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Conor Maynard

talks about his brand new album

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Meet Mhairi Nurthen, an athlete with London roots!

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All About Meghan!

The Grammy winning star on her rise to fame!

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Own your future Croydon College was recently graded ‘Good with Outstanding features’ by Ofsted as well as being the only college in the country to receive the prestigious Queen’s Award for Volunteering. We offer a wide range of courses including specialist A Level provision, Apprenticeships, NVQs, BTECs and Entry Level courses. Whatever you want to study, from Construction, to Performing Arts, Hospitality, Science or English, we have the right course for you to own your future. Apply now at www.croydon.ac.uk to start in September. Croydon College, College Road, Croydon, CR9 1DX T +44 20 8686 5700 Page (0) 2 | Limelight E info@croydon.ac.uk www.croydon.ac.uk


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We hit the ‘catwalk’ to find south London’s best dressed!

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Shaniqua Benjamin on the exhibition Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

The Talking About singer is definitely on our lips!

The manager of the biggest global Lush store uncovers some secrets!

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Now that the exam season is here, I’m sure many of you have made changes to your lifestyle. Perhaps you’re missing out on parties on a Saturday night or going to extra revision lessons after school. Winston Churchill once said: “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” For example, to achieve success, you may need to change your revision strategy and your eating habits! Here at Limelight, we are constantly changing to ensure we give you, our loyal readers, the best features and news stories possible. In this issue, a new recruit, Shaniqua Benjamin, visited London’s spectacular V&A Museum to view the incredible work of the revolutionary fashion designer Alexander McQueen! I got to have a chat with pop sensation Conor Maynard and do a write up on the magnificent Megan Trainor. If that’s inspired you to turn the page and get reading, don’t let me stop you! Happy reading and good luck with your exams! Brooke-Sara Clark, Assistant Editor PS We love hearing from you here at Limelight, so feel free to email us at info@risemedia.org.uk or send us a tweet @LimelightTeam!

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Limelight’s experience at the mega eaterie is sure to get you drooling!

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We get exciting news on plans for Croydon’s future shopping complex!

Limelight chats with Croydon’s Labour parliamentary candidate

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Celebrating the war time leader who put the great back into Great Britain!

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The latest cut on the College’s new and exciting partnership!

26 - Future Olympian!

Meet Mhairi Nurthen, an athlete with London roots!

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The Limelight team with Caroyln Kenney of The Croydon Partnership

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Top Blog!


Last November, Ellen White was awarded the Mark Hanson Blogger Mind Media Award, at just 15.

Phoebe Williams is a charismatic, focused, unstoppable force that has managed to refresh and rejuvenate her local area, Camden, setting it aflame with talent unleashed from its very own young people.

Ellen started her blog, Ellen’s OCD Blog, in September 2013 to share her experiences with OCD after her diagnosis the previous year. She said: “I’ve always been very passionate about raising awareness for mental health. I wanted to create a platform for others to gain support from and to create a community where we could all support each other too.” Growing awareness of her blog led to Ellen being approached by the organisation, OCD Youth, to write a post for their youth site. She then joined their Youth Support Group and progressed onto the Youth Advisory Panel as their social media officer. Becoming a clinical psychologist is a future aspiration for Ellen, but for now, she hopes to continue blogging for as long as she can. Being shortlisted for a Mind Media Award came as a surprise to Ellen and she was “blown away” when she discovered that she had won. She described it as “one of the best moments of my entire life”. When asked to provide some words of encouragement for young people struggling with mental illness she said: “You’re not alone. There is support out there that you deserve and recovery is possible.”

At just 19, Phoebe was moved to action after returning home to Camden, one Christmas, from the University of Wolverhampton, where she was studying History and Religion. She felt that “young people could do more than just hang around shops causing trouble” and so set up a project called P.A.S.S.I.O.N. P.A.S.S.I.O.N stands for Potential And Significant Success In Our Neighbourhood. Phoebe grew up with some of the young people who hung around the shops and was aware of their many hidden talents. She felt that a showcase would be a good way for others to be made aware also. P.A.S.S.I.O.N gives young people a chance to showcase their passions to the community through singing, dancing, rapping, spoken work and other forms of creativity. P.A.S.S.I.O.N has grown from a showcase just over four years ago to an on-going project which enriches the lives of young people. To find out how to get involved email: info@ passionslt.co.uk  By Couline Grant

By Shaniqua Benjamin

so many votes was his main policy – buses! Sometimes they get too packed and you can’t get on or they arrive late,” said Luka, who was elected as deputy member of youth parliament on February 13 2015. Luka sees this opportunity as a gateway to a long-term political career.

Vote For Me! Passionate and driven, Luka Kos, was elected deputy member of youth parliament for Croydon, after securing 869 votes – in just one week! The Labour Party member campaigned in secondary schools and sixth forms across Croydon. The key to securing

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Luka’s political journey began a few years ago when a youth worker recommended he run for youth parliament, as politics was something that interested him. The 17-year-old Croydon politician hopes to do a degree in Politics Philosophy and Economics. After graduating Luka may seek election as a councillor and at 27, hopes to be elected as an MP. A self confessed socialist at heart, joining the Labour Party was an easy choice.

When asked how he would advise a young person who also wants to get involved in politics, he said that they should try to “make connections with people in politics” as “that was how I was able to get into all of these positions”. By Armaghan Ahmed and Terrelle Iziren

NEWS YOU CAN USE Drum Roll Please! Kinetika Bloco

Kinetika Bloco is a costume-clad performance group with an exuberant mix of young brass and woodwind players, drummers, steel pan and dynamic dancers. The group draws its influences from the Caribbean, Brazil, west Africa, southern Africa, New Orleans jazz, funk and hip hop. Leah Smith, 14, who is involved in a Croydon based kinetika Bloco project, said: “Kinetika Bloco is great! I’m learning to play the saxaphone and really enjoy working as part of a team.”

Poetry in Motion! March, at a Croydonbased venue . Loui Morgan-Petch, 17, another member, explained: “I enjoy being with the team, they are really nice people!” Kinetika Bloco is a place to meet and make new friends as it is a social unit, where you learn to work as a team! For more about Kinetika Bloco, please visit: www. kinetikabloco.co.uk By Nee Morgan-Petch

Leah is one of 20 young people who put on a Kinetika Bloco performance for the public in

Apples and Snakes Apples and Snakes is the leading organisation for performance poetry in England. One of its core objectives is to provide fun, inclusive and accessible workshops for young people – free of charge. Each event organised by Apples and Snakes is run by a professional spoken word artist or poet. Through their expertise, young people receive valuable advice on how to write unique poetry, accompanied by structured feedback on their work. In addition to this, participants gain tips on how to perform in front of an audience, and are offered the opportunity to display their work, most notably through Open Mics.

Attending Apples and Snakes events is an enriching experience which is likely to heighten your passion and appreciation for poetry. Apples and Snakes has numerous events across London all year round – a nice blend of one day workshops, and long term projects. The organisation values communities and regularly collaborates with local libraries and schools. For more information visit: www. applesandsnakes.org By Alexander Stawiarski

Make Your Mark!

various levels of support, from business awareness seminars to business skills and training workshops.

Do you have a business idea that you want to turn into a reality? Does the thought of creating a business plan send you into a blind panic? Is finding affordable office space a struggle? Then Business LaunchPad is the perfect organisation for you.

Those in the early planning stages of their business can also receive one-toone business counselling, which will provide the help needed to complete a business plan. Post-start business counselling is also available for two years, once the business has launched, as well as low-cost office space.

Business LaunchPad

Based in Tooting’s Trident Business Centre and established in 1988, Business LaunchPad is London’s leading youth enterprise charity. Business LaunchPad’s mission is this: “To offer practical, complete and personalised business guidance and support to 16-30-year-olds, who want to set up and run their own enterprise.” All of the services provided are free and there are

Business LaunchPad’s model has led to “85% of start-ups still trading after 2 years”, so if you’re determined to launch your own enterprise, visit www.businesslaunchpad.org.uk. You can also get in contact by calling 020 8516 7700 or emailing info@ businesslaunchpad.org.uk By Shaniqua Benjamin

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All About

Meghan By Brooke-Sara Clark and Ellena Major In under a year, Meghan Trainor went from being a relatively unknown songwriter to a Grammy nominated global superstar, after her hit, All About That Bass, peaked at #1 for four weeks! Meghan told Limelight what it’s like meeting celebs and being an overnight success!

Limelight: What was it like finding out you were nominated for two Grammys?

and Michael Bublé saying that they’re fans of your music.

Meghan: Epic! One of my dreams in life was to get a Grammy and I did that at 20. Just to be nominated was amazing, but to win….that’s a whole other game!

Meghan: Yeah, that, was huge for me! I’m obsessed with Michael! One of my goals in life was to make sure Michael Bublé knew I existed and so the fact that he sang my song is fantastic! I saw it on Instagram and I remember I was lying in bed and I just got up and was like “MUM! did you see it?”

Limelight: I bet that was the highlight of your year! Meghan: I just had a new one - my birthday in December, which was amazing! I had an arena of 20,000 people sing Happy Birthday to me ‘cause of Nick Jonas, who I’m the biggest fan of. But I also just did Jimmy Fallon. I performed on it. And after Jimmy came to talk to me and my parents about how he just loved my album and wants to play it. I remember I was acting so cool, but once he turned around I was like… [whispers] OH MY GOD and my mum’s like, “that was the coolest thing, ever!” Limelight: You’ve also had artists like Beyoncé

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Limelight: All About That Bass has become a global hit and was #1 here [in the UK] for 4 weeks! Did you have a bit of an inkling that it was going be so successful when you were writing it? Meghan: I had no clue! Limelight: Have you ever been to a place where your songs have played? Meghan: Yeah, it’s weird. I remember the only time that I got really weirded out was when I

“One of my dreams in life was to get a Grammy and I did that at 20!”

was home and I went to a sushi place. I walked in and Lips Are Movin was playing and five minutes later All About That Bass played. Then Lips Are Movin played again! I thought to myself, “Damn, I’m famous, this is real!”

Meghan: It’s been amazing. It’s one of those things that I know I am lucky to be able to do. I can say I’ve been to Australia, Germany, Italy, Sweden and the UK, a lot of 21-year-olds can’t say that!

Limelight: Your debut album, Title, is out now. What’s your personal favourite track on the album?

Limelight: Have you got a favourite country that you’ve visited so far? Meghan: This one [England] is the prettiest, and I’m not saying that ‘cause you’re here!

Meghan: It changes everyday, but today it’s Bang Dem Sticks. Limelight: Are there any songs you listen to and think: “Damn, I wish I could have written that?” Meghan: Definitely Halo by Beyoncé. Also, Mistletoe by Justin Bieber. I think that is one of the best Christmas songs I’ve ever heard! Limelight: So how has it been flying around the world and visiting loads of different countries?

Limelight: Finally, what does the rest of this year hold for you? Meghan: I’ll be touring England and other parts of the globe until early September. It’s going to be my year to really show people the real Meghan Trainor. I’m so excited about meeting all my fans too! 2014 was pretty epic, and I’m aiming to make 2015 even more memorable! Meghan’s album, Title, is out now!

“One of my goals was to make sure Michael Bublé knew I existed, so the fact that he sang my song is fantastic!”

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Talking About Conor Maynard After hearing his latest single, Talking About, Limelight’s Brooke-Sara Clark and Ellena Major knew they had to get an interview with the one and only Conor Maynard! Read on to find out who Conor worked with on his forthcoming album, who he’d like to collaborate with next, what One Direction’s Niall told him during a night out and so much more!

Limelight: You’ve been out of the limelight for a while now, what have you been working on? Conor: Well, first and foremost, I’ve been trying to grow a beard, but that still hasn’t worked so I’ve given up on that for now! (Laughs). I’ve been trying to make this album perfect; the pressure for a second album is real! Limelight: You also have a new single out soon too called Talking About, how does it compare to your previous single R U Crazy? Conor: It definitely has a more house type of vibe. I worked with Labrinth on R U Crazy and I worked with Craig David on Talking About, so I got to work with incredible people on both songs. I think it shows how versatile and varied this album is going to be!  Limelight: Out of all of your singles, which is your favourite?  Conor: I genuinely don’t know! I always judge how much I like a song on

the way I perform it to an audience. I think R U Crazy is one of the best to perform because the crowd goes absolutely mental!

please as many fans as I can!

Limelight: Labrinth helped you produce your latest album, what was it like being able to work with him?

Conor: Getting paid for it! (Laughs)! I’m kidding! I think it’s the fact you don’t feel as though you’re working, you’re just doing what you love and enjoying every second. I remember when I was out with Niall from One Direction and I asked if he was drinking, to which he replied: “No, I have work tomorrow”. It was a shock to hear it called work, being able to do shows and sing to thousands of people is amazing, I just couldn’t call it work! Although, I do call it work in front of my girlfriend so she thinks I’m actually doing something!

Conor: It was amazing! The last session we had ended with me crying my eyes out begging him to let me go home! (Laughs)! He really pushes you to perfection, I mean, for one of my new singles that will be out soon, we recorded the first verse for three hours before he was completely happy with it! Limelight: What can we expect from your new album? Conor: It’s going to be really varied, with a track on there for everyone! There’s going to be some upbeat songs and some down tempo songs too, and more acoustic music. I just want to make it as different as possible to

“[My new album will include] upbeat songs and downtempo songs” Page 8 | Limelight

Limelight: What is the best thing about being able to do what you love?

Limelight: What made you decide on the name ‘Mayniacs’ for your fans? Conor: It was a play on my last name, that’s the main story behind it! I remember I did a Twitter contest once and I got my fans to tweet me what

they thought the fan base should be called and it was a toss-up between Mayniacs and Condoms! So I decided to go with the safer option of Mayniacs so I didn’t get arrested on stage for saying something like ‘I love my condoms’! (Laughs)! Limelight: Is there anything your fans can look forward to in the near future? Conor: Of course they’ll be more singles; the album is out this year too. Hopefully we will have a tour soon as well! Fingers crossed everything goes to plan and I’ll be able to see my fans again later in the year!  Limelight: Who would you like to collaborate with next? Conor: Definitely John Mayer! I think he is an amazing artist, one of my favourite albums of all time is his Continuum album (released in 2006). I would definitely love to work with him; I think it would be a big change too, something that nobody would expect to happen! 

Quick Fire Questions

Coke or Fanta? Coke Pizza or Pasta? Pizza, 100%! Summer or Winter? Summer Twitter or Facebook? Twitter  Favourite colour? Red  Lucky number? 10  Phone background? A naked selfie… (Laughs)!


claire Constantine


hether you’re searching for a bubbly bath bomb or a pampering birthday present, handmade cosmetics retailer Lush has the perfect products! With an exciting new global flagship store , now open on Oxford Street, Limelight’s Brooke-Sara Clark just had find out all about it, from the manager, Claire Constantine.

Limelight: What does your role as shop manager involve?

The Comforter, which product is your favourite and why?

Claire: As shop manager I am responsible for guiding and developing five managers, making decisions, serving customers, coaching staff and representing Lush Oxford Street, as required.

Claire: My number one favourite product is Ultrabland Facial Cleanser (£7.25/ 45g). If you are using make up wipes - don’t - use this and your skin will be a million times better. It’s made with honey, beeswax and rose water and calms my incredibly sensitive skin down, as well as taking off my makeup and fixing my chapped lips.

Limelight: Lush Oxford Street is very exciting, how is it different from other Lush stores? Claire: Lush Oxford Street will embody the ultimate Lush experience. The shop is 9500 sq ft spread over three floors and is filled with exclusive products, innovations in our customer service and spectacular displays. For us, it will be a London landmark and we hope our customers will feel the same. Limelight: The new store has a Lush Spa. What is this like? What treatments are available? Claire: The Lush Spa is a quintessentially English Spa with teacups, fresh flowers and a kitchen table to make our customers feel at home. Our treatments are very multi-sensory and are choreographed to music, inspired by the English countryside. There are eight treatments available, including the latest, called The Planets. It is three hours long, deals with the past, present and future and is a very transformative experience. I had one for the first time recently and felt so blissful afterwards! Limelight: Do you have any exciting plans for the launch of the new store? Claire: I think that the products are the most exciting part of our launch; inventors are busy whipping up some wonderful creations as we speak! At the launch of Lush Oxford Street we showcased our spa, The Planets with The London Voices Choir, who sang to our

Limelight: Some people fight spots on a daily basis - they’re a nightmare - what Lush product would you recommend to deal with this? customers and feature on the soundtrack to the treatment. Limelight: What is your favourite part of working for Lush? Claire: Getting to speak to customers every day. Customers often ask us why we are so happy and the real reason is because of them. They give us such positive energy, it’s a delight to introduce them to our products or have a chat about their favourites. While I was working on creating Lush Oxford Street I didn’t talk to customers much and so I couldn’t wait to get back on the shop floor! Limelight: What is it like working for Lush? Claire: It’s a stimulating combination of chaos and fun, with goals way beyond any normal soap company! There is just so much we want to achieve and for reasons that we all agree on. Who could argue with trying to raise more money to distribute among grassroots humanitarian charities or giving money to scientists working on developing alternatives to animal testing? Limelight: My favourite product is

“my number one

Claire: Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask (£6.50/ 75g). The product’s ingredients, which include fresh blueberries, harvested in Dorset, are full of anti-oxidants to brighten the skin and the Calamine Powder it contains calms down the redness and irritation of the spot, while absorbing the skin’s excess oil. It’s perfect for hormonal breakouts. Limelight: If someone is going on a date, and they want to smell irresistible, what Lush product would you recommend and why? Claire: Gosh, everything smells good! I would say Happy Happy Joy Joy Hair Conditioner . We actually call this product a conditioning hair perfume because it smells so good. Limelight: Finally, if you could create a Lush bath bomb in honour of yourself, what scents would it have, and what shape and colour would it be? Claire: My Lush bath bomb would smell of vanilla, tonka and anything else sweet you can find. It would have as much glitter as you can fit in it and would be pale pink with a swirly top to the classic bath bomb shape. Apparently I’m more girly than I realised!


product is


facial cleanser” Page 9 | Limelight

roydon is getting a facelift with much thanks to the highly anticipated new shopping C centre due to hit our town as soon as 2019! Of course, Limelight had to get the first scoop from the Croydon Partnership, a joint venture between Westfield and Hammerson, the two retail developers behind this upcoming bold and regenerative venture! The Limelight team sat down with Carolyn Kenney, Hammerson’s development director to find out some of the amazing features the new shopping centre will have to offer! Limelight: Lots of people, including Limelight, are really excited about the new shopping centre. When will the construction work begin? Carolyn: We are currently going through the CPO (compulsory purchase order) process. An inspector will need to write a report following the inquiry which will then go to the Secretary of State for a final decision. Before we can begin onsite construction we have to ensure that we own all of the land required. Once this process is done we can begin development, hopefully in 2016! Limelight: How exciting! What date do you expect the project to be completed by?  Carolyn: This depends on when the construction starts! When the construction begins the development will take around three years to complete. Limelight: Will you shut down the two shopping centres, The Whitgift and Centrale, at the same time?

Limelight: How will the soon to be revamped Whitgift Centre compare to the Westfield shopping centres in Shepherd’s Bush and Stratford? Carolyn: In terms of the breadth of retail, it will contain a broadly similar style to both centres. We want to knit the design of the new centre into the surrounding area to give it a Croydon flavour, which fits the existing town centre. Overall, however, it is likely to be more like Stratford.

"we also expect to bring about 5000 new jobs Limelight: What exciting new will be included in the new to croydon!" features centre?

Carolyn: We already own Centrale. We are looking at moving the tenants of The Whitgift Centre over to Centrale, so that they can continue trading during construction, meaning Croydon will still have a functioning town centre. I must add that some retailers from The Whitgift Centre will be happy to relocate to Centrale, while others may prefer to return to The Whitgift Centre, after the construction is complete. Limelight: How will the new centre affect the people of Croydon? Carolyn: It will affect Croydon by significantly

Page 10 | Limelight

regenerating it. We are hoping to improve the layout, atmosphere and the environment that it brings. Furthermore, we also expect to bring around 5000 new jobs to Croydon, which will give opportunities for local people to acquire skills and training. This will prove beneficial in the long-term and demonstrates our commitment to the future prosperity of Croydon.

Carolyn: Retailing is a very dynamic industry at the moment and the way people shop is constantly changing. The centres that we are now building provide a more diverse experience, instead of just satisfying the needs of the shopper. For example, there will be event space added to the new centre, which will enable us to hold fashion shows, promotions, and other events which will ensure that you enjoy a new and unique experience whenever you visit! Limelight: Do you think the new centre will change people’s perceptions of Croydon?

Carolyn: I think it already is! When looking at a town that we wish to develop, we look into how the town is, the type of people who live there, the opportunities available and what needs to be improved. We believe our investment will make a really positive impact on the local area. Limelight: For high end shops will there be an area similar to The Village, at Westfield London in Shepherd’s Bush? Carolyn: I don’t think that the exact same shops at Shepherd’s Bush will be in Croydon; they’re in Westfield London, because of its proximity to the West End. There will be a new arcade that will lead through to the new department store that we are putting in. We will have different character areas within the scheme that will give it a newer feel, which will lead to a slightly different retail mix. Limelight: What do you think will be the most exciting aspect of the new shopping centre? Carolyn: It depends on who you are really! For some people, just having the prospect of a John Lewis in Croydon is the most exciting thing for them, that’s all they want to see! Others want a significant leisure offer, so the quality restaurants we’ll be bringing to the centre, will be their favourite element of it. The quality of the environment will make it a dynamic place to be, even if you aren’t planning to shop! Limelight: In what way will the centre be more family friendly?

Carolyn: There will be high standards of cleanliness in the environment, so that people will feel safe and secure. Furthermore, everyone will be entertained due to the event space! There will be events aimed at families, as well as a cinema and restaurants too. The pleasant quality of the environment will inspire people to come to Croydon and spend time as a family. Limelight: You mentioned on your website that you would like to encourage more young people to take up new challenges and develop new skills, how do you aim to put this plan into action?  Carolyn: We have a community plan that we are working on and putting into action. We have been working with organisations like Lives Not Knives who have been running activities designed to support and widen the horizons of young people in Croydon. We are also liaising with Croydon Council to bring training and opportunities, as well as working closely with Croydon College who hope to add an innovation centre there. Ultimately, we aim to work with the people already doing good work in Croydon. Limelight: You are going to be building between 400 and 600 homes. Will people be able to rent or buy the homes? Will prices be affordable? Carolyn: The housing element of the scheme is likely to come forward on a slightly different programme to the shopping centre, so it is early days currently. We have been working with the council to ensure that the houses will be compliant with the affordable housing policy.

quickfire questions

L.K. Bennett or Karen Millen? L.K. Bennett

Harrods or Selfridges? Selfridges Pizza Express or Pizza Hut?  Pizza Express Sky News or BBC News?  BBC News Your worst habit?  Thinking I’m always right!

Michael Jackson or Prince? Neither! London or New York?  London Winston Churchill or Clement Attlee? Winston Churchill Your biggest achievement?  I used to row, and in a particular race we did better than expected!

The Limelight team with Carolyn (centre)

"We have a

community plan that we are working on and putting into action" Page 11 | Limelight

“I think it’s insane that young people can’t vote at 16” Sarah Jones stood as Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Croydon Central in the May general election and lost to the Tory’s Gavin Barwell, by 165 votes. Sarah described defeat as “all the more galling because you think you could have done it”. When asked by the Croydon Advertiser if she will continue in politics she simply said: “We’ll see.” Weeks before the general election, Sarah sat down with Limelight to have a chat about everything from politics to young people and most importantly – Croydon, where she has lived all her life!

Limelight: Why did you first get into politics? Sarah: I went to Durham University when I was 18 and I got pregnant in my first year. At the time the Tories were in power and, in my opinion, they were always blaming certain people for society’s problems, including teenage mums. The Tories were basically saying: “You’re the problem with society, people like you are a drain on the state!” I was young, pregnant and vulnerable and a long way away from my mum and dad. I got quite angry with the Tories and decided to join the Labour Party and I’ve been with the Labour Party ever since! Limelight: As mentioned on your blog, Croydon has never had a female MP. Why do you think this is? Sarah: Hundreds and hundreds of years of discrimination, is pretty much at the heart of it. I think things have definitely got better for women, but if you look at industry the chief executives are pretty much all men. Some companies

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don’t even have women on their boards. I decided to stand as Labour’s parliamentary candidate partly because of the women only short-list in Croydon Central. I don’t know whether I would have stood as a Labour parliamentary candidate if the short-list hadn’t been for women only. Limelight: You were head campaigner at Shelter. What was this job like? Sarah: It was a really good job and Shelter is a really fantastic organisation because you’re actually helping people who have got problems and you’re campaigning for change at a top level with politicians. The role made me realise how easy it is for people to end up homeless – it can happen to anyone. Limelight: Until recently you worked on Gatwick Airport’s campaign to get an extra runway, then you worked full time for six weeks on your campaign to become the next MP for Croydon Central. What is it like balancing work and family life?

Sarah: It’s really hard. In all honesty, I do fail quite often, like a lot of people who also try to balance work with their home life. Luckily, I have a very tired, but understanding husband, which makes it easier; he is why I am able to do what I do. He spends a lot of time with our three youngest children – my 4-year-old twin girls and a 5-year-old boy – as do my parents. Limelight: Do you think MPs should be allowed to have second or third jobs and why? Sarah: Not really, no. The Tories have said: “What if you’re a farmer, should you sell your farm in order to become an MP?” I think there are some exceptions, such as if you own a farm, but being an MP is a full-time job and so you won’t have time for additional demanding jobs.

Limelight: Do you think young people should vote? Sarah: I think it is insane, that young people can’t vote at 16. At 16 you’re considered old enough to have sex and so you should definitely be allowed to vote. Limelight: Many young people are disengaged from politics. How can politicians get them engaged? Sarah: I think people of all ages are a bit disengaged from politics and from my experience, the only way to combat that is to talk to them one-to-one. If you have a conversation then you can start to engage young people and start to talk about things that matter. Then by the time they’re older they’ll be familiar with the policies of the main political parties and so will be able to make an informed decision at elections.

A summary of what Sarah would have fought for as a Labour MP • • • • • • •

Reduce university tuition fees from £9,000 to £6,000 Guarantee every young person a job for a year Increase the minimum wage Get rid of zero hours contracts End privatisation of the NHS A cap on rent increases Tax people with homes worth more than £2m and use that money to recruit more NHS doctors and nurses. • More apprenticeships, “as they equip young people with the skills to really shine in the workplace”.

i think people of all ages are a bit disengaged from politics and from my experience the only way to combat that is to talk to them one-to-one

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Celebrating a great Briton – Sir Winston Churchill On a fine day in May 70 years ago, Sir Winston Churchill stood on a balcony in Whitehall, heeding the joyous cheers from the jubilant crowd gathered to witness him address the nation. During his address, he said: “In all our long history we have never seen a greater day than this.” Sir Winston had stood against Adolf Hitler and won – this was his day. By defeating Hitler and his repressive regime, Sir Winston led our fine country through the darkest time to emerge triumphant. Chances are that if not for this man, Great Britain would look and sound very different. We would probably be called Rampenlicht! As 2015 marks 50 years since the death of Sir Winston, Limelight feels it is only fitting to remember the life and achievements of this great Briton A leader is born On November 30 1874, Winston Churchill was born to Lord Randolph Churchill, a wealthy politician and Jennie Jerome, an American socialite. He was a descendent of the Spencer-Churchill family, a lineage into which many celebrated Britons were born, including the much loved Princess Diana. Sir Winston grew to be a boisterous child, nicknamed ‘copperknob’ for his bright red hair. At the age of 11, Sir Winston’s parents sent him to Harrow, a school he hated. Just like you and me, Sir Winston was often on the receiving end of less-thansatisfactory results in school. And just like you and me he had favourite subjects; his were English and history. Sir Winston rarely saw his parents while he was at Harrow. The unfortunate passing of his father on January 24 1895. at just 45, sparked a new purpose in Sir Winston’s life to make his mark on the world. Early career After leaving Harrow in 1893, Sir Winston attended the Royal Military College, Sandhurst. However, securing a place at the prestigious college wasn’t all plain sailing, as

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it was only after two unsuccessful attempts that he finally passed his entrance exam! Military school was a great success for Sir Winston, who graduated with one of the highest grades in his class of 100 plus. Sir Winston spent his 21st birthday in Cuba, writing for the Daily Graphic, a weekly illustrated newspaper. Sir Winston was mesmerized with Cuba, describing it as a “large, rich, beautiful island”. It was here that he acquired a taste which lasted him a lifetime and which we still associate with him today: Havana cigars. Sir Winston travelled often as a young man, visiting far corners of the world such as India, Egypt, Sudan, and South Africa, before returning to Britain to embark on a new career. Following his Fathers Footsteps In 1900, Sir Winston followed his father into politics, becoming a conservative MP for Oldham, a town in Greater Manchester. However, Sir Winston’s passion for social justice led him to abandon the Conservative Party in favour of the Liberal Party just four years later. In 1908 he married his wife Clementine Ogilvy Hozier and became an MP for Dundee in a by-election. He retained the seat until 1922. He eventually ended his short relationship with the Liberal Party and returned to the Conservatives The war years Sir Winston, like many during this time underestimated Hitler. However, unlike the then Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, Churchill quickly realised the true threat posed when Germany began to control its neighbours. On September 3 1939 Britain declared war on Germany. The same day Sir Winston was appointed First Lord of the Admiralty and a member of the war Cabinet. He became Prime Minister shortly after the German invasion of Norway, in 1940. When the German army began its Western Offensive, invading the Netherlands, Belgium Luxembourg and France, Britain was left to stand alone against the

onslaught. Despite the panic and alarm, this was the moment when Sir Winston’s sharp mind and exceptional, strategic skills came into their own, as he quickly and effectively joined forces with the other two superpowers: the United States and the Soviet Union. This collaboration ultimately led to the surrender of the Germans in May 1945. Post war years Sir Winston’s impact in Britain went past the war, to improving the working conditions in mines and housing standards. Even while battling health challenges, including a series of heart attacks, Sir Winston ploughed on with his work in politics, remaining a member of parliament until the general election of October 1964. Retired to his homes in Kent and Hyde Park Gate, Sir Winston remained an active member of public life until his passing, aged 90 on January 24 1965.   Sir Winston’s legacy His effort in the stand-off against Hitler and breath-taking dedication to his country makes Sir Winston the most favoured British Prime Minister of all time. His aweinspiring speeches, which injected hope and fuelled patriotism into a country waist up in blood are still as authentic, inspiring and touching as ever. Indeed, every British man and woman walks taller because of this great Briton who led our country from the brink of defeat to astounding victory. By Barbara Bielecka and Imaan Wright

political terms

During the recent general election, certain political terms were mentioned over and over again in newspapers and on TV. Coalition government, marginal seat and constituency are just a few of them. But what do they mean? Limelight gives you the low down! A majority government: To win a majority, a party needs to get one more seat than all the other parties added together. In 2010, there were 650 seats in the House of Commons and so to get more than everyone else, one of the main parties had to get a minimum of 326 seats or more, which they didn’t, hence a coalition government was formed. Coalition government: Coalition governments are formed when no single party has won a majority and so a main party teams up with one or more smaller parties to govern the country.

because he has a large majority. An MP in a safe seat can have up to 20,000 or more votes than his nearest political rival.

Bill: A proposal for a new law or a proposal to change an existing law, presented for debate in parliament.

Swing Seat: Also known as a marginal seat is when the gap in terms of the number of votes cast for a political candidate is small. This means that the party who won the seat can easily lose it at a general election. In the 2005 general election an incumbent Labour MP in London lost his seat to a Tory candidate by just 75 votes and so the winning MP took on a marginal or swing seat.

House of Lords: The House of Lords is the second chamber of the UK parliament. Unlike the House of Commons, it members are appointed rather than elected. Some inherit their membership and those who do are known as ‘hereditary peers’. The House of Lords scrutinizes bills which have been approved by the Commons. It also regularly reviews and amends bills from the Commons.

By election: This is an election between general or local elections, usually because an MP or councillor has died or resigned.

Hung parliament: If after an election no party has a majority, then parliament is said to be “hung”. The main parties will then try to form a coalition with one or more of the minor parties. In the last parliament, the Tories, a main party, formed a coalition with the Liberal Democrats, a major, but smaller party than the Tories and Labour.

Cabinet: The group of senior ministers in the British government. The job titles of the senior ministers include Home Secretary, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Foreign Secretary.

Member of Parliament (MP): This is a person who has been elected by voters at a general election to represent them in the House of Commons, the lower house of the UK’s parliament. Safe seat: This seat is unlikely to be lost by the incumbent MP at a general election

House of Commons: This is an elected body consisting of 650 members known as members of parliament (MPs). Their role includes proposing new laws and holding the government in power to account. MPs are elected to represent specific areas of the country and hold their seats until Parliament is dissolved, which is every five years.

General election: Held every five years in the UK, it gives people who have the right to vote in UK elections, a chance to elect one of 650 MPs to the House of Commons. First past the post: This is the electoral system used in UK elections. It rewards the candidate or party with the most votes. Constituency: A group of voters in a specific area who elect a candidate to represent them in the House of Commons. Ed Miliband is the MP who represents Doncaster North. The people who live in that area are his constituents.

VOX POPs should 16 year olds be given the vote? “If 16-year-olds can have kids, I don’t see why they are not trusted to vote responsibly” Julia George, 16

Lucia Wood, 16

Evie Bitmead, 15

Harry Hutchinson, 16

Student, Surrey

Student, Croydon

Student, London

Student, Croydon

“I don’t think that 16-year-olds should be allowed to vote, because they don’t know about politics.”

“I don’t think that 16-year-olds should be allowed to vote because they are inexperienced in the world of politics.”

“If 16-year-olds are able to have kids, I don’t see why they are not trusted to be able to vote responsibly.”

“Some people wouldn’t trust 16-year-olds because they haven’t experienced life and wouldn’t understand.”

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Fashion Fix! With the buzz of the anticipated Westfield and Hammerson shopping complex pulsating around Croydon, it only seemed fitting that the budding fashionistas of the Limelight team, Cauline Grant, Shaniqua Benjamin and Naomi Grant hit Croydon’s ‘catwalk’ to see who was down to strike a pose!

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Inside Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Over 70,000 people rushed to buy tickets for the highly anticipated exhibition, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, just days ahead of its official opening in mid March. Limelight’s Shaniqua Benjamin was one of the lucky ones, as she secured a free press ticket! Read on to find out about the exhibition and the work of the late great fashion designer, Alexander McQueen

Mesmerising. Dark. Revolutionary. These words alone could sum up the life and works of the visionary fashion designer, Alexander McQueen. Five years after his untimely death and four years after Savage Beauty opened at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the exhibition, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, has finally come to the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. “Working with those who McQueen knew and understood has ensured that Savage Beauty plays worthy tribute to his talent,” said exhibition Curator Claire Wilcox. Savage Beauty is a once in a lifetime experience, showing 244 garments and accessories and film footage, throughout ten captivating rooms.

Despite his roots in London, Alexander became the head designer at French haute couture house Givenchy in 1996, while still designing for his own label. In the same year, he was named British Designer of the Year, by the British Fashion Council for the first time, going on to win it again in 1997, 2001 and 2003! Alexander described himself as “a romantic schizophrenic”, which becomes clear throughout the exhibition, as there is a twisted darkness meshed with beauty in his collections. He said: “People find my things sometimes aggressive. But I don’t see them as aggressive. I see them as romantic, dealing with the dark side of my personality.” This “dark side” oozes

Born Lee Alexander McQueen in Lewisham in 1969, the designer grew up in Stratford. “London’s where I was brought up. It’s where my heart is and where I get my inspiration,” he once said. He left school at 15 to become a tailor’s apprentice on Savile Row and started the prestigious MA fashion design course at Central Saint Martins six years later in 1990.

“Savage Beauty plays worthy tribute to his [Alexander McQueen] talent”

Alexander’s Savile Row training and London upbringing were a common thread in his work, with an incredible use of tailoring and structure. Jack the Ripper Stalks His Victims, his 1992 graduate collection, was inspired by Victorian London and there is a strong focus on tailoring. Experimenting with shapes was also something that Alexander enjoyed, which resulted in the creation of his infamous ‘Bumster’ trousers, which were seen on the catwalk of his first collection, Taxi Driver (A/W* 1993). According to Alexander, “I wanted to elongate the body, not just show the bum.”

The intrigue and chaos of Alexander was perfectly captured in the room, The Cabinet of Curiosities. It blew my mind, as I found myself in a double-height gallery, surrounded by more than 120 garments and accessories, in addition to numerous screens showing different Alexander McQueen catwalks. My favourite part was having the opportunity to view the dress from the No 13 (S/S*

*S/S stands for Sping/Summer *A/W stands for Autumn/Winter

out into many of his collections. The Birds (S/S* 1995) was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s horror film of the same name and In Memory of Elizabeth How, Salem 1692 (A/W* 2007) was inspired by a victim of the Salem witch hunts.

1999) finale, which has become one of the most famous images in fashion history. The finale featured former ballerina, Shalom Harlow, slowly spinning around on the catwalk while robots spray-painted her white dress in yellow and black. Alexander’s heritage and ancestry were also a major source of reference throughout his career. My favourite room, Romantic Nationalism, explored his fascination with his Scottish heritage, ancestry and the colonial past, which resulted in rich colours and great beauty. Alexander created extravagant and extraordinary collections up until 2010, the final year of his life. Plato’s Atlantis (S/S* 2010), Alexander’s final fully made collection was said to have been his greatest and was also the first fashion show to ever be streamed live on the Internet. The models walking down the catwalk wearing those ‘Armadillo’ boots, which stood at a crazy 30.5cm, will always stand out for me. His death in February 2010 resulted in an unfinished A/W* 2010 collection, which was completed by Sarah Burton, who would later become creative designer of Alexander McQueen. Sarah said: “Savage Beauty is a celebration of the most imaginative and talented designer of our time. Lee was a genius and a true visionary who pushed boundaries, challenged and inspired.” Many generations to come will continue to be inspired by Alexander’s creative legacy. It comes as no surprise that this is the largest and most ambitious fashion exhibition that the Victoria & Albert Museum has ever staged, and I am glad that I had the opportunity to experience it!

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Curl’s Best Friend! Don’t you hate having to use eyelash curlers before your mascara to achieve the best look? Well, you’ll no longer have to, thanks to Benefit, who have produced Roller Lash, a revolutionary new mascara, which has a Hook ‘n’ Roll brush to grab, separate, lift and curl your eye lashes. “[It’s] time to throw away the eyelash curlers girls!”, as a Benefit spokesperson said at the launch of the fabulously unique mascara. Limelight’s Brooke-Sara Clark joined a host of top journalists from Glamour to Vogue, at this exclusive event! Benefit launched its new mascara Roller Lash with Curl’s Best Friend, a fabulously indulgent 1950s beauty parlour for girls to celebrate curls and relax, with a menu of signature cocktails and cupcakes, before trying the new mascara.

The Curl’s Best Friend UK tour kicked off at the start of May and will run until September. If you didn’t get to the beauty parlour in the West End of London during February or March and it hits your town or city, then don’t miss a chance to indulge in cocktails and cupcakes, while being pampered! But if you miss out on the UK tour, then all I can say is, I don’t envy you! To download Curl’s Best Friend on Tour for your iPhone, iPad or other mobile device visit: guidebook.com/g/kb6e5jhf/.

“Time to throw away the eyelash curlers girls!”

A gorgeous pink staircase led to the beauty parlour and curl station, where brigades of Benefit girls were waiting with hair tongs at the ready! A Benefit make-up expert treated my lashes to the revolutionary Roller Lash mascara and instantly they curled and gained volume! Next, one of the girls styled my hair to give a glamorous faux-blow. The Benefit brow experts were on hand to give you perfect eyebrows and there was even a photo booth for you to strike a pout and show off the new you!

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The final destination was a secret floor, the Noir Bar. “From 7pm each evening, the bar unveils a hidden secret, a place for girls to be fun and fearless,” said a spokesperson from Benefit. Inspired by Benefit’s best-selling mascara, They’re Real!, the room is dark with dim lights and so you get to enjoy delicious drinks in an exciting atmosphere.

Roller Lash is essential for every makeup bag. Personally, I’m obsessed with this new wand. The super-curling and lifting mascara is every girl’s dream. My lashes are now so magically curly that I’ve thrown the eyelash curlers out! With Provitamin B5 & Serin, the mascara not only gives you the perfect curls, but also conditions your lashes! What’s not to like about it? Roller Lash is now available for £19.50.

Look Perfect at Prom! Searching for the perfect look? To help you look stunning whatever the weather, Brooke-Sara Clark, has narrowed down the best of the best make-up. Follow her top tips and you’ll look great all year round!

To achieve beautifully calm, clear and balanced skin before your make-up application, the Anti-blemish Mud Mask from MasqueBar is an absolute necessity! With key ingredients such as tea tree, it sooths irritations while helping to control excess oil!  *£9.99 for three masks, exclusive to Boots

Real Techniques Sculpting Brush gives you a contoured, defined look by accentuating your bone structure. With a pink handle, the brush is perfect for any girls make-up bag… and it works well with bronzers and blushers (you can even use it with cream ones)! *£9.99

If disaster strikes and a spot appears before prom, or a dark imperfection is looming, Benefit’s award winning Boi-ing Concealer “camouflages dark circles, shadows and discolouration without creasing or fading” so you have nothing to fear! This concealer comes in a variety of shades from light to dark. *£17.50

At an affordable price, Max Factor’s Crème Puff Blush blends and sculpts for an effortless flush of colour. It features multi-tonal shades from Lavish Mauve to Seductive Pink, you’ll never want to hide from the cameras again! *£8.99

When going to Prom, your lips need to be soft, buffed and looking their best. Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector is “a delicious treat for your lips”, according to a specialist Clarins make-up artist. It makes your lips look smooth, shiny and even fuller! With extracts of shea butter and mango, the Lip Perfector softens and protects your lips and features a 3D radiance pigment to create a gloss finish. *£18.00

Do you want a glamorous glow for prom? Well look no further! Once again, Benefit have produced a product which will make your dreams a reality – watt’s Up gives a “delicate champagne glow that’s gorgeous,” says Benefit. With watt’s up, you will certainly be the belle of the ball! *£24.50

When going to prom, it’s essential to have a perfect, even complexion and Clarins Everlasting Foundation gives a flawless finish which lasts for 18 hours… Fortunately, you only require a small amount each time so it will last for several parties after prom. Clarins uses a mattifying bamboo powder combined with a High Fidelity system and technology to deliver the most glamorous base! *£27.50

If you’re planning to wear a short dress, then Benefit’s Bathina “soft to touch… hard to get” body mist is ideal for you. The silky oil body mist gives soft skin that is impossible to resist. Instantly it is absorbed into your skin leaving it moisturised and smelling fabulous. *£26.50

Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara emphasises your eyelashes, giving a lift and leaving beautiful fanned lashes that could be mistaken for falsies! As seen in Benefit’s Beauty Parlour (turn to page 18 to see more) They’re Real! mascara is dark, eye catching and will make your lashes stand out. Luckily, the longwearing formula never smudges (so when you shed your tears as the night ends, your look won’t be ruined)! The brush is specifically designed to reveal the lashes you never knew you had! A winner of several awards, this item is definitely a must-buy to complete your look! *£19.50

Page 19 | Limelight *The approximate prices of the products have been provided.

Gorgeous Gifts

Throughout the year there are so many occasions which require presents! So Limelight’s Brooke-Sara Clark explored a variety of products to ensure you’re popular this year...

Think Pink: Lush

Banish the black, burn the blue, and bury the beige. From now on, girls, think pink!” This perfectly pink box is inspired by the 1957 film, Funny Face, which starred Audrey Hepburn. If you would like to give a magic yet pampering gift to your girlfriend, this box is perfect, as not only does it include 13 pink, pretty shower and bath

appy H Barthday: Lush

Do you have a quirky friend who loves anything bright, colourful or happy? I do! This present is suitable for any occasion: be it a birthday, a wedding day or just to say thank you. With Happy Bathday you will never fail to give your friend a smile. There are six


ow To Look the Best At Everything: Benefit The name says it all. This gift is so popular, as it gives such a flawless look. In fact, it’s so great you’ll be tempted to buy a set for yourself too! The perfectors give a luminous complexion by

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treats, it is decorated with a huge pink ribbon! Busting with treatments, the Think Pink box features Creamy Candy, a bubble bath which feels as soft as candy floss and The Comforter, a bubble bath bar which smells of blackcurrants! You can even buff and polish your lips with Bubblegum, a scrub with a sweet candy taste that you’ll enjoy licking off! This gift box is packed with every pink product needed to make any girl smile!

beautiful products, from Red Fun a 4-in-1 product that can be used as a shampoo, bubble bar, soap or even a toy, to Fizzbanger (a bathbomb that fizzes, crackles and even changes colour)! The best part? A beautiful banner which can be hung on the wall to mark the occasion. So, why don’t you go start your bath party? minimising all your pores! This kit includes the POREfessional Pro Balm, Hello Flawless Cover Up Powder and Boi-ing Concealer. Every girl needs this set however old or young.

ello H Gorgeous: Lush

Hello Gorgeous is the perfect present for all glamorous girls, especially teenagers! This floral box is bursting with products to scrub, soak and moisturise your skin to its loveliest! When you open the box the fragrant scent of flowers

Gift Rockitude Set: Benefit Do you have a fashionable friend who simply adores all the best make-up kits? Benefit’s rockin’ rose gold lip & cheek kit is perfect

to create a showstopping look. The beautiful box includes Benefit’s bestselling Benetint, High beam, Rockateur and Ultra plush in rockateur to ensure everyone will achieve a flawless look!

onderful W You: Lush Lush seems to have mountains of delightful products at the moment! One of my personal favourites has to be Wonderful You. The Wonderful You gift box is bursting with indulgent products for the body, from Flying Fox,

from the lotions and potions it contains, will fill the room and when all the products are gone you can fill the gorgeously decorated box with whatever you like!

a honey rich shower gel, to Honey Trap, a soothing, moisturising and protecting lip balm, for dry lip disasters! With gorgeous floral packaging and a bright pink bow, this gift will definitely stand out from the rest. Why don’t you show that wonderful someone just how much they mean to you?

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews, Reviews, Reviews, Reviews, Reviews, Reviews, Reviews, Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

Take a Picture, it Lasts Longer There is nothing like capturing your favourite memories in a photo to ensure they last forever. Perhaps you would like to share your favourite moments of your teen years with your future grandchildren, or even refresh your memory of the good times yourself. So Limelight’s reporters, Brooke-Sara Clark and Ellena Major scouted through hundreds of photo services to find their top three favourites: Polabora, Print Studio and Sticky 9! Polabora In four easy steps you can get your hands on high quality, Polaroid style pictures free of charge! Simply take pictures, select the ones you love, place an order and receive your prints free in the post, leaving you a very happy customer! Choose from original prints, mini prints or retro photo strips, perfect for a gift to a loved one!

Print Studio

Sticky 9

Formally known as Printstagram, Print Studio offers a wide range of products to showcase your favourite memories in clean cut, high quality print. From 12x12 frames, photo books, posters, or even your own day-by-day calendar; it’s your choice to decide how you want to show off your pictures. Also, the original Polaroid prints are still accessible!

Printing phone cases, magnets, and reusable stickers, Sticky 9 is great. Starting in London back in 2011, Sticky 9 has changed the lives of Instagram users by allowing them to bring their memories to life and make them a reality once again! Sticky 9 has also opened a pop-up shop called Sticky K9 to create personalised gifts for Man’s best friend!

Grow your potential at Capel Manor College The tutors at Capel are all wonderful, they are more than willing to help with anything and make the college a wonderful place to be. Without the staff I would never have been able to fulfil my dreams in becoming a Kayce, former Animal Management student veterinary nurse.

Come and find out more at our Advice Evenings:

• Enfield

Monday 6 July

• Capel Manor at Newham College Tuesday 7 July

• Regent’s Park Tuesday 7 July

• Gunnersbury Park Wednesday 8 July

• Crystal Palace Park Thursday 9 July

All Advice Evenings open at 5.00pm and finish at 7.30pm

Leading the field in animal management, arboriculture, countryside management, environmental conservation, floristry, garden design, horticulture, landscaping, leatherwork, outdoor adventure and saddlery at centres across London.

For further information on our courses and centres call:

08456 122 122 or visit www.capel.ac.uk @capelmanor

Combining qualifications with experience

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food, glorious food! Everyone loves to go to a restaurant, don’t they? Limelight’s Brooke-Sara Clark and Ellena Major have gone and tried all the best restaurants to tell you all about them!


ex and Mex food is always at it’s best when you order from Chimichangas! With their mouth-watering menu, you can order whatever you like, from nachos to BBQ ribs; melt in your mouth steak, or even enchiladas! The choice is entirely yours! Surrounded by a relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff, Chimichangas is the perfect place for a flavoursome meal fit for all the family, no matter what you fancy, there is always something for everyone! As beautiful as Mexico and Texas may be, travelling the world can be a long and expensive trek, particularly when you can have a taste of the delicious food right on your doorstep! To look at the menu, or book a table near you, head over to www.chimichanga.co.uk.

or a place to eat, drink and relax, no matter F what the occasion, be it a birthday meal or a catch up with friends, TGI Friday’s is the place to go.

With quick service, a friendly and chilled atmosphere and great value for money, there is no faulting this old American style restaurant. A wide variety of dishes are listed on the menu, proving there really is something for everyone, from succulent chicken to flavoursome ribs, or even a mouth watering burger; you’ll definitely have a hard time deciding what to pick! TGI Friday’s selection of sweet desserts look so tasty, you’re sure to want more than one! To tempt your taste buds are everything from refreshing sundaes to brownies to die for, and even a very chocolatey chocolate cake! With a TGI Friday’s in virtually every part of the UK, there’s no excuse for not booking a table and diving head first into a plate of fantastic freshly cooked food! Go to www.tgifridays.co.uk for more!

ando’s is a restaurant chain that is known globally and at the heart of every N meal is the legendary Peri-Peri sauce made of top secret ingredients! Believe it or not, Nando’s began life in South Africa, where its founders took

over a small restaurant in Johannesburg! That was way back in 1987, before any of our readers were born! Now Nando’s can be found in 32 countries, including the UK and Republic of Ireland, where it has a massive 230 plus restaurants.

With the freedom to create your perfect meal by adding different sides, flavouring the melt-in-your-mouth chicken to suit the amount of spice you love, and with a bottomless soft drink that will last you all evening, Nando’s is the perfect place to relax, celebrate and create lasting memories. As each meal is grilled fresh and served to you in record breaking time, there is no way of faulting the home of the peri-peri chicken and there is no where better to treat yourself to a meal out Perfect for everyone, young or old, there is something on the menu to suit everyone no matter what they may like! With fast quality service, happy to help staff, the atmosphere that Nando’s creates helps add to the memories you make over your meal. As well as being able to treat yourself to a night out, Nando’s also allows you to treat yourself to a night in thanks to their take away service! With affordable prices, Nando’s is a great way to start your week, end your week or enjoy any day of the week! Go to www.nandos.co.uk for more information!

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Hollywood... fashion, fame and even food! However, if jetting off to the land of the fit and fabulous for a quick bite to eat isn’t within your budget, fear not! London hosts its very own pocket of Hollywood glamour, encapsulated in the Haymarket restaurant Planet Hollywood. Limelight’s Brooke-Sara Clark and Ellena Major were lucky enough to get a taste of Hollywood - right here in London, of course! lanet Hollywood boasts several incredible P rooms that will blow your mind: from the James Bond Room to the British Room,

memorabilia surrounds you! The James Bond Room hosts a wide variety of the franchise’s most famous props, a collection which will make any James Bond fanatic jealous! From the ‘Dr. No’ machine gun to the ‘Golden Eye’ outfit worn by Pierce Brosnan in the film of the same name, there are plenty authentic gems to discover. Venture into the British Room and you’ll see a collection containing the hat worn by Inspector Jacques Clouseau in Pink Panther and the blue tailcoat worn by the Artful Dodger in Oliver. If you’ve seen it on screen, they’ve probably got it!

devoured with all of the dips - yummy! For mains, we chose the prime sirloin steak with peppercorn sauce and fries as well as the sizzling, melt-in-your-mouth chicken fajitas! If you manage to eat your way to dessert, as we did, a variety of options are on offer - a giant chocolate brownie super sundae to an apple and berry crumble! At Planet Hollywood, you’re certainly spoilt for choice!


The catchphrase ‘Lights,

Action’ is truly The best part Camera, brought to life in this dynamic restaurant as of our trip cameras capture customers as they enjoy their meal; you to Planet may even be broadcast live onto the plasma screen TVs your television debut! Hollywood for If you want to give a special a message you had to be the someone can text Planet Hollywood your message will be mouthwatering and displayed on the screen too, which is a brilliant touch food! to any birthday or special

Aside from this, guests are welcome to admire the Wall of Fame, where handprints from sensational Hollywood stars are featured (including the likes of Johnny Depp, Emma Thompson and Jackie Chan)! They are even encouraged to place their hands against the wall and find a celebrity match for their hand size!

The best part of our trip to Planet Hollywood had to be the mouth-watering food! After much oo-ing and aah-ing, debating and salivating, we finally decided to try the garlic pizza - an 11 inch pizza with a mozzarella and cheddar cheese base, drizzled with garlic oil, paired with delicious cheesy nachos and


After finishing the last of our chocolate milkshakes and coke floats, we finally said goodbye to our time in Hollywood. While the weather outside may have said London, our experience at Planet Hollywood begged otherwise. I’ve already set a date for my next visit; I can’t wait to be in Hollywood again! Visit www.planethollywoodlondon.com for more details.

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Calamity Jane Calamity Jane is an Oscar winning film thanks to the song Secret Love and now it’s a musical touring the UK! As Calamity Jane, Jodie Prenger, who played Nancy in Cameron Mackintosh’s Oliver!, was indeed the star of the show. She was both whip-cracking and passionate and it was clear the audience adored her character. Throughout the performance there were several numbers which had the audience in stitches and some which had the audience singing along, including The Deadwood Stage. The story of Calamity Jane focuses on Calamity a rowdy, gun-toting tom boy who can outshoot any man in Deadwood, a wild west town, starved of entertainment. Calamity heads to Chicago to ask a famous actress called Adelaide Adams to come and perform in the town’s salon bar. Kate, the star’s maid, pretends to be Adelaide and goes to Deadwood with Calamity. Unfortunately not everything goes to plan as everyone in Deadwood falls in love with the new girl... The show is full of so many twists and turns, that you’ll be left on the edge of your seat! Calamity Jane is loosely based on a real life person – Martha Jane Cannary, a gun wielding

‘cow girl’, also known for her kindness, especially towards the sick and needy. Martha was around during the 19th century, a time when women were expected to be seen and not heard. She refused to conform to these expectations. She dressed like a man and acted like a man, proving that women are capable of doing anything, if they set their hearts to it! At the end of the musical the audience gave the performers a standing ovation, proving that Calamity Jane, the musical, is definitely a show not to be missed! By Brooke-Sara Clark and Ellena Major

Centre: Jodie Prenger as Calamity Jane

Miss Saigon Since 1989, Miss Saigon has played to packed houses in theatres around the world, including London’s West End. The stage musical focuses on the pain and stress endured in places such as Saigon during the Vietnam War, a war between the south east Asian nation and America, which began in 1955 and ended in 1975. The play begins in Saigon during the last weeks of the Vietnam War, when Chris, a young American man meets a young Vietnamese girl, called Kim, in

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a nightclub. After falling in love with each other, Chris has to leave Kim, who is now pregnant and go back to America, where he eventually gets married. But how can he forget Kim? How can he forget the tragic lives of the Vietnamese in Saigon? Kim and her son live a painful lifestyle of poverty, where she is told to marry another man, but she refuses, as she is loyally waiting for Christ to return... The musical is full of catchy show stopping numbers, but

one in particular, The American Dream, captures the hopes and desires of those living during that desperate era. One song focuses on the forgotten children from the love affairs between the Americans and Vietnamese, causing the audience to burst into tears. The worst part? A shocking video highlighting what happened more than 40 years ago. By Brooke-Sara Clark and Ellena Major




roydon College has joined forces with top hairdresser Lee Stafford to open a new hairdressing training academy. Mr Stafford announced the partnership on Twitter, posting the good news to his 52,000 followers. This cutting-edge opportunity has come at exactly the right time because the UK beauty industry is booming. Employing more than one million people, it’s worth around £17 billion to the economy. Frances Wadsworth, Principal at Croydon College said, “The Lee Stafford Academy will offer Croydon’s students top-quality training to develop their skills in a highprofile, commercial working environment. This partnership will help to raise standards to the highest levels, increase student confidence, professionalism, and really enhance students’ employability skills and their job prospects.” Mr Stafford and his team will visit the College regularly, to work with students, staff and employers. He will be putting the college’s current hairdressing tutors through an intensive three week training course, and there will be continuous professional development to ensure the highest standards, and that staff are

Inset: Hairdresser Lee Stafford

up-to-date with new and emerging techniques. Lee Stafford said: “I am very excited to be working with staff at Croydon College. They are the perfect partners as they share the same passions, standards and dedication as Lee Stafford Education (LSE). I am so passionate about the hairdressing industry and I want to communicate through Croydon College what a great career it can be – the creativity, the diversity and the opportunities. I also want to help to raise the profile of and standardise the profession and make hairdressing an industry of which Britain can be proud.” Ms Wadsworth added: “It’s an incredible opportunity for both the staff and students. Lee is a fantastic role model in terms of skill and entrepreneurism. - we’re delighted to welcome him to the College, and to Croydon.” Croydon College recently announced plans for a £3m expansion to its campus. This new academy will be a precursor to the works and will open in September 2015. Courses are available for both full-time and part-time students and Apprentices. A launch event will take place in April. The Lee Stafford Academy will be located on the west end of the College’s main campus site, off Park Lane.

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Student, Swimmer and European Winner M

any of us may be unfamiliar with the sport water polo, yet it is an integral part of aspiring Olympian Mhairi Nurthen’s life. “It’s a bit like swimming,” she explained, “but you just throw a ball in the pool.” While she makes the sport sound pretty simple, there’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to this talented athlete.

and it’s a senior competition, so anyone of any age can play.” Needless to say, the pressure was on, as Mhairi faced some of the best senior professional players in the world, but she proved to be a worthy opponent. Water polo is for Mhairi a full-time job and so it’s fair to say her challenges are daily, not just occasional.

Mhairi first took an interest in water polo around the age of 11, in an attempt to become a better swimmer than her brother, after years of competing with him. She has since become an astounding athlete, having competed against the best water polo teams in Europe. Mhairi’s sporting career gives her an opportunity to travel and compete internationally, but it’s not these perks which motivate the athlete. “I enjoy the team aspect of it. Everyone comes together to play, and when you do win, you win together. It’s just a really nice feeling,” enthused Mhairi, who hopes to compete in the 2020 Olympics.

Mhairi is also a full-time A-level student. When asked how she deals with the challenge of having to balance school and sport, it was reassuring to know that Mhairi takes it all in her stride. “It gets intense,” she admitted, “but if you just keep that balance and keep them both separate, it works quite well.”

A team spirit prevailed as recently as March, when Mhairi was whisked off to France to represent Great Britain in a major European competition. Her team qualified 2nd in their group, deeming them eligible to compete in the first European Games hosted in Baku, Azerbaijan, this summer. “Being in the team that qualified was a major achievement for me,” said Mhairi. However, it hasn’t always been peaks for this 17-year-old athlete. “My biggest challenge so far was probably competing in the European Club League, which is the biggest in Europe. All the best teams in Europe compete against each other,

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With a rigorous gym, swim and water polo training regime to stick to, you wouldn’t be critical of Mhairi for getting a family member to drive her the short distance to school every day. But the easy way out is not Mhairi’s style and instead she walks, runs or even cycles there and back. This talented athlete even confessed to a “sneaky 10 minute gym set every day before bed”. Talk about dedication! The future is looking bright for Mhairi, who is considering taking a gap year to pursue water polo professionally in Europe. “Enjoy sport,” she advised Limelight readers. “Just get into it!” Mhairi has enjoyed the backing of SportsAid, an organisation which supports young and aspiring athletes. For more information on Sport said, visit: www.sportsaid.org.uk By Imaan Wright

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JACE Training

Apprenticeships Retail Hospitality Traineeships Catering Courses run all year round. Apply today!

T: 0845 241 7738 www.jace-training.co.uk

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This issue uncovers more about Meghan Trainor, as well as Conor Maynard, a future olympian and all the best restaurants to eat at! Happy rea...

Limelight Summer 2015  

This issue uncovers more about Meghan Trainor, as well as Conor Maynard, a future olympian and all the best restaurants to eat at! Happy rea...


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