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the limbach story since 1901 consistently exceeding expectations

A True Single-Source From initial design to construction and ongoing maintenance, Limbach’s

The Vision To be the 1st choice mechanical contractor and service firm in the markets we serve, consistently exceeding the expectations of our Stakeholders: Our Customers, Our Employees, Our Investors and Our Partners.

comprehensive approach delivers projects on time and on budget, while focusing on long-term operation, maintenance requirements and energy costs. Services offered for the complete life cycle of your building: • Design Build • Predictive Analysis • Construction • Building Automation • Commissioning • Maintenance & Repair • Facility Retrofits & Upgrades • Equipment Replacements

A History of Excellence For more than 100 years, Limbach has exceeded customer expectations and completed some of the most high-profile and complex projects nationwide.

design • coordinate • build • service

Design build is simply the best way to get the most value from your relationship with Limbach. This delivery solution synchronizes every aspect of designing

Coordinating projects from inception to completion enables

and building a project under a single contract. Our in-house

Limbach to deliver the entire range of our mechanical design

engineering group, Limbach Engineering and Design Services

expertise. LEDS has some of the most respected design build

(LEDS), collaborates with your architects and general

engineers in the nation, possessing the requisite experience to

contractors in the pre-construction phase. This team will

consistently exceed customer objectives.

develop a system reflective of your priorities and requirements. Early involvement allows us to effectively identify any potential challenges that a job may present, while providing the needed

Maximizing the return on your investment is our number one priority. Limbach’s design build service is geared towards quality and to your specific end performance in mind.

flexibility to devise cost, and time-sensitive solutions. When you rely on the Limbach team, as a single point of

LEDS Design Build Highlights:

contact, your feedback will be continuously incorporated into

• Early Scope Analysis

the construction process. We will work together to ensure that

• Early Planning Input, Improving Schedule & Efficiency

the proper methods and materials are employed, saving time

• Value-based Project Feedback & Design Revisions

and optimizing system efficiency.

• Constructability Reviews • Mechanical Systems Utilizing the Newest Technology • Extensive Energy & Cost Analysis – Ensuring Maximum Yield on Investment • Guaranteed Maximum Price

design • coordinate • build • service

Benefits of BIM • Increases Collaboration & Connectivity

Limbach incorporates Building Information Modeling (BIM) to provide the most efficient design possible.

Utilizing BIM technology, Limbach has entered the next generation in design development. BIM can demonstrate the

• Provides a Valuable Project Management Tool • Provides Visualization of Project • Reduces Bidding Time & Effort

entire life-cycle of a building, from construction to facility

• Provides Seamless Flow of Information

operation. The BIM process enables Limbach to construct a

• Provides One Database of Information

three-dimensional project model, in which each contributing

• Automatically Provides Shop Drawings

consultant can add and manipulate their requirements.

• Reduces Risk of Error in Design

This increased interoperability lowers costs by reducing time

• Coordinates Design & Construction

consuming errors and field conflicts.

• Reduces Field Conflict • Reduces Change Orders • Reduces RFI’s • Reduces Delivery Time

design • coordinate • build • service

Limbach’s construction process is focused on delivering world-class projects! With over a century of operating experience, the Limbach

Our number one priority is to produce the greatest return on

name is positioned among the nation’s most prominent

your HVAC investment. Today, Limbach leads the industry in

and distinguished mechanical contractors. Through

designing quality solutions, synchronized to cost sensitivities

successfully completing thousands of projects, we have

and time expectations. Our quality assurance/quality control

gained an intimate understanding of the entire construction

philosophy adheres to a principle of consistently identifying

process. You can count on Limbach as your single-source

and developing the mechanical technologies essential to

provider for your indoor environment questions, be it

delivering your project on time and on budget. Our dedication

design, installation or maintenance.

to time management in no way subtracts from our devotion to

Limbach’s effective project management and quality control are the guiding principles for everyone involved in your project. On renovation projects, our project managers, engineers and technicians all understand the disruption being caused to your business and actively work to reduce unplanned events, manage on going issues and seamlessly perform cost effective modifications.

employee safety. We are committed to always maintaining an Incident and Injury Free (IIF) workplace. We strongly believe that the success of every Limbach project depends on the partnership we forge with our clients.

design • coordinate • build • service

As a building owner, you are challenged with getting the most out of your HVAC investment every day. Your facility must

Limbach’s service process is geared to owners’ concerns about saving time and energy by continuously improving efficiency and reliability.

function at the highest levels of efficiency and reliability, while providing employees a comfortable working environment. Adhering to a proactive maintenance schedule lowers your total cost of ownership. Our experienced and talented service team is geared to take care of your entire system, so you can take care of your business. Whether you manage one site – or 1,000 – you can depend on Limbach’s self-performing service network to deliver consistent, world-class service, regardless of location.

At Limbach, we never lose sight of the most crucial component to any company’s sustainability – the human element. We appreciate

Limbach’s Greatest Investment

that business interactions are based on human relationships, and the most successful relationships all share the same characteristics trust, loyalty and mutual respect. The highest levels of employee achievement and customer satisfaction are realized through a collaborative effort towards the same goal. It is our desire to form a partnership between company, employee and customer. Promoting open communication between all parties ensures a decision-making process that benefits everyone. A company’s growth and prosperity begins and ends with a commitment to all the people who make its existence possible. Accordingly, we strive to cultivate an atmosphere embracing the dynamic qualities of each individual. Customer and employee loyalty supersedes any product or service. Ultimately, people work for and buy from people that they know and trust. Limbach recognizes this, and will continue to invest in our greatest resource – people.

One Company…Many Solutions Healthcare • Institutional & Government • Entertainment & Leisure • Commercial • Residential • Retail • Mission Critical • Transportation • Manufacturing

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Limbach Corporate Services Brochure  

A brochure highlighting Limbach's general services, offerings and ideology. Created 2010 Copywriter: Stephen Scaff Graphic Designer: Tom S...

Limbach Corporate Services Brochure  

A brochure highlighting Limbach's general services, offerings and ideology. Created 2010 Copywriter: Stephen Scaff Graphic Designer: Tom S...