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Total School and Community Involvement:

A Recipe That Works Highlights of the Class of 2009–2010


A Message from U-46 Department of Food & Nutrition Servi To:  Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Stakeholders:

s for our As stakeholders, sometimes we forget that we are role model en begins children and future leaders. Setting good examples for our childr ity and at home. Nurturing them helps them to develop a sense of secur them the comfort. Giving them the right food to eat is as crucial as giving important right books to read. Parents, teachers, and caregivers play an learn and role in promoting healthful diets for children where they live, play.

valuable Research has shown that reading books aloud is the single most It is equally support parents can provide in helping children learn to read. s. Our important to support children in learning to make healthy choice is a holistic, “Total School and Community Involvement Wellness Initiative” le. interactive approach to changing their course to a healthy lifesty and As partners in Team Nutrition, our mission is to offer this new ing provid by ion ehens compr innovative approach to increasing reading le lifesty y students with opportunities to make the connection of how health choices can result in academic achievement. an all The Department of Food and Nutrition Services has created in all inclusive, comprehensive wellness program that can be used sions of dimen ten the call we grade levels. This concept is based on what tant role in wellness. Food is a universal commodity that plays a very impor ts involved the health and well-being of all Americans. Students and paren ” of Career in the school meal program will also be able to “Taste A World Industry Opportunities in the food service industry showcased by our Advisory Council. Please enjoy the highlights in our on-line e-book of   our 2009–2010 Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Initiative. If you would like to become involved in our program   for the 2010–2011 school year, please contact   Claudie Phillips at (847) 888-5000, Ext. 5036 Sincerely, Claudie L. Phillips, Director Department of Food & Nutrition Services

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Special Thanks to Our Industry Advisory Council Deanna Roby, University of Illinois Extension Carl Fulkerson, Concept Food Brokers  Mike Szonoff, Home Juice  Christine Anderson, General Mills  Jim Adams, Form Plastics  Eric Prosperi, Kellogg’s  Bill Hearth, Horizon Software  Dan Consalvo, Chicago Food Marketers Council  Kristin Frank, Midwest Dairy Council  Marcia Blum, Gordon Food Service  Roger Belmonte, Brake Bush  Ken Nagel, Fox River Foods

Special Thanks to the following Sponsors for underwriting the development of this e-book Ken Nagel, Fox River Foods Christine Anderson, General Mills


Grand Prize Winner

Coloring Contest

Christian Favela Kindergarten Oakhill Elementary School

Grand Prize Winner

Book Cover Design Contest

Michelle Sanchez 1st Grade  Washington Elementary

Grand Prize Winner

Poster Contest Steffany Vargas 3rd Grade  Ridge Circle Elementary

Grand Prize Winner

Rap Lyrics

Brandon Miller 6th Grade  Wayne Elementary

Pyramid Kid Hey kids, a healthy lifestyle is so good, . it’s not always easy, but you know you should You want to be strong. And you want to live long. (Hey, hey, he’s a Pyramid Kid) A healthy lifestyle is the way to go. You could live to be 100 for all you know. Eat lean meats and dairy too. you. Your body’s growth and strength depends on You want to be tough, So this is the stuff. Green beans, broccoli, lettuce too, All these greens are helping you. (Hey, hey, he’s a Pyramid Kid)

Listen up, there’s still some more. Things you’ll find at your grocery store. There are fruits, grains, and oils too. If you want to be healthy, it’s up to you. Don’t be lazy and sit around. Get outside and hit the ground. Running, jumping, and playing too, It’s the food pyramid, guys, so scream and sho ut. (Hey, hey, he’s a Pyramid Kid) One last thing before I go. I’m going to tell you something you all should know. The Egyptians know what I’m talking about. It’s the food pryamid, guys, so scream and sho ut. It was six, then seven, and now it’s eight. Groups in the pyramid to make it great. Now tell all your friends about what you’ve he ard. And make “food pyramid” your favorite word.

Grand Prize Winner

Essay Contest

Mariam Hashmi 7th Grade   Kenyon Woods

A healthy life is a happy life By Mariam Hashmi

s. According to and yet not understood by millions of American fact n know wella is Life, y Happ a is Life thy Heal A and depression are ses such as diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases statistics, the trend of obesity and chronic disea healthy, you understanding it is a simple fact that if you are not high and common in American population. To my cannot be happy.

gh every day etes and depression have a hard time getting throu Those with chronic illnesses such as obesity, diab gh it may seem it. How can one get a healthy and happy life? Thou e abus to tend th heal with ed bless e thos and of life n dimensions your lifestyle and discipline yourself. There are seve ge chan you if vable achie still is it first, at ult diffic life. of living, and help you live a happy, comfortable of wellness. These seven dimensions are lifelines environmental l wellness, emotional wellness, spiritual wellness, socia as tified iden be can ess welln of s nsion The seven dime ty to successfully connect and physical wellness. Social wellness is the abili ess welln al lectu intel ess, welln nal patio occu wellness, feelings with those close l wellness is to share your personal thoughts and tiona Emo you. nd arou e thos with te unica and comm of peace and harmony in at you. Spiritual wellness is to recognize the flow throw will life that s enge chall the face to and to you of the natural environment n beings. Environmental wellness is to be aware know all een betw n ectio conn a ing form by life our ess is to be able to form a such as preserving clean air. Occupational welln around us and to have the initiative to care for it ability to process new everyday challenges. Intellectual wellness is the balance between work and life and be able to face Last but certainly one of the decisions, challenges and other obstacles in life. ideas, skills and concepts and then to apply it to yle, while trying to prevent ability to accomplish a healthy strong and fit lifest most important is physical wellness which is the ures of drugs. fatigue and physical stress, and avoiding the press thy life. All you have to do it will guide one to keep on track of leading a heal as , ntial esse is plan ss fitne a ing creat , with n To begi food. Don’t overeat and consume food that is healthy. Stay away from junk and ise Exerc self. your vate moti and sed focu stay is consume only the amount your body needs. tually pay off and of the greatest challenges in life, but it will even one is ner man thy heal a in self your tain main Being able to seven dimensions of you and helps you in achieving and balancing all s pline disci that ess welln ical phys the is It . is gratifying all forms of wellness you achieve a healthy life. Eventually by achieving s help and yle lifest all over your s ence influ It wellness. h can be as simple as in himself and faces challenges of life boldly whic with ony harm and e peac of e sens a es creat n a perso ise every day. resisting unhealthy food or finding time to exerc ss plan will keep always lead a person to success. Creating a fitne will ess welln of s nsion dime n seve the by g In conclusion, livin y life! . So it is a phrase well said—healthy life is a happ you on track. Healthiness is the key to happiness

Grand Prize Winner

“A Recipe that Works” Sunnydale

Elementary All Star Team

Parent Chef Healthy Cooking Classes

Grand Prize Winner

Junior Chef

Levonte Miller 12th Grade  Elgin High School

The reason why I want to pursue a career in the culinary field is I really love to cook. Ever since I was allowed to touch the stove I have been cooking (with the help of my grandmother ,of course). When I actually started to learn the basics of cooking I just wanted to learn more. When I took my first foods class I asked if I could be skipped from foods 1, 2 to foods 3, 4 because 1, 2 was just baby stuff—not to sound arrogant or narcissistic or anything like that. At the beginning of the class we were put into groups but by the end of the year I was doing most of the cooking and cleaning by myself so my teacher recommended me to move from food 3, 4 to the food services program (foods 7, 8). This program is called the Clumsy Chef Restaurant, which is a fully licensed restaurant. I don’t have the best grades in my graduating class, but this is something I really want to do for the rest of my educational and working career. Even if I don’t win the contest just to participate in the contest would be great. Just to have actual chefs to critique my work would be a big deal to me.

Coconut Chicken Breast Entrée

8 servings INGREDIENTS:

6 oz. Pineapple juice, divided

8 oz. Shredded Coconut

1 cup Cream of coconut, divided

4 oz. Japanese Bread Crumbs

4 oz. Soy Sauce

4 oz. Vegetable Oil

¼ cup brown sugar

4 oz. Heavy Cream

¼ cup rice vinegar

1t. Corn Starch

2 lbs. Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

24 small baby red potatoes

1 cup Flour

2 Cups Chicken Stock

Pinch Salt

White cooking wine (1-3 cups)

Pinch Pepper

24 oz. Broccoli Florets

5 Eggs

1 T. Butter


1. Combine ¼ cup pineapple juice, ¼ cup cream of coconut, soy sauce, brown sugar and rice wine vinegar in a half sheet pan. (use as marinade) 2. Wash chicken breast and cut into strips. Then add to pan of marinade, cover and refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight. 3. Cut potatoes into mushroom shapes. 4. Place cut potatoes in baking pan, cover with chicken stock and top off pan with white cooking wine. Bake in 400-degree oven until fork tender. 5. Set up three staging pans to bread chicken. 6. In first pan add flour with salt & pepper.

11. Turn over and repeat. 12. Place browned chicken in half sheet pan and then bake in 400-degree oven until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees. 13. Keep the chicken warm until potatoes, sauce and vegetables are finished. 14. Using the sauté pan that you browned the chicken in, add the balance of cream of coconut, pineapple juice, cream and 1 t. cornstarch. 15. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until it thickens, use as a sauce over baked chicken.

7. In second pan add eggs and whip.

16. Place small amount of water and butter in sauce pan to steam broccoli.

8. In third pan mix Japanese bread crumbs with shredded coconut.

17. Bring to boil. Add broccoli and cover with lid. Let rest for 1–2 minutes off heat.

9. Dredge the chicken in the flour, then eggs, and finally in breading.

18. Plate food with sauce on bottom of plate at 6 o’ clock.

10. Heat just enough oil in a sauté pan to cover the bottom of the pan and then add strips and brown for 30–60 seconds.

19. Top with 2 pieces of chicken, 3 oz. of steamed broccoli, and 3 mushroom shaped potatoes.

Midwest Dairy Council/NFL

Honor Fuel Up to Play 60 Participants


A Great Recipe for Fun!

Everyone Can Be a STAR!

Special Thanks to all the participating schools Bartlett Elementary

Hawk Hollow Elementary

Ms. Erlich, Principal

Ms. Snoeck, Principal

Robin Nagle,  Food Service Lead

Sue Hatta, Food Service Lead

Coloring Contest–Kindergarten

Allison Bucaro  1st Place  Alaina Ramundo  2nd Place  Arianna Ramundo  3rd Place

Cole Wilmot  1st Place  Victoria G.  2nd Place  Holly Kellogg  3rd Place Book Cover Design Contest Grades 1-2

Mia Ackermann  1st Place  Jack Carbery  2nd Place  Connor Kellogg  3rd Place Poster Contest–Grades 3-4

Jacob Quetzie  1st Place  Nicole Rataj  2nd Place  Lauren Dimayuga  3rd Place

Creekside Elementary

Mr. Verticchio, Principal Fattoum Salem,   Food Service Lead Coloring Contest–Kindergarten

Eimann Arshad  1st Place  Simon Horton  2nd Place  Emily Wyatt  3rd Place

Glenbrook Elementay

Ms. DeRoo, Principal Ann McGovern,   Food Service Lead Coloring Contest–Kindergarten

Marisa Hauserman  1st Place Book Cover Design Contest Grades 1–2

Shakthi Perera  1st Place Poster Contest–Grades 3–4

Emily Hettinger  1st Place

Hanover Countryside Elementary

Ms. Kleiman, Principal

Mary Principe,   Food Service Lead Book Cover Design Contest Grades 1–2

Madelyn Minague  1st Place Poster Contest–Grades 3–4

Olivia Nazaruk  1st Place  Sarah Moskow  2nd Place  Rose Chiodo  3rd Place

Coloring Contest–Kindergarten

Illinois Park Elementary

Ms. Ondera, Principal Sandy Zielinski,   Food Service Lead Coloring Contest–Kindergarten

Anthony Alvarez  1st Place  Karen Ng  2nd Place  Roxana Castillo  3rd Place

Liberty Elementary Mr. Burger, Principal Judy Wagner,   Food Service Lead Book Cover Design Contest Grades 1–2

Kendra Davis  1st Place

Lincoln Elementary Dr. Alyea, Principal Diane Goscinski,   Food Service Lead Coloring Contest–Kindergarten

Emily Flores  1st Place  Fabian Cortes  2nd Place  Trishna Dharia  3rd Place Book Cover Design Contest Grades 1–2

Alicia Thansavath  1st Place  Kolby Xayachanla  2nd Place  Morgan NaKonechny    3rd Place Poster Contest–Grades 3–4

Brandon Kim  1st Place  Yaritza Alviz  2nd Place  Annisia Thousavath    3rd Place

Lowrie Elementary Ms. O’Brien, Principal

Sue Hodge, Food Service Lead Coloring Contest–Kindergarten

Amiya Jackson  1st Place  Emma Hahn  2nd Place  Michelle Estrada  3rd Place Book Cover Design Contest Grades 1–2

Jenna McKee  1st Place  Kelly Flores  2nd Place  Shaquira Clay  3rd Place

Prairieview Elementary

Mr. Flatley, Principal Mercedes Ciero,   Food Service Lead Book Cover Design Contest Grades 1–2

Jenna Bruskin  1st Place Poster Contest–Grades 3–4

Alyssa Bowler  1st Place  Jane Magnani  2nd Place  Sachi Solanki  3rd Place

Poster Contest–Grades 3–4

Kassia Lesiewicz  1st Place  Brandon Barclay  2nd Place

Oakhill Elementary Ms. Barrett, Principal Pam Jewell, Food Service Lead Coloring Contest–Kindergarten

Christian Favela  1st Place  Ariana Mundo  2nd Place  Jose Rodriguez 3rd Place Book Cover Design Contest Grades 1–2

Mitchell Kuhns  1st Place  Jaqueline Solis Alba    2nd Place  Samantha Cruz  3rd Place Poster Contest–Grades 3–4

Lester Lorenz Gonzales    1st Place  Casandra Martinez  2nd Place  Angela Smith  3rd Place

Otter Creek Elementary

Mr. Bragg, Principal Kathy Kasprzak,   Food Service Lead Coloring Contest–Kindergarten

Dayanara Tapia  1st Place  Alex A. Nava  2nd Place  Andrea Casca  3rd Place Book Cover Design Contest Grades 1–2

Olivia Diem  1st Place  Blake Ary  2nd Place

Poster Contest–Grades 3–4

Megan Ostrander  1st Place  Amy Rodriguez  2nd Place  Emily Rodriguez  3rd Place

Ridge Circle Elementary

Mr. Siegellak, Principal Laura Dicristofano,   Food Service Lead Poster Contest–Grades 3–4

Steffany Vargas  1st Place  Lukasz Kobielarz  2nd Place  Josett Perez  3rd Place

Spring Trail Elementary

Mr. Schroeder, Principal Kim Gongola,   Food Service Lead Coloring Contest–Kindergarten

Kathryn Wenberg  1st Place Book Cover Design Contest Grades 1–2

Dylan Jablonsky  1st Place Poster Contest–Grades 3–4

Akash Patel  1st Place  Neel Sheth  2nd Place  Sydney Van Meter  3rd Place

Sunnydale Elementary

Ms. Lockwald, Principal Jackie Natili,   Food Service Lead Coloring Contest–Kindergarten

Erik Avalos  1st Place  Kyle Nelson  2nd Place  Karina Basa  3rd Place

Timber Trails Elementary

Abbott Middle School

Mr. Tom Flanigan, Principal

Ms. Hertzog, Principal

Cindy Engelke,   Food Service Manager

Nancy Hagel,   Food Service Manager

Essay Contest–Grades 7–8

Essay Contest–Grades 7–8

Emily Portillo  1st Place

Washington Elementary

Ms. White, Principal Ramona Villagomez,   Food Service Lead Book Cover Design Contest Grades 1–2

Michelle Sanchez  1st Place  Galilea Luna  2nd Place  Arianna Ramos  3rd Place Poster Contest–Grades 3–4

Nicole Bennett  1st Place  Andrew Haberstich    2nd Place  Vanessa Miranda  3rd Place

Wayne Elementary Ms. Brandes, Principal Carrie Quinn,   Food Service Lead Book Cover Design Contest Grades 1–2

Ana Toriibio  1st Place  Salman Satter  2nd Place  Paulous Haile  3rd Place

Canton Middle School Ms. Cruz, Principal

Cindy Engelke,   Food Service Manager Essay Contest–Grades 7–8

Katie Purcell  1st Place

Kenyon Woods Middle School Ms. Welu, Principal

Fran Erdmann,   Food Service Manager Essay Contest–Grades 7–8

Mariam Hashmi  1st Place  Melissa Pluzola  2nd Place  Muneeb Hanson  3rd Place

Kimball Middle School

Emily Mair  1st Place

Mr. Tamburrino, Principal

Poster Contest–Grades 3–4

Nancy Hagel,   Food Service Manager

Rap Lyrics Contest–Grades 5–6

Andrea Alvarez  1st Place  Chemyra Barnett  2nd Place  Christopher Clark  3rd Place

Nicole Matusik  1st Place  Cassidy Schaffer  2nd Place Brandon Miller  1st Place

Joann Gaffney,   Food Service Lead Coloring Contest–Kindergarten

Madelyn Sullivan  1st Place  Payton Borris  2nd Place  Cesar Vargas  3rd Place

We are on the Move! 2010-2011 Healthy LifeStyle and Wellness Initiatives Sept. 27 Kick off!  Schools receive information Packets Oct. 1 Official Kick Off­—Fuel Up to Play 60 (Midwest Dairy Council and the NFL) Oct. 11–15 National School Lunch Week What’s on Your Tray? Oct. 18 Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Classes for Parents March 7–11 N  ational School Breakfast Week The Search for Super Energy May 14, 2011 U-46 Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Awards Ceremony Gala for Program Participants

Essay Contest–Grades 7–8

Willard Elementary Mr. Schleizer, Principal


Tefft Middle School

Ms. Smiley, Principal Cindy Engelke,   Food Service Manager Essay Contest–Grades 7–8

Emily Portillo  1st Place

Will you be the one going to Disney?

2009-2010 A Recipe That Works  
2009-2010 A Recipe That Works  

U-46 Food Service 2009-1010 Highlights from the Total School and Community Involvement: A Recipe That Works