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The Prime Updates Week 5


The Prime Movers - FRC Team 31

February 4th-10th

Presented to you by the Prime Movers PR Team Editor in Chief: Lily Tennekoon

The programing team is working on making the autonomous mode work for competition. Each member of the programing team has been able to move the robot with their own program.

The mechanical team finished putting chain on the robot and mounting additional. We now have a driving robot!

Electrical The electrical team finalized the electrical board for our competition robot along with making a new battery holder.

Public Relations Safety


We finished our safety manual along with our first

The Business Plan is almost ready! Furthermore,

ever Zolai safety manual for our burmese

the Entrepreneurship submission will be submitted

members. We will also have a Spanish and

in just a few days!

Chinese manual available.

Prime Movers of the Week Congrats to Micah, Muang and Bryce (not pictured) for being Week 5’s Prime Movers of the Week! Keep up all the amazing work!

Thank you to all of our sponsors! Williams




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Week 5 Newsletter  
Week 5 Newsletter