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in the lands of ancient egypt re the sun god, ruled over the kingdom.

Before he departed from the earth, the God of Egypt had foreseen that the spawn of Nut would end his reign. In fear and hatred he spoke a curse to the woman who would bear the child to overcome him. Nut was plagued with a curse hindering her from being able to bear children on any day of the year. Nut sought out Thoth, Re’s son, for help. He knew that the curse could not be unspoken, however made a deal with Khonsu, the moon god.

thoth took the light from khonsu and turned it into five days.

These five days would sit between the end of one year and the start of the next, meaning that they did not belong to any year. Although Nut was unable to produce offspring on any day of the year, she was able to on any of these five new days. Nut gave birth to her eldest son Osiris on the first day. But on the third day she gave birth to her second son, the lord or evil, Set. The following days she bore two daughters, Isis and Nephthys.

As Gods they could only marry those who were also gods, to which Osiris married Isis and Set to Nephthys. Just as Re before him, Osiris reigned over the earth. Isis gained knowledge of crops while Osiris taught man to plant them in the fertile ground of where the Nile had retreated for the year, and to care for them after. He taught the Egyptians to live peacefully with laws, poetry and music, before going off to bring his teachings to the rest of the world. Isis overlooked Egypt in the absence of Osiris and was a pure, fair and loved leader. The success of Osiris caused his evil brother Set to resent him. Set’s yearning for the throne urged him to kill his brother, so he made his sinister plan. With Osiris’ return to Egypt, Set held a banquet in his honour. Set had obtained Osiris’s exact measurements in secret and created a beautiful chest out of the most precious woods. It was highly decorated and magnificently painted. Everyone was invited to try it, yet no one was able to fit. Finally Osiris stepped in and laid in it with his whole body perfectly inside. Without hesitation Set slammed the casket closed, sealing it with molten lead, before tossing it into the Nile River. With Osiris no longer around as the next heir in line Set became the ruler.

The moment Isis heard or her husband’s death she scoured the land, searching for the chest that held Osiris’s body. After relentless searching see learned that she would find the casket in Phoenicia and like she was told it lay there. She returned home with the chest for a traditional burial and hid it beside the Nile River. When Set found out that his sister had collected Osiris he was furious. He searched for the chest and found it where Isis had hidden it. In his rage Set cut his brothers corpse into fourteen pieces and scattered them along the Nile. Isis set out in search of Osiris yet again, this time with the help of her sister Nephthys. After searching far and wide Isis had found all but one of the fourteen pieces, Osiris genitals. She restored Osiris body, putting together the found parts and mummifying in cloth. She formed his missing piece with magic so he was whole again. Isis breathed breath into her husband body then through the life she gave him their son Horus was conceived.

Osiris’s spirit passed into the depths of the earth, Amenti. He was seated in front of the gods as they passed judgment upon him. With support of Thoth they came to the conclusion that Osiris had lived an honest and pure life, allowing him to now pass judgment onto the souls of the dead. If Horus was to avenge the death of his father and kill Set, Osiris would walk the earth once again. Horus and Set battled over and over again in a sequence of fights but victory was not obtained by either of them. Again the gods were called to pass judgment. Horus was declared the rightful heir to Egypt being the son of Osiris and was announced king of the living. The gods professed that Set be the god of chaos and evil and ruler of the desert. Finally they announced that Osiris the god of the afterlife and king of the underworld. Egypt became prosperous once more in the reverberation of the events that had unfolded. Horus was restored as the rightful heir to rule over Egypt. The king Horus fathered four sons of purity creating the linear of Egyptian Pharaohs. These sons became the ancestors of every Egyptian Pharaoh thereafter. It was believed that there would be final battle between Horus and Set that was yet to come. It was predicted that Horus would destroy Set for eternity, and Osiris would walk again, rising from the dead, taking all those who remained faithful along with him. With their bodies remaining mummified awaiting their return to live under the gods Osiris, Isis and Horus for the rest of time.

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King of the Underworld

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