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Lily Vougiouklis Portfolio

Final piece inspired by John Singer Sargent’s “Head of Capri Girl”. Experimentation on Photoshop and Water color on paper, 35x50 cm.

”I see you, now you can scream”.

A collage inspired by the facial expressions of fear. Water color on paper, 35x50cm

An eye made of clay. Focused on the deformation of the lower eyelid and the eyeball, which gives the impression that it is upside down. Clay and water color construction, 15x15 cm

Observational drawing of my working area. Charcoal on paper 50c70 cm

Observational drawing of the head f the ancient Greek Goddess Aphrodite Charcoal on paper 50x 70 cm


2 paintings demonstrating the notion of ugliness(dark, gloomy colors) and beauty (bright colors) 35x50 cm each

Ugliness and Beauty. Study and mind map on the human characteristics and the notion of human beauty. A4

Page demonstrating the expressions of the lips. A4

Grimaces. Page demonstrating a study on the human expressions and their exaggeration. A4


Water color, inks, ecolines on paper and experimentation on photoshop 35x 50 cm

A painting inspired by the facial expression of fear but mostly focused in the eyes. Ink and ekolins on paper 35x50cm

A study on Frida Kahlo. A4

Body. Developed idea on a final piece on the complexity of the human body.A4

Mind. Compositional idea on a final piece about the complexity of the human mind.A4

Body: A final piece on the complexity of the body. Acrylic on canvas 70x50 cm

“Muscle puzzle.�

A painting demonstrating some of the human muscles. Tombo markers and watercolor on canvas, 70x100 cm

Muscles. A study and my own visual interpretation as a compositional idea. A4

Body scetches.The development process of drawing the human parts and muscles. A4

Perception of age and body collection

Drawings on the human body. Inks on paper 15x18 cm each

Limps. Compositional idea on an installation for the human body and the criticism around it.

An installation inspired by the human criticism and conversation around the human body.Plaster and newspaper installation. 1.50x2.5 m

A study on Francis Bacon and his work. A4

“The Russian.�

Figure in a storm looked over by a higher power. Water color, inks, ecolines and experimentation on photoshop 70x50cm


fineart portfolio

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