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PRESIDENT’S REPORT Tembua manages all elements of the linguistic value chain from authors and translators through revisers, SMEs and digital formatting experts. “For a medical project, we may use a practicing German cardiologist as a subject matter expert to read the document in his native German. He makes sure that it is up to date and correctly translated,” May explains. Tembua’s global reach enables quick turn around and agility. Because its team spans multiple geographies, Tembua can move a project through various check points and time zones over a 24 hour period. Tembua collaborates with its clients to meet legal, HR and product requirements and fill executive and corporate communication needs. Its primary operational objective of delivering quality in product and processes is reinforced by its certification to both ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038:2006. As per its EN 15038 certification, Tembua’s linguists must have a minimum of five years’ experience along with industry knowledge and research, technological and linguistic competence. Additionally, they must be able to write and express their thoughts in both the first and second languages of the project. WBENC certification has been a source of opportunity for Tembua. May is enthusiastic about its benefits, saying, “WBENC certification has been our door into the large companies, particularly those which have supplier diversity officers. WBENC certification and the WBDC-Chicago provided us with entre into major companies from our first big insurance client to General Mills. Certification tells a purchasing officer that this is a serious, established company.” For more information about Tembua, The Precise Language Solution, see



WBENC May 2013 President's Report  

wbenc president's report

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