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VOLUME 5                                                                                                                  ISSUE 3

TABLE OF CONTENTS Table of Contents                                                                                            1 Editor's Message                                                                                               2 President's Message                                                                                       3 New Year, New Ideas                                                                                      4 Key Club- A Way of Life                                                                                  5 Fall Rally                                                                                                              6 Summer Reading at JEE                                                                           7-8 My Key Club Experience                                                                               9 July Events                                                                                                10-12 My Three Years                                                                                               13 Major Emphasis Projects                                                                     14-17 Contact Information                                                                                    18

Hi Key Clubbers!


"Make each day your masterpiece" -John Wooden

I am excited to be serving as your editor again for the 2018-19 school year! Remember to stay on top of your service! We just appointed our new board members and I am so excited to see the service projects they have planned for you! If you have any pictures from volunteer activities or would like to write an article for the newsletter, please email me.



        It’s exciting times at Jenks Key Club as we launch into our new year with our great new officers and board members. I am so thrilled to be apart of such a hardworking group and can not wait to see what we accomplish together this year.             The summer holiday is a great time for rest and regrouping but also for making an impact in our community - as our key clubbers know well, and do all year round. The summer provides more time in which a student can really find their niche and what they are passionate about in the community. For many Jenks Key Clubbers this is volunteering at various hospitals in the area and for others it’s helping at the local food bank or community center.           Whatever your passion, I hope this newsletter can give you some ideas from the service projects that have been going on these past couple of months and some insight into what Jenks Key Club is all about. I can't wait to be joining you all in making a difference this year and seeing our returning key clubbers as well as meeting all of our new service leaders.           We are the next generation and together through service we will make it great!


New Year, New Ideas Claire Hargrove         With summer flying by and the new school year right around the corner, I thought I’d throw some volunteer ideas out there for y’all. Since the school doesn’t have many options during the summer and not everyone goes to camp or on mission trips, it is sometimes hard to find a place to serve in your own community. I have compiled a list of five ideas where you can give your time this summer.           Number one, The Food Bank. They are always looking for volunteers to help package food and get it ready for delivery. There are many areas to serve in The Food Bank. You do need to call ahead and let them know that you are coming though. It’s also a great way to hang out with friends (having people you know there makes the time fly by).           Number two, Asbury Second Saturday. Asbury United Methodist Church had a big volunteer day (sort of like The Big Event) on the second Saturday of each month where hundreds of people arrive at 8am, pick a place to serve, hop on a school bus, go serve, and come back around noon. It is so much fun. One time I got to go talk to some old folks at Methodist Manor, and another time I got to go paint a church! My favorite time though was when we got to go plant trees!           Number three, The Little Lighthouse. This amazing place is a tuition free school and service center for children ages birth to six who have special needs. Some of the places that are volunteer friendly include the classroom, administration, fundraising events, and maintenance. They are always looking for volunteers too. To serve, follow this link.         Number four, John 3:16 Mission. This organization is really neat. They offer recovery from homelessness, search and rescue, and hunger elimination. They have lots of different volunteer options like mentoring, summer literacy programs, and meal serving, etc. To volunteer, you have to complete an application and go to an intro meeting.          Number five, James Mission. I just recently heard about these people, but it sounds pretty cool! They are a foster family essential needs resource. Volunteer opportunities include sorting clothes, shopping with the families and shelving the items. To volunteer, follow this link.         These are just the start of the many places available and that need volunteers this summer. I hope that these five options were helpful!  THE TROJAN TALK |  PAGE 4

Key Club- A Way of Life Carrie Schupack Volunteering is an important aspect of my life. As a Christian, serving others is a thing that I am not only supposed to do, but something that becomes part of my outlook on life. Hobbies become ways to serve. Whether I’m getting kids signed up for the Summer Reading Program at the library, shelving books at a local used bookstore near my house, stocking cans of food at the Jenks Food Bank, or helping with kids at my church, I usually do some form of volunteering every week. Over the past two years in high school, service has become routine, as has attending Key Club meetings and other related events. I appreciate the sincerity and willingness of other Key Club members that is apparent when new volunteer opportunities appear consistently on the website during the school year, and when sign-upgeniuses are speedily filled by people ready to help. I always have a feeling of unity, and of purpose, because we are all a part of these projects to help our community, and to serve people who are in great need of service.

Key Club has shaped my day to day life because it helps me understand people. I understand the motives and aspirations of others, whether they are my peers at school, or adults who can’t afford the kind of food they need, or kids who need incentives to read. I get to see what they need and how they came to that need, and I get to help them. Key Club has made me want to volunteer more. I want to try new volunteer opportunities and help other members of Key Club find new ways to serve that they love. I believe that community service should be both enjoyable and fulfilling. After volunteering, one should feel as if there are more needs and other ways to help those around them. Key Club offers so many diverse options for volunteering, and every member can find something that is right for them and that makes them feel like they are reaching their potential. Key Club has also shaped my everyday through the friends I have made and the friends I hope to make. I hope that by being someone who people come to for volunteer opportunities, I will get to know other Key Club members. This coming school year, I want to be a better Key Club member, and help others do the same.



Summer Reading at JEE Rena Sun

For my project, Multicultural, what we do the most is help the ones that need our help as a newcomer to the United States, who are learning English as a second or even the third language. As an immigrant myself, I know how hard it is to adapt to a new cultural and to understand things in another language in many ways. That is also why I decided to become a board member of this project. While school helps the children to learn throughout the year, summer is also a wonderful time to let them improve on their English skills in reading, writing, and speaking. During the month of June, Jenks East Elementary (JEE) has a 15-day program to help all the newcomer students to learn. Staring at 8:45 A.M.the buses will arrive at JEE - Building F, then the teachers will gather students by their grade, and level of English. After students have all arrived, they will head in to eat breakfast. At 9:00 A.M. students will finish up food, and the teachers will start doing rotations of three stations. The first stations are with the teacher, learning about new stories, and they read stories with teachers. The second station is book reading and quizzes on the computers, and the last station is games with either a volunteer or a teacher intern. Another volunteer will pull students out of the computer group to test them with words on the flashcards to help them learn new words on their grade level. Students will do three rotations, and then at 10:00 A.M. they will take a break, and the teachers will tell all of them a story, and let the students use the new words that they learned to create their own sentence. During that time, volunteers have organized different books for the children to bring home with each day, based on their reading level. Then the rotations start again, although with one thing different--the computer station changes to a word match station, where a volunteer would lead the group to organize words by their sounding. Last, at 12:00 P.M students get their backpacks, and go to lunch then leave to go home. I think this is a great way for them, the newcomers to improve on English in all kind of ways and to get to know the teachers that they might have for next year. Furthermore, I also think that we should not only have opportunities for the newcomers in the younger grade, but for students of all ages. We can also set-up something similar that for any newcomers in our high school and middles school, helping them to understand what they should know about Jenks, and how they should choose their classes better to help them to reach their dream. THE TROJAN TALK | Â PAGE 7


My Key Club Experience Athan Lau Since signing up my freshman year of High School, Jenks Key Club has opened a new door to high school. Key Club has allowed me to be informed about many volunteer opportunities in our community of Jenks and Tulsa. After joining Key Club, I was able to learn how to set aside time for me to help, ranging from pet adoption to helping to pack food. The project I’ve been volunteering for for 2 years, Animal Allies (previously Pet Pals), was founded through Key Club. I didn’t even know that this project for animals existed! They are always in need of volunteers every Saturday from 10AM to 4PM. During the whole 6 hours, I help walk dogs, brush their hair, and sometimes may have to clean a cage for a puppy… but I do thoroughly enjoy spending time with them. When it’s time for them to go with their fosters, I help pack up their crates and move them so we can use them for the next week. I’m always excited to see new dogs, sometimes taken from a rescue center, arriving every Saturday, knowing that they are in a safer place with volunteers willing to help them. I do set aside time during the summer to help them. This changed my everyday life by opening my eyes to some problems that I hadn’t known, but I want to help out the best I can. Being in a group full of students willing to help out in our community had made me felt more comfortable volunteering. I can bring a friend with me to help volunteer and it would be more fun. Key Club mostly eliminate the difficulties that comes with volunteer in our own time (such as the awkwardness for people like me). One would be knowing what and when volunteer opportunities take place. Like Animal Allies, I had no idea this kind of project existed. But with the updated website and board members, many members can find places they can help at. I am very passionate about Key Club, and I want to make this club better. With a friend, I ran for the positions of Secretary of Hours and Minutes. However, I lost. But that loss only made me want to be more involved with Key Club. I will try my best, as the board member of K2K High School, to help our Jenks Teachers with all the help they need. Key Club has given me an opportunity to volunteer for my community, and I hope I can continue to do that in the future by being in Key Club. THE TROJAN TALK |  PAGE 9

July Events July 2-4                                                                    K2K West July 4                                      Kiwanis Watermelon Slice July 7                                                         Jenks Food Bank July 9-11                                                                  K2K West July 14                                                      Jenks Food Bank July 16-18                                                                K2K West July 21                                                      Jenks Food Bank July 23-25                                                                K2K West July 28                                                      Jenks Food Bank


Kiwanis Watermelon Slice The Kiwanis need volunteers on July 4th to cut and serve watermelon to people in downtown Jenks for their annual Watermelon Slice! Shifts will be 10 a.m.-4 p.m with 2 hour shifts. It is located at the Kiwanis tent by Pink Lily, which is just south of Main on 1st Street. Please sign up at 9a4fe3-kiwanis1


K2K West Address: 900 North Adams, Jenks, OK, 74037

Jenks Food Bank Address: 324 West Aquarium Pl, Jenks, OK, 74037 Time: 10:00am-12:00pm


My Three Years Kate Kouplen I have been a key club member for the past three years and it has helped me to assume a larger part in my community. Being a board member of the SPCA, libraries, and now the aquarium has allowed me to be more involved at school and the local animal shelter. Our school has so many clubs to choose from that is somewhat overwhelming at enrollment.  However, none of the other clubs I have participated in have helped me as person like key club. My freshman year I had no idea about most club choices and what key club was even about. Several of my good upperclassman friends recommended to me to sign up for Key club.  They talked about all the fun activities they took part in, and shared memories they had made as being members of the key club in the past.  I decided to take their advice by joining key club and I am so glad I did!  I knew that it was going to be a good fit because I’ve enjoyed helping people and my community since I was young.       Key Club is one of the largest clubs at Jenks with its focus solely on volunteering and creating a better community.  There are way too many people who join Key Club just to be able to list it on their college resume, but this club is so much more than just a line on a college application.  Through Key Club I’ve found ways to be connected with my community and made great friends with similar interests, all while volunteering.  We all know how big Jenks High school is and know that it is impossible to know everyone on campus.  The Key Club has students from across all grades which enables you to meet lots of people that you wouldn’t have known otherwise.  Key Club encourages you to be motivated to help your community and become more involved in school. As a member of Key Club, I have been volunteering at the Tulsa SPCA since freshman year and it has changed my life forever.  So many dogs and cats have come through the shelter this past year with heart wrenching stories; and to be able to say that I played a small part in making their lives better makes it so rewarding.  It pains me to think about why someone would abuse an animal, yet it happens all too often.  I’ve learned that these kind animals have only one goal in life and that is to sit on your lap, beg to petted and love you unconditionally.  Volunteering at the SPCA has helped me realize just how much we can learn from these abandoned and abused animals. They have taught me how to get through rough patches in life; push through, always see the best in people and love unconditionally. The Jenks Key Club has certainly helped me be more active in and aware of my community. Helping others in the community lays the foundation for being the best person you can be.  I am very proud to be a part of such an amazing group. THE TROJAN TALK |  PAGE 13

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