Quick Tips to Avoid Slow Mobile App Development Process

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QUICK TIPS TO AVOID SLOW MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT PROCESS Speed is crucial for mobile apps. Reliable providers of SEO services offer mobile app development services. Mobile phones are no longer just communication devices, they are highly effective business tools. People are getting addicted to mobile phones, tablets and other smart devices. Moreover, people now use mobile phones first to go online and get information. This has increased the demand for businesses to develop responsive web design for their websites, and most importantly, mobile apps. Good user experience and high-speed data access are the keys to business growth. Mobile apps have made it easier for users to get any business information at their fingertips and stay connected with their favourite brands. Therefore, businesses are investing hugely in mobile app development. There are many providers today that offer mobile app development and the competition is tough. A speedy app can make a huge difference. Business owners are continuously trying to develop apps before a set deadline and present it before their rivals come up with new ideas. The need to create apps quickly often compromises the quality of the app. So, here are some useful tips to develop mobile apps without losing their quality. ▪

Make pertinent queries: If your business is planning to build an app, ask relevant queries to the app development company. This is important to gain more information and find the right solutions to your issues. Some of the questions you can ask are: o o o o

Whether they develop iOS, Android apps or both What the object of their mobile application is Whether their app provides offline mode assistance The special features that will make their app different and unique on the market

The above mentioned are some of the questions that will help you recognize the efforts, time and money spent on developing a mobile app. ▪

Be aware of the need for MVP: Once you have an app ready, you can’t go directly to the app stores. Begin with MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in your mind, which is an important part in the app development cycle. The first and foremost step is to introduce some essential features of your application. Collect all data and client feedback with care and sent it your app

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development team in order to make necessary changes to the app. Continue this cycle for a few weeks throughout the entire app development process. This is a time-consuming procedure but will help you build a good app. Make sure to invest more time and money to upgrade your app and make it better. ▪

Use low fidelity wireframe: Using low fidelity wireframe helps to develop an app with appropriate interfaces. It helps you find all the hidden issues of your app without investing too much effort or time. This makes it easier for designers to look at new design concepts. It also provides rough sketches in a few minutes that can be easily understood and implemented in the initial stage.

Go for a hybrid mobile app: If you want an easy app, then go for hybrid mobile app. It helps you develop both iOS and Android applications quickly. It does not take much time to develop as you can just write the code for the basic app and introduce it on different platforms but it has some limitations. If you wish to develop a large app with many different features, then the best choice is native app development. Write different source codes to launch your app on different platforms and you need not revise the app again and again as there is a lesser possibility of finding any bug. Today almost all mobile app development firms follows both methods and it's the client requirement that matters.

Make sure to outsource the tasks that you are not good at: Businesses always have an in-house app development team but they may not be very efficient or aware about the latest technology. Therefore outsourcing to experts is important. It helps businesses to focus more on the main content instead of wasting time on side tasks, saves time and effort and also makes an efficient app that is engaging for your users.

Start automated testing: Embracing automation saves huge effort and time. Different testing methods are involved in automated testing. These methods are used at the same time for saving time during and after the app development process. Testing is important as it helps to build your app and make it live.

This is the era of smartphones and mobile app development is important for every business. A mobile app is going to be a standard component of any business in the future. The mobile strategy you make today is crucial to increase your business reach and revenue. Therefore, choose a reliable provider of SEO services to develop your own app.

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