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7 Things to do Before Moving into Your New House Moving into a new house is a great decision and it’s important to get rid of this decision as soon as possible.  But sometimes it becomes stressful. Most of the people are looking to hire real estate agents for moving into a new house stress-free. Here are some tips to know before moving into new rental apartment or house.

• Connect your internet The internet needs to be booked in at least two weeks before you moved in. Internet service providers are booked in advance, you need to book internet services as soon as possible. 

• Connect your energy When you move into a new house, you need to disconnect the energy of the previous tenant and reconnect your name.

• Have a plan for children & pets Before moving into new apartment or house, make sure that the apartment is pet friendly. Or if you have a child, ensure that is there any park or school near about your home?

• Pack an un-packing box One of the first things you need to pack your sanity box before moving into the new house. This box contains screws, scissors, screwdriver, dust cloth, glue and masking tape.

• Have the new house professionally cleaned Most of the landlord provides cleaning services but some landlords do not provide this facility. So you have to ensure before moving in new house. Hire a professional cleaner before you moved in.

CIRCL will help those people who want to move in new rental house. It provides also provides home maintenance services  for apartments, homes, and condos for rent in affordable rates.

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7 Things to do Before Moving into Your New House