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You want a remarkable life. One filled with purpose. One filled with passion. But to achieve that, life demands focus. Demands making a commitment. To yourself. To the world. Demands courage. To push beyond. At Norwich, you can create an extraordinary future. You can… Expect Challenge. Achieve Distinction.

Taking the lead Founded in 1819, Norwich University is the: Nation’s first senior military college Birthplace of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) Model for experiential learning in U.S. education, a concept introduced by Norwich founder Captain Alden Partridge First private U.S. institution to teach engineering First senior military college to admit women into the Corps of Cadets First college to make physical education part of the curriculum Home of the first collegiate marching band Pioneering institution that was one of the nation’s first to include international students


Academics Be prepared to think and act—for yourself and with others. Because at Norwich, it isn’t enough to know something. It’s what you do with that knowledge.

“Norwich doesn’t just teach academics. It helps you develop strong, lifelong

Undergraduate programs

character traits. If you want to get


focused and really set yourself up for


your future, this is the place. I know

Athletic Training

I am ready for anything.”

Noel Byers Mathematics major Iron Mountain, Michigan

Biochemistry Biology Chemistry Chinese Civil Engineering Communications Computer Science Computer Security & Information Assurance Criminal Justice Education Electrical & Computer Engineering Engineering Management English Environmental Science Geology History International Studies Management (Business Administration) Concentrations: Computer Information Systems Financial Economics Leadership Marketing Sports Management Mathematics Mechanical Engineering Nursing Physical Education Physics Political Science

Hands-on education

We believe in: Experiential learning: You’ll put what you learned in the classroom to work in the real world.


Developing useful citizens: You’ll gain knowledge


and experience that benefit you and the world.

Sports Medicine

Pride: You’ll bond for life—with students, with

Studies in War and Peace

faculty, with staff. With Norwich. Providing a transformative education: You’ll be

Rigorous academics. Interactive classes. Engaged professors. Hands-on learning.

Other academic offerings

That’s what you can expect at Norwich University. With a 14:1 student/faculty ratio,

challenged and prepared for success.

Pre-law Track

Honesty and ethics: You’ll be held to a high

you can ask questions. Be heard. Be known. You’ll learn from people who aren’t just

Pre-medical/Pre-dental Track

standard where right and wrong are clearly defined.

ROTC Army Marine Corps Navy Air Force

Leadership: You’ll pursue excellence, inspire others,

book smart. They’ve been out in the real world and bring their experience to you. What’s clear :

You’ll be inspired. To learn. To achieve. To succeed.

and become an amazing leader.

Learn more about Norwich academics at

“When I tell my friends at other universities about the research

Unbelievable opportunities Opportunities abound at Norwich. To stretch. To grow. To succeed. Take Shelbie Holland and William Day. The two were selected to participate in Norwich’s competitive Summer Student Research Fellowship Program. That meant working in the lab with Dr. Natalia Blank, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry. That led to discovery: They made two organic compounds that had never been made before. That led to another opportunity: A trip to Ithaca, New York, to present their findings at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research.

opportunities I’ve had as a Norwich undergraduate, they’re shocked. It really shows that Norwich gives students the chance to challenge themselves and accomplish their goals.” William Day Chemistry major Portland, Maine

“At Norwich, students receive a personalized education and have access to many opportunities. Students learn from professors who are at the top of their fields—not from teaching assistants. We are the leaders in our classrooms. We work alongside students in our laboratories.” Natalia F. Blank, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Life-changing experiences

Expand your learning through: Clinicals—at regional healthcare facilities

We don’t confine learning to the four walls of a classroom. From

Internships—from Boeing to Apple

your first year to your last, you’ll be encouraged to take what you’ve

Practicum—on campus or off

learned and apply it. You’ll do that through research. Study abroad. Seminars. Clinicals. Community service. However you do it, the experience will change you. Forever. What’s clear:

You’ll learn by doing. On campus. In the

Research—as early as your first year Service learning—engaged in activities that meet community needs Student teaching—at local elementary, middle, or high schools Study abroad—from Germany to Australia

community. Across the country. Around the world.

An internship took Stephen Emmons, an electrical and computer engineering major from Holliston, Mass., to the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica where he served on a scientific research team.

As part of “Sketching School,” students in our School of Architecture + Art practice the art of visual communication in interesting places, including Beijing, China, where they soaked in the culture, met artists, and documented their observations in drawing notebooks.

Corps of Cadets

Step forward into one of the most intense and rewarding experiences of your life, where strength of body, mind, and character fuse to shape you into an exceptional leader.

“I will try” is the official motto of Norwich University. It’s a simple yet powerful statement, traced to the War of 1812 and the heroics of Colonel James Miller.

Transformative environment Learn more about the Norwich Corps of Cadets at

The Corps isn’t just about uniforms and parades. It’s about:

Considering the Corps of Cadets? Consider this: Slithering through a cold, slimy worm pit. Knocking out push-ups in a strong river current. Climbing way out of your comfort zone—again and again. So that you rise above limitations in your mind. So that you become the leader you always knew you could be. What’s clear:

You’ll prove to yourself that you can do anything. Anything.

History: After nearly 200 years, Norwich knows what it takes to transform you. Leadership: Our four-year progressive leadership model will mold you into an exceptional leader. Challenge: You’ll amaze yourself as you overcome obstacles—real and perceived. Balance: You’ll be prepared to lead and serve—whether you go on to be a citizen or a soldier. Growth: Norwich will change you. For the better. Forever.

“My friends in ROTC at other schools tell me they just have PowerPoint presentations in classrooms. We have hands-on training so we apply what we’re learning. We have all this space and this unique landscape that allows us to train.”

Alexander Stewart Psychology major Ellicott City, Maryland

You’ll learn to lead by learning first to follow, thanks to our four-year progressive leadership model:

Defining the Corps of Cadets

First Year Rank: Rook to Cadet Learn personal accountability, study skills, team building.

The academic rigor of Norwich. The intensity of military life. That’s the Corps of Cadets. Through it, you’ll learn discipline. Time-management skills.

Sophomore Year Rank: Corporal Learn personal responsibility, and advanced leadership techniques and styles.

Become a leader. Expand your mind. Push your mental and physical limits. Build your moral character. Emerge confident, competent, and strong. A person people look up to.

Junior Year Rank: Sergeant to Command Sergeant Major Learn to lead groups and train, supervise, and counsel underclassmen.

You’ll be equipped.

What’s clear:

For Norwich. For success. For life.

Senior Year Rank: Sergeant to Colonel Command cadet groups; lead training, management, and oversight; implement policy; and counsel peers.

Learn more about The Norwich Corps of Cadets at

A day in the life of a cadet 0300



0630: PT (physical fitness training)


0530: Reveille


0800 0730–0800: Breakfast

0800–1600: Class time




1600–1800: Extracurricular activities

1200 1130–1300: Lunch





1900–1930: Additional Corps training 1700

1700–1900: Dinner




2300: Lights out 2100

1930–2300: Mandatory study time




Distinctive community Cadets, civilians—they come together. On campus. In class. On athletic teams. Whether you choose to join the Corps of Cadets or pursue a civilian lifestyle, you’ll benefit from attending a university that reflects the world we live in. When you graduate, you’ll take that experience with you—fully understanding what it means to be a global citizen. What’s clear:

You’ll be part of something incredible. The Norwich family.

You can expect: Honor: Our students vow to “not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who do.” History: Norwich is rich in tradition and pride. Distinction: We build leaders.

“One reason I came to Norwich was because of the mixed atmosphere in the classroom and on campus. It’s not divided. Everyone has their own voice. Norwich students are leaders. Whether they’re civilian or Corps, they want to make a positive change in the world.” Giavana Di Giorno, Psychology major, Dallas, Texas

Beyond the classroom Get involved. Live for action. Challenge yourself. With competitive athletics. Incredible outdoor activities. Community service. Right here at your new home in the heart of Vermont’s Green Mountains.

Snowshoeing on campus at the Shaw Outdoor Center.

Varsity teams Women’s Basketball Cross Country Ice Hockey Lacrosse Rugby Soccer Softball Swimming & Diving Volleyball

Men’s Baseball Basketball Cross Country Football Ice Hockey Lacrosse Rugby Soccer Swimming & Diving Tennis Wrestling

“As teammates, we all come together—Corps and civilian. We all have the Norwich uniform on. We grow together. We push each other. At Norwich, you have the opportunity to go beyond your limits—in academics and in sports.” Delaney Taylor Welch Criminal Justice major Temecula, California

Winning athletics Discipline. Determination. Hard work. That defines our studentathletes—in and outside the classroom. Success in studies comes first. Success in competition—well, that’s important, too. Our teams are focused on being the best. Just ask our national championship winning women’s rugby and men’s and women’s ice hockey teams. What’s clear:

You’ll play to win.

Recent accomplishments: Being a Norwich student-athlete will prepare you for: Achievement: Our student-athletes graduate at a higher rate than non-athletes. Camaraderie: Civilians and cadets come together as a team. Competition: We triumph over tough opponents in NCAA Division III athletics. Success: Our teams participate in post-season play.

7 national championships

21 NCAA tournament appearances 31 conference championships 21 NCAA All-Americans 25 player of the year awards 20 coach of the year awards Learn more about Norwich athletics at

Throw Frisbees. Ride horses. Play hockey—on the field or on the ice. Norwich’s intramural and club sports come together to create many ways for you and your friends to have fun—and be active. From Kreitzberg Arena to Shapiro Field House, you’ll also have the facilities you need—to swim, to workout, or to play an impromptu game. What’s clear:

You’ll be on the move—and raring to go.

Exhilarating activities

“A lot of intramurals at Norwich are like, ‘Come on, join us. We’ll teach you. You’ll grow with us.’ You need to get involved. The experience here is what you make it. If you get involved, you’re going to have a great experience.” Shaina Curran Physical Education major Franklin, Massachusetts

Club sports: Equestrian Fencing Field Hockey Ice Hockey Longboarding Mountaineering Paintball Snowboard & Ski Soccer Learn more about Norwich club sports and intramurals at

“I have been presented with so many opportunities at Norwich, from varsity softball to the field hockey club to Habitat

“I joined two Norwich Visions Abroad trips to

for Humanity. I’ve grown as a person and

Thailand. We all shared something remarkably

built relationships. At Norwich, you become

powerful. It was an exceptional feeling of

part of something bigger than yourself.”

togetherness that transcended cultural, religious,

linguistic, social, political, and economic barriers.”

Pam Dubey Mathematics and Education major Campton, New Hampshire

Gina Fantoni Architecture major Derry, New Hampshire

Clubs and organizations

Making an Impact

Norwich is alive with activities and ways to interact. You can get involved in more than 80 clubs and organizations—from academic and honor societies to ballroom dancing and student government. Through our Center for Civic Engagement, you can lend a helping hand—right here in our community or across Vermont, the U.S., and even the world. What’s clear:

You’ll make a difference—on campus and in the world.

Ballroom Dancing Club Be a Motivated Female (BAMF) Campus Activities Board Chinese Club Cigar Club Computer Security and Forensics Club Council on International Affairs First Nations Club Handgun Intensive Tactical Shooting Club International Student Organization Intramural/Recreational Sports Council Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Allies Club Model United Nations Norwich Christian Fellowship Pegasus Players (theatre) Political Science Club Quidditch Association Student Government Association Tactical Society The Norwich Guidon (newspaper) The War Whoop (yearbook) WNUB-FM

Academic Business Club Criminal Justice Student Association French Club Geology Club German Club Mathematical Association of America Political Science Club Pre-Law Society Sports Medicine Society Studies and Observations Group Physical Education Club Spanish Club Student Nurses’ Association Honor Societies American Institute of Architecture Students Upsilon Pi Epsilon (Information and Computing Sciences) Delta Mu Delta (Business) Tau Beta Pi (Engineering) Chi Epsilon (Civil Engineering) Eta Kappa Nu (Electrical Engineering) Iota Tau Alpha (Sports Medicine) Sigma Xi (Sciences and Engineering) Beta Beta Beta (Biology)

Alpha Phi Sigma (Justice Studies) Phi Alpha Theta (History) Psi Chi (Psychology) Pi Gamma Mu (Social Sciences) Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science) Sigma Tau Delta (English) Professional American Institute of Architecture Students American Society of Civil Engineers American Society of Mechanical Engineers Association for Computing Machinery Criminal Justice Student Association Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Society of Women Engineers Corps Artillery Cavalry Color Guard Drill Team Mountain and Cold Weather Company Ranger Challenge Team Regimental Band Regimental Chorus

Student Volunteer Programs Alternative breaks (Thanksgiving & Spring) Blood and bone marrow registration drives Book, food, and clothing drives Disaster relief Emergency response Overseas service-learning trips Soup kitchens/community dinners Trail work Youth mentoring Special events CSI Symposium Homecoming Junior Ring Weekend Parent & Family Weekend Todd Lecture Series William E. Colby Military Writers’ Symposium Winter Carnival

Learn more about Norwich student life at

Get ready to: Navigate: Local rivers in a canoe, kayak, or inner tube. Climb: The craggy limestone, granite, or icy faces at Bolton, Deer Leap, and Smuggler’s Notch. Dive: Into the waters of Northfield, Warren, or Stowe Falls. Scale: Trails on foot or on a bike at places like Paine Mountain, Camel’s Hump, and Mount Mansfield. Soar: On snowboards or skis. Bonus: As a Norwich student, you’ll get discounts at nearby resorts.

Breathtaking adventures Like to mountain bike? Want to play paintball? Ski? Hike? Climb? Rappel? Welcome to the SFC John Shaw Outdoor Center. The newly built center features an extensive network of four-season trails, including an NCAA-sanctioned cross-country trail, a paintball woods course, fitness and running loops, a cadet marching route, and groomed ski paths. At the Shaw Center, you can even check out gear, like snowshoes and crosscountry skis, mountain bikes or even reserve a campsite.

Love the outdoors? You’ll love our location. “Spectacular” covers it. So does “amazing,” “impressive,” and “stunning.” The rugged Green Mountains are ideal for every kind of outdoor activity you can imagine. Prefer city life? We’re just 10 miles from Montpelier, Vermont’s capital city; an hour from Burlington, Vermont’s largest city; and just three hours from Montreal and Boston. What’s clear:

You’ll never say, “There’s nothing to do.”

Healthy living Norwich University is situated on more than 1,200 acres, surrounded by the Green Mountains, in Northfield, Vermont (pop. 6,200). For five straight years, Vermont has topped United Health Foundation’s list as the healthiest state in the nation.

Learn more about Norwich’s spectacular location at

The bonds you form at Norwich last a lifetime. Your classmates? They’ll always be there for you. Your roommate? A friend for life. Your favorite professor? Likely the person you call

Powerful connections

when you land your first job. Even a casual acquaintance may be the person who tips you off to a great career opportunity in the future. That’s what happens when you’re part of a family. Especially a family as tight as Norwich’s. What’s clear:

You’ll know what it means

when we say “Norwich forever.”

As a cadet, you’ll have the honor of welcoming those who came before you into the ranks of the Old Guard by presenting them with their Old Guard Medallions as part of the Corps of Cadets review and retreat ceremony during Homecoming activities.

“Norwich put into me—into us—something that I can only call the Norwich spirit, the Norwich ethic. It lives in the words of our motto: ‘I will try.’”

Learn more about the Norwich community at

General Gordon Sullivan ’59 32nd Chief of Staff of the United States Army Former member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Preparation for life From one of two beginnings—cadet or civilian—your Norwich journey leads you into a future that will challenge you in ways you can only imagine. You’re ready to achieve distinction.

“My studies were very difficult at Norwich.

Inspiring future

When you graduate from Norwich, you’ll be ready for anything. Graduate school. The military. Your career. Your life. That’s because Norwich prepares leaders. Global citizens. People of character. People with purpose. People who are focused, driven, and committed to excellence. You’ll join an extensive network of Norwich alumni who will help you realize your dreams. Why? Because they know where you’re from. You’re one of them. You’re Norwich. What’s clear:

“I got where I am because of what

“Norwich is a leadership laboratory. It

My professors held my feet to the fire.

the Corps of Cadets instilled in me:

allows anybody a fair chance to participate

That made me successful in my career.

persistence, determination, a positive

I’m always the last one standing. I moved

attitude, and to be a go-to person who

up the ladder quickly.” Sussan Coley ’83 Business Development Executive IBM

does the job well and on time.” Mike Rizzuto ’97 Director, Post Production Sony Pictures Studios

and learn and lead.” Matthew Baker ’00 Lieutenant Commander United States Navy

No fear

Made for movies

World leader

In her job with IBM, Sussan Coley ’83 travels to war-torn countries—places her colleagues refuse to go. She’s unafraid, drawing on her life experiences, including her Norwich education. A Norwich student when the Iran hostage crisis broke out in 1979, she was forced to return to her home country of Iran. A year later, having escaped Iran, she returned to Norwich where she double majored in electrical engineering and mathematics before earning an MBA at Boston University. She’s a trailblazer for women in engineering who has worked at Fortune 500 companies, owned her own business, and who serves on Norwich’s Board of Fellows.

For Mike Rizzuto ’97, the distance from Norwich’s Corps of Cadets to a film studio is surprisingly short. Every day, he uses the skills he learned at Norwich. Skills that have taken him up through the ranks of a career working with top Hollywood producers and directors. That success— and passion for filmmaking—started at Norwich, where he and a team of classmates in the University’s Television Production Unit won a college Emmy.® Norwich not only prepared him for his career but gave him powerful alumni connections (his first boss was an alum) that helped him land his dream job.

As a helicopter pilot, Lieutenant Commander Matthew Baker ’00 has served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom; was stationed in Japan and Hawaii; and has earned awards such as the Air Medal, Navy Commendation Medal, and Navy Achievement Medal. Norwich, though, is still fresh in his mind. The Florida native’s first few months at NU weren’t easy, but he went on to earn a three–year Navy ROTC scholarship. He served as battalion commander in the Corps of Cadets and Navy ROTC, co-captain of the football team and vice chair of the Corp Honor Committee. He is stationed in Jacksonville, Florida, serving as a squadron department head.

You’ll conquer the challenges. You’ll achieve distinction. Learn more about Norwich graduate success at

With a Norwich degree in hand, you’ve set yourself apart. You’re a leader. Someone who is selfassured. Self-disciplined. Someone who can take charge and who knows how to be a team player,

Visiting Norwich

too. All the attributes employers are seeking. Attributes that will take you far in life. Combined with a strong, innovative education—and knowledge in your field—you’re unstoppable.

The rigor, challenge, and intense focus of Norwich isn’t for everyone. The only

What’s clear:

You have everything you need to create a remarkable life.

way to truly know if it’s for you is to experience it. Visit and get the full flavor of our extraordinary learning environment throughout the year, through:

Exceptional rewards

Customized Day Visits

NU Experience Overnight Visit

Open Houses

Academic Exploration

Youth Leadership Conference Weekend

Future Leader Camp

Applying to Norwich Already know Norwich is for you? Then it’s time to apply. Please know our admissions office staff will approach your application as if it is

For more information about any of these events or activities, visit:

mold. We will consider your individual talents, abilities, and merits in

admissions decisions. Please follow these important next steps:

Ready to visit? Contact the Admissions Office toll-free at 800.468.6679 or by e-mail at:

Did you know that Norwich can visit you? Our representatives may be coming to your area at college fairs and regional visits throughout the year. “I had a position lined up even before I graduated. I earned the job, not because of who I knew, but because I came to Norwich. Norwich gave me the opportunities—in the

Learn more at: nuontheroad

classroom and out—to make myself marketable. I wouldn’t be who I am without Norwich.”

Nathan Proctor ’12 Accounting & Business Management majors Pleasanton, California

the only one on their desks. You’re not expected to fit into a particular

Check us out on:

Apply You may request printed application materials from our Office of Undergraduate Admissions ( or 800.468.6679) or apply online at Deadlines To be fully considered for financial aid and housing, the deadline for application is February 1 for Fall enrollment and November 15 for Spring enrollment. Applications received after those dates will be reviewed on a space-available basis. Please note: We will only begin reviewing your application when you have submitted all of the requested information. Submit Along with your application, you must provide: Official high school transcript (or GED test results) Senior-year schedule or first-semester grades (if available) SAT (code 3669) and/or ACT (code 4308) scores Optional: resume, personal essay, and letters of recommendation Transfer & International students Please visit and click on the “Admissions” link to find information pertinent to you.

Affording Norwich

When it comes to financial aid, we take a very different approach than other universities. In fact, even the name of our office—Student Financial Planning—is different. Our approach: Your education is a partnership between Norwich and your family. Our goal: To make a quality, private education affordable for you. We do this by creating aggressive financial aid packages. Just last year, we awarded more than $55 million in financial aid to 95 percent of our students. Don’t let the price of a private education overwhelm you. Instead, let’s work together to enable you to receive the education you deserve and desire.

Getting started No doubt about it: Applying for financial aid can be overwhelming. The staff in our Student Financial Planning Office is prepared to guide you through this process. To get the ball rolling, you’ll have to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) no later than March 1 of your senior year in high school. This helps us determine your eligibility for federal grants and loans. You can complete this form online at Our school code is FAFSA: 003692. Remember, it’s imperative that you complete your FAFSA by the March 1 deadline.

Curious about how much you might qualify for? Check out our scholarship calculator at www.

Types of aid After your FAFSA is complete, we are able to consider you for the following need-based forms of aid: Grants and scholarships—these do not need to be repaid Loans—these must be repaid Work-study—this allows you to work at Norwich and earn money

Learn more about scholarships at Norwich by visiting www.norwich. edu/admissions/financialaid/ scholarships-and-loans/scholarships

Scholarships Starting in December of your senior year, we will award merit-based scholarships, ranging from $2,000 to $25,000. These are strictly based on your unique merits and abilities with no regard to your family’s ability to pay. No additional application for merit scholarships is required.

Norwich Student Financial Planning Office Phone: (802) 485-2015 Fax: (802) 485-2024 E-mail:

Your package Once you have received your full financial aid package, including both need-based and merit-based awards, that’s where the “planning” component enters in. We don’t take a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Instead, we look holistically at your unique circumstances to tailor a financial aid plan that works best for you and your family. When it comes to financial planning, we will be with you throughout your time at Norwich.

Have everything? Find out by downloading a Norwich Student Financial Planning Checklist at pdfs/financial_aid_timeline.pdf

Learn more about financial aid at

“As a student, I wondered, ‘How am I going to pay for this investment?’ I only applied to one other school with the same values and relatively the same cost. Norwich won me because of its financial aid opportunities. As an alumnus, I give back to the University by supporting the scholarship funds, so that others may have the same chance I did.”

Richard Manzano ’03 Aerospace Engineer, U.S. Army Millis, Massachusetts

For nearly 200 years, Norwich University has had a single focus: To build tomorrow’s leaders.

Focused on Norwich

The university: Private, senior

Faculty: 112 full time; 72 percent

military college that offers traditional

hold terminal degrees.

undergraduate degree programs

Student/faculty ratio: 14:1

to both cadets and civilians. Founded: 1819 by Captain Alden Partridge as the first private military college in the

Academic programs: Over 30 academic programs, four ROTC programs.

nation and the birthplace of the Reserve

Clubs/organizations: Approximately 80,

Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program.

including academic and professional societies; special interest clubs;

Location: Northfield, Vermont, in

literary, theatrical, and musical

the rugged Green Mountains, one

activities; religious, military, and

of the nation’s most spectacular

community service organizations;

natural areas. Just 20 minutes from

programming committees; and more.

Montpelier, Vermont’s state capital; one hour from Burlington, Vermont’s

Sports: 20 varsity teams that compete

largest city; and three hours from

in NCAA Division III; unlimited

Montreal and Boston, two of North

intramural sports opportunities.

America’s most cultured cities.

Financial aid/scholarships:

Students: About 2,300 cadets, civilian

Scholarships, grants, loans, and

residents, and commuters, and about

work-study are available.

1,500 graduate students, from more than 45 states and 20 foreign countries.

Expect Challenge. Achieve Distinction.

Learn more about Norwich University’s distinctive, challenging environment: Norwich University Admissions Office 800.468.6679 or 802.485.2001

27 I.D. White Avenue

Northfield, Vermont 05663

Focus on Norwich: An Overview  

Focus on Norwich is an overview of Norwich University, academics, athletics, clubs and organizations, and the admissions process.

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