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I’m so happy you stopped by to have a look at LimerickStudio and the many possibilities that are available on your journey to the perfect Senior Portrait. I’ve been at this for a long time, so having your vote of confidence, even in just checking us out, is greatly appreciated.

There’s a whole lot of information in this online magazine. We look forward to meeting with you to work out the details and find the appropriate solution to your Senior Portrait story, style, budget, and product choices. Your Story: For a long time now, I’ve been into telling stories and interpreting the visual cues that are all around us every day. I’m that guy that sees the big billboard sized messages in the smallest things you say and do. And, your story is important! Now’s your chance to put that story out for all to see. Your Style:

They way you carry yourself is unique. Your smirky, quirky, calm coolness is what sets you apart. From what you wear and how you wear it to your poised posture or relaxed manner, you present yourself with style. Whether you’re after a fashion or farm look, LimerickStudio will capture it.

The Budget: We all have a budget. You’ll find LimerickStudio will out class its price sheet in every session. We’ve invested the time, educated our minds and left space for creativity to abound. We’re up front about our pricing ask! There’s a pricing guide in this magazine for you to review and compare.



From traditional prints to metallic wall collages, we cover it all. We offer book, graduation announcement, collage print, and digital image options for your to choose from. But for now, you have a choice to make...

Be Light!

LimerickStudio or not? We trust you’ll come our way and be happy you did.

Creel McFarland, Photographer/Owner

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YOUR STYLE Your life, your photos, your way


STYLE OPTIONS Clothing ideas!



What to expect when you book a session!


Choose a session that meets your needs!



Choose a collection that fits your budget.


FEATURED PRODUCTS Check out the hot items we offer.



Learn how you can be a Limerick Senior Rep!


What would you like your senior pictures to say about you? We believe it is important to capture the qualities that make you unique – your experiences, hopes, dreams and passions. Anyone can take a picture of what you look like. We create senior portraits that tell WHO YOU ARE! Before we have you step in front of our camera, we want to know you as a person. When your friends and family look at your senior portraits, our hope is that they see you as they know you... your personality, your style; that the first words out of their mouths are: “THAT’S SO YOU!” Whether traditional or edgy, conservative or adventurous - the choice is yours. We create your portraits to represent YOUR style, regardless of what that might be.


Your Style

1 3

1. jeans are versatile enough for both casual and dressy looks. one pair and multiple tops make for easy changes. 2. hats are a great way to change up your looks 3. If you think shoes don’t matter, think again... they complete an outfit. 4. scarves, bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories add interest to your look... a perfect touch for your senior portraits.

2 4 5

“My hobbies keep me centered.”


“Dancing is my passion.”



Always choose at least one outfit that will please your parents and grandparents. It shouldn’t be too trendy, but still modern. The right undergarments are important too. BRING all clothing in on hangers! We have a hanging space.


Don’t try something new right before your session. Book any new colors or cuts at least a week or so out to avoid any unwanted style mishaps that will be forever seen in your senior portraits. We recommend having hair professionally blown out and styled by a stylist for a polished look. Guys, bring a comb!


Ladies, I strongly recommend having your makeup applied professionally! Look into having airbrush makeup done for a polished look on your skin. This gives you a chance to relax and look your best. If you need a recommendation, just ask. Nails should be clean and free from chipped polish.


Drink plenty of water and stay out of the sun a few days before your session. Red skin is not easy to deal with; sunburned and peeling skin is even worse. We can zap most blemishes via Photoshop. Guys, be careful shaving so as not to cut yourself!

props Play sports? Dance? Have a music hobby? Here’s your chance to shine with incorporating those into your portraits. Bring anything that represents YOU! We also have plenty of great furniture pieces to use as props outdoors and indoors. If you’ve seen something done before, ask us about it.


What to expect

Your session fee is due when you book your session in order to reserve your appointment. 48 hours prior to your appointment, we’ll call to remind you about your session and discuss any details. Plan to be early. Showing up about 5-10 minutes early will help keep you relaxed and ready for an outstanding senior session. We’ll take A LOT of pictures during your session, and have some fun as well! Got a quirky idea? Let us know now! Two weeks after your session will be your order appointment. You will come in to view your proofs and place your order. Images will be archived, so you can always order more later as well (we charge $29 to re-instate your gallery). About two weeks after your order appointment, we will call you to pick-up your prints and products. (Specialty products may have longer service times.) We will touch base with you in January to inquire about any additional services we can offer to help make graduation preparations easier for you! Personalized announcements, composites, books, and videos all make lasting impressions, and make this remarkable time even more special!


SESSIONS THE OUTLINE 30 minute session in Limerick Studio Unlimited clothing changes One social media share file posted to Facebook


THE BOOK REPORT 60 minute session in and around the studio Unlimited clothing changes One social media share file posted to Facebook



Limerick Studio has a variety of senior portrait experiences to choose from...there is something for everybody! Each session comes with unlimited clothing changes, one social media share files posted to Facebook for you to tag and share, and a private online viewing gallery for you to view your photos.

THE SHORT-STORY Two hour session Studio and unique location Unlimited clothing changes One social media share file posted to Facebook


THE BIOGRAPHY It’s all about YOU! It is four hours that can be used in one day or used as you wish throughout your senior year. Includes all extras from other experiences too!




By popular demand, we’ve brought back our senior collections. This makes it easy for you to make your selections! It’s also more affordable, as collections offer you reduced print prices. Understanding that Collections aren’t for everyone, we do still also offer a la carte pricing as well.


48 wallets w/ personalized wallet tin 6 5X7 3 8X10 1 16X20 (or 1 11X14 and 1 additional 8X10) 1 social media share file image *choose up to five poses

$525 Theme

24 wallets 4 5X7 2 8X10 1 11X14 (or 2 additional 8X10) 1 social media share file image *choose up to five poses

$295 Finale

64 wallets w/ personalized wallet tin 12 4X6 6 5X7 4 8X10 1 16X20 1 8X8 book with up to 40 images (photos only) *choose up to ten poses




16 wallets 4 5X7 2 8X10 1 social media share file image *choose up to five poses


Extras Collection add-ons include: 64 wallets $65 5 Social Media share files


Wallet tin $30 Photo books start at


Graduation announcements $100 25 2 sided 5X7 full color gloss cards with envelopes


“My music tells my story.”


“My future is bright.”


Senior Guys

Photographing males is much different than photographing females and we understand that. We know that having a portrait session is one of the last things most senior guys want to have to do, but we promise, you won’t feel uncomfortable or have to do any awkward girly posing! Limerick Studio actually prides ourselves on making this a painless experience for your senior guys, and some have even admitted to enjoy themselves! One of the keys in getting it down, in the quickest and easiest way, is for YOU to be well prepared! It will make the difference between a good session and bad....and a good session will result in fabulous photos.



Dress in your natural style and Please come to your session make sure you’re comfortable. cleanly shaven and do mom a Remember to wear nice shoes favor by looking your best. too!


Props Bring props that help show WHO YOU ARE! i.e. uniforms, sports equipment, musical instruments, etc.

Senior Ambassador Program Free Sessions

All senior ambassadors will receive a free mini studio session during the end of their junior year. Then, when they have earned enough credits, the ambassadors receive a full outdoor sesssion at no cost.

Think you have what it takes to represent our studio? We’d love to hear from you! Call us at 405-286-0228 to ask how you can be part of the team.

Get Free Stuff

For every senior you refer to our studio that books their senior portraits with us, we’ll give you $10 in credit for waterever you choose! Plus you’ll get a $10 print credit good towards purchasing pictures

“Only I can decide my future.”


Limerick Seniors


LimerickStudio Seniors  

LimerickStudio creates senior photos that capture YOUR story.