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Hidden Edition Delicacy in Kaohsiung

k c u D t s a o R g n u i Kaohs Popoice

n e k c i h C y So

Sweet Potato Balls

u f o T y k n i t S Kong

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p1~p2 By Lucy Lai

Pan Fried Stinky Tofu With Salad p3~p4 By Lucy Lai Soy Chicken

p5~p6 By Sophie Jiang

Taro Rice Balls Ice

p7~p8 By Sophie Jiang

Su-a-ma Sponge Cake

p9~p1 0 By Candy Lu

Sweet Potato Balls

p11~p12 By Candy Lu

Kong Stinky Tofu

p13~p14 By Peter Bai

Kaohsiung Roast Duck

p15~p16 By Lily Pan

) 冰 婆 婆 ( e c i Popo


t is hot in Kaohsiung during the summer. Everyone tries to find some ways and makes him/ her feel cool. In Kaohsiung, “Popoice” is the first-choice ice cream shop.


Eighty years ago, Taiwan was still an agricultural society. Most people had no money to buy snacks. They used to cook sweet red beans soup or sweet mung beans soup

as snacks. Popoice’s founder, Mrs. Tsai, got a recipe of making ailing fruits and traditional snacks. After a while, the neighborhood knew that Mrs.Tsai


was good at making snacks, and they all loved to enjoy the delicious snacks.

Shaven ice, fresh fruits, adds to some condensed milk and jam. Here is a wonderful ice bowl. Besides shaven ices, Popoice has many kinds of ice snacks like snow ice with

fresh fruits, traditional eight treasures ice, red beans with milk ice, etc.

If customers want to taste some hot soup in cool weather, Popoice’s famous sweet red beans soup will bring warm and comfortable for you. By Lucy Lai

Information : Address : No.135, Qixian 3rd Rd., Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City 803, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Phone : 07-561 6567 Open time : 9:00-24:00


Pan Fried Stinky Tofu with Salad


o western friends, stinky tofu could be one horrible Taiwanese food. In a Kaohsiung lane, a vendor sells special stinky tofu. It attracts many customers to en-

joy the Taiwanese snack but forget the special scent.

Unlike traditional deep fried stinky tofu, the vendor first pan fried stinky tofu. When the surfaces of tofu turn into golden brown, the vendor cuts the tofu into pieces, and adds egg sauce. He then puts it on a platter and adds some Taiwanese kimchi, some mayonnaise, and dark soy sauce. Here is the tasty food. 3

Salty, sour, sweet taste plus half crisp half tender stinky tofu, with stinky smell. This is an amazing and unforgettable experience. This hidden delicacy is just in Kaohsiung. By Lucy Lai

Information Address : No.5, Ln. 17, Sanduo 3rd Rd., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City 802, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Phone : 0952-320935 Open time : 17:00-21:00 4

Food in Rueifong Night Market

Soy Chicken


aiwan people like to go to night markets because they are convenient and the food is cheap.

People can eat lot of food with less money. There are a lot of night markets in Kaohsiung, such as Rueifong Night Market, Jin-Zuan Night Market, Kaisyuan Night Market, Fongshan youth Night Market‌etc.


In Fongshan youth Night Market, the most impre ss food is Soy Chicken When the sto . re opens, a lo t of people wait in the li ne. Although people have to wait, they will not wait too long. The owner alrea dy fries the chicken and puts them in the box. There are 4 kinds of ch icken which are chicken nugget; chic ken neck, c hicken skew ers and de ep fried ch icken breas people can c t hoice.

st ut the mo b s u io c li m are de he owner T . t e g g All of the u chicken n eep the k o t y famous is o s ut special e h t ens are p k s e ic s h u c e h ct sweet. T ith per fe w m e chickens h t and fried the fried g in t a e in the oil n juicy whe s It . e tim . chickens

All of them are delicious but the most famous is chicken nugget. The owner uses the special soy to keep the chickens sweet. The chickens are put in the oil and fried them with perfect time. It s juicy when eating the fried chickens. By Sophie Jiang 6

Taro Rice Balls Ice Fengshan Youth Night


he taro rice balls ice is the most famous snack in Fengshan youth Night Market. There are always a lot of people wait in the line. Fortunately, the customers will not wait too long. The vendors are efficient and know how to save time.


The taro rice balls ice include sweet potato rice balls, green bean rice balls, Hsian-tsao jelly, Japanese Matcha Tea Jelly and a lot of beans. On top of the taro rice balls ice will add some cream to upgrade favor. The customers also can choice single unit. For example, Hsian-tsao jelly with sweet potato rice balls or Japanese Matcha Tea Jelly with beans. The bottom of the taro rice balls ice is brown sugar ice. It can make the taste better and refresh.

It is a good choice to have a taro rice balls ice after the meal. Girls always like to have some sweet after meal. I believe the taro rice balls ice is the best choice. It can not only refresh your body but also satisfy the desire which people want to eat snacks. It is worth to eat that. By Sophie Jiang



l peopl

loca for the r a l u p po

Su-a-ma Sponge Cake


u-a-ma Sponge Cake is a special delicacy which nears Gushan ferry station of Kaohsiung MRT. Local people always stand in queue for a long

time. Let’s tell you how special it is!

Su-a-ma Sponge Cake

A-ma means “Grandmother” in Taiwanese and su-ama is the founder of the shop. When standing beside the

stall, we could immediately smell the fragrance of the Sponge Cake. It doesn’t look like a normal egg cake.


Sponge Cake is crisp outside and soft inside. How delicious it is!

Besides the original flavor, there are also red bean and curry flavors. It is only 15 NT dollars for each one, and people can buy ten and get one for free.

a Sponge Why “su-a-m pular Cake” is so po eople? for the local p

First, its surface is ver y crisp. When people tasted it for the first time, they would be sur prised with the sound and the flavor. Second, its stuffing is so soft that melts instantly. Most importantly, the price of the Sponge Cake is so cheap that attracts lots of people.

You must give it a try if you go to Gushan ferry station. “Su-ama Sponge Cake” may provoke your picky taste. Must try it!

By Candy Lu

Information Address : No.96, Binhai 1st Rd., Gushan Dist., Kaohsiung City 804, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Phone : 0955-972771 Open time : 14:00~21:00 (Monday off) 10

Sweet Potato Balls

markets? Yeah, there are many vendors who sell Sweet Potato Balls in the night markets. It is also called QQ eggs. That is one of the Taiwanese’s favorite snacks when peo-


ave you ever eaten Sweet Potato Balls in the night

“Yam Cake” is a delicacy in Kaohsiung, and only the local people know it!

We made inquiries about Yam Cake from the people in Kaohsiung. It is really a low-pitched


ple go to the night market. However, there is a kind of special food which is named “Yam Cake” in Chichin district of Kaohsiung city. It is different from Sweet Potato Balls.

delicacy for most of people from another place.

nd otato a p f o is made , flour s o l l t a a t B o p o t Pota made of s i asted Sweet t e k a e n C o m latter nd Ya e h T . flour; a y l e differ al i h c T e p . s p u r up weet sy s and syr exture. h t t i w m r y i f w che arinity, h c c means a tenderly s h , t c i n h e w c the s dente l a ence is y r snacks I e v y w e s i h c ke perfect t s Yam Ca asonao e r m s e i h t e k It is Yam Ca , o xpens chewy. l e n A i . ; n e e c t pie er ea ollars a d have ev T N at 10 d e c i r p bly ood. g — y l e v i s So, if there is a chance you visit Chichin district, you must give it a try! Yam Cake is really worth try. And you will not regret tasting it. Everyone likes the Yam Cake at the first time he or she eats it. It is really an amazing favor!

By Candy Lu

Information Address : Lao Cai, Chichin Dist, Kaohsiung City 805, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Phone : No Open time : Monday-Friday 13:30~17:30 / Weekend 12:30~18:00 12

Kong Stinky Tofu


tinky Tofu is always come to

our mind when people think about what is small eat in Taiwan. Actually, Taiwan do lots of vendor sell stinky tofu at night market. Every time people go to visit the famous night market in Kaishoung that they must try this national delicacy.


Today we are going to introduce very different kind of stinky tofu which called Kong Stink Tofu. Our group went to the night market to try this delicacy. However, it already has lots of people waiting in front of us. After waiting, the fresh Kong Stinky Tofu finally put down in front of us. The surface of tofu looks like bright yellow gold which make it more delicious. On the top of the tofu be put down the kimchee which is made by the vendor in person.

Furthermore, the vendor provides many kind of sauce for customer and that is really sweet. Watch out! Before eating the Kong Stinky Tofu you should take care of your tongue. Although the tofu is really delicious, it is greatly hot too.

By Peter Bai 14

K ao h s i u n g Roa s t D u c k


The best enjoyment

f you live or study in Kaohsiung and never have eaten a “roast duck”, it’s terrible to miss this kind of delicacy. The roast duck store is always full of people during the meal time. Especially weekend! So, if you want to eat roast duck and do not want to wait for a long time, you have better WAKE UP early as possible as you can. Caption describing picture or graphic.


Unlike other stores, Kaohsiung roast duck roasts the duck using coal to make it smell better. After roasting, the chef will cut the duck into pieces and served on a platter. People can eat the roast duck directly. However, the store provide the “ flour skin” for customer to have a new flavor. According to people who have ever tired this “combination” they claim that’s super delicious! In addition to roast duck, Kaohsiung store provides other delicacies such as rice blood, and so on. Next time if somebody comes to Kaohsiung to visit you, just take them here to enjoy the roast duck. By Lily Pan

i n f o r m at i o n Phone:(07)371-9315 Caption describing picture or graphic.

Open time:Monday-Friday 14:00~20:00 Saturday, Sunday 10:30~20:00 16

hidden edition delicacy in kaohsiung