Don’t Fall for Unreliable SEO Services, Hire Professional SEO Solutionsfor Better Results

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Don’t Fall for Unreliable SEO Services, Hire Professional SEO Solutions for Better Results SEO is not a simple process. Expert SEO services can implement the right strategies to ensure your website top ranking on SERPs consistently.

Most businesses understand the significance of search engine optimization for digital marketing. SEO is the set of rules and strategies for optimizing your website for search engines and improve search engine ranking. When people search for products and services online, the aim of every website is to appear on top of the search engine results page and gain maximum traffic. It can bring your business more qualified leads and customers. SEO consists of multiple strategies, actions and practices with the goal of improving the visibility of a website through organic search results. It is a way of determining which sites deserve to rank highly for each query entered into the search engine. It is a complex process that involves various factors such as keyword research, robot.txt and sitemaps, optimization of web pages, optimized content, mobile friendliness, social signals, user experience etc. Therefore, it is important to have the assistance of professional SEO experts who can optimize your website. They provide a long-term or short-term SEO

strategy for consistent ranking of your website, and these strategies help improve the sales and revenue of your business. They have the specialization and experience to bring more organic traffic to your website through search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo. The following are the advantages of hiring a SEO expert: •

Brand awareness: Business should have a unique identity and that can be attained only through steady ranking. It helps to create awareness about your products and services among prospective buyers. When your website appears first on the search results page, customers are likely to build trust and confidence in your brand. SEO experts have the potential to implement the right, customized SEO strategies that will help improve your visibility on search engines.

Website optimization: Users always look for user-friendly websites and a SEO company can provide this experience. They have trained professionals who can make the web page better and attractive for search engines and optimize the site architecture. They can provide wellstructured, optimized websites that will reduce the bounce rates and increase views and leads.

Provides favourable results: SEO experts help in delivering measurable output that may not be possible through traditional marketing techniques. Experts can easily track results at each step and analyze the progress. They offer simplified version of breaking down the campaign in detail.

Stay ahead of competitors: Businesses are always competitive and you have to stay at the top to reach your customers and make sales and profit. When you have competitors selling the same products and services, it is important to stay ahead of them. Having an optimized website helps you to be on top of the search results, attract more consumers, grow faster and become successful.

The above-mentioned SEO advantages show why it is important to invest in good SEO providers. But some companies believe that search engine optimization is an easy task and it can be done with free tools like Wiz. Websites like Wiz that provide free SEO may not be able to ensure good results. Recently, Search Engine Journal published an article about Wiz ads where a model Karlie Kloss says “Wix SEO Wiz helps you grab those top SEO results.” This statement is misleading. Wix pays $5 million to tell more than 100 million people that their SEO Wizard will “grab those top SEO results.” Here Wix is devaluing the SEO industry. Wix runs on ads and they saw a significant increase in interest for their platform. In the last five years, Wix has spent around $20 million on two and a half minutes of commercials. It is estimated that the lifetime value of a Wix customer is approximately $500. To break even, Wix needs to attribute 40,000 sign-ups to its Super Bowl campaigns. They convey the wrong idea that all SEO needs can be met by the Wix SEO wizard.

Wix offers the tools to do basic SEO but these tools will not let you rank even in a semi competitive niche. Earlier, Wix was run on Flash but today they have made improvements like they run on JavaScript platform, which allows you to have your own domain and have HTTPS functionality. Site owners get the idea that SEO is plug and play and it is easy to get customized SEO that is good enough to get them to the top of the page. However, Wix is incapable of meeting the ranking factors necessary for a site to rank in the top results. They provide a great deal of information regarding SEO, with a view to bridge the gap between what the Wix tool falls short of and what needs to be done. In short, it is important to understand the value of SEO powered by solid research into the right optimization strategies and customization and not fall for tempting promises and guarantees. Businesses that have been harmed by unreliable SEO firms say that they had set high expectations from these types of SEO firms. When you hire a Long Island SEO company, make sure that you have realistic expectations before you employ them. Ensure the communication between the SEO provider and your business is clear so that they can be sure about things such as timelines, budget and deadlines. It’s crucial that both parties come to an agreement about what is achievable in the timeframe and within the budget. SEO is not a simple process -- it requires the assistance of professional SEO services that encourage you to set realistic expectations, and work to ensure your business website top ranking on search engine results page consistently.

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