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Email your photo to: Guidelines for an acceptable photo: • Photo must be an attachment, saved as your full name, date of birth

Example: Joseph Student_9.4.01 • You can scan a school photo, passport picture, or take a new picture with your smart phone or digital camera

Step 4: LIM College ID Photo If you plan to visit campus, safety is a top priority at LIM College. In order to keep the LIM College community secure, all students must carry their College-issue ID card at all times. ID cards are also required to enter the LIM College Residence Hall. Photo ID cards will be mailed within four to six weeks of submission to the mailing address used to submit your LIM College application.

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• Photo must be one of the following file formats: .jpg, .gif, .png

• Photo must be 325 X 390 pixels (minimum) • Photo must be properly focused and should not appear grainy or pixelated. Nothing should block or obscure your face (ex: hands, sunglasses, shadow, glare, etc.).



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LIM College Online Undergraduate New Student Guide  

LIM College Online Undergraduate New Student Guide