How to Manage the SEO Issue When a Business Has Multiple Listings

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How to Manage the SEO Issue When a Business Has Multiple Listings Multiple listings are problematic for SEO, and this issue can be effectively addressed with the support of reliable SEO services. Read about some important steps to take in this regard. Today before making any purchase decision, people first Google about the brand, their website, products and services, and customer reviews. So, if you want your company website to be on the first page of Google search results, then search engine optimization is a must and your company should be listed in Google My Business. Google My business is a marketing tool essential for local SEO. It will enable you to appear in local search results for queries that are specific to your products and services. Advantages of having a Google My Business listing: Develop trust: Listing in Google My Business helps businesses gain trust among consumers because it would give the impression that Google is endorsing your business. If Google displays your business prominently, then consumers will trust you. Gain visitors: Listing in Google My Business gives an opportunity for your customers to access your business and more importantly, it displays all information before a user clicks on your website. It enables users to easily contact or visit your business. Improve sales: Google uses your business listing and other real-time data to be able to answer highly specific queries. This helps most qualified visitors find your business. Engage better with customers: Google My Business has a posting feature whereby you can communicate announcements, events and promotions to your audience. It keeps your customers up to date about the business. It provides other features like Call to Action, Contact Us etc to establish communication between customers and the company. Most of the small businesses now realize the significance of getting listed in Google My Business but sometimes business owners create two addresses in Google My Business. For example, consider two doctors who own a practice together verifying their joint medical practice. They submit and verify the location under their individual names as well. This can cause problems in Google Maps visibility. The problem becomes even worse when these doctors try to open multiple lead generation websites. The same issues can arise when a business moves out of a location and a new business of the same category moves in. This is very common with services such as dry cleaners and restaurants among others. When you have two or more businesses in one address, only one business will appear online and the other does not. In such cases Google displays the listing with the most SEO power or with the most links coming to that listing. The other listing will not be immediately visible in a map search. But you can see

the address of the other business when you click the zoom in button. Once you click the zoom in button, it will list all the businesses. Google Possum algorithm is responsible for this behavior of the search engine. In an effort to filter spam, the algorithm hides those listings that are less relevant. Then, if the user seems to be searching for an extremely localized answer, the algorithm reveals these concealed answers. If businesses use the same working space, the ideal solution would be to assign individual suite numbers to each business and provide them with mailboxes for receiving their mail. However, these numbers should be correctly coordinated and it should be ensured that the businesses are not using each other’s numbers. Businesses with distinctive names, addresses and phone numbers (NAP) are not impacted by this. Two Listings for the Same Business at the Same Address In this case, if both the listings are verified and you are the owner of both, you should un-verify the listings you want to merge because Google My Business cannot verify two verified listings. If you only have ownership of one, you will first need to get ownership of both before they can be merged. Try and claim the listing you do not have control over and it will prompt you on how you can get control from the existing owner. If only one listing is verified, then go to Google Maps and get the URL for both the verified and the unverified one and save these URLs. Contact Google My Business and request them to merge the 2 listings. Two Listings for the Same Business at Different Addresses If the incorrect address is an old address of the business, contact Google My Business through Twitter support and ask them to mark the old listing as moved. If the incorrect address is one that the business has never existed at then, go to Google Maps, choose "suggest an edit", switch the toggle beside "Place is permanently closed " to "yes". Choose “never existed” and press submit. Two Listings for the Same Business at the Same Address or Different Addresses If both the addresses are verified, then first you have to contact Google My Business to get ownership of both before they can be merged. If only one is verified, then go to Google maps and pull up the unverified listing. Choose suggest an edit, switch the toggle beside "Place is permanently closed” to “yes,” select “Private” as the reason and submit. If you want to know more about how to report duplicate listings, then approach a reliable provider of SEO services in Long Island.

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