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When I bandied around the idea of compiling this book I was warned by some wise people that it would become an all consuming affair. Needless to say I did not listen and needless to say they were right. Maybe I should have listened to their advice but now that I am at the end of 16 months of grind, hopefully it was worth the effort. I want to thank everyone who helped to turn my idea into a reality. Without the time, effort and goodwill of numerous people I could not have completed the task. The number of people who came to my assistance numbers well over 100, so for fear of forgetting someone I will not list them individually. Suffice to say; some people may have come up with a picture or a report while others went way over the top in their generosity but all played their part. Thank You all. Thanks to the Limerick District League who gave huge encouragement to this project right from the start and were generous in their sponsorship to get the book published. Quite a few people listed teams for me with an (R.I.P.) attached to those deceased. I have opted to omit the abbreviation not as a mark of disrespect but because I would have to include it for over half of the people in the book. All pictures are named from left to right as you look at the page. Mistakes are there to be corrected and I’m sure the person who writes the updated version will be glad of your input. Finally the biggest thanks to my family; My sons Barry in Limerick and Emmet in Melbourne, who became overnight proof readers and most of all my other half, Kathleen, for her patience, encouragement and tolerance—as always.

- Pat Sheehan

Limerick Junior Soccer Chronicles, 1912-2012  

The history of Limerick Junior Soccer Clubs as told by Pat Sheehan in 2012. Kindly donated to Limerick's Life in 2015.

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