Coast Tournament, First Semifinal: Teams 11:00 ; College Basketball

SUNDAY MARCH 4, 2012 12:00 & MLB 2011: Tales of Triumph 12:30 PM * Sunday Sports Blitz 1:00 & College Basketball Clemson at Florida State. (N) * College Basketball Kentucky at Florida. (N) 1:30 ` NHL Hockey Regional Coverage. 2:00 _ ( NBA Basketball New York Knicks at Boston Celtics. 3:00 & 500 Great Goals * College Basketball Missouri Valley Tournament, Final: Teams 4:30 _ ( NBA Basketball Miami Heat at Los Angeles Lakers. ; College Basketball Arizona at Arizona State. (N) 5:00 * College Basketball Big Ten Wildcard: Teams TBA. (N) M World of Adventure Sports 5:30 8 College Lacrosse Syracuse at Virginia. (N) 5:45 & English Premier League World 6:30 ; College Basketball California at Stanford. (N) 7:00 & College Basketball North Carolina State at Virginia Tech. (N) 8:00 8 NBA Basketball Chicago Bulls at Philadelphia 76ers. (N) M NHL Hockey Philadelphia Flyers at Washington Capitals. 10:00 ; Women’s College Basketball Stanford at California. (N) N NASCAR Victory Lane 10:30 8 NBA Basketball Denver Nuggets at San Antonio Spurs 11:00 & 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event. (Taped) N Mercedes-Benz: 125 Years

MONDAY MARCH 5, 2012 12:30 PM M Huntin’ With the Judge 1:00 ; English Premier League Series Racing Cedar Park. 3:00 N National Arenacross Series Racing Cedar Park. 4:00 & 8 Outside the Lines First Report (N) 4:30 & 8 Baseball Tonight (N)


5:30 M CNBC Sports Biz: Game On! 8:00 & ESPNSoccernet Press Pass 8:30 & Dan Le Batard Is Highly Questionable (N) 9:00 ; English Premier League Soccer M NHL Hockey Buffalo Sabres at Winnipeg Jets. 10:00 & College Basketball West Coast Tournament, Final:

TUESDAY MARCH 6, 2012 12:30 PM M Fishing With Roland Martin 1:00 & College Basketball Big East Tournament First Round, Game 1: M Jimmy Houston Outdoors N Formula One Racing Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. 1:30 M Babe Winkelman’s Outdoor Secrets 3:00 & College Basketball Big East Tournament First Round, Game 2: M Americana Outdoors 3:30 ; UEFA Champions League Soccer Teams to Be Announced. (N) M Birding Adventures 4:00 8 Outside the Lines First Report 8:00 & College Basketball Big East Tournament First Round, Game 3: 8 Women’s College Basketball 9:00 ; UEFA Champions League Soccer Teams to Be Announced. (N Same-day Tape) 10:00 & College Basketball Live 8 College Basketball Teams M NHL Hockey Minnesota Wild at Colorado Avalanche.

WEDNESDAY MARCH 7, 2012 12:30 PM M Babe Winkelman’s Outdoor Secrets 1:00 & 8 College Basketball Big East Tournament Second Round, Game 1: M Hank Parker’s Outdoor Magazine 1:30 ; Babe Winkelman’s Good Fishing M Jimmy Houston Outdoors 2:00 ; Chris Lafferty’s Motorsports M Scott Martin Challenge 3:00 & 8 College Basketball Big East Tournament Second Round, Game 2: 3:30 M Bill Dance Outdoors 4:00 ; College Basketball Pac-12 Tournament, First Round: 6:00 & SportsNation (N) 6:30 ; College Basketball Pac-12 Tournament, First Round: 7:00 N NASCAR Race Hub (N) 8:00 & 8 College Basketball Big East Tournament Second Round, Game 3: 8:30 M NHL Hockey Toronto Maple Leafs at Pittsburgh Penguins. 10:00 & 8 College Basketball Big East Tournament Second Round, Game 4: ; College Basketball Pac-12 Tournament, First Round: Teams 11:00 < Saints Alive

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