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Janaury/February 2018


Sexy Fun Fact! Have a condom emergency? Sweden used to have a condom ambulance to deliver condoms to people who were in the heat of the moment and needed

Located on 45th Street, conveniently between Maxwell Hall and our Fifth Avenue building, BentOn Cafe is a quick and delicious option for Japanese comfort food and snacks.   The newly renovated cafe offers several meal options, such as bento boxes, delicious pastries, and a personal favorite, triangular Kimbap! BentOn is affordable, convenient and yummy food to grab when on campus!



Sexual Health for Valentine's Day! by Teddie Raymond The season of love is a perfect time to become educated and aware of the best practice to maintain a healthy and happy sex-life. Here are some reminders and tips for safe and enjoyable sexual health! 1. Consent is sexy! Consent is always important before and during sexual activity, and doesn't have to be awkward or uncomfortable to talk about. 2. Condoms expire. Old condoms are more prone to breaking or can wear very thin, so it is important to check expiration dates. Getting new condoms should never feel shameful. 3. One works best. Using more than one condom is not as effective. Be sure to stick to using just one. 4. Comfort is key. Sometimes improper fitting of a condom, pain during sex and other types of discomfort occur. It is important to communicate with your partner. You have the right to your own sexual comfort, and the right to say 'stop.' 5. Always get tested for STDs and STIs. Testing is covered by all insurance companies. it's fast, easy and accessible. Know your status!

Tips for Starting the Semester Off Right! by Teddie Raymond Spring semester is upon us! We’re halfway done! Here are some tips to get a kick start to your spring semester.

1. Don’t lose focus. This is the time of year where many slack on the work, but if you want a high GPA, the


Dean’s or President’s List, or great scholarships, it is vital that you stay focused!

Not a Fan of Valentine’s Day? Spread Love by Doing Good! by Rina Foster New York City has tons of worthwhile volunteer opportunities all year round. Here are some great organizations to work with!

1. Children of Bellevue – This dedicated organization creates programs for children and their families who are patients at Bellevue Hospital. This opportunity allows you to do good in the New York community. 2. Samaritans of New York – This group runs a 24hour hotline for those during a crisis. By volunteering you could positively impact fellow New Yorkers. 3. Commit 2 Change – Dedicated to helping young orphaned girls regain their self-worth and uplift their spirits. 4. My Makeover Mission – Traveling around the city to help women in nursing homes feel beautiful again. 5. The Iris House – This selfless organization shelters and protects women in need, as well as educating about treating and preventing HIV/AIDS in women. One location is in East Harlem, not far from the EHS dorms! 6. National Down Syndrome Society – This opportunity involves advocating for and educating about Down Syndrome as well as assisting families with affected children.

To find out how to get involved with any of these organizations go to

2. Maintain a healthy schedule: buy a planner! They are extremely helpful in keeping our busy schedules organized. From interning to work and school events, it’ll all be in one place to help you stay on track. 3. Carry snacks in your bag. Eating helps you maintain energy and focus for classes and work! Be sure to carry snacks at all times to keep you energized and satiated.  4. Make sure you have time for yourself! This is hard for a lot of people at LIM, but take advantage of any down time you have to relax or do things that are not related to school or work. Everyone needs time to take a load off. 5. Stay on top of your syllabi. Make sure you’re checking your syllabi every week to ensure you’re not missing assignments or late on starting new ones. It’s always better to be ahead than behind!

"Tell Me About Yourself!" The dreaded interview question and how to answer it like a pro! Sourced from  

By Rina Foster Tell them who you are – Introduce yourself professionally. There's no need to bring up your childhood. Give them your expertise highlights - This is where you brag. Won an award? Got promoted? Tell them.  Why you're there – What are you going to offer the company? Don’t just recap your resume – They have it right in front of them. Give them more details! Don’t be modest! You’re a professional, tell them what


you’re good at.

Sexy Consent!

Sit down and write your answer to this question BEFORE you get the interview.

Sourced from

By Rina Foster Love is in the air this month and sexual & relationship health should be at the top of your priority list. Enthusiastic consent is a MUST before and during intimacy. If you are not sure of a comfortable way to ask for consent, here are a few options to lighten the mood! 1. Welcome to Kissville! Population us? 2. Wanna take this mattress for a test drive? 3. My name is Skittles. Wanna taste my rainbow? 4. Do you want to help me unzip? 5. You look kind of cold…Want to cuddle up with this


teddy bear? 6. Hershey’s makes millions of kisses a day. Can I give you just one? 7. Is that a mirror in your pocket? Because I can see myself getting your consent for intercourse. 8. Your lips look so lonely. May I introduce them to mine? 9. I’m new in town! Can I have directions to your

Don't forget to smile!


ONE Condoms - Your Loved ONE Have you heard of the ONE Condoms brand? They are dedicated to educating on safe and comfortable sex between partners through their advanced products. They also partner with many organizations that provide several ways to get involved in sex education. They hold a contest every year to submit your artwork for the next ONE condoms packaging design that includes a cash prize, a year supply of ONE condoms and a donation in your name! Visit to learn more!

It's Cold and Flu Season! Make sure you're taking precautions to avoid getting sick! Take your vitamins, wash your hands, and get enough sleep. If you are sick then make sure to cough into a tissue or your elbow instead of your hands, disinfect as much as you can and drink enough fluids. Stay healthy, LIM!


Peer Mentor Applications are Coming Up! Peer mentoring is a wonderful way to build your resume, enhance your skills, help fellow students in need, and promote LIM College while making friendships that last a lifetime. There are nine peer mentoring positions


offered, all of which can be found with their descriptions on the LIM website. Join this important program for the college!

Send a mission statement for your club and examples of what the club does to:

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