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Financial Aid



The College is dedicated to helping students and their families make attendance at Limestone a reality, regardless of their financial situation. Limestone participates in all applicable federal and state financial aid programs including Pell Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Work Study, and all federal loan programs (Perkins, Stafford, Subsidized, Unsubsidized, and Parent Loans). South Carolina residents are eligible for South Carolina Tuition Grants, Palmetto Fellows, LIFE, and HOPE Scholarships.

General Education


To earn a degree at Limestone College, students must meet a General Education requirement. The General Education requirement covers the basic areas of academic study, which the College considers essential for a well-educated person.

The A.J. Eastwood Library is available to assist students with resource materials needed to expand and explore their college subject matter as well as areas of general interest. In addition to the campusbased library, students have access to an ample collection of books, periodicals, audiovisuals, and reference materials that are available as Webbased materials online.

For the Baccalaureate Degree, the requirements include: 12 18 13-14 2

semester hours in Social Sciences semester hours in Fine Arts and Humanities semester hours in Science & Mathematics semester hours in Physical Education (not required of Extended Campus students)

Computer Laboratories

Three computer laboratories are available for student use on Limestone's campus. The computers are equipped with the commonly used software for word processing and spreadsheets as well as resources for improving the grammar and style of research papers. To aid in research and data retrieval, online access is also available.

Limestone awards many institutional scholarships for traditional students, as well as Extended Campus students.

Faculty Randall Wolfe Chair of Psychology Department Associate Professor of Psychology B.S., St. Andrews Presbyterian College M.A., Western Carolina University Ph.D., University of Georgia Charles Cunning Professor of Psychology B.S., The Ohio State University M.A., University of Montana Ph. D., University of Iowa Bonnie Wright Professor of Psychology B.S., North Georgia College and State University M.S., Ph.D., University of Georgia

For more information, please contact: Limestone College Office of Admissions 1115 College Drive Gaffney, South Carolina 29340 (800) 795-7151, ext. 4554 or (864) 488-4554 Fax: (864) 487-8706





Department Philosophy & Goals

Program Offerings & Curriculum

Some psychology courses are offered for honors credit to students who qualify for the Honors Program.

The Limestone College Psychology program offers students the opportunity to study the science of human behavior. Psychology courses emphasize theoretical and experimental knowledge of behavior, while some electives, such as counseling courses, focus on the practical application of such knowledge to the improvement of human functioning.

Limestone College offers a bachelor of arts in psychology, a degree program that requires the student to complete the College’s general education requirements, as well as the following coursework in psychology:

The remainder of the 123 semester hours required for the bachelor of arts degree may be taken as free elective courses.

A major in psychology provides the student a firm knowledge base in psychology through close studentfaculty interaction and a current comprehensive curriculum based upon research in the field. Among the goals emphasized throughout the curriculum are the development of interpersonal skills, effective communication through spoken and written means, and a “real world” orientation that encourages the student to apply psychological theory and knowledge to current and practical situations, such as those encountered in the fields of business and education.

• Introduction to Psychology • Human Growth & Development • Elementary Statistics • Behavior Disorders • Contemporary Issues in Psychology • Learning and Memory • Social Psychology • Biopsychology • Experimental Psychology • Theories of Personality • Two additional courses in psychology, in areas of interest, such as counseling or new courses, such as Health Psychology or the psychology internship.

Practical Experiences In addition to the above coursework, psychology majors tour laboratories and facilities specializing in animal and human research. Individual and group research projects and conference presentations are encouraged. For several years, Limestone students have made presentations at the annual South Carolina Psychological Association Conference. Internships in applied settings, such as mental health clinics, are also available to the student seeking field experience. For students interested in working in an educational setting, the Exceptional Child elective course provides the opportunity to visit and observe children in special education classes in the local public schools.

The Psychology Club offers students an opportunity to participate in college and community activities. Recent examples include field trips to tour a psychiatric hospital and prison, as well as attending a national convention in New York City.

Career Opportunities Graduates in psychology may find jobs as para-professionals in a variety of human service settings (e.g., mental health clinics, social service departments, community organizations). Other graduates enter private industry, applying their acquired skills and knowledge in a variety of capacities. businesses are often interested in hiring psychology majors because of their training in interpersonal skills. Psychology majors at Limestone have been successful in finding jobs. In recent years, graduates have found work in settings as diverse as a children’s psychiatric facility in Vermont, a county mental health clinic in North Carolina, and a community outreach and education center in South Carolina.

Psychology Program  

Psychology Program

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