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Issue No. 6 – Spring 2008

Connecting With The GREEN ISSUE

Limbach... An Innovative Green Company Limbach’s Energy Offerings Limbach Gets Ready to Launch “I Care” Safety Campaign Limbach Works on LEED School in Washington D.C. Highlights of New Projects | Healthcare • Institutional & Government • Entertainment & Leisure • Commercial • Residential • Retail • Mission Critical • Transportation • Manufacturing



Concern for the Planet is very real and every day one hears or reads about reducing carbon emissions. Oil has exceeded $100 bb and could hit $130 bb in the first half of 2008. Corn prices have risen 122% in a year due to the demand for ethanol… causing food prices to escalate and global shortages. In 2008, electric utility increases of over 60% have been announced and approved in many states.


Getting Our “In-House” In Order: In 2007, we launched our GREEN Committee to help our company to become GREEN and make our own contributions to society. The basics were addressed and we commenced a full recycling program in our offices and field operations. We have started a program to reduce our office copiers and printers…and something as simple as a message asking recipients to “Consider the environment - think before” deciding to print the document. Limbach recently became a member of the U.S. Green Building Council to learn from others. We also studied our own utility bills and found ways to reduce our own energy consumption for our facilities. In addition, we have 33 employees joining the ranks of our existing LEED Accredited Professionals (AP).



I want to thank the GREEN Committee members for their good work and to all that are jumping on Limbach’s drive to contribute to improving the environment. We are making a difference! Serving the Market Need: Externally, we have LIMBACH ENERGY SOLUTIONS to address the incredible need to reduce energy consumption in commercial & institutional facilities. Through our in-house LIMBACH Engineering & Design Services group (LEDS), we provide a complete suite of services to address a building owner’s needs with cost effective designs. While we see a tidal wave of opportunities with new construction, with over 60% of new builds applying for LEED building certification, the real smart application of our services is on existing building retrofits. Antiquated equipment that has either reached its life cycle or equipment that is just not efficient is a prime target of opportunity. Typical solutions provide a complete ongoing return on investment (ROI) after 18 to 24 months, depending upon the options selected. Operating costs are minimized and the customer takes credit for being a good community citizen, by reducing their carbon footprint. We create economic & community Win-Win outcomes. Once again, LIMBACH is looking to be an innovative leader by creating value both internally & externally. We have realized great results with our IIF (Incident & Injury Free) safety program and our commitment to improve productivity through technology applications such as BIM (Building Information Modeling) along with commitment to design build. This new focus on being GREEN will continue to set LIMBACH apart…a company each LIMBACH employee can be proud to be part of. We are making a difference. If you’re an employee, ask your local GREEN Committee representative how you can help contribute. If you’re a customer, give us a call to discuss how we can help your facility be more efficient. We design and build solutions. Let us address your needs with LIMBACH ENERGY SOLUTIONS. All the best…and think GREEN. Charlie Bacon President & CEO LIMBACH 2 | Healthcare • Institutional & Government • Entertainment & Leisure • Commercial • Residential • Retail • Mission Critical • Transportation • Manufacturing

LIMBACH’S ENERGY OFFERINGS The cost of operating a building is increasing with the rising costs of energy. Energy usage also translates to a carbon footprint. Economics and energy conservation are coming together and creating a a new focus to which building owners need to respond. Responsibility to control the effects on global climate change is becoming economically feasible and Limbach Facility Services is positioned to help. The majority of building energy use is related to heating, ventilating, cooling and lighting. Limbach is escalating our services to help our customers respond to the challenges of reducing energy usage. We have the capabilities to offer energy conserving green technology solutions. With an offering for energy conservation, Limbach can demonstrate the energy saving potential as well as the effect on the building’s carbon footprint. Discussions about green building design and sustainability are becoming more prevalent in the building construction industry with the LEED rating system. However, the energy use of existing buildings has a much greater impact on global climate change. Limbach is increasing our focus and is offering energy conservation services to our existing building customers. With our innovative solutions, existing clients can realize economic advantage and demonstrate their responsibility for the environment. Limbach Engineering & Design Services (LEDS) has the capabilities to help our existing clients. The energy program starts with monitoring and tracking of utility bills. After benchmarking the utility history, the potential for cost savings can be estimated. An energy audit would follow to further define the economic and environmental impact. This partnership between Limbach and building owner would lead to upgrades to the energy using systems, to reduce costs of electric, gas, steam, and water. Energy conservation is becoming more economically feasible in building construction and operation. Building owners want to be responsible to the environment. Through partnership with our clients, Limbach can help them reduce the impact on the environment while achieving economic benefits.


Dennis Sacco, Jr.

Patty Spangler

Darren Garey

Limbach continues to be committed to providing our clients with Green and environmentally conscious designs. Part of that commitment is Limbach employees taking the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED AP test. We would like to congratulate Rick Mosser, Dennis Sacco, Jr., Patty Spangler and Darren Garey for passing the test and gaining their LEED AP designation. | Healthcare • Institutional & Government • Entertainment & Leisure • Commercial • Residential • Retail • Mission Critical • Transportation • Manufacturing


Limbach Gets LEED Certified The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) has taken a leadership role in the effort to promote environmentally responsible buildings that also promote healthy conditions for the building occupants. As part of their efforts, the USGBC has developed an accreditation exam that entitles individuals who pass the exam to become “LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED AP)”. The intent of the exam and the LEED AP designation is to support individuals with the capabilities and understanding to promote green building principles and who are familiar with the USGBC LEED certification process for buildings. Becoming a LEED AP is not limited to architects and engineers, but is open to anyone who is interested in learning green building principles and becoming knowledgeable about the LEED building certification process. The Limbach Focus on Green Committee has been aggressively evaluating the Company’s current practices to identify opportunities for Limbach to stand out as a leader in the industry for demonstrating responsibility for the environment and promoting green building principles. Allowing all Limbach employees the opportunity to take this exam and become LEED Accredited Professionals has been identified as an important step in reaching this goal of being an industry leader. Limbach currently has five LEED Accredited Professionals on staff. The Limbach Focus on Green Committee extended the invitation to employees at each branch of the company to identify employees who are interested in becoming LEED Accredited Professionals, and the response was incredible! Thirty-three people have signed up with intention to take the exam. As part of the Limbach University, three study sessions were given in January & February to help these individuals prepare for the exam. The study sessions were live web-casts given by Shawn Murphy, P.E., LEED AP, a Senior Mechanical Engineer with LEDS. With such a large number of employees intending to take the LEED AP exam, Limbach is truly establishing a leadership position in the industry for being environmentally responsible!

4 | Healthcare • Institutional & Government • Entertainment & Leisure • Commercial • Residential • Retail • Mission Critical • Transportation • Manufacturing

Tim Ward is Green with Passion Being green is now “hip” rather than “hippy”. Virtually everything we do from the moment we get up, to the moment when our heads hit the pillow at night, can be done in a way that hurts the environment a little less. Green living doesn’t stop when we leave the house. Limbach and its employees understand that and are doing their part to be greener. Tim Ward, P.E. is leading that charge. He is the President of Limbach’s engineering division, Limbach Engineering & Design Services (LEDS). Tim is truly passionate about not only providing Limbach’s clients with energy-efficient mechanical systems, but wants the Company to practice what it tells its clients. He is heading up the Focus on Green Committee, which is made up of employees at various levels throughout Limbach. The committee has five initiatives that are currently in place which include: A study group for employees to become LEED Accredited Professionals (AP); Monitoring the recycling efforts within Limbach; Reducing internal paper consumption; Keeping up-todate with green technology for building construction; and Managing Limbach’s own energy impact at each of its ten facilities. Tim has become a leading expert in the area of building energy efficiency as it relates to mechanical systems. He was asked to sit on an industry panel by the Central Florida Chapter of the Society of Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) that focused on green building at the end of February in Orlando, Florida. Topics he discussed included: The impact of getting mechanical design professionals and contractors early in the LEED development process and why it is critical; The importance of obtaining LEED certification; and The understanding of USGBC review of LEED documentation.

Limbach DC Works on LEED School The Phelps Career High School project is a new construction / renovation project for DC public schools, which is part of a districtwide initiative to revamp the public school system. This design-build project is on a fast track design / construction schedule for completion and occupancy by August of 2008. Limbach DC is partnered with general contractor Turner Construction, architects Fanning Howey, and electrical contractor MC Dean. Phelps Career High School has been abandoned for the last 4 years. The mission for the new school is to serve functions similar to those in which the existing building was previously used. The school will have vocational laboratories and computer laboratories, along with typical high school curriculum including: science, math, art, music, history and physical education courses. The total area of the school, including existing structures and new construction area will be approximately 140,000 sf. The project team is designing the school to be LEED certified, which presents new but rewarding challenges that will help everyone involved adapt to the ever-present sustainable design requirement. The mechanical systems for the school are a combination of 185 tons of gas-fired RTU’s, 80 tons of ventilation air heat recovery, and 115 tons of water source heat pump cooling. The system will meet the mission to provide an energy efficient air conditioning system maximizing the number of controllable zones, while providing an economical budget. Limbach will also be providing the plumbing systems, utilizing water conserving fixtures and a gas-fired domestic hot water system. | Healthcare • Institutional & Government • Entertainment & Leisure • Commercial • Residential • Retail • Mission Critical • Transportation • Manufacturing


Williard Limbach – Safety Notes Williard Limbach’s HVAC technicians completed NPFA 70e Arc-Flash training. Each Service Technician was given a NPFA 70e Safety kit containing an Arc Flash Face Shield, rubber & leather gloves, and Flame Resistant coveralls for protection. In addition this past summer, Williard Limbach technicians received new vans equipped with the appropriate safety equipment. Each new van was loaded and then weighed so each driver is familiar with how much they can safely haul. Finally, Williard Limbach’s Safety & Wellness Committee submitted their application to be certified as a “Workplace Safety Committee”, recognized by the state of Pennsylvania. Thank you to the committee for their time and effort.

Limbach Pittsburgh Recognizes Safety Excellence Incident and Injury Free or “IIF” has become a fundamental value at Limbach. We recognize that the success of this program lies in the continued efforts of our employees. Limbach Pittsburgh held its “Second Annual Employee Recognition Picnic” at Boyce Park in Plum, PA, this past August 2007. The event was arranged to recognize the past year of hard work and efforts put forth by our Branch employees in both safety and operational performance. It was also a day to reflect on the IIF program and the importance of getting everyone home safely to their families everyday. At Limbach, we are committed to eliminating injuries.

6 | Healthcare • Institutional & Government • Entertainment & Leisure • Commercial • Residential • Retail • Mission Critical • Transportation • Manufacturing

Western Air Limbach Celebrate Milestone – 365 Days Without a “Loss Time Injury” This milestone is a testimony to the effectiveness of the IIF challenge, as well as the commitment of Western Air Limbach’s employees from the top down. As part of the process of recognizing our employee’s commitment to the safety process, Western Air Limbach has been providing a special lunch at all our current work sites. Teamwork, an important part of the success of the IIF commitment, was evident recently at the California Science Center work site, across from the Coliseum in Los Angeles. Utilizing a collaborative approach, the pipe fitters and systems operation on site worked together to move two 22,000 lb chillers safely; no small feat accomplishing this in a tight space! Western Air Limbach’s commitment to the IIF challenge includes the assurance that the subcontractors we employee are well-schooled in the guiding principles of our approach to safety. Recently, our Safety Director spent the afternoon at RD Conwest presenting the IIF initiative, to insure that they are “onboard” when it comes to safety and the work we do. | Healthcare • Institutional & Government • Entertainment & Leisure • Commercial • Residential • Retail • Mission Critical • Transportation • Manufacturing


Western Air Limbach Goes to the Head of the Class with School Project Located in the eastern end of the Los Angeles San Fernando Valley, reputedly recording the highest summertime and lowest wintertime temperatures for the region, an unusual approach to comfort control was designed for the new East Valley High School. This complex, consisting of nine separate buildings, sprawls over the site. Housing separate administrative areas, gymnasium and locker room; classrooms, multi-purpose (performing arts), and a cafeteria; a central heating plant, remote chilled water plant with thermal storage, the HVAC systems range from standard VAV systems to radiant panel heating and cooling. The central heating plant includes three high efficiency, fully modulating, gas fired boilers, and primary and secondary pumps. The secondary pumping system has variable speed drives for energy efficient operations. The heating hot water is distributed to each building via an underground piping network. The buildings are heated by air handling units, VAV reheat coils and radiant panels. The chilled water plant is remote to the main campus and contains a 450 ton air-cooled chiller, primary and secondary pumping, which contains a variable speed drive on the secondary pumps. The chilled water piping is also distributed below grade to each building. The chiller is sized to handle the total facility capacity. Therefore, if the thermal storage tank (holding 540,000 gallons) is depleted, the chiller is able to maintain space conditions. The sequence of operation has the chiller operating in the evening/off-peak hours, and charging the thermal storage tank while also providing for building demands. This gives the school district the cost savings of operating the chiller during lower cost energy period, and also provides for a more efficient operation of the air-cooled chiller as evening ambient temperatures are much lower than the daytime ambient temperatures.

Limbach Detroit Annual Family Picnic It has always been a tradition at Limbach Detroit to hold an annual employee family picnic. This year it took place at Upland Hills Farm. Hal Ruffner, Executive VP, took the opportunity to speak to our employees and their families. Hal reminded everyone about the dangers of our business and the importance of our IIF and the Safety Program. Is our IIF working? The answer to that would have to be: “ABSOLUTELY!”

8 | Healthcare • Institutional & Government • Entertainment & Leisure • Commercial • Residential • Retail • Mission Critical • Transportation • Manufacturing

HIGHLIGHTS OF NEW PROJECTS AWARDED 33 Arch Street CBRE 28th and 30th Floors

Science Center

Valassis Data Center

Bank of America, 4th Floor

1234 Market Street

LaSalle Bank Headquarters

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Arch Street Tower LLC Bovis Lend Lease Commercial Team Construct Boston, MA

Bank of America Structure Tone Commercial Special Projects Boston, MA

Haru, Prudential Building Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Benihana National Corp Shawmut Design & Construction Commercial Team Construct Boston, MA

Bank of America, 10th Floor Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Oceanaire Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

University City Science Center University City Science Center Healthcare HVAC Philadelphia, PA


Septa Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority Customer: US Equities Market: Commercial Service: HVAC Location: Philadelphia, PA

Fresenius Medical Center Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Fresenius Medical Center Target Building Construction Healthcare HVAC Philadelphia, PA

Bank of America Structure Tone Commercial Special Projects Boston, MA

Wachovia Plaza

Oceanaire Seafood Room Shawmut Design & Construction Commercial Special Projects Boston, MA

Ortho McNeil Pharmaceutical

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Wachovia HMS Interiors Commercial HVAC Philadelphia, PA

Ortho McNeil Pharmaceutical EPIC Manangement, Inc. Pharmaceutical Plumbing Raritan, NJ

First Church Of Christ Scientist Publishing House

University of Michigan Eye Center Pipe

Arrowstreet Capitol

University of Michigan Eye Center Duct (Floors)

Hill Holliday

Market Strategies

Boeing Helicopter

Beaumont Royal Oak Imaging Renovation


Beaumont Troy ACC

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

First Church of Christ Scientist P & IDC Institutional Team Construct Boston, MA

Arrowstreet Capitol, LLC Commodore Builders Commercial Special Projects Hancock Tower, Boston, MA

Hill Holliday Suffolk Construction Commercial Team Construct Boston, MA

Boeing Center Centre Metro Steel, Inc. Transportation HVAC Ridley Park, PA

Citibank Bovis Lend Lease Commercial HVAC & Plumbing Doylestown, PA

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

University of Michigan Gilbane/Clark Education Plan & Spec Ann Arbor, MI

University of Michigan Gilbane/Clark Education Plan & Spec Ann Arbor, MI

College Park Redico Commercial Design Build Livonia, MI

William Beaumont Hospital Aim Construction Healthcare Special Project Royal Oak, MI

William Beaumont Hospital Skanska USA Healthcare Special Project Troy, MI

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Valassis Corporation Barton Malow Interiors Commercial Special Project Livonia, MI

LaSalle Bank LaSalle Bank Commercial O&M Troy, MI

Uniontown Hospital Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Uniontown Hospital Uniontown Hospital Hospital Healthcare Uniontown, PA

AOL Tech Center Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

AOL Hitt Contracting Mission Critical Plan & Spec - Mechanical Dulles, VA

Loudoun County Jail Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Loudoun County Hensel Phelps Government/ Institutional Design-Build - Mechanical Loudoun County, VA

Trinity Medical Center Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

HCA Hospitals Bovis Lend Lease Healthcare Team Construct Tampa, FL

Florida Hospital Children’s Entrance Owner: Florida Hospital Customer: Brasfield & Gorrie Market: Healthcare Service: HVAC & Plumbing Location: Orlando, FL

Energy Conservation Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

State of Ohio Columbus Developmental Center Government Performance Contract Columbus, OH

Energy Conservation

Owner: State of Ohio Customer: Cincinnati State Technical and Community College Market: Government Service: Performance Contract Location: Columbus, OH

Energy Conservation Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location

Circleville City Schools Circleville City Schools K-12 Performance Contract Circleville, OH

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Limbach Columbus Celebrates Safety The big tent was erected on time, the weather cooperated with balmy 60 degree temperatures and the roast pig was exceptionally tasty for this year’s Columbus Branch “Fall Festival”. This annual gathering of all field and office personnel offers the perfect opportunity for longtime employees and recent hires to mix and socialize in a relaxed atmosphere. But this event also serves as an ideal chance for the leadership of the Branch to review the Branch performance for the near future. It also is an exceptional time to renew our Branch’s commitment to the IIF Safety Program. Highlights of the event included such key elements as the new “Prescription Safety Glass Program”, the “Lessons Learned” from any accidents or near misses, and the presentation of the recent “Builders Exchange Safety Award”. Also, the group was challenged to take a 20 question quiz on “Twenty Top Hazards Recognition and Protection” with the highest scorer being awarded four tickets to Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game! As hoped, the group accepted the quiz as a good natured competition, with the added benefit of learning some valuable safety information. As the event closed, the group left with a new, more enthusiastic spirit for the coming holidays and next year’s promise.

Williard Limbach Hires New Branch Manager In October 2007, Tom Lennon joined Williard Limbach as Vice President and Branch Manager of the Philadelphia Branch. Tom brings over thirty-six years of HVAC industry knowledge with local affiliations over thirty years. Tom first became acquainted with Williard, the premier contractor in the Delaware Valley, back in 1978 when he developed a strong business relationship with the Williard team. At that time, Tom was the Regional Sales and Service Manager for York International, responsible for the territory from Washington DC, to as far North as Boston, MA and West to Pittsburgh, PA, with combined sales and service revenues from $120 million. Prior to joining Williard, Tom was the District General Manager for Honeywell Building Solutions in Philadelphia and Delaware. In his new position at Williard Limbach, Tom was pleasantly surprised to find that while the volume of business currently handled by Williard was significantly less than in years past, the core customer relationships that contributed to the past relationships are still very much in place. As one of the largest service contractors, our opportunity to reenter the construction market with longtime customers appears to be great. 10 | Healthcare • Institutional & Government • Entertainment & Leisure • Commercial • Residential • Retail • Mission Critical • Transportation • Manufacturing

Western Air Limbach Cares and Shares The Compton Welfare Rights Organization, a local women and children’s emergency homeless shelter right in our backyard, was in need of assistance for the holidays and Western Air Limbach employees stepped up to show they care and share. This shelter was started in 1988 and has consistently assisted the homeless community on a 24/7 basis since its inception. The employee momentum started rolling after Thanksgiving and just before Christmas when we donated a pick-up truck full of food, clothing and toys for the women and children of the shelter. In addition, nearly $400 in cash was raised during the Branch Holiday Party for the shelter for much needed supplies. “We will never forget the look on the administrator’s face when the WAL truck pulled up in front of the shelter. The shelter administrator expressed amazement and thankfulness that we had done so much for them,” said Diana Reavis, Ana Vazquez and Darrell Gilman. In appreciation for the great effort, Western Air Limbach received a thank you letter and pictures of the kids with their new clothes and toys.

Harper Limbach takes a step forward in our IIF Journey. Another step in the continuing IIF journey was taken by Harper Limbach when two presentations, one in Orlando and one in Tampa, were given to over 35 owners and key management personnel of Harper Limbach’s subcontractors. The presentation was a great success as it laid out the real reasons construction safety is important, and what must be done to take it to the next level. The next step will be to take IIF to the field employees of our subcontractors and continue moving forward in our quest for an Incident and Injury Free workforce. Harper Limbach has already seen results with increased safety training of our subcontractor’s field personnel and lower incident rates on our jobsites.

Limbach Gets Ready to Launch “Safety...I Care”. In 2008, safety continues to be an integral part of Limbach’s Core Values. The Incident and Injury Free (IIF) program has reached new levels and continues to grow and flourish. “Safety…We Care” has been the hallmark of that safety program. A few years ago, Limbach did a very successful company-wide safety awareness campaign that focused on: “Safety...We Care”. The campaign’s main goal was to continue to stress the importance of safety in our daily lives whether working or at home with family. In line with the previous campaign, Limbach will be rolling out “Safety...I Care” this spring. The campaign will feature actual Limbach employees being safe in various daily situations. The campaign will include posters, mailings, and advertisements appearing nationally and locally.

HIGHLIGHTS OF NEW PROJECTS AWARDED ➔ Continued from Page 9 Patient Tower Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Nationwide Children’s Hospital Turner Construction Healthcare Team Construct Columbus, OH

Chiller Replacement Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Marion General Hospital Marion General Hospital Healthcare Team Construct Marion, OH | Healthcare • Institutional & Government • Entertainment & Leisure • Commercial • Residential • Retail • Mission Critical • Transportation • Manufacturing


Welcome to the Limbach Family – New Hires & Returning Employees The following are the latest additions to our ever-growing Limbach family. Welcome and Congratulations to all! Richard Adams, Stewart Auld, Brian Bates, Scottie Billington, George Birden, Bradley Boor, Hugo Brinez, Adam Brown, Christopher Bruce, Felix Bruce, Robert Bruno, Matthew Bryant, Brian Burtscher, Christopher Bush, Randy Campbell, Roger Campbell, Donald Chartrand, Dianne Cheatham, Daniel Ciraky, Dale Clark, Pedro Colon, Willy Contreras, Richard Coodey, Nicholas Coon, Caprice Davis, Robert Deacon, Billy Dehart, Colleen Doyle, Shawn Duckworth, Shawn Duckworth, James Earl, Willie Edwards, Michael Ellis, Fernando Espinoza, John Fields, Dominick Florentine, Michael Forrester, John Foster, Russell Fowler, William Gardner Jr., Michael Gaydos, Michael Gellasch, Albert Gerthoffer, David Gifford, Kevin Giles, Daniel Gladman, Lucas Goble, David Gomez, Rowdy Gomez, Stephan Goudy, Edward Graham, Amir Green, David Hall Sr., Arthur Hartsch, Dennis Hemming, William Hendricks, Barry Henry, Anthony Hernandez Jr., Robert Hester, Richard Heydon, Jonathon Hoffman, Nicholas Holland, Troy Holst, Paul Hudgins, Stacy Huffman, Christafer Jackson, Christopher Jackson, Daniel Johnson, Kevin Johnson Jr., Tiwan Jones, Darren Jordan, Steven Juarez, Eric Kaye, Andrew Keilman, Christopher Kiess, Tracy Kirchgessner, Natalie Kistler, Jason Knight, Wade Kovach, Thomas Lennon, Douglas Litten, Kevin Locher, Fred Lopez, Lonnie Lord, Thomas Louisignau, Heather Lowe, Lawrence Vincent Lucas, Michael Lutz, Scott Macinnes, Jeffrey Maher, Denise Mannarino, Eric Marson, Walter Martin, Timothy Matthias, Thomas Matuszewski, Carl McClelland, Brent McCoy, Gregory McCoy, Charles McDaniel, Stephen McDonnell, Michael McKinnon, Jason McNeill, Keith Miller, Timothy Miller, James Minix, Scott Money, Sam Monts De Oca, James Mooney, Tyler Morgan, Michael Moynagh, Jorge Muniz, Terry Neff, Charles Neumeyer, Eric Norman, Raymond Ortiz, Jonathan Page, John Perritt, Daryl Perry, Jayson Phipps, Kimberly Pigeon, Odis Posten, Michael Quigley, Ronald Raines, Robert Records, Steven Redding, Saul Registre, Peter Rennard, Lewis Richardson, Heather Ridinger, Larry Robinson Jr., Roland Rodriguez Jr., Gordon Rogerson, Jeffry Rosado, Laurence Ross, Micky Sami, Thomas Savage, Larry Scanlon, Gregory Schneider, James Sheridan, Antoni Sievert, Gregory Sievert Jr., John Sims, Lewis Slavens, David Smith, Gerald Smith, Nurel Smith Jr., Scott Sneddon, Marcus Spinner, Jon Steadman, Michael Steinruck, Michael Taffe, Terry Toone, David Touchtone, Israel Valentin, Jack Vanderwell Jr., Robert Vantassel, Anthony Vizzoca, Keon Walters, Thomas Watkins, Donald Welch, John Welch, William Welch Jr., Robert White Jr., Lisa Williams, Stanislaus Williams, Paul Wilson, Alexander Wood, Robert Yannone Jr., Robert Young

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Connecting with Limbach Issue 6  
Connecting with Limbach Issue 6  

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