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Relationships are challenging for everyone in all social and economic circles. They are so difficult because we really do not have total control. There is somebody else we have to deal with and they can do whatever they wish. This is scary for many because we invest so much of our emotional well-being with our partner. If you are going through a break up my heart goes out to you. I have been there and I know it can be gut wrenching. It is bad enough to break up but when it happens suddenly for no apparent reason the emotional anguish can be overwhelming even for the strongest person. You must realize that you are at a disadvantage right now. You are in a state of shock. You have been traumatized psychologically. Do not underestimate this! You must first recognize that you are in a weakened state before taking any concrete actions. You must stop all contact with your ex right now while you are in this state. Nothing good can come from trying to discuss your relationship while you are in an emotionally unbalanced state. You must first get a grip on your emotions. Stop calling, texting, showing up at her work, checking her out on Facebook, bugging her friends about her, or emailing her. Take a break. Contacting your ex in this mental state will only show you as weak and undesirable. This will push her further away and affirm her decision to break off the relationship. This is not what you want! The next step is to work on you. You need to get out of this depressed state of mind. Go out with friends. Take up old hobbies that you neglected while you were "in a relationship." Get in shape. Eat healthy. Get those endorphins going. Volunteer. You will be surprised how doing something for other people will take your mind off of your problems. I know it is not easy but you might have to force yourself to get moving at first. Then momentum will start working in your favor. Pay attention to your hygiene and personal appearance. I am not saying that you have to try to look like a model. Just look as good as you can look. You will start feeling better about yourself and so will other people. Momentum will start to work in your favor. Stay away from too much alcohol and certainly no drugs. These will only depress you further. If you start doing all the both you should be starting to feel better at least physically and some self-esteem should start returning. It is important for you to carry on with your life. Stop blaming yourself for the breakup. Your ex should just know that you are doing fine without them but do not contact them yet. You should spend at least one month working on yourself

before contacting them again. People want what they can't have. If you jump in your ex partner's lap and say they can have you and all of you right now you they probably will freak out and run away. Take it easy. Play a little hard to get. You want to portray self-confidence, fun and happiness not desperation and loneliness. Have you ever noticed that more women hit on you when they know you are in a relationship? What is up with that? Well, you project an aura of contentment, you probably are better groomed, women can just sense the confidence. It is a very real vibe you put out. This is what you need to start to project. Here is the last step. You need to walk a fine line her. You need to play a little hard to get but not too hard to get. Maintain your poise, exude confidence and perhaps you will not even have to make the first move. This is where it can be handy to have mutual friends. Even if you do make a "date" to get together make it short and very light at first. Perhaps just lunch. Do not spend more than 30 minutes on this initial contact date.

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A Step By Step Guide - Winning Back The Love Of Your Life