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Limbach Service: The Next Generation Limbach Service goes beyond providing HVAC and Controls service, responding to breakdowns on a 24/7 emergency basis. Our focus is on nurturing DESIGN BUILD a relationship with our Customers through individualized service offerings tailored to the specific needs of each Strategic Customer. Our ability to REPLACE MAINTAIN Relationships work with our Customers in the management of their facility from design to construction and through the various “Our goal is to provide life stages of a facility allows us to become Strategic Partners who share ownership of their the most value to the Mechanical System responsibilities. Limbach customer from a single Service provides a broad range of services customized to assure system dependability, partner for the life of efficiency and longevity. That’s “Peace of Mind” their building,” which allows our Customers to focus all their attention and resources on optimizing their return ~ Dave Leathers on investment. MAINTAIN


We continue to build on our 100-year heritage of long-term customer relationships. Our Philadelphia Service Branch is a company leader with over 500 Maintenance Contract Customers.


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Hitting the Mainstream

In Performance Contracting, Limbach’s Columbus branch continues to be a leader in their marketplace due to their tremendous energy audit expertise. Diverse and multiple service offerings appeal to our Washington, DC branch Customers with specialized services that include HVAC controls, along with plumbing and electrical services. | Healthcare • Institutional & Government • Entertainment & Leisure • Commercial • Residential • Retail • Mission Critical • Transportation • Manufacturing


DAVE LEATHERS JOINS THE LIMBACH FAMILY In October 2006, Dave Leathers joined Limbach as the Senior Vice President, Director of Service & Maintenance in an effort to expand and excel the growth of our Service and Maintenance business line. Dave joins us with over 23 years of service and maintenance experience in the refrigeration and process cooling industry. Prior to working at Limbach, Dave was employed with the former York International Corporation, recently acquired by Johnson Controls. At York International, Dave held positions ranging from Product Marketing Engineer to District Service Manager and Regional Service Director where he led a 10-branch service operation with revenues in excess of $100,000,000. Dave also acted as post merger Service Sales Integration Team Leader responsible for the integration of the York Service Sales force and the Johnson Controls Service Sales force. Currently, Dave has great plans for the expansion of the service portion of our business through a focus on close and individualized customer relationships with existing customers and some targeted acquisitions. Dave sees great potential in Limbach’s Service offerings and believes that “we have the greatest opportunity for success and growth of most any competitor in our industry,” primarily due to our ability to “present our customers complete service solutions for the entire mechanical systems of their buildings” and our extensive knowledge about the entire building system, not merely one specific area of expertise. It is Dave’s goal to “create teams in each market that we serve to service our customers seamlessly from the design of a new project through the entire lifecycle of a building, including ongoing service and maintenance through the enhancement and replacement of equipment” with a focus on small groups of customers and an understanding of what is important to their individual needs.

WILLIARD LIMBACH CELEBRATES A DEDICATED EMPLOYEE In January, George Schrader celebrated 45 years of service with Williard Limbach. George began his career as a mechanic with Williard Limbach in 1962 when Charlie Williard, our founder, was growing the mechanical business. George has held various positions over the years, from High Tonnage Mechanic, Field Superintendent, and presently Service Manager. One of George’s strongest attributes is his striking memory and attention to detail. He remembers the details of every chiller he has worked on or priced. His exceptional technical knowledge has been instrumental in helping Williard Limbach bid, secure, and execute service, maintenance, and project work. George is well respected in the industry and has developed and maintained strong relationships with our customers and field staff throughout the years. We thank George for his dedication and enthusiasm throughout the years!

When asked why he chose to work with Limbach among his many options, Dave replied: “I joined Limbach because I was excited about the quality and character of the people I met and spoke with before joining the team. People like Charlie Bacon, the Executive VPs, Mark Hauser and Charlie Boyd. Once on board, I found that my initial impressions were reinforced as I visited our various locations. I believe that the high quality and strength of our people and the Limbach name will provide a great foundation for the growth and success of our service business.” We are thrilled to have Dave Leathers as a part of our team at Limbach. His expertise and enthusiasm for the industry, our company and our future is contagious. We would all like to welcome Dave to our family and are looking forward to advances he will lead in the area of Service and Maintenance for our customers.

2 | Healthcare • Institutional & Government • Entertainment & Leisure • Commercial • Residential • Retail • Mission Critical • Transportation • Manufacturing

GREEN BUILDING HITS THE MAINSTREAM Green construction has entered the mainstream building industry in full force; it is no longer an environmentalist’s idealistic view. Considering that in the US buildings account for 36% of total energy use, 65% of electricity consumptions and 30% of greenhouse gas emissions; it is easy to see the impact that the building industry has on the environment and the potential benefits of environmentally friendly, Green building. Green facilities are beneficial for the environment, the economy as well as our personal health. The Green building trend is not merely stressed among commercial facilities; it is evolving to include significant changes in construction of residential homes, schools and hotels. A McGraw-Hill Construction survey in March of 2006 predicted that more than two-thirds of builders would be building green homes within the next year. Traditionally, Green building was restricted due to cost barriers; however, with new technologies and the demand for environmentally friendly substitutes, building Green can have cost saving effects. Developers are finding that Green construction adds no more than 1-2% to costs and is quickly regenerated due to energy savings. Limbach is well attuned to the benefits of Green construction and continues to implement energy saving designs in Green and LEED Certified projects.

LIMBACH’S NEW HIRES We would like to take this time to celebrate the following promotions and new hires within our Family. Welcome and Congratulations to all! New Hires: Timothy Abell, Fabio Aceves, Brian Allen, Joseph Anicola, Ryan Austin, Foday Bangura, Alan Bayliss, Jody Bean, Michael Bell Ii, James Bennett Jr., Ion Bican, Brian Bish, Brando Blanco, Adam Blose, James Bono, Ryan Briggs, Nancy Briones, Conrad Brooks, Dwayne Brown, Edmund Brown, Samuel Brown, Tyrone Browner Jr., Christopher Burns, Kevin Burrell, Samuel Caldwell, John Campbell, Blaine Carter, Michelle Ceurvels, Robert Ciesliga, James Comis, Michael Connery, David Constantino, William Cooper, Garrett Cortez, Richard Crain, Stephen Crist, Christopher Crowe, Paul Cuchetti, Jeffrey Dahl, Victor Diaz, Marc Dickerson, Christopher Donaldson, Richard Donovan, Michael Dorough, Robert Downey, Michael Dunaway, Rodney Edwards, Jamie Figueira, Victor Figueroa, David Foraker, Steven Fothergill, Michael Frazier, Danny Friend, Michael Fry, Mark Gardiner, Christopher Garlow, Steven Garrett, Richard Garver, Albert Gerthoffer, David Goulet, Daniel Gurley, Michael Gwisdalla, Michael Hamilton Jr., David Hammond, David Hayhurst, Edgar Hendrix Jr., Michael Henry, Timothy Hoogmoed, Stacy Huffman, Octavian Hus, David Jennette, Richard Johnston, David Kalaleh, Angela Kaminski, John Keller, Valerie Keough, Ronald Krause, Larry Lampley, Timothy Lang, Aaron Law, Philip Lebel, Kang Bum Lee, Phillip Lemoine, Marc Lopez, Paul Lopez Jr., Heather Lowe, Eric Marson, Michael Matise, Adam Mayne, Brian Mcclain, Johnell Mccurdy, John Mcleod, Robert Meloche, Roger Menard, Bernard Miller, Travis Miller, Christopher Mitchell, Scott Mitchell, Richard Moehring, Eric Mondro, Sean Montgomery, Michael Moyers Jr., Terence Moynagh, Craig Murdock, Kevin Murdock, Jason Musnug, Mark Nelson, Timothy Neuenfeldt, Clifford Nolan Ii, Kurt Norgren, Robert Oneal, Raymond Ortiz, Joel Perez, Steve Pfister, Peter Piana, Jose Pinon Jr., Joshua Pompey, Kevin Poteat, John Ramagano, James Ratcliff Jr., Diana Reavis, Thomas Redmond, Andy Ring, Christopher Robertson, Brian Rose, Michael Rowe, Jason Sanders, Steven Sanders, Michael Santana, Michael Savage, Barry Shaver, Gregory Sievert Jr., Terrence Simon, Edward Sinegal, Antionette Smith, Neal Smith, Stephen Smith, Stephen Sostilio, Michelle Stadler, Thomas Stanley, James Starbard, Stephan Steiner, Mari Stenger, David Strong, Patrick Sullivan, Shawn Sullivan, Bernard Summers, Richard Talley, Charles Taormina, Thanh Truong, Juan Turcios, Reginald Turner, Thomas Vanderark, Gerald Velasco, Jeremy Weiner, David Wilcox, Charles Wilson, David Wilton, Stephen Winalski, Joseph Winegar, Roy Wiseman, Christopher Wong, Mark Wood, Michael Yakich, Rachid Zenasni, Thomas Arnold, Stephen Bitto, Ronald Carrier, Domenic Dicocco.

SKANSKA INVITES LIMBACH CEO TO SPEAK In January, Limbach CEO, Charlie Bacon, was invited to speak at Skanska’s annual management conference on the topic of safety and Limbach’s experiences with Behavior Based Programs, such as our Incident and Injury Free, IIF, Program. The conference, with 130 in attendance, dedicated 30% of its time to safety and their Incident Free Environment Program implementation. Skanska is currently implementing a safety program called Incident Free Environment, IFE, which is similar to Limbach’s IIF Program. Due to the success here at Limbach with the IIF Program, Skanska was interested in hearing from Mr. Bacon about how Limbach implements the IIF program and what key features make it such a success. Particularly, Skanska was interested in our methodology of involving subcontractors in our IIF Program without adding expenses to the project. Limbach involves its subcontractors in IIF from the beginning, starting with the initial kick-off meeting for each project. Our subcontractors are introduced to the key features of what makes an Incident & Injury Free environment and safety precautions relative to the specific job. As well, it is explained that this program is out of concern for the employees and their families. We want them to know that…We Care about all those engaged with Limbach…and want to help the industry in general have better outcomes on the safety front. | Healthcare • Institutional & Government • Entertainment & Leisure • Commercial • Residential • Retail • Mission Critical • Transportation • Manufacturing




Safety & Wellness News Brief

Limbach Boston Completes Training

Western Air Limbach Reaches Milestone

The Boston Branch has successfully completed First Aid and CPR training. The training event lasted three full days. Retired EMT, Bill Goddard, instructed the courses. Bill was assigned to instruct the Branch through the Massachusetts Safety Council and was an excellent trainer with a lot of first-hand field experience.

Western Air Limbach (WAL) employees reach a milestone of working three months without an injury. This is clear evidence of hard work, proper planning and commitment to the Incident & Injury Free Program and practices. By acknowledging this commitment to safety, all projects that were “incident and injury” free for the last quarter of 2006 will be provided an onsite safety lunch, coordinated by Bill Haverstock.

Present for the First Aid Class were: Scott Gray

Rick Armitstead

Chris Barszcz

Dave O’Connor

Jack Murphy

Bill Sacco

Mike Stima

Willie Lesley

Joe Lawrence

Roy Medina

John Williams

Dan Molloy

Mike Gooding

Judy Simonds

Jim McCarthy

Rich Villani

John Jennette

Dana Paulino

Ed Arini

Steve Gillis

Chris Goreman

Bart Navarro

Al Linane

Carole Greaves

Dennis Sacco Jr

Michael Goulet

Rick Dorci

Mark Guidi

Western Air Limbach continues the IIF journey through CPR and First Aid Training for many of its foreman. WAL remains committed to this process and will have several additional training programs in the upcoming months. In addition, the Annual Safety Award, at the end of the year will be for employees who have worked 1,800 hours in the year without an injury. These employees and a guest will be invited to a banquet to honor their achievement. WAL employees remain committed in 2007 to use the tools we have in place, as well as to be innovative in their approach to safety. Through training, lessons learned, and new ideas, we will all enjoy the benefits that the Incident & Injury Free Journey offers.

Williard Limbach Excels in Safety & Wellness Williard Limbach is off to a great start in 2007. They conducted First Aid/CPR/ AED training for 11 employees. Those who attended walked away with the knowledge and confidence to help a coworker or loved one in the event of an emergency. Bill Brock visited the Williard Limbach branch to present the IIF training for 6 new employees. All were moved by the “Remember Charlie” video and the message was clear: “Safety…. We Care”. 4

As part of our Safety & Wellness initiative, all employees who drive company vehicles were given “Accident Kits”. The kits contain a disposable camera, the Gallagher Bassett accident report card and a pen. The purpose of the kit is to have everything available to document and record detailed information as soon as it happens. No one expects to have an accident; but if we do, we’re prepared.

Williard Limbach’s Safety & Wellness Committee has been formed. The committee consists of Managers, HVAC Service Techs, Water Treatment Techs, Administrative and Safety/HR folks. The first meeting was held February 8th. The topics covered include IIF Culture, Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety, and Smart Eating. | Healthcare • Institutional & Government • Entertainment & Leisure • Commercial • Residential • Retail • Mission Critical • Transportation • Manufacturing

“We are committed to a culture that provides an Incident and Injury Free work environment, where Safety is a Core Value for our company, our employees and for all our other stakeholders.

Harper Limbach Continues to Channel IIF As the Towers of Channelside rise alongside Tampa’s waterfront skyline, the largest and most prominent residential condominium project under construction in the Tampa area at $85 million dollars, the employees of Harper Limbach are getting the job done and getting it done safely. Since January 2006, Harper Limbach and subcontractors Smith Unitherm, McDonald Sheet Metal and Johnson Controls, have not had one recordable accident. By working Incident and Injury Free (IIF) on a fast paced, high profile jobsite, the employees of Harper Limbach and the subcontractors have proven that safety doesn’t get in the way of production. The Towers of Channelside consist of two 29-story twin towers that will be home to 257 residents. It will have a four level parking garage, a three story fitness center, clubhouse, three large interconnected swimming pools between the fourth and fifth levels and a retail shopping space on the ground level. The Towers are an absolute jewel of a building that will shine brightly amongst its neighbors, the Florida Aquarium, Shops of Channelside and Tampa’s Cruise Terminal.

Heads Up Action by Detroit Limbach Employee May Have Saved Lives While answering a service call to a condo indoor pool heater problem, Richard Detwiller, a Limbach fitter, was told that the pool heater kept shutting down. The onsite maintenance people propped the mechanical room door open to keep the heater running. As Limbach did not install the original heater, Richard turned to the internet to find information on how the heater was to be installed. What he found was that the unit had been recalled last year and should never have been installed to begin with. In addition, the reason the unit kept shutting down was because it was installed improperly, with no ventilation. The unit shut down because there was a build up of carbon monoxide in the mechanical room. When the door was opened it would come back on for a while then shut down again. The CO was then filtering out to the pool area where residents were swimming. The pool area was shutdown, and Limbach installed a new heater with proper ventilation. Hats off to Richard. The DC branch also celebrated its second year without a lost time accident at Mike’s Restaurant on the South River in Annapolis. The entire field and office were invited along with spouses and significant others. About 135 people attended. It was great to see so many people and have a chance to put faces with names. Definitely one of our best events!

Limbach Columbus Has A Buckeye Hockey Night! On a very cold February evening, more than 100 Columbus Branch employees and their families gathered at the Value City Arena to watch the OSU Buckeyes play Michigan State. It was a very high energy and high impact game proving that the Buckeyes are a force to be reckoned with. As the evening progressed, the weather continued to worsen causing concern for those that had some distance to drive. Sleet and freezing rain came down, as only Ohioans know. Rich Schneider, the Columbus Operations Manager and Safety Director, was attending the National Mechanical Contractors Association meeting and was unable to attend the game that evening. However, he was happy to know that everyone got to the game safely and returned home safely. As we continue our every day lives at a job site, social event or at home with our families, we all strive to work and play….safely.

Limbach Pittsburgh Gets OSHA Training A 30-Hour OSHA Training course took place in January. Classes were held in six segments – two Saturdays, two Tuesdays and two Thursdays. The class was led by motivational speaker Sean Patrick George, who firsthand suffered a catastrophic workplace explosion resulting in burns covering 65% of his body when he was a 19year old steamfitter. 30 years later, he is dedicated to promoting workplace safety. Congratulations to the four employees who completed the class: Duane Gulasy, Jim Blose, Ed Ley, and Rich Snead for completing the training program despite their busy schedules. They will each receive a certificate to commemorate their completion. | Healthcare • Institutional & Government • Entertainment & Leisure • Commercial • Residential • Retail • Mission Critical • Transportation • Manufacturing




Safety & Wellness News Brief

Limbach DC is Dedicated to IIF and Healthy Living

Limbach Atlanta’s 2007 Annual Safety Banquet

The DC branch is excelling in its efforts to maintain the IIF morale on the job and transforming the personal lives of the employees with the support of the company-wide Wellness program.

In February 2007, Limbach Atlanta held its Annual Safety Banquet at Dave and Buster’s. All employees and their families were invited. Randy Nations welcomed everyone and introduced our new Safety Manager, Joseph Pinon. A Safety Slogan Contest was held among children 12 and under of the employees. Third place winner was Devin Smith, Second Place winners were Casey and Kyle Johnson, and the First Place went to Dean Smith. Hardhat stickers with the winning safety slogan were given out to all employees and their families at the banquet. Dean Smith was presented with a Limbach hardhat embellished with his name and the winning safety slogan.

The DC branch celebrated its third quarter without a recordable or lost time accident for the year. Embroidered long sleeved shirts, insulated coffee mugs and safety lunches were shared at all job sites. All employees received $25.00 gift certificates as well. The branch has developed a power point presentation to keep the IIF drive alive. The power point is continually updated and reflects current pictures of our job sites. The heart of the presentation outlines the JMJ program with shared additions from the field on near miss situations and general jobsite concerns. At the end of the presentation is the poem “I Could Have Saved a Life Today”. Changing the presentation with field personnel updates on conditions and incidents keeps IIF fresh and current. In addition to our commitment to safety, the wellness program has a few individuals excelling to a healthier lifestyle. Three of our office employees have conquered their third month of not smoking. Dan Monnig has lost 23 pounds with a diet and running program. In an attempt to further support the wellness efforts of the employees, we have shifted the safety lunches to reflect a healthier eating style. Salads, healthy sandwiches and a variety of fruit replace fried chicken, BBQ, mashed potatoes, potato chips and pastries. A few simple adjustments in lifestyle and eating habits can make a huge difference in our lives.

Limbach Pittsburgh Has Wellness Kick-Off Despite the snow, sleet, and freezing rain on February 14, 2007, the Corporate Office and Pittsburgh Branch held their “Wellness Kick-Off” Luncheon, where all enjoyed a Healthy lunch. Chris Lentz briefed everyone on the Limbach Pittsburgh Fun & Wellness Committee’s plans for the coming year, including: • • • •

Updates to the building’s Fitness Room The 10,000 Step - Friendly Competition Walk coming up (weather permitting) Guest Speakers, including a Nutrition Specialist (for healthy cooking tips) Regular employee get-togethers, including “St. Patty’s Green Day”

The American Heart Association provided us with instruments to measure waist circumference to evaluate cardiometabolic risk, bookmarks to remind us of Heart Attack Warning Signs, as well as plenty of informative handouts covering a variety of topics including: Dietary Guidelines, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Physical Activity Calorie Use Chart, Common Cardiovascular Diseases, and “What About Eating Out?” A Healthy Basket was presented to Jim Blose, the lucky person with the winning ticket!

Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Safety Awards were presented to all eligible employees by the Safety Committee. The highlight of the banquet was the presentation of the “Above and Beyond Award”. This year’s winner was Doug Smith. Doug is the General Foreman and has supervised Limbach labor forces and subcontractors at the Richard B. Russell Federal Building. Limbach has safely performed over 12,500 manhours of work on the project without a loss day injury. Doug received a weekend getaway to The Overlook Inn located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. CONGRATULATIONS Doug for a job well done and insuring the safety of all personnel on the project by going “Above and Beyond!”

In Other Safety & Wellness News


Pittsburgh completed 2006 without a Lost Work Day Incident! That makes three consecutive years without a lost time accident. This achievement was accomplished by trade superintendents and a core group of foremen who have made safety a daily priority. We wish to acknowledge the efforts of Jim Blose, Duane Gulasy, Ed Ley and Larry Ruffner for promoting the IIF Safety culture with the men in the shop and on the job sites.

Nick O’Reilly, a Harper Limbach employee, completed the OSHA 500 class. Congrats Nick! | Healthcare • Institutional & Government • Entertainment & Leisure • Commercial • Residential • Retail • Mission Critical • Transportation • Manufacturing


Cisco Systems

Northeastern Ell Hall

Steam Meter Replacements

Uniontown Hospital – Cath Lab

Partners Healthcare

Office Remodel

Westmoreland Hospital/Med-One MRI

Marine Corp Exchange Reno. & Food Court Add.

27th Floor Renovation

Harper Hospital MRI

Carmen Turner Heavy Gear Upgrade

New Building Addition

Beaumont Troy Receiving Dock

Swain Annex

Annenberg Pavilion

Beaumont 2nd Floor 4B

V DOT Office & Warehouse Facilities

Replacement of the Ellis Avenue Pump Station

Ash Stevens AHU Replacement

Asymmetrical Warfare Facility

SVP Detention Center

Battery Wharf

The W Hotel

St. Vincent College, Fred Rogers Center

Bayer Immunoassay Reagent Expansion

Hilton Grand Vacations Club

Verizon Video Hub

City Year

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

American Showa American Showa Special Projects Process piping Columbus, OH

Ohio State University Ohio State University Special Projects Piping (High pressure) Columbus, OH

Pepsi Cola Pepsi Cola Special Projects HVAC Columbus, OH

Huntington Center Albert M. Higley Commercial HVAC Columbus, OH

American Showa American Showa Special Projects HVAC Columbus, OH

Eisenhower Medical Center Turner Construction Healthcare Team Construct Rancho Mirage

Orange County, CA Sanitation District J.F. Shea Construction, Inc. Miscellaneous Plan & Spec Orange County

Owner: GEO Customer: Clark Construction Market: Institutional & Government Service: HVAC Location: Arcadia, FL

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

St. Vincent College Massaro Institutional & Government HVAC Latrobe, PA

Verizon Deklewa Mission Critical HVAC & Plumbing Pittsburgh, PA

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner Customer Market Service Location

Owner Customer Market Service Location

Owner Customer Market Service Location

Owner Customer Market Service Location

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Cisco Systems Continental Building Systems Commercial HVAC & Plumbing Pittsburgh, PA

Uniontown Hospital MBM Contracting Healthcare HVAC & Plumbing Uniontown, PA

Excela Health A. Martini & Sons Healthcare HVAC & Plumbing Greensburg, PA

DMC T. H. Marsh Healthcare HVAC Detroit, MI

Wm Beaumont Hospital Barton Malow/Skanska Healthcare HVAC & Plumbing Troy, MI

Wm. Beaumont Hospital Barton Malow Healthcare Design Assist Royal Oak, MI

Ash Stevens Pharmaceutical Ash Stevens Pharmaceutical Healthcare Design Assist Riverview, MI

RBW Skanska USA Commercial Team Construct Boston, MA

Bayer/Siemens Columbia Construction Company Healthcare Team Construct East Walpole, MA

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Owner: Customer: Market: Service: Location:

Northeastern University Shawmut Design & Construction Institutional Team Construct Boston, MA

The Flatley Company Columbia Construction Healthcare Team Construct Charlestown, MA

US Navy Whiting Turner Construction Commercial Design/Build-Mech. & Electrical Quantico, VA

Washington Metro Area Transit Authority W. M. Schlosser Construction Transportation Plan & Spec-Electrical New Carrolton, MD

US Navy Coakley Williams Construction Government/Military Team Construct-Mechanical Quantico, VA

Virginia Department of Transportation W. M. Schlosser Construction Transportation Team Construct-Mechanical Chantilly & Winchester, VA

US Army Branmore Construction Government/Military Design/Build-Mech. & Electrical Ft Meade, MD

SW Boston LLC Bovis Lend Lease Entertainment & Leisure Team Construct/Value Engineering Boston, MA

Hilton Grand Vacations Club Turner Construction Entertainment & Leisure HVAC Plan & Spec Orlando, FL

City Year Jones Lange LaSalle Commercial Team Construct Boston, MA | Healthcare • Institutional & Government • Entertainment & Leisure • Commercial • Residential • Retail • Mission Critical • Transportation • Manufacturing


Employees Share Their Opinions of the IIF Safety Program Through Limbach’s commitment to the Incident & Injury Free (IIF) safety program, the company has seen tremendous results and improvement across all of its operations. In fact, there has been considerable recognition of Limbach’s efforts within the industry and throughout the country. But with a passionate goal to see every employee go home safely every day, continuous examination of our program and efforts is a constant requirement. Last January, the Limbach National Safety & Wellness Committee decided it was time to get feedback about IIF from the field and office employees. The committee designed a question and comment employee survey in order to gain opinions about the program and allow employees a chance to offer suggestions for next steps. Completed on February 15, 2007, we are proud to report that 758 employees took the time to offer their thoughts and ideas. Based on the responses to the questions asked, Limbach is off to a very good start with its program. Questions about the overall program, the company’s commitment, training and communication, and actual safety at our jobsites showed an average response in the “Good” to

“Excellent” range. One of the highest rated (and telling) questions in the survey was when 91% of respondents indicated that Limbach truly cares about its employees’ well being when compared with other contractors. Of course, this survey would ultimately be less than effective if it did not produce ideas for improvement that our committee can address. The committee has gone through every comment and action lists have been formed on both a local and national level. Some of the main initiatives and planning that came out of this survey are: -

Training – Next Steps for Forman & Supervisors.


Induction of Limbach’s IIF Safety Program to Owners and Managers of the Subcontractors.


Safety Recognition Program Review & Improvement Plan.

Once again, thanks to all employees for their thoughts and participation in this survey. It is employee participation that truly fosters a continuous improvement environment.

LIMBACH ENGINEER SPEAKS AT AIA EVENT In April, Rick Mosser, P.E., who works in Limbach’s engineering division Mechanical Professional Services (MPS), was one of the guest speakers at the “Build Pittsburgh” continuing education event, hosted by the local AIA Chapter. Rick addressed a seminar titled: “Local Experts in Sustainable Material Integration”. He described how an investment in high performance building envelopes can reduce the initial and operating costs of HVAC systems. He discussed the relationships between the use of “green interiors”, HVAC systems, and indoor air quality. HVAC related credits for LEED certification were also discussed.

LIMBACH FACILITY SERVICES, LLC 31-35th Street Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201 412-359-2100 • Fax 412-359-2235 ANN ARBOR 3003 Washtenaw Avenue, Suite #4 Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 734-975-2390 • Fax 734-975-2384


Anne Swager, Hon., AIA, Executive Director, said “Our mission is quite simply to help architects be better architects.” “Towards this end, continuing education is one of our core offerings.” This was their seventh year holding “Build Pittsburgh.” The audience was almost exclusively architects. Primarily, attending were project managers or architects aspiring to be project managers. Additionally, in attendance were partners, principles and interns. This year their focus was on Building Information Modeling (BIM), which is a “bus that has already left the station.” Unfortunately, many firms have yet to discover or use in any meaningful way this newer technology. Attendees at Build Pittsburgh this year will have many opportunities to learn more about BIM and even experience it first hand.

DETROIT P.O. Box 420728 926 Featherstone Road Pontiac, Michigan 48342 - 0728 248-335-4181 • Fax 248-335-0078 LOS ANGELES 15914 South Avalon Boulevard Compton, California 90220 310-327-4400 • Fax 310-329-1815

ATLANTA P.O. Box 214 600 Bohannon Road Fairburn, Georgia 30213 678-479-1000 • Fax 678-479-1001

ORLANDO 5401 Benchmark Lane Sanford, Florida 32773 407-321-8100 • Fax 407-323-7007

BOSTON 180 New Boston Street Woburn, Massachusetts 01801 781-935-6700 • Fax 781-935-6084

PHILADELPHIA 175 Titus Avenue, Suite 100 Warrington, Pennsylvania 18976 215-488-9700 • Fax 215-488-9699

COLUMBUS 851 Williams Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43212 614-299-2175 • Fax 614-299-4825

PITTSBURGH 31-35th Street Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201 412-359-2100 • Fax 412-359-2248

TAMPA 550 North Reo Street, Suite 109 Tampa, Florida 33609 813-207-0057 • Fax 813-207-0076 WASHINGTON DC 10110 Senate Drive Lanham, Maryland 20706 301-429-0900 • Fax 301-429-9446

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Connecting with Limbach Issue 4  
Connecting with Limbach Issue 4  

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