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get a comedian that might not be hitting it, I’ve been there. What advice would you give to upcoming comedians? Practice your material, don’t feel pressurised to change it, know your craft, take any gig and get as much stage time as you can. Don’t get influenced by other comedians and do

what is true to you, don’t try to copy. No one can take away your identity.

What comedians are you keeping your eye on? Kane Brown and Axel The Entertainer.

Who are the hottest people from the Caribbean that should be on our radar? Lil Rick, Alison Hinds and Peter Coppin (DJ). Where in the Caribbean would you take us if we came to visit you? The countryside of Barbados like St Peter or St Lucy where it hasn’t been touched by tourists.


There is nothing more thrilling or exciting when you go on stage and make a theatre laugh and they are feeling you. There is no, drug, drink or female out there that would allow you to experience anything better.

Info: This August, Quincy will be at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival doing his show The Book of Quincy; he will also be going to the Middle East to do a 10-day tour. In October, Quincy’s Comedy Lounge returns with a show called Skool v New Skool. Twitter: www. |

lIMe MagaZIne 2011


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