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THE TROJAN TALK Jenks HIgh School || February Newsletter


In this Issue: -Members of the Month -DCON Information -BIG Event -Articles by Board Members

TABLE OF CONTENTS Table of Contents                                                                                                                                                                   1 Editor's Message                                                                                                                                                                      2 President's Message                                                                                                                                                              3  Multicultural Project, Big Event                                                                                                      


The Benefits of Key Club                                                                                                                          


Big Event Pictures


Being Apart of the Board                                                                                                                                                7  DCON Advertisement                                                                                                                                                        8 Being a Board Member


Members of the Month                                                                                                                                                




Big Event Pictures


My Future through Key Club                                                                                                                              


March Events                                                                                                                                                        


Major Emphasis Projects                                                                                                                                           17-22 Contact Information                                                                                                                                                           23

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Hey Key Clubbers! Can you believe that it is almost time for spring break? It's crazy! Remember to stay on top of your service even as the semester gets hectic. Service comes in a variety of forms, ranging from tutoring to helping at a place of worship or volunteering at the aquarium. Whatever your heart desires, we have a wonderful group of Board Members here to assist you. If you have any pictures from service activities, or would like to write an article for an upcoming newsletter, feel free to email me!

Yours in Service, Lily Tennekoon E: editor@jenkskeyclub.org



Hi Key Clubbers! I hope you have been enjoying the second semester. We just had our annual BIG Event service day and it was a blast! Remember to stay on top of your service! Our board members have some amazing projects planned for you that encompass all interests. Keep your eye out for new service projects on our website jenkskeyclub.org THE TROJAN TALK | Â PAGE 3

Multicultural Project, Big Event Rena Sun Hi guys! Time passes by fast, now February is over; we are getting closer to summer and extremely close to spring break, however, please still pay attention to our school Key Club website for more volunteering opportunities, especially if you will not be traveling during the break. As this is my last Key Club article as a board member before I graduate in May, I want to express my feelings about Key Club to all the member. Being a board member for the Multicultural project this year has helped me gain so many leadership skills by leading projects/events, talking with teachers/sponsors, etc. I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity that was given to me. With this being said, I would highly encourage all members who love their community, who love to help others or wanting to learn more leadership skills to apply for an officer/board member position in your upcoming years because it is truly a great experience! You will have the chance to contribute more to the whole community that is around you, and get to show others what you can do while challenging yourself to do more than you ever thought you would! Organizing a project is such a fun way to build relationships with teachers around you and bond with others who have the same interest as you. While organizing your own projects, Key Club also provides a lot of opportunities throughout the school year (such as the Hometown Huddle, Homecoming, prom, school sports events, academic events, Key Club Big Event etc,.)

and as an officer/board member, you will have a better experience and being more involved with the Key Club community as a whole. As one of the Key Clubs tradition, we always start March off with the Big Event. This is where students are given more opportunities to help their surrounding community. As the Multicultural board member, my partner, Ciin and I have come up with an event called the Story Writing Big Event; where the students who are multilingual or in a world language class in Jenks High School are giving an opportunity to express their knowledge in other languages in a mini storybooks to the English Language Learner (ELL) students in order to improve upon their English skills. At this event, what students will do is they will create a Powerpoint, or google slides and write a small story within the length of 10-15 slides for students in grades 1st-5th. Since this is for the ELL students to learn more English, each slide will have a very short sentence in another language and the translation in English in order for the children to comprehend and learn more English. Being a part of Key Club and being a board member is absolutely a wonderful way to have more people to hear your voice and express your love towards the community. I hope everyone can finish the semester strong, and always remember YOU HOLD THE KEYS and YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! Thank you for your service!


The Benefits of Key Club Carrie Shupack Key Club can benefit you in your future in so many wonderful ways! Through teamwork, service, and a feeling of community, being in Key Club is an experience that will remain with you and benefit you for the rest of your life. This is apparent in college, in everyday jobs, and all throughout adulthood. Key Club involves many forms of teamwork. In specific service projects, most of the time you will have to work with other people. In order to get the service done, you have to cooperate with the people you are working with and not let small arguments and differences get in the way. Running the club also takes teamwork. The officers have to work together on one level and with board members on another. Everyone in a leadership position in the club has to do their best to communicate and assist club members as clearly and helpfully as they can. All of this is so useful later on in life, perhaps in college or in your career where you have to work on projects with other people. You will never be able to get through life successfully if you are unable to cooperate with other people and compromise. Serving your community can benefit you in your future because truly helping people and improving the lives of those around you will always be an essential life skill. Learning to have empathy and compassion is so important, because they help you understand people and the way they think. Having a genuine understanding of the way people behave and think can lead you to be  a better person yourself and to help other people be their best selves as well. The feeling of having the same general objectives and values as an entire large club of people is so valuable. In Key Club, everyone is working together for the same thing, and that is very important in your future. To know what it feels like to have a common goal is important in all parts of life. All in all, Key Club is the one club that will truly benefit you in your future. Most other activities are just artificial resume-fillers, and have no actual meaning or purpose. However, Key Club is doing important things that will benefit the members in it and other people they wish to help. It is a club meant to provide service for communities everywhere, and there is nothing useless about it.



Being Apart of the Board Hareem Shoaib I have been a board member of Animal Allies for two years now, and I am so thankful for the opportunities this has presented me with. One, I get to play with the most adorable pets, and two, I get to coordinate events for volunteers. If there is one thing Key Club strives for, its both fun and work. Being a board member has had its ups and downs, but overall, it has been a successful trip through this ride. When I became a board member of Animal Allies in my sophomore year, I was super excited for my junior year - to start a fresh board that integrated SPCA and PALs. At first, it was tough because I had to constantly alert volunteers on when they had to go to volunteer with either organization, and I received some trouble from some volunteers, but I soon became able to handle the pressure and work to please Key Club, the organizations, the volunteers, and myself. Through attempting to resolve the problems, I became selfaware about my own qualities that may seem problematic to others, and work to fix those traits. At first, I was very controlling - I wanted order and organization, and when things weren’t working out the way I wanted, I became frustrated. I learned, of course, to see others’ point of views and to accept their opinions and criticisms. My second year of being a board member was a lot easier. I knew all the problems from the previous year and knew how to resolve conflicts before they approached. I knew what information the volunteers wanted and what they were bothered by. Even now, as the end of the year approaches, I am constantly striving to achieve peace and respect between the organizations and their volunteers. All the negative aspects aside, being a board member has been an amazing experience. I got to understand leadership and teamwork. I understand to stay calm in situations that seem to have no solutions. I know how to keep peace and respect between people. Moreover, I know how to keep myself in a place where I am happy and respected with the work I do. It has proved difficult to stop some bad things, like volunteers not showing up when they promised to do so, but it is also a beautiful sight to see my peers walking dogs and taking care of their potential owners. Being a board member has been awesome!


GROOVE INTO SERVICE April 25th-28th, 2019

Downtown Dallas Forums, Elections, Activities, and More!


Being a Board Member Lily Jiang This year as a board member has been great. Of course, there have been lots of challenges and struggles, but those have helped me grow as a person in my leadership and communication skills. The beginning of the year was a challenge. I wasn’t able to attend any of the summer board meetings. This set me back, as I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t know what I was supposed to do as a board member. However, I quickly caught up with the help of the officers and my fellow board members. Another challenge was the new responsibilities that came with being a board member. I struggled slightly at the beginning of the year with managing my time well, but I have learned the valuable skill of time management. I found that it was rewarding to be a board member. I always got a feeling of accomplishment when I successfully coordinated a volunteer event. I felt especially accomplished when I saw how quickly the sign ups filled. One challenge I dealt with was reaching out to people to coordinate volunteer opportunities. I would not consider myself much of a “people person,” and I had to go out of my comfort zone to find and contact people. Of course, this developed my communication skills and taught me to escape my comfort zone. The Big Event was an example of one such volunteer opportunity. I had difficulties with coordinating an event that day with my board, so I switched to Flycatcher Trail. I was not sure of how it was going to go, as I had never done nature-related garden work before, but it turned out well. Overall, the Big Event was fun; I was very happy that it turned out so well. There were plenty of volunteers to help out, and the supervisors were very nice. It was freezing cold, but all the volunteers were having a good time and I enjoyed myself as well. Multiple volunteers, including me, worked all day, getting a full 8 hours of volunteer hours. All in all, becoming a board member for Key Club was a great decision for me. I learned a lot about Key Club itself, and how much effort is put into the club for it to properly function. I also learned a lot of useful skills such as communication skills. I’ve had a great year so far, and I hope to continue being a board member next year.




#BoardMemberLife Claire Hargrove Wow. Where do I even begin? My life has forever been changed with being a board member of the JHS Key Club. I have met so many different people that I would not have otherwise, volunteered in ways that I never knew existed, and prioritized my time to volunteer so much better than in the past. If any of y’all do not know me, I am the Kids to Kids Southeast board member. Last year, I was able to volunteer with so many things including Pet Pals (pet adoption) and meet the teacher. Key club never fails to amaze me at the awesome volunteer opportunities they create and the amount of active members each year. I also have learned to schedule my weeks with volunteering apart of it. Whether it is for Church on the weekend, or helping a teacher in the morning, I have become a better person because of the values that Key Club holds their board members to. Being a board member has taught me to be a better writer and to also communicate in the best way possible with teachers, principals, and others.

When you become a board member, you are not only joining a group to put on your college application, you are joining a family where every single member is committed to making the world a better place and serving everyone in their path. It is the kind of group that you turn to when you are having trouble and when you have exciting news to share. High school life is hard, but these people make it so much more enjoyable each and every day. I also have met some amazing people. Whether they are fellow JHS board members or from other schools, they all have their own unique personality to share with others and they have forever changed me. If you were to look at my planner three years ago, you would have seen no trace of any volunteering opportunities. Now, I have at least three opportunities a week! Now that is progress! Healthy progress! If you are looking for a club to truly get connected in, not just get a tee shirt, join Key Club and become a Board Member. It will forever change your life for the better. I cannot promise that it will not be stressful at sometimes like around the time of the Big Event, but it is so worth it because of the lifelong friendships you make, and the values that you are taught.



My Future through Key Club Kate Kouplen At a big school, it is often overwhelming to find out exactly where you belong. There are multiple groups where you share a few similar characteristics but merely on the outside.  Key club helped me to find a group of people with passions and drives similar to my own. It is not everyday that people would stop to help someone else before themselves, especially in today’s self-centered society.  This club I have been a part of my entire high school career has broadened my outlook on the world and opened my eyes to new ways of giving back. Sometimes you are not able to give your time to help an organization, but that is not the only way you can help someone.  Just by sending a nice letter or positive message can help change someone’s day around. These little life lessons are significant to my life now, and if it weren’t for Key club it would have taken me way longer to figure this out. No matter what project I participated in, every single person was excited to be there to help others.  This club will have a lasting effect on my life. When I graduate high school, I would love to take the next step in the Kiwanis family because I can see the value in being a part of a group that truly cares about others.  By engaging with the adult chapters of the club, I hope to influence other young adults who were like me. I will be able to guide them and show them what it means to make a difference.  You do not have to move mountains to make a positive impact on someone’s life. Being a part of Key Club has forever changed me. It has allowed me to find what makes me happy: helping others.  Even to the point where it has influenced my career path. It is hard to know exactly what you want to do with your life at age seventeen or eighteen, but parents and mentors always ask the ambiguous question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Through Key club my love for providing others joy has grown immensely, and has enlightened me to become a physician. As a physician it will be my duty to help others and provide them with medical assistance in order to live a more fulfilling, healthy life.  I will find the imperative pleasure that keeps me functioning because I know that my purpose is stronger and more significant than just me. The mission of Key club is to make a difference in the lives of others, and I have taken this message to heart.  By being in Key Club, I have learned important life lessons many people do not learn long down the road. I will embrace the positive energy I associate with Key club and pursue its mission for the rest of my life.      


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For more information on upcoming projects including times and location, visit jenkskeyclub.org THE TROJAN TALK | Â PAGE 14

K2K West Address: 900 North Adams, Jenks, OK, 74037 thang.kim85@jenksms.com

Asbury Second Saturday Address: 6910 S 101st E Ave Date: March 10th Time: 8:15am-12:15pm specialprojects@jenkskeyclub.org

For more information on upcoming projects including times and location, visit jenkskeyclub.org THE TROJAN TALK | Â PAGE 15

General Meeting & Officer Elections March 14th, 2019

Come elect your 2019-2020 Jenks Key Club officers at our before and after school meetings in the Building 6 Auditorium. You must be in good standing to vote. See you there! To see the ballot, check our social media!


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